Here I am with all these @DavidArchie questions hanging from my ceiling low….

tumblr_muibvuMetO1snyoa8o1_500These 10 questions are for you guys… since so many peeps are MIA lately, I would really love to know how you lovely folks who are still here feel about things (feel free to comment anonymously) … DavidTweetQuestion #1: Wanting things done NOW and yet wanting them done RIGHT. Hmm, who does that sound like?

#2: Why do you think David hasn’t done a vlog yet? (Is it because of Q#1?)

#3: Have you stepped back from (a) David himself or (b) just David-world? And why?

#4: What do you think this new David music he’s working on will sound like? What are you hoping it will sound like?

#5: Do you think David is even more uncomfortable with fame/having fans now that he’s been away from all that for two years? Or do you think it’s given him new perspective that will help him set boundaries?

#6: What is your most fun memory of being a David fan? (You do remember when it was fun, right? 😉 )

#7: If the next David “show” is nothing more than him singing at a cupcake shop, wearing that belt, accompanied by Sunny on spoons, are you in?

#8: Whenever he does feel ready to do his first vlog, are you hoping for a rambling talking one or a singing one?

#9: Are fan blogs over? (Should I bother keeping this one going?… If no one answers any Qs, I’ll guess I’ll have my answer LOL.)

#10: Since a second-hand MKOCT box raised so much $$ for a good cause, should David consider crowd-funding a singing vlog (i.e. if they raise, let’s say, $1,000 for ChildFund (or another charity), David posts a cover of “His Eye is on the Sparrow” (my own personal choice, bwahaha)?



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46 Responses to Here I am with all these @DavidArchie questions hanging from my ceiling low….

  1. Grammyj says:

    That’s a lot of questions but I will try to answer them:
    1. Most fans – anyway, at least me.
    2. I have no idea why David hasn’t done a vlog yet. Fans have begged to no avail. I’m afraid he’s not going to do them any more which would be a shame because besides his singing, his blogs I just loved.
    3. Not yet. I keep thinking that I’m going to but then he posts a picture and I’m right back. I keep thinking he’s going to do something music-wise or a vlog so I keep checking twitter and the fansites.
    4. This is a real mystery. I’m actually hoping for the quirky pop or Americana like his last two collaborators do, however I am very open to most anything except rap. I love David’s voice and love most music genres.
    5. Not sure about his take on fame but yes, I can see him setting boundaries more easily now.
    6. I’ve found being a David fan fun or I wouldn’t still be here.
    7. Yes, I’m in! I really think David should do a StageIt show pronto.
    8. Both rambling vlog and singing, but at this point I will take anything. I’m just not sure that he is going to do another one.
    10. Yes, David should consider crowd funding a singing vlog.

  2. Kizzi says:

    Question #1: Sounds like me, lol. Like most of us. A universal truth that we all find our way through. Some ppl go fast and clean up later and some ppl go slow and miss opportunity and some figure out its the journey and learn to go fast and slow as the journey dictates.

    #2: Don’t know why he hasn’t blogged. His decision to do or not. I don’t really need one though so I’m not anxious about blogs. Music, concerts, are at the heart of my wishes.

    #3: I don’t think I’ve stepped back from David or the David-World, just in a more learned dimension.

    #4: I have no preconceived notions about David’s music. His performances take me to a soulful place.

    #5: I don’t know what David thinks about his fans or fame. He has choices and I hope his choice is to make music commercially and perform in concerts around the USA. Fans and fame are probably a double edged sword and I’ve no doubt David will form healthy thoughts and behaviors.

    #6: It’s still fun to be a David fan for me. His hiatus was mine. A time to reflect and refine. All good! really good!!!

    #7: I will be at the first advertised David performance if at all feasible. Although Sunny on spoons maybe a deal breaker….lol. 😀

    #8: No preferences on first blog or first anything. He give-ith and I will take-ith whatever is given.

    #9: OMG!!!! Yes, yes, yes. Keep SAz going….*call 911, heart attack in progress*

    #10: Crowd-funding? If David desired to raise funds for a charity, I imagine that he could accomplish that in many forms, a singing blog would be bliss…I guess we would donate to listen!! 😀

    Love ya TOfan. I not MIA. Just enjoying the journey and waiting for more David artistry, whatever form, whenever it happens, no worries, no angst.

    Life is GOOD!

  3. Abrra says:

    #1 Sounds like David being a taskmaster to himself. Now that he is home, his day may not be as “structured” as it was in Chile.

    #2 Not having much to show us career wise that he can share could make him hesitate. Consider that he may still have some stumbling when speaking only in English. The one vlog he did was heavily edited and I suspect it was that he was searching for the right words.

