Happy Canada Day!!!


From me, Sunshine & Refnaf

Tomorrow (July 1st) is actually Canada Day, but Canadians being the extra-long-weekend-loving bunch that we are, celebrations are already well under way!

The flag in the picture above has a six-year-old history. It’s owned by the lovely Ms. Sunshine, who brought the flag to the AI7 Idol Tour show in Toronto hoping to get it signed by Mr. David Archuleta. ‘Twas not to be.

But what was awesome about that first “Flag Day” was that I met these two ladies for the first time in that crazy pre-show lineup, and we are still friends today. Thank you, David!

A bunch of other Idols signed the flag in Toronto, and David eventually did sign it at the Manchester, NH, pre-show lineup (although he balked at first because it’s a flag and all, until we assured him it was perfectly okay… so so David, lol).

Anywayyyyys… I christen you all honourary Canadians for Canada Day, so make sure to banish all snowy thoughts from your brains (like we do at this time of year) and listen to Heaven once or twice while eating poutine!

Bonne Fete a tous!!! (sorry, this computer doesn’t have the right accents on it)

David’s Canadian content, wooot!

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28 Responses to Happy Canada Day!!!

  1. archugeezer says:

    Happy Canada Day to some amazing people! I love my Canadian fan friends. πŸ™‚

    Extra shout out to the poutine! #oneofthesedays #potatoesunite

  2. Abrra says:

    I was there in NH and filmed some of the VIP. I recall you guys crowding around him (blocking my view /rude πŸ˜‰ ) Now I know the rest of the story. You guys were so cute having him hold the Snowangelz sign. It was that day wasn'[t it? I think I sent you a clip of it.
    I imagine he gave you a look when asked to write on the flag. Here in the USA that would be a BIG NO NO.
    Happy Canada Day!


    • TOfan says:

      {{{Abs}}} that was such a special VIP in so many ways! (esp. D. singing “O Canada, O Ca-na-da” *sigh* ) But the flag “incident” was actually before the Idol tour show in Manchester (can’t believe I’ve been to that town so many times because of David, lol).

  3. Haroldcpim says:

    After this winter the thought of anything winter has been struck from my mind. You guys look so happy on that beach . Btw I’m a beach baby myself . The thoughts of “Oh Canada” runs thru my mind . Have a wonderful weekend dsp that To fan ” can be creative in the coming blogs. It was wonderful meeting you a Westbury Long Island . But you sense if humor was not known to me until I got home and spoke to Karen C or now W . Enjoy !!!!

  4. Well since the lovely @dangitdavid was at our fun weekend, I actually have a butter tart to eat in honoUr of Canada Day! Thanks for letting me be an honoUrary Canadian! #IlovemyCanadianpeeps!

  5. TOfan says:

    OHMYHECK!!! The lovely and amazing djafan translated the Spanish chat!!!!! Muchas muchas muchas gracias con whipped cream e cherries on top!


  6. bebereader says:

    Happy Canada Day to our Canadian counterparts!
    Yes, dja translated! Come see!

  7. peppertara says:

    Happy Canada Day! Aw, what a great photo holding the flag. So nice to read all the fan stories, meet ups and get togethers.
    Been reading the translated Spanish chat, really appreciate those who take the time to do that!
    Also really appreciate Abrra’s song and chat Mp3s. D really has some lovely fans. πŸ™‚

  8. refnaf says:

    HAPPY CANADA DAY peeps!!! Love the flag signing story….. Want to wave it a concert again someday 😊
    That Canadian content is pretty awesome as well!!

  9. roxfox says:

    aw sweet post and wishing you all up North Happy Canada Day! What great memories for you! Hoping Geezer shares some of her poutine delivery with me πŸ™‚

  10. TOfan says:


  11. sweetonda says:

    Happy Canada Day to all you lovely Canadian fans! Sounds like we will be getting a concert on of these days! Can’t wait to see everyone again. Have a wonderful day!

  12. djafan says:

    Happy Canada Day!!!!

  13. Angelica says:

    HAPPY HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL YOU LOVELY CANADIANS PEEPS!! Great pic up there of you guys! I miss you. 😦 Let’s do dinner and a concert real soon. πŸ™‚

  14. letafan4ever says:

    A belated Happy Canada Day πŸ™‚

  15. Grammyj says:

    From Armed Forces Entertainment….

    David is going on an Armed Forces tour to the Middle East and Africa. This week-end he is going to Costa Rica. Love following David because you never know what he will do next!

  16. Grammyj says:

    And David’s vlog!

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