Underrated @DavidArchie Christmas songs

I haven’t listened to CFTH yet this year. Instead, I’ve been listening to these for some reason.

Here, he mostly sings harmony, but oh what gorgeous harmony it is. (I’m sorry Ms. Lopez, I’m sure you’re a lovely person but I get to the end of this song and I can’t remember even one of your notes. You were singing too, right?)

This one’s become one of my favourites… like frequently on repeat… it’s hypnotic or something, I swear.

And this gem…

with the lovely emilyluvsarchie’s youTube notes:

ok stop recording.. start again… check my little setlistish thingy…hmmm….a merry christmas to me? ..must be one for the orchestra…wait a second.. hello david…what are you doing herre on this fine day? most definately not singing this unknown song .. no way are you planning on actually suprising me by singing a song i’ve never ever even heard of before?? whhhattt?/ no no no no no don’t you even think about it …. i don’t handle theese things well david.. come on buddy give a girl a break for once!! you just killed me with Ave Maria.. let me brethe for just a minute… nope? ok then be that way… sing your new little song. i dont carer… hmpf…la la la la la im not listening im not listeninggggg…..aww but you “love the message of this song” aww david you kill! u not only kill you murder! aww this song sounds cute… catchy.. super catchy… ah what the heck i love this song!! good choice!! well done D … well done indeed πŸ™‚

My favourite Pat-a-Pan… KILLER ending…

And what can I say about this one? It causes me physical pain. THAT’s how good it is.

And can we just take a moment for some amazing Amazing Graceness…

How about you guys? Are you listening to his Christmas stuff yet? Which are your faves?

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24 Responses to Underrated @DavidArchie Christmas songs

  1. Sheebla says:

    Love that Amazing Grace!! Would love to hear him sing the whole song some day.

  2. trace says:

    I have not listened to CFTH for some months either. Thanks for posting those vids TOfan – your post has brought my itch back! Love Drummer Boy, love Pat-A-Pan, love its ending too, love all the Devotional songs, love Amazing Grace, love Larry King, love Larry King for loving David .. but his performance with Orla Fallon of Silent Night is my all-time favourite. The harmononising between them is so beautiful it breaks my heart every time I listen to it. Love the reaction of the audience too.

  3. Kizzi says:

    No CFTH yet but have listened once to Glad Tidings while on a long drive recently. I do have CFTH in rotation for Thanksgiving Day mood music. πŸ˜€

    Just read Uncle @DavidArchie Survival Guide…ummm…I need a survivor’s guide to survive the Survival Guide…lol.

  4. tawna21 says:

    Yeppers!!!! In agreement 100%! Did you happen to notice in the first vid that the big screen showed either David or the dancers… no close-ups of Rebecca? I did. There is no doubt about it, when it comes to harmonizing, David does it like no one else can. He can make anyone sound good. β™₯

  5. violet4ever says:

    Great choices! Here is a freaking amazing The Christmas Song from one VIP. Maybe the small vertical video doesn’t attract people. The rendition that day was fabulous and the audio is wonderful. Very few viewers or comments. Deserves many more.

  6. Mary Dee says:

    been listening to CFTH and GCT since September (grew up in the Phils that’s why πŸ™‚ Christmas season starts in Sept πŸ˜‰ over there) heard this one today tho. i thought it was magical! from @muldur: http://www.mediafire.com/?4zpwllz85bekkih … … Give This Christmas from BC a listen and you’ll know why we miss him so much.

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    Oh boy, tis the season, David Christmas songs!!!
    Great picks tofan, had totally forgotten about that Larry King performance, loved how the instrumental part faded at the end and you just heard D (in case anyone was mistaken it was a recording). Duets, no matter with whom he sings, I really hear only one. Merry Christmas To Me, a gem indeed! I play that Little Drummer Boy all year, looove that jazzy version! “Amazing Graceness” β™₯!

    trace, that PatAPan is killer, that wail- and just love the strings and drums!
    Does anyone know if there is an mp3 of that floating around somewhere?

    violet4ever, aaahhh, a sublime Christmas Song, been listening to that particular one for 2 months.

    Mary Dee, thanks for the Beaver Creek This Christmas!
    Here’s the visual πŸ™‚

  8. Tina says:

    Gahhh love all these!

    I’ve been trying to hold off as much as possible on the Christmas music til after Thanksgiving. It’s like a mini-Christmas present to myself lol. Of course there are a few that I’ve caved on already but I haven’t gone into full on Christmas music mode yet πŸ˜‰

    As far as underrated songs go, I do have to say I’m pretty partial to some Riu Riu Chiu. I’m a sucker for languages I don’t speak, ha. This was my fav from CFTH tour:

    I just love the way he ends this one! Wowow.
    Also check out Ventura & Anaheim(!!!) from the MKOC tour for awesome performances. It’s cool to see how his voice deepened in the two years between Christmas tours. I’d have to say I prefer the richness of his tone from the MKOC renditions but I’m still in love with the improvs he did at the end of the one I posted above from CFTH. Let’s combine the two, shall we??

  9. Bychance says:

    My heart has simply melted a few times tonight with these vids. I’ve been reminded again why I was gobsmacked two years ago. That voice and Christmas equals pure heaven. Thank you!

  10. TOfan says:

    emmegirl, look what you made me do! πŸ˜† I went back to check out the vid I took at Irving Plaza… it’s far away but you get a mosh-eye view of things and the audio is pretty good if I do say so myself, lol… I love it most for the awesome crowd that night, still gives me chills!

  11. refnaf says:

    Oh my heck I love this post and thread…. Just catching up now…… And enjoying so much!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmm…I’m stuck in The Prayer vortex. And any and all of his performances that night. Christmas is coming again *crosses fingers*

  13. get karaoke maker its free google it and then add your audio to it

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