Basically me, anytime I hear a @DavidArchie song when I’m shopping….

Find credit: The illustrious @rhiminee

Another gem from that @rhiminee girl:
Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.33.43 PM

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9 Responses to Basically me, anytime I hear a @DavidArchie song when I’m shopping….

  1. karenkid says:

    Awwwwwww, I love the video!! I’m always STRUCK when I hear David at some random place and then I can’t stop smiling! 😀 REALLY GREAT news about new music!!

  2. amb4da says:

    Hahaaaa…I can relate. I believe this is what gob-smacked looks like.
    Even this baby “gets” the magic of his bridges…see her expression there…”oooh what IS thaaaat?” …that voodoo that he does.
    Tks, Deb for sharing this…too cute.
    David fans: #ageless

  3. amb4da says:

    ohhhhh and “new music soon” from our favorite perfectly perfect perfectionist!! eeep! yayyy. :)))

  4. missbianca says:

    I like that, “Perfection from a perfectionist takes time.” Well put, Kari! I’m getting butterflies about going to the first concert. It’s exactly 3 weeks away! Gosh!

  5. Lurker fan says:

    Spaazzzzing along with you!
    Aww that video, the little baby is a genius! 😄

  6. oliveoil says:

    The baby has great taste in music 🙂 Also, I love that picture of David in the hoodie !!!

  7. peppertara says:

    That baby really does have great taste in music. So sweet. The photos of David in the hoodie…looks just like Josh’s brother. 🙂
    New music at the upcoming concerts? Sounds great!

  8. TOfan says:

    If anyone cares 🙂 this was the winning entry in Ben Rector’s contest (fans had to film a lip-synching video showing their “living room” and the winner gets a private concert in that room)… this is aMAZing (plus, a great song!):

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