Diary of an Archuholic: I fangirl therefore I am

PondsI’m always fascinated to hear how people originally became David fans… especially if it didn’t happen during Idol.

I’ve heard that some people just stumbled upon one of his live performances on youTube. I know Nandito Ako brought new fans (even here in Toronto!)… as did the Somos El Mundo project.

And I read somewhere about one fan who heard Elevator in a coffee shop and just HAD to know who was singing that song. I even saw a comment on a video once from an army vet who was in a bowling alley when the SBL video came on, and that was it!

Funnily enough, as popular as Crush was, I’ve never heard of anyone contracting ODD after hearing it. Interesting. It makes me wonder if David’s superpowers are more lethal during his live performances.

I mean, it was watching him sing live every week on Idol that grabbed most of us, right?

I have this feeling that none of this is random… and that it might not actually have anything to do with David… because, think about it, that moment that D’s spell was cast over each of us changed our lives forever… brought new people, new places, new technologies, new ways of looking at things, a new interest in far-off South American countries 🙂 and new experiences on- and offline.

So maybe how that spell was originally cast was out of our control too? I have no idea. Just thinking (typing) out loud, lol.

What do you guys think? Would you have become the uber-fan you are today if you’d just heard Crush on the radio? And if it wasn’t Idol that got you hooked, what did?

p.s. thanks to poof for inspiring this topic btw 🙂 by mentioning in the thread before last that it was David’s “Crazy” video that did the trick:

“I thought David was an amazing talent on AI. But, I never voted for him or even thought about voting. I felt about David the same way I still think about other artists I like. I like them and will buy their CDs and listen to them on Youtube. But in the course of listening to Crazy, he changed who I am, taking me away from a place of sadness and even denial of that sadness. I can count on him to do that for me whenever I need help to cross the void. There is David and then there are talented singers; two different types of beings for me.”


For all the LTR/Hobbit fans out there… *cough*@refnaf*cough*

p.p.s Just love this pic! (It’s from ChildFund’s blog about the Sounds of David Event).

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13 Responses to Diary of an Archuholic: I fangirl therefore I am

  1. Haroldcpim says:

    I alway watched David on AI and could not wait from week to week but the spell was put on in Sayreville Nj live and in person . I think it was during Zero Gravitity that I feel. The room was electric that night and the spell was strong . I still have it and don’t want it to leave .

  2. poof says:

    Hi Tofan,
    I enjoyed our mini conversation in the last thread, and it has gotten me thinking too.

    My latest thoughts with myself: It is true I developed ODD in the course of one song on youtube. I am obsessively devoted to the stunned amazement of my family. But, another way to look at my experience is interesting to think about too. I thought he was Amazing on AI. I would have bought his albums, itunes, gone to his concerts and listened to him on youtube. The difference is I wouldn’t already know what shirt he was wearing in each of those youtube performances.. 🙂 And the other difference is, I wouldn’t be Waiting for his return. But, when he does reappear I would be buying his albums, itunes, going to concerts, etc. I think there are literaly millions of people like me, that loved him on AI, that will find him and love him again with the Proper Exposure when he comes back.

    They probably won’t be ODD, but they will be fans just the same. What do you think?

    • TOfan says:

      I’ve been thinking about that too, poof… what is the role of we “super fans” as we’re called? Because, you’re right, as far as David’s concerned, so long as people buy his music and tickets to his concerts, his music career is fine.

      But it seems that, in today’s economy, artists can only get support from booking agents, record labels, etc. if they have a built-in fan base, which David now does. So if he goes the indie route, and by some miracle, his songs get played on radio and those people who loved him on AI (or because of Crush) “rediscover” him (which I think you’re right, will def. happen! 🙂 ) … what will our role be then? (Not that I’m planning to go anywhere! lol)

  3. cleeker2 says:

    Was hooked once I herd Crush. 🙂

  4. Archugeezer says:

    TOfan, I really enjoyed your musings here, as well as the comments from others. I came down with early onset ODD while listening (not watching) to “Shop Around” from another room. In the years since, even while David is gone, I have relished being a proud carrier of ODD, joyfully infecting (and affecting) several folks who never watched AI. Among them are a teenage boy, a perfect stranger, and a beloved aunt and uncle in their mid-80’s who now love David and his music.

    I am not a bold Archuleta promoter, but every once in a while I take a chance if I detect someone might be willing to listen. My personal payday is pretty fantastic when they “get it.” I can only liken it to finding the absolutely perfect gift for someone and then holding your breath in anticipation as they open it and their eyes light up and they love it and they love you for sharing it and you love them for loving it and the whole world is doing a happy dance. OK, that’s totally cheesy; but it’s like that.

    • TOfan says:

      I love cheese. 🙂

      … “not a bold Archuleta promoter”?? You’ve done well, AG! I think I was, ahem, a tad overzealous in the early days, and never did manage to “convert” anyone (although my sister does like his songs and voice) … so it’s funny now that I’ve cooled it and rarely bring him up at all, that other peeps make a point of asking what’s new with David, as if we’re bffs, lol.

      • janey79 says:

        It’s hilarious how many people ask me about David. Even people (especially co-workers) whom I’ve never talked to about David ask about him. I guess the word got out somehow, LOL.

        • Mika says:

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      • TOfan says:

        “word got out”? 😆 Funny how that happens!

  5. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


  6. oh my goodness ~never saw the closeup SMILE on David’s face from the ChildsFund event ~if that isn’t enough to make you love him, nothing will. I knew I was a fan for life the moment I watched him sing “Heaven” ~had me hook/line/sinker at that very moment…even the background singer was crying. But to be honest, I didn’t really know at that moment just what an inspiration he would be in my life. Did any of us REALLY know? With all the ups & downs of this journey we’ve been on with this beautiful young man, I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s simply a GEM – the very BEST. Thank you David…. for EVERYTHING ♥

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