My kind of @DavidArchie interview

When David gets back could Ted Capener maybe sit and talk with him for a few days like this? kthxbye


btw I loved this interview even before I knew Mr. Capener was related to the lovely smanda 🙂 … I can’t help but wonder if he knew David was going on a mission? … and who else needs to grab tissues when David talks about what Christmas means to him at around 17:35?

How about you guys… if you could interview D. and ask him one question, what would it be?

p.p.s. Lovely story about a David friendship that crosses geographical and age barriers on FOD today, HERE (scroll down to “Two Worlds, Spinning Apart”).

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7 Responses to My kind of @DavidArchie interview

  1. rooster says:

    OOoooo tofan didn,t need a tissues,needed a dang sponge,for the whole interview,man i miss him

  2. Mandaberry says:

    How fun that you reposted this!

    He did NOT know about the mission when he conducted the interview early in Nov 2011 but he wished he did! It aired a day or two before the announcement concert.

    My favorite thing about this interview is David’s kindness to my dad who turned 80 just six weeks later.

    Thanks for loving this interview, too.

  3. peppertara says:

    Oh, just love this interview, one of the best. The interviewer and the guest were both very kind.
    Would love to see this interviewer with David again when he returns. Watching this again captivates me, just grabs your attention, your heart. Love that David says he hopes to continue learning and still singing when he is 45 or 50. Have a feeling David will be one of those artists like Tony Bennett and others who are still performing at 80! Of course I won’t be around then but upcoming generations will be there to enjoy. Right now I am just looking forward to 2014 and hopefully experiencing a DA concert. 🙂
    Not sure which question I would ask David. Would have to think about that!
    Loved reading the story on FOD “Two Worlds, Spinning Apart”. Such wonderful friendships develop with fans, with no barriers…like David’s music.
    Thanks for posting this interview with David again TOfan, so wonderful and heartfelt.

  4. betsy says:

    This was such a great interview. I don’t remember it! How is that?
    And Manda, David WAS kind to your dad, but your dad was kind to David, too. ❤

  5. Mandaberry says:

    I should maybe add that I got to ask the question I most wanted to ask through my dad – I wanted to know about David’s song writing process.

    I liked the way Dad had David looking toward the future – those questions were all Dad’s idea.

    Thanks for your comments – I will pass them along :).

    • davidarchiefan4life says:

      Such a good question, Mandaberry! And David gave a wonderful answer to that and also about writing alone versus with others. I have read about other performers allowing cameras in when they are working on a song and it would be so fascinating to see David’s process in action someday.

  6. newangel2 says:

    This is forever one of my favs. It was so calm and relaxed and Mr. C let David answer the questions at his own pace. And yes, I’ve watched the part about what Christmas means to him dozens of times as well as the sentence where he says he has a great love for the people in Asia. And not to be creepy, but one of my favorite things about David interviews is the way he looks at people while they’re asking a question, like he’s really concentrating and they’re asking something important. Makes me want to ask him a very long complicated question to get that look. LOL.

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