    #3 I am in for a penny, in for a pound. Both feet 🙂

    #4 It maybe that he is sampling with these different indie artists to get up to speed on current music. Knowing that he was in a guitar store recently, he could be experimenting with an acoustic sound. I don’t think he will stay firmly with any particular sound, but rather let the lyrics guide him to feel the vibe for the melody.

    #5 David had to respect boundaries in Chile(contact with girls) that were not part of his life outside his mission. He does seem to be doing fine (from pictures on twitter) getting back into dating and spending time with his female pals. As far as interacting with fans, he has been open and cheerful in his limited communication. The fame may take longer to readjust to.

    #6 Most fun was meeting a ton of fan friends for the first time at Foxwoods for CFTH tour.

    #7 I would go to any appearance by David if it was within driving distance. He is at his best in small venues singing live.

    #8 I would be happy with whatever he was comfortable saying or doing in a vlog. The longer the better!

    #9 Fan blogs are not over. The problem we face is simply that there is not much happening yet with respect to David’s career. It is a wait and see game now.

    #10 When David sings again, I hope its for the benefit of his career. That is what needs to be a priority. The charity events will come along in the normal course of things.

    On a personal note Deb, I want to thank you for keeping this site open. Fan blogs give us a chance to express our thoughts about whatever is or is not happening in his career. I commend you for the recent 40 days “away”. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to return to this kind of David vigil. I look forward to seeing my sistahs from the North on the next tour.


  4. ray says:

    i have to go along with abrra,don,t run away

  5. Haroldcpim says:

    Deb you have been such a inspiration to all of us in the fandom. You sense of humor has kept us going thru the two years david was away. You were the glue. Please there is going to be slot more career that we want you to comment on I’m sure. Please keep your wonderful writing going it is so passionate and necessary . I gives us all a very important prospective . Thank you for your wit and lovely writing . We don’t want you to go anywhere.

  6. tawna21 says:

    Deb, please keep your wit and wisdom coming! I love it!!

  7. Shandra says:

    I never post but always read, I love your blog! I’ll try to answer these questions.
    1. I have to admit,I don’t really understand what David is saying with being slow yet wanting things done now! Seems contradictory,but more likely that I’m just lame at understanding!
    2. I really don’t get why he hasn’t done a vlog yet after his first one, I wish I knew because it seems he would want to share a bit more of what he’s up to?
    3. I have stepped back,sorry to say,I think because there was something to look forward to,him coming home,that was a definite. Now nothing seems definite so I have had to back away a bit which is hard to do after all these years,I try not to feel disappointment because I know that’s silly,he hasn’t even been home long. I just thought maybe we would know that he has something planned by now.
    4.i have no idea what David’s music will be from now on,I have no expectations. I hope he knows what he wants to try but I get the sense he is sort of unsure which direction to take.
    5. I think the time away from fans was probably something he needed and I think he probably does have a new perspective,or maybe just that he is older.
    6. I think my favorite time as a fan was during and right after Idol,I loved it all,looked forward to seeing him on TV each week,loved all the press immediately following,it was so much fun and there was so much excitement about all he had in front of him. MOTAB was also an amazing time as a fan,I wasn’t there but it was incredible just the same.
    7.Hahaha, I wouldn’t go but I’d love a video!
    8.Well,of course I want a rambling,with singing,part Spanish vlog,longer that 2 minutes,please\demanding fan.
    9.Please don’t stop writing your blog,it’s so good!!
    10. Sure, I’d contribute to a charity if he would sing!

  8. archugeezer says:

    #1: Me, which is ironic because I am so s-l-o-w.

    #2: Multiple Choice – a) We scare him. b) He’s planning a mega rambler and he’s not ready yet. c) He’s waiting for his hair to get to fan-acceptable length. d) He is having too much fun without us.

    #3 a) NO! b) Not really. Just a little out of sync from recent events in my life.

    #4 Not sure David even knows the answer to this question. I’m good with whatever David wants to try because his vocal surprises are always amazing.

    #5 I think David has a healthy perception of fame. If anything, his time away has provided enough maturity for him to be more confident in dealing with it.

    #6 Meeting and associating with David fans; and those times runs the gamut, from online goofiness to experiencing David performances together that bring us to tears. There are a lot of exceptional people in David’s corner.

    #7 I’m in! Where is the VIP seating in a cupcake shop?

    #8 I’ll take a combo vlog, with rambling and singing. Throw in a few smiles and I’ll swoon free of charge.

    #9 Fan blogs are not over. They may be in a bit of a holding pattern, but with both ears to the ground and one hand resting on the “go like crazy” button. That second #9 question is just a joke, right? Don’t even think about leaving!

