Can we just take a moment….

I saw this gif on @rhiminee’s awesome Tumblr and I’d seen it before but couldn’t pinpoint what was puzzling to me about it. I think I’ve finally figured it out so I thought I’d share….

Does it not look as though Jeff turns around because David starts to turn… as if he thinks D’s going to ask him to go grab him an organic free-range carrot juice or something, and he’d rather not?

But it turns out diva D. is just checking out his coiffure in the mirror … and of course he doesn’t need to fiddle with it because perfect….

No, just me? Alrighty then.

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4 Responses to Can we just take a moment….

  1. djafan says:

    haha TOfan, yep I see the mirror ๐Ÿ™‚

    On a sad note,,,

    Some sad news, Rayโ€™s (aka Rooster) daughter let us know that he is in the hospital.

    Iโ€™ve created a Get Well group card to send to Ray. Go to link to sign if you’d like…thx.

  2. emmegirl14 says:

    Lol, hadn’t noticed that before!
    (Utter nonsense ftw!)

  3. tawna21 says:

    Too funny! I had never noticed that mirror before ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the link to the group card…. we’ve got to get Rooster back!!!

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