Random @DavidArchie rant (not really, but sort of)

"You're getting sleepy, very sleeeepy...."

“You’re getting sleepy, very sleeeepy….”

So, excuse me, but no #throwbackthursday crumb thrown our way this week???? No blurry reject from the camera trash bin that could be extracted for us to retweet across the universe? No DNA molecule breakdown from a discarded single hair from the sainted head of The Archuleta??

I kid of course. We’ve already mapped out our own version of his DNA molecules.

Here I thought I was the last person to be super needy (well, not the last person, but the last group of 5,000 maybe). And yet I anxiously checked Twitter Thursday night, figuring my phone alerts were broken or something.

And then, when there was no new tweets on David’s faux timeline I had my own version of a tantrum (which basically consists of me sighing loudly and sort of huffing… I may have also pouted).

Archuleta, what have you reduced me to??? (That was a rhetorical question btw.)

I am better than this. I have more dignity than this. I have better things to do than wait around on a Thursday for some random shot of David backstage at The Baub Show. (I’d post a link but I’m still suffering post-traumatic stress from that whole “interview.”)

But of course if such a shot were posted I would smile like I’d just been given my allowance for the week.

Oh David.

Maybe you need to stay away longer.


Please put away those torches and pitchforks!!!!!

This is how out of touch I am with non-David reality. Some peeps on my FB timeline posted childhood pics of themselves with the “Throwback Thursday” tag and I did a double-take. “What?… that’s not just for David pictures??” Mind. Blown.

Plus that Heaven video kind of spoiled things for me. Once you get a shot of pure David vocals it’s hard to go back to the lite stuff like Manila candids.

I’ll get over myself now. Have a lovely, lovely weekend.

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10 Responses to Random @DavidArchie rant (not really, but sort of)

  1. rooster says:

    tofa my dear take two asprins and play for brokens,and you will be better in the morn

  2. Tina says:

    Mwahaha, this is perfection.

  3. dangitdavid says:

    Lolol I’m so glad I’m not drifting aimlessly through this Archuworld by myself, wondering if I’m the only crazy one out there hahaha!! D…you have me laughing out loud at every post and I love it!!! 😀 😀 :D.

  4. Archugeezer says:

    Have I mentioned your genius mind lately? This is too good! “Needy” you say? You know us well.

    The truth is, those Throwback Thursday gems could be preceded by:
    Memories Monday
    Olden Times Tuesday
    Rewind Wednesday…
    Heck, all the way to Soothe Me Sunday.

    When it comes to “that one guy,” too much is never enough. 🙂

    • tammi says:

      “sooth me sunday” 🙂 and lol @ rhiminee’s gifs … that person is like glued to david lol

  5. Kizzi says:

    Way toooo funny and I don’t even understand half of what you described…haha

  6. missbianca says:

    Oh heavens gracious, I NEVER have thoughts like these. Why my thoughts are as pure as new fallen snow. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude all day every day.

    Um…okay I just lied my socks off. Sigh. I.miss.him.

  7. davidarchiefan4life says:

    LOL thank you for my smile for the day. Needed that with all the terrifying news about the Typhoon. Will keep praying for all those affected.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Random, but I just saw on twitter that one fan is sending this care package for David and his companion…

    I sent him a postcard.

    I officially suck as a fan 😦

  9. newangel2 says:

    Ha! I thought Throwback Thursday was a David thing too!!!
    Wednesday night my daughter said she was going to post a picture of her on Halloween for Throwback Thursday and I was like, whaaaa? I thought that was something Keri made up. LOL. I’m really out of it.
    Or really into it.

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