    #10 David is a charitable guy, and I think he will lend his talents to all kinds of charitable causes once he gets going again. If that includes a crowd funding vlog, I would be part of the crowd.

    Adding my personal thanks to you, TOfan—and to the rest of my favorite David blogs—for all you do to entertain and inform us, and for keeping us from going crazy during the Adjustment Drought. When it comes to David and his next adventure, my personal approach to all of the waiting is this:

  9. Poof says:

    So many questions, so much time!
    I believe David spent lots of time reflecting in Chile on who he is, what happened in his career in the past and then made some decisions about how he would address his fans and his work when he returned. Just my guesses, but I’m allowed 🙂 I don’t think he is trying to play with our minds, but trying to be more “thoughtful” in what he says and produces.
    I do feel impatient but I am okay with that impatience because I truly believe all will be well if he is given time.
    I don’t comment here often but ALWAYS enjoy what you have to say and the joy you find in Davidland and share with us. Please don’t stop!

    (Perhaps not my most fun, but funniest moment was at the mall. It was when Build a Bear had an enormous cut out of David outside their front door. I literally ran over to it, and just stood there grinning up at him, oblivious to all the passersby probably having a good chuckle.) (Most fun, screaming with everyone at Ventura during Little Drummer Boy.)

  10. Dear TOfan,

    I read what Kizzi wrote and Abrra. I couldn’t add much more to that except I feel that there is just so much that is going on and has been going in David’s personal life that is preventing the green light to go ahead at normal or full speed. I saw a picture of his sister Jazzy with their dad recently and the comment that it was nice for her to be with him. He appeared to me to have been going through a very difficult time. Nothing is good or normal or easy to figure if there is family trouble of whatever nature. We all know that ourselves. Sometimes there isn’t the person you need to assist you in moving ahead. Until David is able to move on, we can’t guess or wish or hope for anything. Basically something has happened to David to cause the changes and delays and it took us by surprise because we had little or no warning.

    The sites are caught in a situation of wait and see and where is that leading us or what are the true values of continuing? We all want to hold on but it must be difficult for the sites to create news and continue as if we know where we are going. His singing career may take a long time to return or may not.

    I guess we should ask you TOfan, what would you like to do?

    Sometimes in silence, we keep the hope that David will return but sometimes it makes us feel subdued and far away.

    I am always hoping to hear him sing once again.


  11. tammi says:

    thanks for asking these questions, i really like seeing what other fans think about these things
    1) most of us fans, me for sure
    2) i think hes scared of us too 🙂 but even before he went on his mission he was always apologizing for not having done a vlog in a while so i think it is work for him, he likes to have some news to give us..
    3) a-no way! b-a little yes
    4) i think he will put out a spanish EP …that would be awesome
    5) i bet he really liked not being recognized for 2 yrs and wants to keep a lo profile…more than before anyway
    6) most fun as a fan was after idol when the two davids were on so many shows and were like brothers together, and crush was on the radio and then he announced his first solo tour… good good times
    7) cupcake shop lol, even if i couldn’t go i would be listening to the crappy cellcast (another really fun thing)
    8) a rambling talking one with a song 🙂 🙂
    9) maybe fan blogs arent as popular now with twitter and everything…i mostly go to twitter and tumblr, except here because its fun 🙂 🙂
    10) cool idea! if we all paid 99 cents that would add up really fast… i didnt care about getting the christmas box but i would for sure donate for a song!

  12. lynnella says:

    2. I think David isn’t sure what to say. I know he knows a lot of fans want answers, but maybe he’s not ready to give them the answers they want yet.
    3. Haven’t stepped back at all.
    4. Not sure what genre he will choose, but I’m hoping for more mature content (not sexual though), and not pop.
    5. I’m hoping he will feel comfortable and secure enough to set boundaries. A lot of fans expect too much info, especially about his personal life.
    6. Just the excitement of seeing the videos from concerts. Haven’t actually been able to attend one.
    7. I’m in.
    8. A mixture of a little of both. Maybe talking, telling us what he’s doing and then giving a little sample.
    9. Please don’t stop. I’m sure once he’s up and running again, the interest will pick up. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever commented on here, but I always read and enjoy it. I’m sure there are others like me, who read but just don’t comment. Lurkers.
    10. It’s a nice thought, but if it costs too much, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I hope that if he does a vlog, it’s free to all. Now, buying or downloading his CD’s is another matter. I will come up with the money for that somehow.

  13. Angelica says:

    I feel your pain, Deb! Here is my take on the questions you posed.

