Bring Him Home… I have no words for this, @DavidArchie

Top Gun, baby.

Top Gun, baby.

Thanks to GrammyJ for posting this in the comments:

A full video of David singing a most sublime version of Bring Him Home … I’m talking, regular tissues won’t cut it, grab a Costco-size pack of paper towels… full-out sobbing here… in a good way.

And the most lovely Abrra has made an mp3 has made a brand-new mp3 with enhanced audio, download HERE, it’s a bit fuzzy but still GLORIOUS…

I kept thinking how it must’ve been to be sitting there, a tough soldier, not wanting to burst into tears, oh man.

Also, here’s an excerpt from Dean Kaelin’s latest FB post:

“Wow, the time seems to really be flying by. It is amazing that we only have one more week. Jason and I were “roomies” at Bagram Air Base and got along really well. We got up early (5:30am), ate and had to go through customs before leaving the country. (We have had to wake up early most every morning, but I haven’t minded for some reason.) There were somewhat tearful goodbyes as the 2 people who have been in charge of our tour over here and have traveled with us at every point said goodbye. They said they loved our show and that it was probably the best they had had, especially since it was so different than anything else they had seen, and also because it had an uplifting feeling and strong, positive messages. They invited us back at any time. In fact they asked if we could come back in October! They were talking with David about possibly doing a tour to Honduras. We’ll see.”
Read rest HERE.

Even the outlines drawn on the fence are running to get closer to D. :)

Even the outlines drawn on the fence are running to get closer to D. 🙂

How about you guys??? Have you heard/seen BHH yet?? What did you think? Feel? Are you now seriously dehydrated??

This service member went from this:

To this:

And this:

To this: 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂
More awesome pics HERE.
And still more HERE.


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33 Responses to Bring Him Home… I have no words for this, @DavidArchie

  1. Beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes, chills through by body, ache in my heart , empathy for the soldiers and what they must feel. No matter how much I try to describe, I must say words do not do it justice. David has been pouring his heart out with these words since age 6 and never a more important time that this Tour. I hear him pouring out his heart and whole being begging the soldiers to know that he cares, they we care….and that we want them to LIVE not only now but when they get home.

  2. Anonymouse says:

    I don’t see the option to friend request Dan Clark on his FB anymore 😦
    Anyone else?

  3. Abrra says:

    I have replaced the BHH mp3 file with a better sounding one.
    The new link is here:
    Bring Him Home Military Tribute Tour(best audio).mp3
    Audio (.MP3)
    [audio src="" /]


  4. JONERZ says:

    OK…seriously…he needs to knock this off! My old heart can’t take that voice, that smile, that HUGE heart, that intuitive understanding of what is really important in life! Where is the complaint box???

    • amb4da says:

      JONERZ, once again you said it perfectly. Especially this: “that intuitive understanding of what’she important in life. ” THAT. …on my phone & lame typing here…will comment more later…but suffice to say, Mr. A has schooled me yet again in the “true art of David”, the art of being human.

    • refnaf says:

      love your words!

  5. marin says:

    I’m with Jonerz, my heart is just bursting.

    Heidijoy, “I hear him pouring out his heart and whole being begging the soldiers to know that he cares, they we care….and that we want them to LIVE not only now but when they get home.” Yes! It’s like he was born to sing this song at this time. Every time he sings live for anyone, he’s giving them a gift they’ll carry with them always. I know I do.

  6. Kizzi says:

    What everyone has already said…no words to do this justice…

  7. TOfan says:

    Sending good thoughts & prayers out to SandyBeaches in Nova Scotia!!!!

  8. Grammyj says:

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the video here is the link:
    Yes, it is amazing!

  9. peppertara says:

    Sending many good thoughts and prayers too, to SandyBeaches, her son and family. May all be well. ❤
    Have been listening and watching David sing BHH since last night and it's true, not enough words to describe the emotion that he invokes within you…so naturally and beautifully. It is simply something you feel and experience and want to keep experiencing over and over. Don't know how you can listen to him sing this song the way he does without some tears! Aren't we fortunate to hear and see him sing this?!! Can only imagine how he has touched many on this tour (along with the whole group of great guys).
    Really appreciate Dean's blogs too, so good to hear the updates (not to mention great photos).

