A @DavidArchie concert recap from the artist formerly known as Archugeezer

David holding the microphone for Emily ... and another fan who shall remain nameless but is still in shock. (Photo credit: Pam Pike. Click pic 4 source.)

David holding the microphone for Emily … and another fan who shall remain nameless but is still in shock. 🙂 (Photo credit: Pam Pike. Click pic 4 source.)

In the Moment

I am basically a shy person, a longtime practicing introvert. However, things changed a little last week, and if I had the opportunity now… OK, I would still need a sack to put over my head, but if I had the chance, I would shout to the world about David Archuleta’s triumphant return to performing. It was “glorious,” including the concert where he could not sing at all.

There is no argument that David took a lengthy and mysterious hiatus. In fact, he seemed to take it to a new level. Why so long? What about us? What in the world was he thinking? Turns out he was thinking plenty.

Last spring, when concert announcements began to pop up, hibernating fans erupted into a predictable frenzy. Venues sold out and the anticipation began in earnest. I invited my 17-year old granddaughter—the lovely Emily—to join me for a September road trip across Idaho and into Utah. We simply had to wait for September to arrive; and unless there were two Julys this year, it was the slowest summer in recent history.

Finally, September 17. We were ready! Bags packed. Check. Wilhelmina (the car) with a full tank. Check. The lovely Emily with her favorite travel snacks (Gardetto’s, grapes, water). Check. Contingency supplies considered (blankets, road flares, defibrillator). Check. We left our little oasis in western Idaho, aka Boise, and headed out across the desert for the four-hour drive to Idaho Falls. Thanks to the generosity of Abrra from “The Voice,” we had seven hours’ worth of David’s music to play over Wilhelmina’s capable speakers. The lovely Emily sang along and knew every word.

We were not the first fans to check into our Idaho Falls hotel, but we all found each other quickly. There were hugs and/or introductions all around, along with some impromptu “fandemonium.” Close to concert time, the hotel provided a shuttle to the venue, and suddenly this was it! This was real. This was the night. We were there, and David Archuleta was in the house!

The concert began with an opening act, Gracie Schram, a sweet 17-year old girl with a sweet talent. She easily engaged the audience with her fun music, in spite of knowing exactly why all the seats were filled. After a longer-than-necessary intermission, the lights dimmed and band members began to take their places on the stage. David waited in the wings. Just imagine that moment: the excitement, the nerves, the fear, the silent prayer, the pounding heart… Yes, I was a mess. Who knows what David was feeling.

Suddenly, he bounded onstage and flashed a tentative smile. The crowd roared. Yeah, that’s pretty cliché to write, but roar they did. Many fans simply stood to applaud his presence, a classy gesture of support and appreciation. It was another moment, and a tender moment at that.

When TOfan asked for a recap, I didn’t know where to start. Most fans have seen the videos and the music speaks for itself. Maybe I could write about my favorite songs, but seventeen seemed too many. Maybe I could write about what David’s voice can do for a song, but that would take forever because it is too close to indescribable. Maybe I could write about the concert experience on Saturday night in Layton. It was profound, even spiritual in its own way. What could I add to that? Isn’t there a tariff on superlatives? So, what you are getting here is a few more “moments.” (Remember, this is free of charge.) They are a motley collection of off the cuff, random, unfettered and unorganized thoughts and impressions that have stuck with me since that amazing weekend. Here we go:

~ When David sang “Somewhere Only We Know,” he totally owned the stage and the audience. Period.

~ “Everybody Hurts” on Thursday made me weep, but I was not alone in doing so. There should have been a tissue concession. I even saw a couple of burly men wiping away a few tears.

[Sidenote: “I’m going to do another couple songs for you guys” … have there ever been sweeter words spoken in the English language??]

~ David mentioned up front that it had been almost four years since he had done a full show. Several songs into the set list, I suddenly realized that the music and chitchat in this concert was planned to tell his story, answer questions that had been swirling around, and announce his future plans. Awesomesauce.

~ David’s stage banter was easy going. Oh, there was still some trademark rambling there, all of it enlightening and entertaining of course. If the rambling ever went away completely, things would not be the same and I would be incredibly sad.

~ I will not forget the audible gasp from the audience when David told us he had called his manager at one point to say, “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” Within seconds, the same shocked audience managed a collective sigh of relief when he told us the rest of the story. I knew I should have brought that defibrillator.
~ “Shooby doop dobby dop dobby doop…” A delicious Disney-flavored scat from David. (He can do it all, can’t he?) I confess to watching the Tarzan medley more than 20 times so far. Do bop she doo whoo!

~ David’s famous “dry humor” was infused with a touch of sass at times. It wasn’t potent sass, rather gentle, but funny and effective.