    1) Me and everybody else.
    2) hm…haha. Idk but that’s the official answer, lol.
    3) Not really. If anything I am more intrigued by the suspense, although like all mysteries, I don’t always find it comfortable. My attention may flag if I don’t get more clues soon but that’s not yet.
    4) His new music? I’m hoping for a continuation of what he built on before with a lot more depth, and soul-searching as he has always done. Hoping for some upbeat songs, at least one Spanish original song, probably the inclusion of one spiritual number as is also his habit on his other CDs. I think he will one day do an entirely gospel album but don’t think that time is yet.
    5) Yes. He’s been resisting the idea that he’s famous for 2 years now. Probably struggling with allowing that part of himself to exist again. I view it as a temporary problem. Perhaps his biggest at the moment, career-wise.
    6) My most fun fan moment? Attending a concert, getting together with fans before and after and waiting up for videos the night of a concert, whether I was there or not.
    7) No.
    8) Hoping for a rambly vlog, the kind that puts a grin on my face the entire time and he ain’t saying nothing to really justify it. lol.
    9) Wondering the same thing myself. I hope you stay but I know first hand it’s a lot of work so no pressure from me.
    10) I might help out for charity but I don’t think at this juncture that should be his focus. Career-wise I figure he needs the money for himself to invest in his future endeavors. I would be more willing to pay for music to further that end.

  14. TXNancy says:

    As usual, another great post, Deb! Only have time to comment on #9 rt now…..PLEASE keep snowangelzz going. One more thought—I was just on Facebook and read the following; then I came here and, when I read #10 and you mentioned “His Eye is on the Sparrow” it was serendipity time! For anyone interested, here’s the history to that hymn (written by a Canadian!!!!!)…it’s has always been one of my favorites. To hear David sing this would definitely make me teary….and I think he would be, too.

    • TOfan says:

      OMJ TxNancy!!! I did not know the history at all ( or the Cdn connection) only that I moves me so much and every time I get to the “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m FREEEE” part, I can so hear David belting that out… Thank you!!!!

      • TXNancy says:

        Thank you for your THANK YOU, TOfan! I began to wish I could delete my comment, as it interrupted the interesting flow of all other comments, but by seeing the hymn mentioned, on 2 different online places, within minutes….well, I just had to share. Sometimes I wonder if David will ever consider doing a CD of spiritual music. I can’t even imagine how inspirational it would be!

  15. Tina says:

    Oh man, this feels like a pop quiz that I was not even prepared for!! D:
    First off, mea culpa — I am the world’s worst at not commenting anywhere but twitter. Apparently I don’t think anyone will come back at me in 140 characters or less. But I read every post you make!! They’re golden. Ok, now to the actual quiz…

    1. Hmmm. Is this a trick question? That sounds like my mom actually. ;p

    2. I think he forgot how to hit the record button on his laptop. Kari was the one who recorded the last one so maybe he needs to truck it out to the Sahara and get her to record another.

    3. From David, no. From David-world? Hm. Maybe a little bit? Just the areas with drama. Negativity really affects me and I know that people need to express themselves so I wouldn’t want to ask them to stop but when I read people being what “feels” negative to me, I have to take myself out of that equation. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but because it makes me not able to enjoy being a fan. And since I’m most responsible for my happiness then I have to make changes to ensure it. So yeah. I have stepped back from certain aspects but mostly still super invested in the fan world.

    4. Honestly I have no expectations other than THAT voice. I really have loved most everything he’s sung so as long as he’s putting his heart into it, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. Maybe no polka music??

    5. I’m sure it’s a hard adjustment to go from spending two years purposely doing something that’s nothing about him to coming back into the David Archuleta realm. Maybe he is still working on that.

    6. I think the Asian Tour in 2011 was awesome. Something about staying up until all hours of the night, watching crappy livestreams from halfway across the world, trying to figure out what anyone was talking about, just lots of excitement around that trip. And for a personal experience I’d have to say the MKOC tour because I got to see so many friends and the whole thing was like a giant adventure. I went to TOO MANY shows. I wish I had gone to them all. haha.

    7. I’ll be there but Sunny better at least break out some maracas.

    8. Mmmmm. Rambly.


    10. Interesting idea. I would love a Stage-It show from him, especially because then fans all over could all attend with no worries about who can't travel that far.

  16. First things first!!!!!!!!!!!! #9 Hope you keep your blog going. It’s been a Godsend. Those 40 day breaks are difficult for us. 🙂 but like Angelica only if it isn’t a burden for you. (and her)

    Enjoy reading everyone’s perspective. I keep hoping for a Christmas concert again. The most enjoyable times for me have been meeting Fans in person and hearing David sing LIVE. Of course when I can’t make it. the You tubes are a God Send.

    I think David will definitely write and sing a Spanish song. Looking for a variety and new Christmas songs in due time.

