We love you, @DavidArchie, even though we don’t even know you….


Photos courtesy of Refnaf… heart and soul and courage and beautiful spirit, courtesy of David Archuleta.

David1David2omigosh, guys, I’m not even sure what to tell you right now.

Refnaf and I were in Layton tonight.

I’m crying as I write this… my heart is breaking for David because we all know how he hates to let people down… I have no idea how much you know about what happened tonight (I haven’t been online at all), so I’ll describe it in case you don’t.

We’d heard that the whole crew (David most of all) had been pushing themselves for these first shows in four years, and we knew David had sung his heart out in Idaho. Turns out they were also all sick with some kind of bug.

When David started his set, his voice started cracking on TOSOD, and afterward he explained that he was ‘under the weather’ and to bear with him if he started “yodelling” or had to talk through some songs, which he wanted to do because he felt it was really important that he shared the messages of those songs… that the songs were chosen really carefully for the show and he didn’t want us to miss out on what they meant.

He changed up the melodies on the TOSOD medley and the Tarzan medley, sometimes singing the harmony part, sometimes speaking the words. The crowd couldn’t have been more supportive…. so many cheers, standing ovations, everyone singing along when he asked us to… Kendra took over for a bit as he went off stage and she and the band belted out a rocking version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” … now I admit, I’ve made some unkind cracks about Kendra’s singing in the past, but she really stepped up and clearly has David’s back.

Anyways, he spoke about some really meaningful things tonight … but joking and laughing and rambling in classic David fashion, but with a new maturity and sense of purpose.

He closed the show early with a beautiful, different version of BOTW and then Glorious and I was glad to see from his tweet that he felt he love and support of the whole crowd there.

The show’s producer came out and said that everyone there tonight would get half-price tickets to a Christmas show that David will do to make up for things.

His voice has always been a precious gift… every song we get to hear him sing is a blessing, in my view.

I just want him to be well and happy and to know that he has so many people in his corner around the world.

Group hug, anyone???? I know I need one.


Loving all the group hugs, you guys ROCK!!!

Still in Layton and wanted to post a couple of things from Sat. night:

Canada represents!!!!
IG love from the crowd:

So many comments on these that say how fun the show was, which warms my heart.

David gives us a light show just by being David. Am I right, my friends? #rhetoricalquestion

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37 Responses to We love you, @DavidArchie, even though we don’t even know you….

  1. amb4da says:

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} David…for always being SUCH a pro, and trooper. Hope he just takes care of himself, feels better, nurses that golden Voice back to health, and eases into things again…I’ve no doubt he’ll get back in the groove very soon. EVERYONE supports & understands. Hey, “sick” happens.
    TOfan…I wondered if you were there when I didn’t see anything on Twitter from you last night. I am barely just up, and came into the living room with iPad, thinking same thing, as I felt concern like I would anyone I personally knew… then I saw your post: “We love you even though we don’t know you…”
    spent the night Tweeting “support” words, not wanting him to feel bad or like he “let anyone down”…knowing it might bug him….and “I don’t even know him.” May not know him, personally, but guess it’s what happens when you touch hearts for a living…they respond back in kind.
    (I also didn’t want him to be discouraged early on, since he’d already talked about not knowing if he would continue doing this….(brushes words away as I type, much less think, them!!)
    Sounds like he was at least a little light-spirited about it. Love that he just wanted “the messages” to be communicated and that the songs (of course) were ‘chosen very carefully”….nooo doubt.
    It is a GIFT, that I never take for granted.

  2. amb4da says:

    Correction: He’s such a “trouper!” not trooper…had it right the first time on Twitter (finally looked that one up)…David is not a cop. lol. πŸ˜‰

  3. dangitdavid says:

    I think I just fell in love with this guy and his personality a little bit more after catching up on what went down with the show last night. Most performers would have just called the show off….kudos to all of the fans there too as well who stepped up and became instant backup singers to help him out. Always got his back no matter what!! ❀️❀️❀️

  4. Kizzi says:

    Hugs to all. I love how David handles life’s curve balls. He was still in the game and made the best of it. Good for him! Not being perfect and having many things planned and rehearsed go awry have to be a performers worst nightmare. Sounds like he pushed through and had to depend on his audience as never before. Always inspirational. Thanks for the recap TOfan.


  5. awestruck says:

    Thanks for this TOfan it is a reminder why I follow this guy – not just for his singing but his spirit.

  6. tawna21 says:

    David has such strength! That is part of the reason that he has such a strong fan base. A fan base that continues to support him through his hard times. He gives us strength through his words and actions. The Voice keeps us around, also. Dang it, David! We do love you, even though we don’t know you!! (I loved that comment to the ‘I love you, David’ that came from the audience in Idaho).

