Real-life applications for @DavidArchie’s roping skillz


Dealing with fans who try to haul him off the stage during Touch My Hand.


Making a subtle first move when that lightbulb inside David turns on.


Testing spaghetti to make sure it’s ready.


Straightening out the garden hose.


Bringing back the Michael Jackson one-glove look.


Contemplating becoming a vegetarian.



If he sees Kara DioGuardi take the Idol stage ever again.

tumblr_oabewfpaag1qbjx1wo4_250 (1).gif

“Kari, quick, another ‘Numb’ youTube popped up!”

Amazing gifs by the amazing @rhiminee:

Have I missed any??? 🙂


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8 Responses to Real-life applications for @DavidArchie’s roping skillz

  1. TaterZen says:

    Practicing the deal closer for when he finds his kind of perfect.

  2. Martha says:

    Going for the camera when someone has just finished filming his whole concert

  3. Pat Parham says:

    I think he needs to give it up, a cowboy he ain’t !!! But it was fun watching him try !!!

  4. missbianca says:

    Comic fodder for the crazy but loving fans.

  5. roxfox says:

    Reving “I Wanna be a Cowboy, and You Can be my Cowgirl.” Daughter didn’t believe it was a real song. Had to YouTube it to annoy her more. 😆

  6. peppertara says:

    Well done TOfan, haha. That was a rather classic post by David! (kind of glad it wasn’t a real calf). The “testing spaghetti” really cracked me up for some reason, lol. It’s always good to have some humour amidst all else that goes on in the world.
    ❤ To all in France and to those affected in the U.S. and elsewhere. #peaceisneverlostonlymisplaced
    So many things can contribute to harmony, unity and understanding. Music in one vehicle, grateful for a voice filled with heart, such as David's. Also grateful for your wonderful humour, Deb.

  7. refnaf says:

    Love this!! Hilarious!

  8. djafan says:

    That focus face

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