    I still miss the Wriiten blogs of old from David because he used to give such detail and recommend songs.

    I figure like Sandy, that David has lots of family and friend things to attend to.

    Can’t even imagine all the adjustments David has had to make. I think he is still in a Missionary mode.

    I would think he may be hesitant to be too overcommitted to his Fans. I always appreciated his dedication to us but imagine our demands can seem a bit draining.

    Sorry for not following the format but those are my thoughts off the top of my head.

  17. David just tweeted as I finished. “I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody” Bill Cosby.

  18. TOfan says:

    <3333 you guys, so much… Love hearing your different (but sometimes shared) take on things…I plan on answering the Qs too, btw lol… I will answer #9 now… I do think fan blogs are kind of fading for certain things and I'd love to see David's site get a forum at some point so he gets more traffic there… don't worry I'm not abandoning ship or anything, I amuse myself too mu h hahaha… it's just that this SAz domain is about to expire so I had a sudden flash of "what the heck am I doing? Does anyone even care??" LOL anywayyyys thanks, guys {{{{group hug}}}} 🙂

  19. marin says:

    Nice to see some other mostly lurkers peeking out. 🙂

    1. Nice to know David has something in common with we fans. :
    2. Perhaps it is to do with question #1 and his tweet. He is always wanting to grow and improve and move forward and so I can see him not wanting to just pick up where he left off with the vlogs but to maybe be a little more polished or professional? I certainly don’t care about that but he did meet with that YouTube Shaytard person so that could be it. Like Kizzi said, for me, it’s more about his Voice and the music so I’m trying to be ‘patient” for that.
    3. I haven’t stepped back from David, I’m a lifer for sure, but have always kept fan stuff at a distance. As Tina put it so well, it helps me maintain my enjoyment in being a fan.
    4. I am trying really hard not to have any expectations about the songs he is writing. Whenever I’m able to do that (with TOSOD for example), I end up with so much more than I ever expected. I am just so dang happy he’s writing songs and enthusiastic about music so soon after coming back.
    5. I think David is okay with having fans who connect with his music and come to his shows but maybe what freaks him out a little (understandably) are the intensity of superfans (me included lol). I often try to put myself in his shoes and think about what that must feel like.
    6. Most fun memory for me, most surprisingly fun memory, I should say, is the shared and unexpected joy of Nandito Ako. Fans around the world were able to watch David as josh every day, with singing and tons of other performances and interviews where he shared so much and answered so many questions for us. Wonderful.
    7. All in. (I take it that was a rhetorical question. 🙂 )
    8. Singing.
    9. Thank you for explaining and not abandoning ship! 🙂
    10. Interesting idea and thanks for posting the video of “His Eye is on the Sparrow” it’s beautiful!

  20. emmegirl14 says:

    #1 – I think this is his way of telling us he also wishes things were going faster, but this is going to take some time.
    #2 – No vlog. Not sure about the why, might be as simple as he isn’t ready yet, or feels he can’t share yet. Or maybe vlogs will be more a part of his past than his future.
    #3 – DavidWorld, yes. Mainly because I feel in the past 5 years I have said everything I could possibly say, and more than once, on the subject. When the time comes he is back performing and doing concerts, I doubt you will be able to shut me up.
    #4 – His music, his sound. Just waiting to hear. I know it will be sublime.
    #5 – My only thought is he may consider it even more self-absorbed now, and the transition may take a little more time than even he anticipated.
    #6 – Aside from attending concerts, staying up into the wee hours waiting for videos of the songs we had seen him perform countless times.
    #7 – You said the magic words, David and cupcakes. I’m there.
    #8 – Singing!
    #9 – I do think there are so many social media options that blogs aren’t what they once were, but I would be very sad if this were to disappear. I agree with Abrra, I think the fanbase is kind of stuck in neutral until there is some substantial movement.
    #10 – You know he will always do charity work, but I hope he puts any big endeavors on the back burner for a bit.

  21. missbianca says:

    {{{{{{{TOfan}}}}}}}} I have been on vacation with no computer for days! Have missed being able to give your posts the LOLs and thoughtful comments they deserve. You rock! And if you are ever unsure about renewing your domain, I’m sure by crowdsourcing it you could afford to keep us in LOLs until David was old and grey.