~ “Numb” is anything but. Love it! Love it! Love it!

~ Humility intact. I cannot tell you how many times David thanked fans for being there, for supporting him, for returning to hear him. Wow, there were a lot of thank yous! He is probably still out there thanking someone somewhere.

~ Post-concert Commentary. No concert worth its salt goes without a post-concert meeting of the minds to discuss every facet of everything we have just seen and heard together, and then start all over and discuss it again. We cried and laughed, and laughed ‘til we cried. We even became borderline obnoxious at times, so we laughed some more. The lovely Emily was waiting for it all to end, but was patient, only commenting on the way to the elevator that we were much bigger fan girls than she realized.

~ Hail to the fans! I love you! What a great group of kind and generous people you are! And what fun to spend time with you. My only regret was not being able to meet everyone (I say that every time!). I wanted to match your beautiful faces to your online monikers. I did learn one thing though: I need to change my Twitter name back to “Archugeezer” so people will know me. My multiple personality explanation seemed to defy logic.

~ The hypnotizing, mesmerizing, dancing hands. (“You are in my power.”)

~ Singing man was also stylin’ man. Pretty much a unanimous “thumbs up” on that. #itbeginswithboots

~ A personal aside: the lovely Emily is a dedicated dancer, ballet five days a week. Every night, no matter how late we returned to the room, she exercised—squats, sit ups, stretching her limbs into next week, you name it. I was impressed. Not once was she distracted by me noshing on the random chocolate I discovered in my purse.

~ The Friday night crowd seemed a tad rowdier than the night before. Definitely more relaxed. Some of David’s LDS lingo produced sustained applause and “religious hooting,” I’m convinced there was a Mormon pep rally going on in the balcony. Pretty funny. #ldsyouthgroups

~ I think my heart actually broke on Saturday night in Layton when David’s singing voice finally disappeared and he had to talk his way through “My Kind of Perfect.” My mother instincts were in full gear and giving me fits until I realized that the entire crowd was sending waves of love to that stage. He has us, people. He has us forever.

~ The lovely Emily and I had the best time. She is a jewel of a traveling buddy who is inexplicably willing to show up in public with an old lady. David Archuleta deserves credit for creating some of our bonding time. Soon after we returned home, she sent me a thank you and “drew a little picture.” I have her permission to share a few of her written thoughts about the concerts:

The David Archuleta concerts were mind-blowing! David sang each song with such feeling, and every single song was incredible. My personal concert favorite was the Spanish song he did for an encore (Nunca Pense), and I really loved the Tarzan medley too. I attended the first three concerts and every concert was fantastic in a different way. David gave each song all he had.

The third concert (Layton 9/19) was hard for David because he had the flu, but it will always be a favorite for me because I got to sing with him! The coolest seven seconds of my life: singing my favorite David song with my favorite singer. He looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a HUGE smile. It was the most amazing thing to ever happen!


Those of you who have heard David Archuleta sing live already know there is a unique and beautiful timbre to his voice that is difficult to capture or replicate on a recording. It is a sound that seems to flow between ethereal and magical, a sound you can actually feel as you hear it. That is not to say his recorded music is somehow less; it is not, far from it. It is only to say that if you want to experience the whole of David’s talent, you need to attend a concert and hear him live. Do it! Unless you have to sell one of your children to buy a ticket, you have no excuse. Just go! Be there!

Oh, one more thing. Remember that little kid from American Idol? Well, he’s gone. I would bet dollars to donut holes he is grateful for the experience; but yep, the kid doesn’t exist anymore. He’s a man now, still handsome and delightfully disarming, but a little older, a lot wiser and definitely up for making his own decisions. Be assured, David Archuleta is performing again because he wants to. The man may be small in stature, but do not be deceived. He looms large on that stage, and in life.

~TaterZen aka Archugeezer

p.s. Thanks to the lovely Shelley and 8throwcenter for their amazing videoooooos.

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19 Responses to A @DavidArchie concert recap from the artist formerly known as Archugeezer

  1. “Just imagine that moment: the excitement, the nerves, the fear, the silent prayer, the pounding heart… Yes, I was a mess. Who knows what David was feeling”.
    Lololol Archugeezer: ~ pretty much sums it up and thanks so much for my daily “crack up” ~ you always have a way of doing that. Your recap was beyond refreshing! 🙂

    • P.S. I’ll miss that “kid” from American Idol. I knew he’d grow up some day, but I truly enjoyed being along on the first leg of his journey and SO look forward to watching him continue to grow and explore all that is waiting for him. 🙂

  2. lynnella says:

    I so enjoyed this recap. Thank you so much. I’ve never been to a David Concert, but if he ever comes to the KY, TN, IN, OH area and I can drive there, I’ll be there. I don’t fly. I remember once reading that someone at David’s Christmas tour was talking to Ray, the tour manager, and said Oh, you’re the one in charge, and Ray said, No, the kid’s in charge. I think David has always known what he wants and how he wants it done. Now, there is no one who can hold him back. Can’t wait to see what else he does.

