40 Days of Awwwesome: Emotional rollercoastering

Even just listening to this performance on my iPod, I’m tearing up, then I’m laughing out loud, tearing up again, LOLing, back to full-blown sobs… who the heck else does that????


Vid credit: Canada’s lovely choliepoliex3

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10 Responses to 40 Days of Awwwesome: Emotional rollercoastering

  1. collegemom says:

    wow – that is so great!! Thanks for posting it. He is just so darn charismatic!

    • Monica says:

      Aww .TOfan, love this! Sweet, honest, hrtlafeet and so much more! It’s like the David we know has been tucked into some kind of time capsule that will be cracked open in 2014 and this other person will come out. It does doesn’t it .and we know David is looking forward to that other person’ when he does emerge from his time capsule’ and so are we.In the meantime, like the rest I will listen to BEGIN. and I will probably send another postcard of simple gratitude and good wishes, short and sweet (but oh I love your letter so much more) and I love this post. <3{{hug for David}} {{hug for all}}.

  2. Kizzi says:

    Beautiful! Verona, MKOC Tour, what a great concert and location. That was where Abanana got a tweet from the tweetheart himself. 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahshha I did!!! And got to witness this beautiful performance. And got to hang out with you lovely people :)” Definitely a good day <333

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh that’s me, abanana77 obviously lol

      • Francisca says:

        Kim .argh, watching that vid again stmhoeing about everything about that guy kills me always has, always will ..I seem to follow Dilliam Lepick and I thought I saw you chatting with her once too, so obviously it is someone who has changed their username. I will have to ask her outright one day I guess.

      • Cheyenne says:

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  3. peppertara says:

    Cannot say how much I LOVE this. When I first heard, saw this on video (didn’t have the pleasure of witnessing it live) I was completely in heaven. First of all it’s David singing, secondly he is singing two gorgeous songs, both of which are two of my absolute favorite songs ever. Good Place is one of my favorite songs that David has ever recorded and Let It Be has always been a fave of mine.
    Couldn’t ask for more in a beautiful medley.
    My wish? To see him sing these live one day. It absolutely blesses my ears, my heart, my soul with it’s greatness and beauty.
    Awesome post from TOfan, thanks for this! Awesome video too (even with the little slip ups on the keyboard, he outshines anyone else). Magic. ❤

  4. emmegirl14 says:

    Thanks TOfan, sniffing myself.
    That arrangement makes it even more haunting.

  5. Wusam says:

    An inniellgett answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

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