All I want for Christmas is more @DavidArchie shows like this one

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.19.06 PM.pngHow, how, how are these the same person?!?
You might ask the same question about David’s shows in Layton yesterday, where he nailed styles ranging from jazz (my personal favourite), with a KILLER White Christmas; run-tastic pop (Mariah Carey magic); semi-classical (The Prayer); spiritual (O Holy Night); and free-range organic David (to quote the lovely Beebee) with Numb.

All while remaining 100% true to himself and his own sound. Who else can do that??! Boggles my mind sometimes.

No, I wasn’t there (*bangs head against wall*) but just caught up on Liz-Mag’s Periscopes (THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!) and I am blown away.

Someone needs to give David a 2 hour Christmas special STAT so the whole world can feel this joy.

Anywayyyyys… what did you guys think???

A review and some great pics from Mark Saal at The Stanford Examiner:

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.26.15 PMLAYTON — In much better voice than he was last time he performed in Davis County, singer David Archuleta wowed two sold-out crowds at Layton High School on Saturday.

Archuleta was the featured performer in the Davis Arts Council’s annual “DAC the Halls” concert. He sang an assortment of songs during the two shows that were just hours apart. The Layton High auditorium seats 1,638.

Archuleta’s appearance was a “do-over” of sorts, an attempt to make up for a somewhat ill-fated show at the council’s popular concert series this past summer.

Kirt Bateman, executive director of the Davis Arts Council, says Archuleta performed two shows this past summer at Layton’s Kenley Amphitheater, but one of those shows didn’t go as well.

“He was sick,” Bateman recalled. “Very, very sick. He had a high fever, and he literally had no voice.”

But ever the professional, Archuleta told Bateman the show must go on. This, despite the fact Bateman suspected he had laryngitis.

At one point, Archuleta ran off stage during a break and said, “This is not the show I want to give. Can I come back?”

Bateman was pleased to oblige, and they struck a deal for two Christmas shows. The DAC director has been pleased with the response.

“We’re packed to the gills for both shows,” he said.

Not only that, but when tickets for the two holiday shows went on sale Nov. 17, they sold out within 45 minutes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Bateman said. “No question, this is the fastest we’ve ever sold out.”

Heather Hendrix, director of communications and marketing for the arts council, adds a couple of other firsts for DAC.

“In 30 years, we’ve never done two shows in one day,” she said, “and we’ve never sold out a Christmas show.”

Rest of the review HERE.

🙂 🙂 🙂



DAVID’S STYLIST FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! (Elbow patches get me every time! :)))) )


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.05.24 PM.png
Gotta go, I’m behind on my The Prayer iTunes gifting. 🙂 … in fact, even after a few days, it’s still at #23 on the Canadian iTunes holiday songs list!


I’m running out of “p’s” and “s’s” LOL.


Love what this talented photographer had to say about D’Arch.:


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29 Responses to All I want for Christmas is more @DavidArchie shows like this one

  1. Abrra says:

    It’s got to be some science experiment right? 😉

    I put the Periscope videos and mp3’s from Lizmag in the Candy Jar. Be aware that some are partials, but I will replace the partials with Shelley’s videos as they become available. Thanks to Liz and Shelley for sharing with the fans. 🙂


  2. IKR! that “morph” word is back in play ~ always did blow my mind! Anyway, about the show, which I was not able to attend…waaah! ~ loved every minite shared by Lisa and others who were so thoughtful to think of us back home. Also, touched by David’s comment following Cush (shared by Gemzone) referring to his fans that have been around “forever” ~ sure seems that way too! lolol ~oh & about that “person he brought back” ~definitely one that has a sense of direction/purpose & I couldn’t be happier for him. 🙂

  3. NCGirl_Marylee says:

    oops…*minute* …and any OTHER typos that are bound to be there!

  4. I will admit to having totally and completely died several times last night while watching Lisa’s periscope live. DIED as in TOTALLY DEAD AND LIVING NO MORE…until the next wonderful surprise came along bringing me back to life and then KILLING ME AGAIN.

    Will be forever grateful to Lisa for the periscope link, Abrra for her never-ending candy jar and any videos we’re fortunate enough to get over the next few days and of course DAVID for making my Christmas even brighter. ♥

  5. missbianca says:

    “All I want for Christmas is more @DavidArchie shows like this one!” <– This, this, this! And for the rest of my life!

