Checking in with Jason Castro

22176_1243097930398_1617852195_618253_8223182_n1wow, I had been wondering recently about Jason Castro and how his fans felt about his move to Christian music and then just saw this article today.

Jason, Brooke and David were my three AI7 faves and I always kind of hoped they’d tour together at some point. And I remember just after Idol, Jason saying that David reminded him of his younger self.

Anywayyyy, found this interview with him interesting. So great to see him so happy and still touring and making music.

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 9.52.13 PMDALLAS — He may not have taken the crown, but fans of “American Idol” still remember former contestant Jason Castro for his dreadlocks and carefree sound. He scored big on the show, making it all the way to the top four.

After leaving Idol in 2008, Castro quickly scored a No. 1 international hit. Then he disappeared from the charts and the pop music scene, leaving fans with questions: What happened? Why the switch to Christian music?

And perhaps the biggest question of all: What’s up with the haircut?

“Well, I felt like it was time for a change. Once I cut it I’m like, ‘Oh, this is what it feels like to run your fingers through your hair,'” Castro laughed.

But that hair cut wasn’t the only big change for the 27-year-old.

Even with all the fans and fame, loneliness began to take a toll. Although Castro grew up in church, the separation from family developed into a growing separation from God. He also struggled physically with exhaustion.

A New Sound

Then came the faith questions.

“It started to feel a little meaningless. Why am I doing this? To make a name for myself? To make some money? I started to really have a longing to have more God in my life,” Castro said.

“I struggled to stay close to God on the road. I wanted more God in my life and as a part of that I wanted more God in my music,” he continued.

“I got to this point where I realized God doesn’t want me to do anything on my own. He wants me to give it all to Him and trust Him with everything. And you know it really changed everything for me to kind of let go of everything and realize that God can take care of it,” Castro reflected.

Around the same time Castro became involved with the I Am Second campaign, a popular ministry where Christian celebrities share their personal stories. He found new success with the release of his first Christian album, Only a Mountain.

Today Castro tours with some of the biggest names in Christian music such as Matthew West, Toby Mac, and The Sidewalk Prophets.

Renewed Purpose

But perhaps his greatest accomplishment is as husband and father.

“She really changed everything,” Castro said of his 2-year-old daughter Madeline. “I didn’t know she would change it. More than anything I want to be a part of her life and I want her to know her daddy loves her more than just a song.”

This isn’t a story about a young man going to Hollywood and getting lost in the glitz and glamour. Instead, Castro is using Hollywood to spread the love of God around the globe.

Castro hasn’t abandoned his American Idol past. Rather, he uses the platform to give back to others.

He spends much of his time overseas working as spokesperson for the charities Malaria No More and helping with Roma Boots, a nonprofit providing boots to children in need.

“When I see these kids in need I have a deeper connection because I look at them and I see my daughter,” Castro told CBN News.

“I remember on the trip there was one kid that was like the same size as my daughter and he had on a little sweatshirt, no pants,” he said. “We gave him some rain boots. Now he has some shoes.”

Castro recently led a benefit concert for Young Life Capernaum, a group that specializes in meeting the social, physical, and spiritual needs of young people with special needs.

And when not on tour, he’s singing with his talented siblings. His brother Michael and sister Jackie have a strong following with solo careers of their own.

So is there a chance for a Castro family album? We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the future Castro said,” I don’t know what the future holds for Jason, but there will always be music.”


What do you guys think?

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3 Responses to Checking in with Jason Castro

  1. janey79e says:

    I say YES to the Castro family album. I’m a monumental fan of both Jackie and Michael. With Jackie, I noticed her star quality immediately and with Michael, it’s wonderful to see how much he’s improved since his failed Idol days. The last time I saw Jason perform was at the Kurt Bestor Christmas concert in SLC in 2010. I also saw him at local radio sponsored show. He was terrific both times.

  2. amb4da says:

    I always loved Jason. In fact..I think he gobsmacked me before I saw David’s Shop Around. He and Brooke were early favs for me. Jason’s first performance of Daydream I thought was fantastic, and though I know I’d seen David’s audition and Hollywood wk. by then, I hadn’t been hammered to the heart yet by Shop Around..if I have my AI7 timeline right. I voted for (early on) and downloaded Jason’s music too that year, and still enjoy listening to him. Not surprised by his move to Christian music, he subtlety spoke of that stuff during AI. So glad he, (like David is doing too), found his own way to have the life he wants and music. And his daughter…wow…too cute with her affection toward dad..and lucky child has two great looking parents and dad’s gorgeous, soulful eyes. 🙂
    I’ve gotta repeat what I said a lot during and after AI7…that year was just special. That group had a special, ensemble, good vibe I never got from any other year. I always felt, intuitively, these kids had more going on in their lives than “just becoming famous” and chasing “that dream”…and it seems to have played out that way. I can’t help but figure, at least in Jason, David A’s, and Brooke’s lives…the God factor partially influenced the vibe that year. They were all special, in their own way. Happy to see Jason happy and livin’ his dream and doing good for others. So antithetical to today’s stereotypical young performer. So refreshing. You gotta love him, David, and those like them. Go Jason.

  3. Kizzi says:

    I really enjoyed Jason in Season 7. I especially remember his “Hallelujah” performance.
    Here is “Hallelujah” from his 2010 Album:

    Didn’t know the Christian music path til you mentioned here, so, “Hallelujah” is quite fitting to remember him for. Finding the passion and inspiration in life is always rare & extremely remarkable and the best reason to celebrate. Congratulations to Jason and wishing him good health, much happiness and prosperity.

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