In praise of @DavidArchie song leaks

Yes, I know leaking songs hurts the artist/songwriter (unless it’s intentional to build buzz)… that’s why I ALWAYS buy my music if it’s available for sale.

But hey, sometimes it’s not. Does that mean we shouldn’t listen? You tell me.

‘Cause, to be honest, I HAVE been listening to some of David’s leaked songs. Especially lately when his other tunes have been played so often my iPod practically screams “AGAIN? REALLY???”

Soooooo, here’s a tribute to David’s “leaks” (and btw, dear leaker, “Northern Lights” would be nice to hear right about now… just sayin’):

She’s Not You

I’ve been listening to this a lot lately. The story it tells isn’t exactly David’s M.O. (dating one girl while he’s hung up on another) but I like the pop vibe of it and what David does with the vocals (shocker, I know). (And it has over 400,000 views btw with peeps still commenting on it.)


I had heard that the original lyrics weren’t “I’m so losing it” but I can’t remember what they were supposed to be. If anyone has that piece of vital info, please let me know.

NAVGL studio version

I loved the live version of this we heard from the Rexburg show and was really disappointed it didn’t make it onto the NMHF album… oh well.

Best Behaviour
Would LOVE to hear David sing this one. IT MUST HAPPEN!

Fighting for you (female version)

How about you guys? What’s your take on leaked songs? And do you ever listen to these ones?


Just read this amazing VIP recap (that somehow I missed the first time around) from @myheartsong and other lovely FODers, from the Demi tour. Here’s an excerpt (man-size tissue alert!):

“After the performances, it was question time! Sierra and Kelsey were up first. Their question was: “If you could go out to dinner with any three people in the world-dead, alive, real, fictional, physical, spiritual, family, friend, anyone-who would it be and why?” He froze for a moment, pondered, and immediately said “I don’t know!” We all laughed, and then he said that he would lean more towards spiritual beings and people with mass amounts of knowledge who could really teach him something and would help him understand some things better. He said that he would want to bring someone who meant a lot to him in his culture, Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon faith). He began to ponder again, saying that three people were really hard to choose! Kelsey joked that he could just choose 50 or make a list for us, and he burst out laughing. Then he said, “Well, yeah, I’d bring Jesus, because who wouldn’t want to bring him?” And as Kelsey and Sierra went to sit back down, he called after them that he would also bring Adam (from the story of Adam and Eve) because he was the first person on Earth and would have an awful lot to say.

“Robin was up next! She told David that we all realized he was a very humble person, but that he couldn’t be at this very moment, and his eyes went wide. Robin continued by saying that there had to be a moment in his life when he realized that he could do it, he could live is dream, and then she asked when that moment was. It was a long and detailed answer from David. He began to speak about how he never really thought about it like that; he thinks about it as a journey, and a journey that he wouldn’t accomplish in this life. He said it wasn’t about setting goals that were reachable, it was about setting goals that were not meant to be achieved. Robin said it wasn’t about being famous, and David immediately agreed and said that his dream was just to share his music with as many people as he could.

“Then it was Pam’s turn! She stood beside David and said that since it was Sunday and we had all missed church to travel to the concert (at which he laughed), she would love to hear him sing “How Great Thou Art” for us all. David was taken aback at first by the request, and then he froze, thought hard for a moment, and then turned to the crowd and asked if singing this song would offend anyone in the room. Everyone instantly prompted him to sing it and said that no one would be offended. He explained that “How Great Thou Art” was a part of his culture that he wanted to share with us, and he touched his hand to his heart as he explained this.

“He seemed very thrilled to share the hymn with us, and we were so thrilled to have the chance to hear it. We all held our breath, and the room fell silent after he requested for his security guard to close the door for more silence (almost as if he needed the silence for the words he sang to be understood), and David searched for the right key to begin the hymn. With his eyes closed, he began singing for all of us. It began in a quiet and beautiful voice, and by the chorus, his voice soared on the word “soul”, almost as if his soul had just been bared for all of us to see and feel. The entire room was in absolute awe, and many people had tears streaming down their faces in wonder. He then said that if we wanted to hear the entire song, we should attend a fireside.