    I'm thinking in exclamations!

    That show! OhMyHeck!

    Though to be balanced #noteveryone loved those runs. *cough*

  6. dangitdavid says:

    I’m totally all gaga over the vids of the performance last night…he was on fire!! And who the heck knows how he can go from looking like a 16 year old to a ……. (fill in your own blank…can’t say mine out loud 🙊 😘 Lol) in a matter of hours!! The man definitely needs his own 2-hour Christmas show…it’s simply a tragedy that the whole world can’t see what he does!! He slaying us faster and faster with one show after another…my poor heart lol

  7. Grammyj says:

    David has always been the Superman of the music world. Normally he is shy, quiet David “Clark Kent” Archuleta, but on stage morphs into Superman David in vocal prowess and looks. It has always been amazing to me.

  8. TOfan says:

    So true, GrammyJ!

    I don’t think there was a Periscope for this, What Child Is This… wow! Not sure who this person is but they take nice videos!

  9. oliveoil says:

    Tofan, you hit the nail on the head. He sings pop, soul, jazz, standards, semi classical, mariachi, and show tunes with ease and excellence . Is there any other singer out there currently who can do that? I really can’t think of anyone else. And yes, how does he go from sixteen to suave in the blink of an eye ? I guess we’ll never know, but I’m just happy to be here to enjoy it. Thanks to all who provide the vids and pics !!!

  10. TOfan says:

    ooo oliveoil, forgot mariachi and show tunes, you’re right! And he doesn’t mimic anyone else, he’s still David with that signature sound of his. Amazing.

    And how much do I love that this is from a blog called “This Blew My” LOL

    “Many of you will know David Archuleta from American Idol. He was a fan favorite that went on to reach the finals, but unfortunately lost to David Cook. We haven’t seen much of him in recent years, but this talented young man is back again! When you hear his latest Christmas release this year, you’ll be awestruck!”
    Read more HERE.

    So cool to read so many comments (from all over the world) from peeps who love The Prayer!

    My fave, from someone in England:
    “Brilliant. I’ve not seen the American Idol but if David didn’t win with a voice like this, then the winner must have been quite something.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. TOfan says:


  12. betsy says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    The flirty eyebrows are back! Much rejoicing!

  14. peppertara says:

    What incredible Christmas concerts! So grateful to be able to see these wonderful videos and watch for a bit on Periscope, which was fantastic Grateful to those fans and yes, to Abrra too, you are all pretty awesome. Love the songs he did and well, it’s the next best thing to being there. I agree, David really does need his own special! He would awe, inspire and delight beyond measure.
    His White Christmas….love it! (and everything else he so beautifully shared on stage).

  15. betsy says:

    What Child is this leaves me speechless.
    If his plan is to rule the world peacefully with his voice, he’s
    got a good shot.
    Okay, so I’m little crazy here. It’s his fault.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. tawna21 says:

    All I want for Christmas……….. A national TV Christmas special featuring David Archuleta with guests, Nathan Pacheco and Gracie Schram and his current band. I don’t think I’m asking for too much. 🙂

    I was at the evening concert, and I have no words to describe how amazing it was. The videos and photos do a pretty good job of it. As we were leaving, my sister said…. “What an amazing, amazing voice and talent. Such a gift!” Of course I agreed with her.

  18. oliveoil says:

    Looking at the letter to the choir reinforces the idea that David is very much in the moment and unique. I mean, there are the two colors, but I see no real pattern or design. Spontaneous and organic. Maybe that’s why its hard to figure him out, He doesn’t do things the way one would expect, but it works !!!

  19. oliveoil says:

    ummmm, upon taking another good look I actually do see a pattern . lol

  20. Kizzi says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG. This is bliss!! Just checking in for a moment. I believe Christmas music occupies a big slice of David’s DNA.

    So happy for all the goodies and for all who attended.

    Happy Holidays to all at SAz! 🎄🎁🎅😘

  21. tawna21 says:

    THIS!!! Saturday evening show with the Thank You…… O.M.Gosh!!!! (I hope the link works here)

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