  7. peppertara says:

    Five stars for this post. Ditto to everyone’s comments. Thanks TOfan for sharing this. I did see some tweets about David not being well and I felt so bad for him. So happy though that the audience showed their love and support for him, awesome. He is one lovable guy and I agree, it really is a blessing every time we get to hear him sing. Bless his heart for plodding through as best he could Saturday night. Hope he is well soon!
    Must be quite an experience for you and Refnaf being there!
    {{{more hugs}}}}

  8. Thanks, Deb for sharing last night’s happenings. I was so disappointed for David at first but hearing all the positive responses today has given me a sense of calm. Your recap has helped a great deal. I have a good feeling that David felt the impact of much love and appreciation from his fans in attendance, as well as those of us from all over the world. He continues to be a motivator of good feelings. I admire him for that. :). ~Adding a ((hug)) ❀️

  9. betsy says:

    Another hug from my little corner. β™₯
    I hope he is getting all the rest, love, chicken soup, hot herbal tea, warm blankets and everything else he needs. Sounds like he got the support already. β™₯
    What a loving bunch a fans he has.

  10. missbianca says:

    Hugs, Deb and Ref and everyone who was at Layton. When I got home last night after a full day in the car and read about the concert, my heart went out to all of you as well as David. You’re in my heart as long as it takes. ❀

  11. TaterZen says:

    Thanks, TOfan. Feeling it all over again. Granddaughter and I drove home from Layton this morning with ample time to rehash every moment of David’s unusual yet still remarkable performance. He would not give up until he gave absolutely everything he had to give; and while he couldn’t sing, he still left his mark. As we filed out with nearly 2000 other attendees, we did not hear any grumbling, not one complaint, only concern and well wishes and love.

  12. TaterZen says:

    Forgot to join the group hug. I love David’s fans!!

  13. ray says:

    HUG to all.david may not have as manny fans as other so called artist, but he has something they don,t have , fans who realy love him for who he is, his voice and how he lives his life,

  14. TOfan says:

    I forgot to mention how much I loved what David said about the power of music last night… I wish I could remember all his words…. David “I’m not good at talking” Archuleta was nowhere to be seen, he was funny and honest and insightful and yes, even eloquent… and the crowd hung on every word. I really hope it showed him that he’s not loved only for his singing but for who he is.

    And dangitdavid, I agree, I can’t think of another performer who would have handled the situation with such grace and heart.

    <33333 to all!

  15. Jani says:

    ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) all around. I feel blessed to have been there. Layton was an experience I will never forget – such love and support for David, and such courage and determination from his heart of gold. Praying, like we all are, for David and his beautiful voice.

    TOfan, it was such a pleasure meeting you!

  16. roxfox says:

    I was there too and only really sad I didn’t know you were…😞

  17. refnaf says:

    “I just want him to be well and happy and to know that he has so many people in his corner around the world”
    My sentiment as well…. This entire experience has overwhelmed me.
    All I can say is that I will always support David Archuleta in all he chooses to do. He shares his heart, his fears, his imperfections …”open soul, open sky”
    He is a blessing (((((hug))))s all around

  18. TOfan says:

    Just got an email from the Layton Amphitheatre peeps about the Christmas show half-price tickets David offered on Saturday (they are still working out where, when, etc.)… the emails from these guys are so sweet, they even sent one before Saturday to say the grass was wet so bring chairs, and I LOOOOOOVE what they say about David in this one *sniff*:

    “Because David decided he wanted to do this for YOU, his fans that were so supportive of his very difficult performance on Saturday, we really have no other details at this point. Mr. Archuleta with a fever, no voice, aching body, and virtually no energy, went out on that stage in front of 1700 expectant people on Saturday and, like the true star he is, gave them all that he had! Why? His decision to come back was made very quickly because he’s a man of integrity and wanted to give you the show he had planned and rehearsed for you (only this time…with Christmas/Holiday songs too).”

  19. missbianca says:

    It’s becoming a part of my day to visit this site, grin, cry, and feel the hugs. This whole thing as really rekindled all my warm feelings about being a fan of the man and his music and the wonderful people who see the light shining through him.

  20. sweetonda says:

    I felt so many emotions reading your recap of Saturday nights performance. I didn’t think he could touch my heart any deeper, but there it is growing even stronger with love.Wish I could have been there. A Huge thanks to all who share their experiences with those of us sitting at home wishing…

    Loves and hugs to all of you.

  21. djafan says:


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