@DavidArchie and @Pontifex: Separated at birth (not really)

I have been moved by both David’s shows and Pope Francis’ U.S. visit this past week… love these two peeps and, maybe it’s just the painkillers I’m on, but they sure do seem to have a lot in common….

1Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.18.35 PM
2Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.19.17 PM
3Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.19.45 PM
4Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.20.14 PM5Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.20.37 PM

Thanks for all the well wishes, love you guys!!! A big one-armed hug to all!

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13 Responses to @DavidArchie and @Pontifex: Separated at birth (not really)

  1. peppertara says:

    Oh I love this, well done TOfan. Some great comparisons in there! Haha, do love the vocal warm up techniques and the pizza similarities, ha. Another great post, your creative genius shines again.
    Gee, didn’t realize you had injured yourself, guess I’m out of the loop a lot these days. Really do hope you mend well, in time and on time….and take it easy. Thanks for the terrific post, in spite of your injured fan hand…or wrist…or arm. Lots of healing energies your way!
    Oh and how did I not notice those words in the lovely banner up top……my kind of perfect. 🙂
    Am going to read through this wonderful post again, when less tired, it’s pretty terrific!

  2. missbianca says:

    Absolutely perfect, timely post. I have been very inspired by the Pope’s visit. He is a great man. I grin to see the ways you found to compare David with him.

    I hope the pain lessens and you get off the pain-killers soon! {{{Gentle one-armed hug on the other side.}}}

  3. dangitdavid says:

    Haha awesome!! How you come up with this stuff is beyond me but you are always on point 😊😊.

  4. djafan says:

    First of all I just saw that you broke your arm!!! Prayers for a quick heal!
    I started following the Pope last week and now I see the David connection because of you 🙂
    Hoping to see you at D concert soon!

  5. On painkillers or not, you are always hilarious Deb!
    I almost could not remember about David in the company of sheep LOL!

  6. collegemom says:

    Oh I love this!!

  7. cc halo says:

    I remember David saying that Spanish was his first language, so he has that in common with the pope 🙂 . (Chords of Strength, p.13)

  8. Spirit says:

    TOfan…You’ve done it again! Another great post! My favorite comparison was ” baby and supermodel babe magnet vs mostly just the babies”! Hahaha!!!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your broken arm. Ouch! Hope that you’re doing well and have a speedy recovery!

  9. refnaf says:

    ***bows*** to the one armed writer!!
    Hilarious again and also very sweet!!
    Sending healing vibes your way!

  10. oliveoil says:

    I love the remarkable similarities, Tofan. And have you noticed how often David is sporting that CAP??? Could his journey be going in a new direction??? lol just kidding ( please no ). Take care of your arm. Prayers for a rapid recovery.

  11. trace says:

    One of your best posts yet, Tofan!
    And my 2 favourite people!

  12. Kizzi says:

    Only you can see these connections and onced identified the rest of us say “Of course.” So it is written, so it shall be done. :D.

    I’m sure Pope Francis is honored to be compared to the Incomparable David! 🙂

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