How Great Thou Art (audio) – (credit: granite215)

“It was picture time after that! All the FODers separately thanked him for singing “How Great Thou Art.” After all the FODers had taken their pictures, we met up with David’s family, who had all been in the room with us. This included his grandparents, his Aunt Miriam, and his cousins, who were all delightful and didn’t favor handshakes, but hugs. We told Aunt Miriam how much we loved David, and she said “I can look into your eyes and see how much you love David.” She said that she could not wait to tell the family and David the story about how this group of FODers all met from different parts of the country because of David’s music and are such good friends.”

Whole story here.

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18 Responses to In praise of @DavidArchie song leaks

  1. dangitdavid says:

    Some of David’s unreleased songs are my faves :). I have She’s Not You (all time fave), NAVGL and Senseless all on my iPhone and listen to them constantly…if they were available to buy, I would have bought them but since they weren’t, my daughter converted them to mp3 for me! Not sure if that makes me a bad fan or a good fan though lol. If they ever become available to buy, rest assured I will be buying my share of copies :). I loved the VIP recap!! What I wouldn’t give to hear David sing How Great Thou Art live!! I would probably even consider attending a fireside in order to do it…I would also be in tears as that is one of my favorite hymns!! Man, I can’t wait until our guy gets back home….8 months and counting!!

  2. I love these unreleased songs….I have a special connection to FFY and told David about it in a letter way back during the tour w/Demi. I really would love to hear his voice singing it but I doubt that will ever happen….sigh….
    Thanks so much for adding our great FL trip. ♥ That really was an incredible experience I will never forget. #grateful

  3. Tina says:

    Ok so this is a super ghetto recording of an “unreleased” track but it completely has my heart

    Why didn’t we ever hear more about this?? I’m not sure that an official version was ever recorded even but this one live performance was enough to hook me. His voice sounds so warm and delicious. Does it count as an unreleased track? Ahhhh who cares. It sounds freaking gorgeous.
    CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST. Because yes. 🙂

    I’m also kind of ridiculously obsessed with this little clippity clip of Best I Can (which…what??? where is that????) and it’s not on YT so

    I like unreleased songs almost as much as I like soundcheck vids. ha.

  4. Grammyj says:

    I love the unreleased songs and I love the released songs that David sings! Pretty much everything that David sings I like. I’d love to hear all the songs in that unreleased vault of songs. He co-wrote quite a few songs for TOSOD that we’ve never heard.

  5. amb4da says:

    …so I’m just waking up, still very early here, noodling online going through emails, see this post. I’m awake now!! 🙂 LOL
    Didn’t even finish reading it before answering…NAVGL has always been one of my favorite leaks that I still wish David would (should!) record! Love it. …but then….you go and post that Rexburg video? ….that really woke me up! I’m cheering & talking to the video in an otherwise quiet living room …”David, we can’t wait for your return!!” (is something wrong with me?! Hahaaa…too late now, if so.) Anyway, I sill love that song and how he sings it~and I love that live version. …And I was just reminded of all that makes him…”so David”…the shy, rambling explaining of “the book”, complete with the humble “you don’t have to read it”…and then the instant juxtaposition once he goes into the song…the master in control. Never ceases to make me take notice of how in his element he is with music. It’s still a beautiful thing.
    …I’ll go check out the rest ….not sure I remember “Best Behaviour.”
    ps. there is one other leak, I can’t think of now, that I love..will figure it out and post, or maybe someone else will…title just always escapes me, but it was during TOSOD time too, I believe…

  6. peppertara says:

    Oh yes…..I do listen to leaked or unreleased songs, haha. It is David after all, that and the fact that I know without a doubt if these songs were released I would be buying them, absolutely. Love the songs and so wish that some (or all) of them could be released. Love FFY too and have only heard the female version of course but can imagine David singing it beautifully.
    Great to listen to everything posted here, such great songs! In addition to those there are so many great cover songs too (or bits of songs) that David has sung once or a few times that I really wouldn’t mind him recording (or singing in concert). 🙂
    I.E. Maybe I’M Amazed, GBTBR, Let It Be, I’ll Be There, Man In The Mirror…etc. etc. etc.
    Then again, anything he sings does the job for me…’s that voice and what’s behind it.
    Loved reading the VIP recap too, what sweet memories for fans! Those experiences are all very special times and would love to hear David sing so many songs in person, HGTA…..very special.

  7. Tina, I LOVE his Merry Christmas To Me and would LOVE to find that on a future Christmas album of his. I do have my very on mp3 of this and it’s on heavy rotation on my ipod when I’m listening to Christmas music. Love, love LOVE!! ♥

  8. amb4da says:

    Found it: “Day After Tomorrow”

    …which come to think of it feels like an appropriate anthem right about now, while awaiting Mr. Man’s return. Sounds like one I could blast in the car on the imminent road-trip to the first reunion concert. 🙂 j’s sayin’.

    Love “Best Behaviour” above…that song seems tailor-made for David; can totally “hear” him singing it.

    • Tina says:

      I love Day After Tomorrow. One thing I will never understand is why it wasn’t included as part of the full version of TOSOD. It actually was released but in a limited capacity only — it was available via iTunes to those who preordered the album. Then once actual release day came, it was no longer an option to purchase. It was used as an incentive to preorder. I think it’s annoying that now you can’t even buy the song…who’s goofy idea was that??

      • amb4da says:

        Darn it…I missed it because I had preordered the cd not the Itunes version, didn’t even realize that song wouldn’t be available after…thought it was a bonus track if you wanted to buy it that way. Anyway…don’t even get me started on the amount of things I still don’t understand about how TOSOD was treated…one of David’s best, mistakenly underrated and undersold cds, with such great songs on it. I am still a “work in progress” when it comes to forgiving (while never forgetting) in defense of David. I do, however, forgive myself for that. 😉

        • TOfan says:

          “one of David’s best, mistakenly underrated and undersold cds, with such great songs on it.” couldn’t agree more amb4da! … I did preorder the CD from iTunes so I did get Day After Tomorrow but never really listened to it until a couple of months ago and fell in love with it… that actually would have been a great addition to NMHF because I bet a lot of fans missed that gem.

  9. betsy says:

    Here is my take on snippets and leaks:
    I’ve listened to everything.
    In the spirit of that, I was looking through your old posts and found the CFTH snippet posting.
    It was the same one as the wisdom teeth/Utah/Kendra show TBWY post.
    I loved it. ♥

  10. peppertara says:

    I remember the CFTH snippets and how I jumped right in to listen! I was never one to resist when it came to David’s music. Great memories, great old and new posts TOfan. 🙂

    On a different note….was thinking of all the music that David will have to catch up on when he returns…if he chooses to do that and since he has an incredible appreciation of music, he probably will. In the spirit of sharing music as David would do… artist I think he will really like is Emile Sande. Not sure how long she has been on the music scene but I know she has gained tremendous popularity, especially in the U.K. Just heard her latest single “Next To Me” on the radio. Great song!
    Love her, think she is an incredible singer/songwriter. Her music is beautiful, soulful and heartfelt. Is anyone else a fan of Emile’s? Who do you think David would latch on to, musically?
    One of my fave songs off Emile’s album:
    (She wrote this about her experiences trying to get signed with a label). So poignant, reminds me of someone else too.

  11. emmegirl14 says:

    I just want to hear every single word,
    every sing note he has ever written or sung.
    The end.

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