New @DavidArchie OS appreciation post….

My favourite part of the new OS has to be this (if it was also on the old one, I never noticed, lol):


Also like the new pics…

The “I’m thinking of becoming a singing contractor” shot….
The “Does this shirt not highlight the dazzling green of my eyes” shot…
The “I am a serious artist… I am a serious person… I need snacks NOW” shot…
The “ohmyheck, he’s all grown up!” shot….
And the “and yet still Peter Pan” shot….

How about you guys?? What do you think about the new site? And what questions will you send in for the FAQs? 🙂

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9 Responses to New @DavidArchie OS appreciation post….

  1. peppertara says:

    Love the look of the new site. Sharp, classy and features a more current, mature David. The old site was good too but the updated site is definitely more current! Think it’s great. Gotta love your captions TOfan, haha. The “I’m thinking of becoming a singing contractor” shot….lol.
    Some great photos on the site too. Yes, love the FAQs section!
    New beginnings, updated site, David back to the stage in his own shows….looking good!

  2. roxfox says:

    Today I would ask “What are you doing for National Guacamole Day”? #snackChatWithTheFans

  3. cc halo says:

    FAQ’s are the same as the old site. They haven’t updated the not tweeting on Sundays question–he tweeted last Sunday, for example.

    • grammyj says:

      Yep, the FAQ’s are the same. They are quite witty so that is why I remembered them. I did see another fan that liked them and didn’t realize that they weren’t new. I do like the new photos and the update. Now they need to update David’s store and get rid of the 2009 tour shirts! Can’t see anyone wanting to buy those.

      • TOfan says:

        I guess I didn’t go to the old site much ‘cuz they’re new to me! LOL

        grammyj, I actually did laugh out loud when I saw that old merch… seems like a lifetime ago in a way.

        He’s putting one step in front of the other, yes he is.

        And live music tomorrow… group happy dance, anyone? 🙂

        happy dance

  4. Anonymous says:

    new @davidarchie twitter/FB avi & background-things be happening

  5. grammyj says:

    I think all of us ODD David fans are excited for tonight’s concert. Since I can’t be there I am looking forward to any fan that will be able to periscope tonight or videotape the concert. I’m sure the singing will be tremendous. I’m anxious to see the what is on his set list. I believe it will be many of the songs from BEGIN, Glorious, Crush and some new songs eep!

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