  22. dangitdavid says:

    Making us think again huh!!! Lol. As for going anywhere…no way!! Staying put & will still be here when and if David decides he is ready to share with us a song, a vlog, a show…no matter how long it takes :D. I didn’t hang on for 2 years for nothing and I truly believe he didn’t ask us to do that for nothing! David has become a man during the 2 years he was away and I can pretty much bet that he will do things differently than he did before he left…change is good 🙂 He will figure things out as to how and what he’s going to do…I just can’t imagine what it’s like for him to have such a regimented schedule for two years and to now come back to real life and not only deal with all of the changes that happened while he was gone, including whatever is going on within his own family, but to have such demands and high expectations from his fans daily to get things going…if I was him, I’d be running for those beautiful Utah mountains lol. I will never step back from David himself and will be there for him when ever he is ready to show us what he’s got and if that’s in a cupcake shop, I’m ordering up a turtle cupcake and grabbing a seat :). I have however stepped back a bit from some of the fan sites…the negativity and almost control-like posts from fans as to what David should or should not be doing has been very disturbing to me! It scares me…can’t imagine what it’s doing to David if he actually reads any of it :(. On that note, I love coming to this site…this is a safe David place!!! Please don’t ever stop!!! One more thing!! My fave thing about being a fan of David is meeting his wonderful fans….I always look so forward to our get togethers and they never last long enough lol. With David leaving us for 2 years, I’ve found so many new friends thru FB & twitter that I haven’t even met yet but feel like they could become lifelong friends and I can’t wait to meet them all in person!! So I say bring on the cupcake show David so I can thank you in person for bringing these wonderful people into my life ❤

  23. GrammyJ says:

    I have enjoyed reading everyones answers. I hope we have more fans participate. I just got back from a walk on my lunch break as it is a beautiful spring day here. I walked past Molly’s Cupcake shop and immediately thought that this is a perfect place for David’s show. Then I walked past the Englert Theater and decided that it was even more perfect! We’re waiting for David to publically sing again. I just wonder when that will be.

  24. Spirit says:

    Great questions, TOfan! Although I seldom post, I am here almost daily and appreciate all that you do in maintaining this wonderful gathering place for everyone. I’ll try to post more often so that you know I’m here and appreciate your efforts! 🙂 My answers to the questions are:

    1. Yep, that’s me!
    2. Maybe he isn’t ready. Maybe he knows that many fans were unsettled with his more distant and serious demeanor in his first blog. Maybe he doesn’t plan to communicate with the fans in that format…but hope that isn’t the case. Bottom line, I don’t really know the answer.
    3. I still check the fan sites daily to see what is happening, but I think that I’m more realistic about my expectations regarding David’s career. Just trying to practice patience!
    4. I’m not sure what he is working on other than the Spanish music he has mentioned. I’m hoping for jazzy, soulful, and inspirational….and Christmas….any language!
    5. I think that David has always been a reluctant celebrity but may be even more so now that he is older, more serious about his goals in life, and even more devout in his beliefs. He is not the teenager we first met, and it has been fascinating to watch him mature and grow both musically and personally. I think he is in the process of sorting it all out.
    6. The most fun for me were the times when exciting things were happening in David’s career…….tours, new music, appearances, etc.
    7. Haha! Don’t think I’ll be flying in for that performance, but will definitely hope for a YouTube video! Will save my money to use when …hopefully…tour dates are announced!
    8. I think new music is coming so I’m hoping for a loooong, rambling, entertaining, heartwarming, talking vlog!
    9. Hope fan blogs keep going…..especially Snow Angelz!!
    10. Not really sure about this idea. It does have potential.

    Thanks again, TOfan! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed myself silly reading your posts!

  25. peppertara says:

    Oh I am very grateful for you and this fanste TOfan! Hope you still keep it up, you bring smiles, laughter and a lot of joy to the readers, commenters and lurkers as well, obviously.
    Been reading through the many good comments here, have enjoyed it thoroughly too.
    Even if I am not here on every blog, or on twitter, etc. I still am participating in that wonderful world that emanates from David and his fans, in one way or another. Sometimes life calls you in different directions and your time is absorbed in other areas, I’m sure that is part of David’s life too. Still have my daily dose of David and that voice and follow as much as I can, with what is happening.

    I think I commented once, a while back…that if David were to put on a straw hat and play the spoons that i would still go to see him, as long as that voice came out of him, haha. Guess it still holds true!

    I can only guess that dear David is still adjusting to his newly resumed lifestyle (which now has to be about him, to some degree) and also his personal life and relationships and that he is slowly but surely adapting his focus to other areas of life, including of course, his music. Patience, patience is the key I think and I am certainly willing to wait until David is ready to launch something new and wonderful, musically…whatever it may be, how big or how small. No matter.
    Yes, some fans lose patience and walk away (at least temporarily) and that’s okay. I think that the bulk of his core fans are still here though and a resurgence could happen with new music in future.

