Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 2.16.52 PMWhat’s my confession? My first reaction when I saw David’s “Child’s Prayer” tweet, on the SAz sidebar, actually, was to cringe and say to myself, “Oh, David, wearing your heart on your sleeve is not helping your career.”

Then I gave my head a shake. Isn’t being true to yourself more important than potential fame and fortune? I’ve always believed that, so why waver now?

A while back I forced myself to stop being so worried about David’s future … that’s entirely his business, not mine… but every now and then old habits spring back.

I 100% felt a connection with his “Child’s Prayer” tweets. I don’t share David’s denomination but I intimately know the gratitude that comes from feeling the pure, unconditional love of a higher power “close around me,” not only when I pray but always.

So why hide that gift from others?

Yes, I miss his random “hush cats” era tweets and vlogs just like everyone else. But that was then and this is now. And if he’s taking a risk to share his devout side with everyone so openly, I imagine he’s going to be taking similar risks with his new music.

Another confession: I also cringed when I first heard the title “He Showed Me How” … but I LOVE that song now. It feels so raw in its way, his voice tenderly touching, it’s like he’s whispering his own confession to you. And that’s what all art should be in a way, isn’t it?

I know some fans look at David and always see a glass half empty … never quite measuring up to their expectations… but I look at him and see a glass overflowing … don’t get me wrong, not a perfect glass, of course not… but one brimming with a rare talent, with courage, and a genuine desire to give to others and to leave this world a better place than how he found it.

My prayer is: I hope I can be more like that.

Sorry for rambling on — and this is far from funny — just needed to share I guess. Thanks for listening.

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32 Responses to Confession…

  1. moelita says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I would much rather David showed his true self. In my opinion this takes much more courage than acting a certain way or doing something just to fit in. I admit that I have been frustrated by the pace of his comeback. Having said that it only took one little glimpse of him interacting with people in Mexico to reel me back in. I don’t know what it is about David, but I find him fascinating. I just love his utter enjoyment of life in general. He may never be the next big thing or be accepted by the masses, but as long as he continues to share his beautiful voice and his beautiful self with us, I will be a happy camper.

  2. Tina says:

    This post is so beautiful. To everything you said, I say YES YES YES. YES. Is there is like button? Can I hit it 7 million times?

    I would say more about David but there’s no way to say it better than you just did. Thank you.

    You say you hope you can be more like that and it just brings home to me how you already are. Thanks for being so willing to share what’s inside you with others…your humor and your thoughtfulness and your honesty. ❤

  3. karenkid says:

    Thank you for sharing a profound thought. I’m right there with you! This post speaks the truth and reflects how a lot of us feel. It seems David is constantly finding new ways to be brave and to still be himself, a goal many of us are still working on. I applaud him for being so fearless.

  4. dangitdavid says:

    Love love love this….we can wish for the “old” David all we want but there’s a new David now that we will love just as much but in a different way. We all change as we grow in life so it would be crazy to not expect him to. I also miss the random tweets but I think we’ll see more of that again once he gets back on the stage. I honestly think his best is yet to come 😊😊😊

  5. tawna21 says:

    I absolutely, 100% agree with your post TOfan! And with everything else that’s been said here. I’m loving the love that is being given to David. It’s this supportive love, of this new man, that he needs now.

  6. lynnella says:

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. It is just wonderful. David finally feels comfortable enough with who he is to let us see who he really is. As for me, I love who he is. You would get a glimpse of it every now and then when he was younger, but he was afraid to fully let us know. I wonder if he was being told we’d all leave him if he did. I’m so glad he finally understands that those who are following him for the right reasons will never leave. We are committed to this relationship. And it really is a relationship as a fan. I don’t care how many spiritual tweets he writes. I love his spiritual tweets, they inspire me. I’m not going anywhere until my time is up.

  7. ray says:

    don.t know what to say, just all the above, god bless you all they are all my thoughts too

  8. Anonymous says:

    maybe he doesn’t tweet as much personal stuff because he knows we find it on our own, lol

  9. tawna21 says:

    Awesome photos!!!