  10. awestruck says:

    Prayers to SandyBeaches and her son and family…

    re BHH – I am typing though tears – no words. Maybe one – SUBLIME

    Thank you Abbra!

  11. amb4da says:

    Prayers going out to SB and her family~hoping for a good outcome of whatever it is.

    The video~David… ❤
    ..full circle Les Miz moment for him is kinda awesome. #destiny

    Me~a puddle of goosebumps down to my knees. …if that ain't "feelin' the spirit"~then nothing is.
    I hope (and I think) it must have felt like a big, grateful, hug of hope & prayers & love for those troops.

    …so many impressions in my head…but for once I tried to keep it simple. 🙂

    ps. TKS for posting that video! …I had only seen one that was from further away of him sideways.

  12. Edvcroz Zed says:

    I’m moved to tears hearing his song….just wow!!!!! big thanks for sharing….

  13. refnaf says:

    ((((Awestruck))))!!! Ditto!!! Sublime kinda describes his voice on this….. but really there are no words…..I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT…. It is like a thirst quench for the soul, makes me realize that no matter how long it takes to get new music it is sooooo worth it!!!

    Also sending prayers and hugs to (((((sandybeaches))))) and family.

    • awestruck says:

      HUGS refnaf!

      • TOfan says:

        Awestruck!!!! so awesome to “see” you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

        I just added some new pics to the end of the post… it’s a strange feeling not being able to keep up with David news, I am SO out of practice! lol

        That BHH video seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz, here’s what Rickey said:
        “Beautiful. I am in tears. This was amazing. Best performance by David Archuleta ever. His maturity has now matched his singing. I’m speechless. David Archuleta is a gift to all of us.”

    • tammi says:

      teehee lmbo! i wish they’d also take videos tho 🙂

      • marin says:

        I am really enjoying all of these pictures and also the blogs from the “Fab Four”!

        And I am so glad that Dean is on this tour with David. I have to think they worked together on BHH so David could do such a spectacular job on that song! I wonder if David’s getting any song ideas while he’s over there? 🙂

        He is so sweet for giving this Happy Birthday message:

        • bluebar says:

          Love how at the end of this video you hear “… cause you’re leaving on a jet plane.”
          David put someone is a singing mood, anticipating the Fab4’s next flight? 🙂

  14. amb4da says:

    All the new pics <3… tell a thousand words!
    Rockstar DA flippin' the hat (I envision "the finale" perhaps of that show), the love & joy I see while on stage "in the zone", DA hittin' his stride in the performance shots (I am SO anticipating some AWESOMAGE on stage with David Archuleta 2.0, (or is it 3.0 by now?) when he finally graces our U.S. stages. Plus, I'm imagining in those pics above…to me…when David has time to soak up all the experience, emotions, environment etc. as a tour goes on…no one takes all that in, processes & puts it forth into music, like the master of that craft…communicating his experience & emotion as his message back. And that's what I'm seeing in these dynamic stage shots. (Rockin' the striped shirt too…just can't resist sayin'…)
    The food pics, well…nuf said.
    The dimpled happy smiles, the pensive pics taking it all in, and always the selfies and pics with the troops….oh TOfan, you ARE doing more than a fine job keeping up….I hadn't seen any of these yet…and I hardly think I can take it all in first thing in the morning…hellooo, I'm awake now! 🙂
    ps. love your caption above…"Top Gun baby!!" Yep, in every way.

  15. amb4da says:

    Haha…just saw your “TMZ top-button undone alert!!” TOfan…u r hilarious.
    ps. Don’t think I won’t be playing that video for my b-day Friday, like a dork, annoying my sig other with it as he wonders yet again if any other grown “sane” women act this way. Hahaa.
    Hey, it’s my party…and all..I’ll do what I want to. 🙂
    Have a great day all~I gotta pull myself away now………………………

    • TOfan says:

      Happy Birthday week, abm4da!!!

      Here’s Dean’s latest FB post (I had to chuckle at him taking pics of women in burkas, I guess because Toronto’s so multi-cultural, it’s something we see all the time, lol… not ALL the time, but well, you know):

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