    I would support anything charity related or otherwise, involving David and his singing, for sure. As for blogs, think D will do one eventually. He probably wants to have something concrete to tell the fans before he does though. I’m still touched by his first one after his “I’m Home’ video. Sitting at the piano, sweetly talking about adjusting to being back and thanking his fans for their kindness and their patience. That one stays with me, filled with sincerity, love and sensitivity. How can one not be patient? I find that I need to be. I have no worries about it, really.

    Great post TOfan, can’t get to all questions right now but grateful for you, the fans and of course for David. 🙂

  26. I caught Canada’s own, even Nova Scotia’s own Sarah McLachlan being interviewed on Canada AM this morning (since she has a new album being released). She was asked if she gets nervous performing and she said ‘no’, that she is most comfortable on the stage and she was given the voice to sing etc. She then said that she has been asked to speak before audiences and finds that rather difficult and often gets quite nervous. Maybe that is the reason for the tweets and not the words directly from him to express himself. Perhaps he doesn’t enjoy using quotes as it has seemed, but that it is his only way of directly expressing his thoughts in just a few words. Possibly they are not meant to be guessing games as some may think. Changes to his personal life and in the world of music may have been far greater than he expected after being so far removed for so long. People mentioned who come back to their careers may have had more secure careers to come back to. Answers to questions unfold over time.


  27. refnaf says:

    I am thinking David has not done a vlog because he is busy setting up a youtube the likes of that Shay Carl guy!! Or not. Maybe he just wants to wait until he has something to tell……
    I have not stepped back from David and never will…. but fan world >>>yes. For me I need to limit the negative… all the angst and useless speculation does not work for me, nor does keeping up with every person that David has a connection with (no thanks to Sunny on the spoons, fan vids, trying every recipe David has ever eaten, lol etc.)

    Eeeeek I am so excited about what music is in store, and will enjoy whatever it is (except country) > hoping for soulful, joyful, deep stuff….

    I really think David is setting up some good boundaries> so important IMO

    Most fun memories?? Eekkk Ford day was such a highlight… and
    MKOC tour …. Actually any fan get togethers I have been to have been soooo awesome!! Idk…. I WANT MORE CAUSE MY MEMORY SUCKS!!


    Def keep snowangelzz going…. Seeing all the answers here , really cool and warms my heart> I love the connections I have made here (only place to be IMO) (((((Tofan)))))
    I think twitter, instagram etc have made blogs not as active…

    I would def pay for David to sing for charity…. @davidarchie Let’s do this!!!!

  28. refnaf says:

    group ((((hug)))))

  29. collegemom says:

    I’m on the same page as Abrra and Kizzi. I don’t post much and have been discouraged a little by the way a couple trolls keep changing their names and posting negative things over and over at a couple of the other sites. I am getting pretty good at skimming over those posts and not getting pulled in to responding to them. Meanwhile, I LOVE your posts, TOfan – the humor and fun and thoughtful, insightful undertone to your humor about the fandom in general. Keep it up as much as the mood strikes you which I hope is still often! Thanks! P.S. My preference is for non-family-friend musicians or guitarist if acoustic over family friends (even really nice and sweet ones)

  30. GrammyJ says:

    Looks like David was at Trader Joes yesterday in a suit. Maybe he’s getting ingredients for his next Instagram picture.

  31. missbianca says:

    Anything for you, Deb!

    #1: Now and right? My former bosses. Me, when I was younger.

    #2: No vlog? He got a new computer, an Apple, and has no clue how to vlog with it.

    #3: Stepping back? From David, yes, somewhat. I’ll snap back though. From fan-friends–I want to see more from you! Seems like a lot of my “besties” have gone to DM convos only. From sites (except SAz)–it’s the same stuff over and over. ZZZZZZZZZ.

    #4: No idea what David’s music will sound like–perhaps an evolution of TOSOD+Broken? Hoping for? Catchy with awesome production and/or acoustic.

    #5: I think David spent very little time thinking about fame while he was away. Now that he’s back, I don’t know if he knows how many hearts are still waiting to hear that voice. I’ve never been at all good at “thinking like David.”

    #6: I had tons of fun remembering fun David times for this question. While I have adored the concerts, most of my most fun moments were when I was together with my fan-friends. Top moment was when a pile of us jammed into a tiny hotel room after a CFTH concert and watched videos and viewed photos. The phrase, “Oh my GOSSHHHHHH!” filled the air.

    #7: I am in if you can get Sunny to switch from spoons to clip-clop coconuts. Heck, yeah, I’m in!

    #8: First vlog–I’m looking forward to David being David. That should involve rambling with random singing. And oh look! A squirrel/cat/dog/random animal friend.