  10. djafan says:

    TOfan, yes yes yes!!!

    Lynnella, Ditto!

  11. missbianca says:

    Deb, thanks for honestly sharing your conflict. Sending you 64 dozen hugs that I have saved up over the years of reading your great stuff. 😀

  12. refnaf says:

    This is an awesome post TOfan!!! You share so beautifully exactly what I am thinking!
    Sometimes I wish for the old days, but mostly I am just so happy he is doing things his way. Plus it is not as difficult to keep up with him, lol. I have a deep confidence that his new music will be a blessing to all.

  13. trace says:

    Absolutely loving this post. Thanks Tofan!

  14. TOfan says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone… ♥ ♥ ♥ you guys!!!

  15. pabuckie says:

    In this world, it’s hard to be true to yourself. I admire David for doing so. I find him to be a very courageous young man. Thank you, Tofan. This is beautiful. ♥

  16. Kizzi says:


    But I look at him and see a glass overflowing … don’t get me wrong, not a perfect glass, of course not… but one brimming with a rare talent, with courage, and a genuine desire to give to others and to leave this world a better place than how he found it.

    You are love Ms TOfan just as DA is love. Kudos, love, hugs and kisses!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks so much for your words and thoughts about David. They seem to be ringing true with a lot of us. We miss the old days, but we probably won’t get them back no matter how much we want them. David has changed but in some ways he’s the same. He’s always wanted to write his own music and not be forced to sing the words of other writers which aren’t true for him. He’s always wanted to be out from under the thumb of people who demand what he should do, but now has the voice and guts to say it. His voice is also still gorgeous, which thank God that hasn’t changed. He has told us how he gets a lot done when he’s not spending all his time on social media. So, I say take the time David. The music is bound to be amazing!
    The music industry and even some fans want to mold him into something he’s not, the next JB or what he told us “a white Chris Brown”.
    I actually like that David isn’t as popular as JB or even One Direction. Being so would make him less accessible to his fans. Yes I want him to succeed and sell records and have concerts for us to go to, but not because I or other fans or the Hollywood types he steers clear of want him to. But, because he wants to. I feel he does. He has said nothing but how music is what he likes to do, what he wants to do the rest of his life, it’s part of him. I have no reason to doubt that. I love the spiritual side of David too. I like that he gives time to other members of our faith, bearing his testimony and telling what it was like for him on his mission, etc. despite how that might upset other fans or make them jealous. He doesn’t do what he does because the church expects it, but he won’t pass up doing it because the fans don’t want him to. He does it because he wants to and it brings him joy.
    I’m excited for new music and for the future for David as I remain always a fan.

  18. Beautifully expressed, Deb. Thank you. ❤️

  19. cc halo says:

    “Heavenly Father, are you really there? And do you hear and answer every child’s prayer?…”

    Well, I’ll be the lone person with an alternate viewpoint. Not that I think David should go back to hiding his true thoughts, just that I don’t understand his true thoughts. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that God answers “every child’s prayer” because the answer to David’s and the song’s question is NO, obviously He doesn’t. I knew a very religious family whose 4-year-old child suffered terribly and died from bone cancer. David himself talked in his ChildFund pitch about thousands of children not making it through the day due to starvation and poverty. That glosses over the incredible suffering that that entails. Children in sexual slavery suffer unspeakably. I could go into nauseating detail about it, but won’t here of course.

    I know that the it’s a huge philosophical subject, and perhaps I’m just too literal -minded, but why do people say things that are clearly untrue and everyone loves it?

    • TOfan says:

      Cc halo, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t, I can only share my own experience. To me, it’s all about love… that we are all loved and that sharing that love with others can help make this world a better place… I don’t know why there is suffering, especially for children but I do feel David is motivated by a genuine concern for his fellow humans, and even if you find fault in his tweet, if you look at his actions, the time he spends singing for homeless people or kids in the hospital, it’s clear that he walks the talk. Some may not feel inspired by that, but I do. Instead of questioning why kids are suffering, he’s doing what he can to alleviate some of it … “I could be doing more of that myself” is what I take away from that.

