David RootsTech video script leaks (not really)

The crack snoopy snoops at SAz have hacked into Edward Snowdon’s private stash of documents and discovered *gasp* script leaks for the new David Archuleta RootsTech video*.

Here’s an excerpt:


Costa-Rica-David-singing-blue-shirt-white-pantsThe camera zooms out to reveal a picturesque coastline rivalling the beach where Anya slapped Josh Bradley … and, perhaps more memorably, where Josh hauled off and punched an extra.






As the waves lap against the shore on a pristine stretch of powdery sand, we see Daveeed (who looks just like David Archuleta) fearlessly stroll toward the surf. We know he is fearless because he dares to wear white pants after Labour Day.

A guitar strums nearby as Daveeed thinks back to his ancestors, the proud yet humble Archangelo family. The shining star of the family, named Eduardo, was a shy fellow who hated to be the centre of attention despite his angelic voice. It was a cross he was resigned to bear because he knew his singing brought joy to his introverted neighbour Maria.

Maria was a real introvert … not one of those “oh I’ll just jump on the introvert bandwagon” types.

Eduardo knew his singing brought Maria joy because she told him so in the 1,218680 letters she’d written to him… even though she lived next door.

A slow dissolve takes us back to olden days… a simpler time before social media became an evil scourge that took over your life… except for those times you could use it to promote special projects that took over other people’s lives.

A time when you didn’t just see someone with a guitar, you actually heard them play it.


10694355_967758386582973_83188731831741103_oEduardo’s family gathers to hear big news, exciting news. Eduardo is marrying Marisol, the village girl he had a crush on once and is a little too not over ever since he touched her hand because there’s just something about love… plus he’s desperate to find his kind of perfect.

An extreme closeup of Eduardo’s face reveal’s a single tear of joy trembling on his cheek as he shares his happy news.


costa-Rica-singing-waterfall-cropCut to a thundering waterfall that symbolizes the intensity of Eduardo’s emotions.

Daveeed (again, who looks just like David Archuleta except his hair is gone) belts out a song so full of passion and power that the waterfall rushes faster and threatens to wash him off the edge of the cliff he’s on. His red safety pants save him, however, as they have magical powers to hypnotize and mesmerize… even waterfalls.


Extreme close up on Eduardo in his suspendered pantaloons — not white, because he is not so fearless as Daveeed. Eduardo has been saving the best news for last. After the wedding, he’ll be whisking Marisol into a time machine so they can attend the RootsTech genealogy conference in Salt Lake City and meet his present-day relatives, including Daveeed.

Eduardo is a little nervous about the whole thing because Daveeed will be in the middle of a signing and pretending to enjoy it. But of course he will be happy to see his relative from another time and land — does he disregard contact with time-travellers?  No!  Of course not!


Cut to 2015 where past and present are united. Daveeed embraces his ancestor and asks if he’ll be staying for dinner. “If you’ll be there, then I suppose we will see each other then,” says Eduardo, yawning.


Across the generations, some things never change.

And they all lived Spanishly ever after.



*not really.

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15 Responses to David RootsTech video script leaks (not really)

  1. oliveoil says:

    Tofan, Tofan, Tofan, where do I start ??? You have managed to highlight some of my favorite things. First of all, the GIF of Daveed ( Latino for Josh ) socking that guy in the face. Then, of course the word of the day. Snoopy. I mean, who says snoopy? He just cracks me up sometimes. And last but not least, he will pretend to enjoy the signing . haha CAN YOU IMAGINE IF HE REALLY DOES YAWN ?? We can talk about that for weeks !!!

  2. Refnaf says:

    How on earth do you keep topping yourself TOfan???? I love this to bits!!!!

  3. peppertara says:

    Ha, such a great post….your story writing is quite superb TOfan! LOL Thanks so much for this video script leak, makes the anticipation even greater, haha. Love happy endings, so glad they lived Spanishly every after. Love this to bits too! I nominate you for script leak writer of the year. 🙂

  4. TOfan says:

    Can’t believe how quiet things are (esp. on twitter) about the new David song snippets… my how times have changed…

    … on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing… at least until after the signing, lol.

  5. oliveoil says:

    Yes, it is different now. But, that may be just fine with David. Time will tell. 🙂

  6. djafan says:

    I hear the silence. I think maybe because of the fear of maybe we’re not supposed be hearing them yet? And they’ll be taken down?

  7. peppertara says:

    Yes, things are different now…the way David would like them to be possibly? Don’t know if he wants these snippets out there or not but whoa, how can one not listen while they are, people love to hear him sing and love new music from him. These songs sound gorgeous and tug at your heartstrings for sure, real, beautiful music coming.
    Really hope he finds the balance he wants and needs. Love his heart.

  8. Refnaf says:

    Wow the songs are gone due to a copyright claim by David!! I listened twice…… Seems David does have a lot share….. Glad we had the blog first.
    I felt that David May not want them out there so I agree that is why peeps have been so quiet.
    I am eager to hear more….


    • TOfan says:

      A copyright claim by David?? That might make things awkward in their writing studio, eek. I was happy to hear any rough cuts he’s working on but I think we all sensed he would not be okay with those snippets being released. I mean even some fans are treating them like final cuts and dumping all over them.

      Broken, Elevator, TOSOD, STR, WFM, Good Place … all those amazing songs probably sounded very different in the workshop stage. He has such an interesting way with melody that I loved in Broken and could hear in Out There, especially… he’s still developing as a songwriter but I have no doubt he’ll find his voice and knock us all dead eventually.

      He did say in his “First Blog of 2015” that “before you can understand what will be coming, I have to be honest and open about some things” … so even if some of the songs he’s working on now are just him blurting out a lot of what he’s had pent up for, what, 7+ years?, I think that’s part of the creative process and will eventually lead to him expressing some really meaningful, true material that touches anyone who listens… especially sung with that voice of his.

  9. marin says:

    I really liked Out There. Something about it really moved me, esp. the line “you’re not my beautiful to keep.” There’s something about the way he sang that part, I can’t really explain it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Still LMBO at this post TOfan. 🙂 As much as I wish I could hear David sing this new Spanish song live at RootsTech I don’t think I would want to go to his signing after reading his last blogs. Not because I wouldn’t want to see him but I’d be wondering how he’d be feeling.

    Went to the video and saw something like “video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by David Archuleta”. Copyright claim just sounds so legal and official, wonder if there’s bad blood there now with those folks.

  11. cc halo says:

    I wonder if Daveed’s red, white and blue outfits signal that he’s all-American now.

  12. Larrikin says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for this, TOFan!
    Found this especially funny “because Daveeed will be in the middle of a signing and pretending to enjoy it.” LOLZ!

  13. jeani/ut says:


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