  3. marin says:

    Every word of your recap was music to my ears, Taterzen/Archugeezer. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, it was a joy to read and try to imagine being there. What a wonderful experience to share with your granddaughter, her thank you note and sketch are precious!

    So many giving, fun fans in this fanbase. ❤

  4. Kizzi says:

    Thank you Archugeezer. It makes not being there a little bit easier. 😀

  5. Poof says:

    Archugeezer, Tofan and all
    Thanks so much for your recaps and videos. David soothes my soul, and your recaps remind me I’m not alone in those feelings. So, so enjoyed reading them.

  6. Poof says:

    Anyone else totally “spent” after watching Everybody Hurts?

  7. tawna21 says:

    Perfect recap Taterzen/Archugeezer!! I love every word! The whole last paragraph was exactly what I took away from the Friday Idaho and Monday Layton concerts. David is on his charted course and he’s willing to take us on the same course… we just need a little minute to maybe catch up with him! I found myself breathless and reeling after listening to him. 🙂 🙂

    What you said about ‘live’…. YES! Nothing compares to David singing live.. nothing!

    I had my hubby as my traveling companion, and he is so awesome! He’s a true supporter of my fan-girl self, and he is a true “appreciater” (I may have just made that word up) of David, his voice, his humility, and his desires to do good!

  8. jeffrfod says:

    Loved the recap Archugeezer! It’s always so much fun to experience one of David’s concerts through the fans. I’ll never forget the picture of David and “you” (the sign that says “I’m with Archugeezer”) with an arrow. I laughed right out loud when I saw it. May you have many more road trips and sing alongs with David!

  9. missbianca says:

    You just made me smile from ear to ear, Archugeezer/Eileen/TaterZen/WhateverYouAreThisWeek! Talking with you and Emily was one of the highlights of my Idaho trip. I wish I could watch Emily dance; she is a lovely young woman.

    The moment when David admitted saying to his manager that he didn’t think he wanted to do this any more…so powerful, so shocking. I just wanted to say to him, “But you being here means you do want it, right?” Because it’s a hard life, you have to want something about it. Jeez, Geez, I’m almost in tears thinking about that moment.

  10. peppertara says:

    Thank you so much Taterzen/Archugeezer (love those names). Just loved reading your wonderful recap! Packed full of everything a fan wants to read, you had me captivated and fascinated. How nice that your lovely grandaugher was with you and she also shared a little recap of her own, love that she drew a little picture too.
    Yes, nothing like experiencing David live and I do like the new, grown up, mature David too (it had to happen….that sweet boy was bound to grow in to a fine young man)!
    Sounds like he really gave his all and so glad that he had these “warm up” concerts and you and many other wonderful fans got to experience it. So appreciate you sharing. 🙂

  11. angelofdja says:

    Thank you Archugeezer! You sure had me feeling like I was there! Re-cap bliss, so sweet! LOVE!

  12. janetpacker says:

    This is the perfect recap! I loved every word. Yes, he is back, all grown up and in charge.
    Your words brought those glorious nights to life! Thank you!

  13. skydancer1x says:

    Taterzen/Archugeezer ♥
    Your recap is all kinds of wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing, . happy Emily got to sing too wow!
    this..”He has us, people. He has us forever.”
    darn tootin’ he does! 😀

  14. refnaf says:

    What an awesome recap of an incredible group of concerts!!
    Warm up indeed!!
    Was especially cool too hang with you and Emily (and lots of other beautiful peeps) your words REALLY ring true!! Thank you!

  15. roxfox says:

    What a sweet write-up E! And fun lasting memories with Emily. Nicely done! Yeh, need to thank David for my awesome singing voice in church the next morning after all of those vocal warm-ups we did for him in Layton 😉 #warmupsFTW

  16. TaterZen says:

    Hey, everybody! Thanks so much for your comments and kind words. I am still on a bit of a high (note) from seeing David perform live again. Here’s to having more concerts and seeing you all there. 🎶 😀

    Shout out to the TOfan herself and her latest accidental “production,” starring a badly broken wrist and a cast of five fingers. Get well soon, my friend! 🇨🇦 ❤️

    • grammyj says:

      I also want to thank you for your great recap. It’s the next best thing to being there. I also want TOfan to get well soon!

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