Top 10 ways to spot a fake @DavidArchie page

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.35.36 PM.png

It looks as though this post was removed from David’s FB. (Probably because it sparked a whole thread of comments from peeps who thought it meant that David’s official FB was fake… what the heck is WRONG with people??)


So, as a public service, here are some helpful tips on how to spot a fake Archie page.

Tip #1

They spell Archuleta with two “T”s … Prefaced by “Mrs.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.43.47 PM.png


Tip #2

The timeline includes ZERO posts about food.


Tip #3

His wings are missing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.44.31 PM.png


Tip # 4

The notice is for Toronto.


Tip #5

He’s, um, tanned all over.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.48.02 PM


Tip #6

He’s wearing a man bun.



Tip #7

He asks for your number so he can text you.




Tip #8

You suspect he’s actually Ryan Lochte.


Tip #9

His version of Crush sounds a little different.



Tip #10 — and the surest sign of all.

He says his album’s coming out tomorrow.


How about you guys? What do you think the signs would be?




Interesting interview with Shawn Mendes (who grew up just east of my old neighbourhood) … “You have to be careful not to make music something you don’t want to do,” he says.


I stumbled *cough*creeped*cough* on this convo… is it not the cutest thing ever? (And don’t worry, I didn’t bud in with my own tweet and weird them out, I’m sure this will soon be happening A LOT! 🙂 )


And this is the video that started their convo:



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20 Responses to Top 10 ways to spot a fake @DavidArchie page

  1. Grammyj says:

    Love this especially the last point. When is that album coming out? Hope he collaborates with someone else soon because that seems to be the only way we get new music from David.

  2. nellie83 says:

    When he talks about how he loves and misses the girl who made the fake page. Or posts that he’s engaged or married to the girl who made the fake page.

  3. Jenny says:

    Lol. Do u guys remember when there was a person pretending to be David on Tinder app, I think that’s what it was? I think it’s fake if he wants to be your “friend” or want you to swipe right or whatever. It seems laughable anyone would fall for it but sometimes wishful thinking trumps common sense.

  4. roxfox says:

    There are no much-too-adorable pictures of him with babies and children and bunny ears. ✌

  5. moelita says:

    TOfan, David has a new Instagram post from the studio and bonus he is eating ha ha , but I don’t know how to bring links over.

  6. Jenny says:

    #1 pic. Sometimes he gets that strange vacant porcelain doll expression.
    What’s he thinking when he has that face?

  7. TOfan says:



  8. peppertara says:

    Tips number 1 through 10 are my faves, lol, great post! The figure skater and the music is gorgeous, love that. Really good to see Davids latest instagram….working on new music! Sounds great and yes, think it is from the real Davdi, haha.
    I do remember a fake twitter account that eventually went away. People will try but they never succeed for long. Just can’t outdo the real deal, not gonna happen. 🙂

  9. refnaf says:

    Love this post TOFAN! There can be no fakes!
    Gosh, has any one of you EVER been this hyped for some new music????
    I know for me this is top notch excitement!!
    So, the word is think you think?

  10. Grammyj says:

    I remember when David went into the Missionary Training Center there was a fake Elder Archuleta Facebook. That was taken down really fast. It was VERY obviously fake.

  11. TOfan says:

    I remember that too, GrammyJ … I seem to remember it was kind of mean…

    FYI, added to the end of the post… and how did I miss this? (same clip but from Cason Cooley)

  12. TOfan says:

    omigosh, BEST. EVER. … bless his little head-whipping salsa-ing heart!

  13. TOfan says:


  14. TOfan says:

  15. TOfan says:

    <333333 with a side of <333333

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