      • cc halo says:

        I agree that David is motivated by a genuine concern for his fellow humans. I remember a long time ago, when someone was asking how David turned out to be such a good person, his dad said, “He just came out that way.” We fans love that he has a wonderful heart, and personally, I doubt belief in the supernatural has much to do with it. My heroes, such as my husband and dad, are/were selfless and giving because it’s always been in them, and they believe in doing the right thing, not because they think they will be punished or rewarded (receive blessings) here, or in an afterlife, and I’d like to think the same of David.

        I don’t think that questioning why is an either/or proposition when it comes to the desire to alleviate suffering. Actually, if you don’t believe in divine justice, then it’s even MORE important to do what you can to help people now. The most universal laws, spanning almost every culture and belief system, are the golden rule, and the teaching to love one another, which are humanist, not needing a supernatural basis. If people like David, and especially others I know who have had terrible losses in life, find peace and comfort in religious beliefs, that’s good for them and I wouldn’t likely confront them with my own questions, but personally, I do agree with Carl Sagan–

        “As for me, it’s far better to see the world the way it really exists, rather than persist in delusion, no matter how comforting or reassuring that may seem.”

        I’ve gone pretty far afield from the original post about David being comfortable expressing his beliefs nowadays. The thing about beliefs, like Marylee says, is few people come to the same conclusion. Whether David tweeting his religion means that he’s open to opinions and conversation about it, or he just wants to preach, is a conversation for another time.

  20. rohdegirl says:

    Lovely, heartfelt post!

  21. NCGirl_Marylee says:

    Everything in life is open to interpretation, which is why very few people ever agree completely or come to the same conclusion. I can appreciate someone’s thoughts even though I do not necessarily share them ALL. My overall outlook is more clear that way ~ something I am still working on every day of my life.

  22. NCGirl_Marylee says:

    Thinking back to a much earlier time in my life, I read somewhere that God does answer every prayer & sometimes the answer is “not always yes” ~ I have pondered that a great deal since. Perhaps it gives credance to the thought we should not JUST ask Him for what we want in our lives~ instead give him thanks for what we have.

    • NCGirl_Marylee says:

      oops! “credence” ~ should have looked that up! I will now make myself scarce and allow others to respond to this thought provoking post that opened me up to stuff I had not entertained lately ~Good for the soul.

    • cc halo says:

      If you accept that a loving, all-powerful God exists, then the problem of the immense, pointless suffering, especially by children, must be accounted for. What loving father would say “no” to a naked, bloated child, slowly starving to death, eating excrement out of desperation, on the streets of a third world country? If good people accept what they’ve always been taught, they have to somehow make sense of human suffering. When I looked around and considered eliminating the supernatural, religious explanations for how things are, the world suddenly made so much sense.

  23. NCGirl_Marylee says:

    Once again, I have no answers to the questions you brought up, but I DO believe what I was taught for that very reason. While I appreciate a healthy debate, IF this is what we have here, I prefer not to spend time on something unexplainable to me ~ & rather leave that to some others who may be willing to share understanding of the subject at hand …and lastly, reiterate that our beliefs are also based on interpretation, not solely on our upbringing.
    TOfan…I originally replied to what I found to be a thoughtful post and just wanted to show my appreciation ~ I rarely reply on David sites anymore because even the most innocent, well meaning words can be misunderstood. You’d think would have learned my lesson by now lol ~ nevertheless, thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    • cc halo says:

      Yes, I get you. It’s better to keep things lighter, not overly challenging. Have to say, however, that that’s what David’s religious tweets do to me as a fan–challenge me in ways that I’d rather not be challenged, lol. I agree with TOfan, it’s risky for him to put those explicitly religious thoughts out there, unless he plans to stay comfortably within his Mormon zone, then it’s not risky at all.

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