    #9: Are fan blogs over? Fan blogs are VERY hard to keep going and fresh. I’ve worked so many sites and have seen the fatigue creep in. I’ve been very fatigued myself with making graphical goodies when I work for hours and hours and nobody says a simple, “Thank you!” But I think once David is back in his groove we’ll see a rebirth in communication of fans with fans and blogs are a great way to do that.

    #10: I think that’s an awesome idea! Heck, I’d contribute even if the profits went to Archiesongs or the David Archuleta Fund for Trader Joe Purchases.

    • TOfan says:

      “I am in if you can get Sunny to switch from spoons to clip-clop coconuts” *DYINGGGGGG* I literally laughed at loud at that one, snorted, actually.

      Love you guys, for real. We need a cupcake concert if only for a fan get-together, lol. I wonder if David’s ever seen that cool show that Darryl Hall has where peeps come over to his ranch and jam songs and sometimes even do a cooking segment (the lovely Jonerz sent me the Jason Mraz episode)… sorry, the Trader Joe’s pic got me thinking 🙂 (thx GrammyJ ) … I don’t think we have Trader Joes here but I keep hearing the name so I imagine it to be awesome. So it has a dress code? 😉

  32. Angelica says:

    “So it has a dress code? 😉 ”


  33. Grammyj says:

    I love this tweet from Stephanie Mabie’s dad. New music from David cannot come soon enough, or old music for that matter.

  34. abanana77 says:

    1) lol, everyone?

    2) Meh, he has a life haha.

    3) I have… from both. Haha and I knew I was going to (but didn;t like it!) when the announcement was made 2.5 years ago… my brain just can;t handle that kind of time away, it fills it up with other stuff. Buuutttttt. It’ll probably swing back so no worries, lol.

    4) I think it will be beautiful. I’m hoping he surprises the pants off us!

    #5: No, I think he’ll be even more appreciative (if that’s even possible!)

    #6: Oh, so many. Motab? That was pretty fun 🙂

    #7: Yeah!

    #8: rambling! I don’t know why! haha

    #9: Nah! And I’m thoroughly impressed with how you’ve kept this one up for 2 years. If you want to step back, that’s totes understandable.

    #10: lol obviously! He should sing at every opportunity!

  35. Kizzi says:

    I was looking at another celeb’s fan-blog site today and realized how much news that celebs can generate; and, obviously, how much material the fan site has to work with. Got me to thinking about you, TOfan, and how you have gotten essentially “blood out of a turnip” the last 26 months or so. Gloriously so! Kudos to you and immense gratitude from me. And though I encouraged you to keep SAz open (quite selfishly I will add) in an earlier comment, I support you in whatever decision you make.

    And, yes, yes, yes, we should get a fan get-together organized just for the fun of it in Toronto! I’d love so see all the SAz’s and any other non-Canadian fan that would make the trek. I’m in and will travel from Florida (by foot if need be 😀 ) for the opportunity to bask in the friendship, convo, and camaraderie of all the SAz’s.


  36. roxfox says:

    Well my friend, I just wanted to say I REALLY hope you keep on bloggin, but you do what’s best for you. I have LOVED your humor and lightheartedness on this whole famdom thing. We all follow David at different levels, but it’s so great we can laugh at ourselves and have unspoken understandings.

    I don’t have any answers for your questions-hanging-from-your-ceiling, like colorful chinese lanterns I imagine. Heck, at David’s age, I was already married 3 years, graduated from college, and in my first accounting job, far cry from the entertainment business 😉 That’s weird to think. I feel I don’t have a good frame of reference. I just hope he finds genuine companionship and a career he loves, and that we hear much more music from him. His songs and voice continue to inspire me.

    I will say my fav-fun-fan memory is meeting so many of you at Motab at Christmas! We threw together a pretty snazzy breakfast, eh? Oh and I love HEIOTS too!! I think I even quoted a bit of it on a little missionary postcard to Chile enroute FL (mmmmm?) Here is my current fav cover of it . <333 ya, Rox

  37. TOfan says:

    So I noticed on Twitter that another season of Idol is over… I know nothing about the winner, have never heard a single song but was happy David hasn’t mentioned idol since he’s been back… if it means he’s moving on to a new chapter and leaving idol in the dust, then I for one say “It’s time” … that said, if it weren’t for idol, I probably wouldn’t be here, lol.

  38. GrammyJ says:

    TOfan, I wanted to make sure you saw this picture posted by David’s sister. I know you can find something funny to say about it or maybe the picture speaks for itself! I’m glad David is able to spend time with his sisters. He hasn’t been home this long since he was 16.
    Amber Archuleta ‏@ahmki 7h
    Warning: my cat will bite your face when you walk into @jazzypwns room telling us that you invented a new scarf

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