Happy Anniversary (not really)


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I came across these SLC VIP vids* and realized I’d never seen them. Then I remembered why. They were posted a year ago today, Dec. 19, 2011 … aka the day David cancelled Christmas (just kidding… sort of). I didn’t watch ANY of his videos for a very long time after that.

But no worries, that was then, this is now, I’ve gotten over the shock and the 203498347 stages of Announcement grief and come out the other side… of down. (You knew that was coming, right? 🙂 ) In fact, I couldn’t be happier for him now.

But I do find watching this particular VIP Q&A now really interesting. Because now I know what will be coming at the end of that show, as does David, but not the VIPers there that day. So it’s curious to watch David answer questions, sing songs, imagine him taking VIP pics with every single person there all the while knowing he’d be making a lot of people sob in a few hours.

I’m sure he didn’t think of it that way. Or did he think about that? I honestly don’t know.

Of course, he knew that he wasn’t leaving right away, that he’d be filming Nandito Ako and trying to record songs for us before he left, but WE didn’t know that then.

In fact, we didn’t know that until weeks after the Announcement, which (sorry David) certainly put a crimp in my Christmas holidays, as much as I tried not to let it.

I do know that when I first saw an anonymous comment somewhere (can’t remember where) back in Sept./Oct. 2011 that David would make a mission announcement at the last show of the tour, my first reaction was, “No way! David would never be that cruel!” Well, guess what? I was wrong … and right. He did make the announcement that way (give a day or two) but I still don’t believe he would ever knowingly be cruel.

He clearly had his reasons that we don’t need to know about as to why he thought that was the best way to do things. I’m okay with that now but it took me a while to get here.

I also find it strangely comforting to watch interviews from last December where he was asked point-blank about what he’d be focusing on next and he didn’t flinch but talked about writing, recording and the tour. And who said he wasn’t a good actor? 🙂

The reason I find it comforting is that it’s so … human? David may not lie but he’s just as capable of “compartmentalizing” the truth as the rest of us. It’s also a good reminder for me that we fans are part of his business life alone. I’ve always been clear about that but in the frenzy of all that we do as fans, there can be a danger of that line getting blurred.

Anywayyyyyy, I must say a year really has zoomed by, which is good David-wise but not otherwise because I need more time for stuff not less, lol.

So with these amazing recent Christmas song gifts from David … the kind of “surprise” I’m all for 🙂 … the holidays certainly do look merry and bright… let’s listen again shall we?

*SLC VIP vids

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19 Responses to Happy Anniversary (not really)

  1. mlpb3 says:

    Thanks for this. It’s hard to believe its been a year. We need to remember that time a year ago to realize how far we’ve come!

  2. tawna21 says:

    TOfan!!!! Love ‘ya!!!! ♥♪♥♫

  3. Nan says:

    Another great post Deb. Thank you so much. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  4. betsy says:

    May I just say that I love when you are chatty?
    Word. 🙂

  5. Spirit says:

    TOfan…..I have been enjoying watching the SLC VIP videos. I don’t believe that I’ve seen all of them either. His performances were really breathtaking. Dream Sky High was amazing and his subtle changes gave it a different feel making it even more tender, sincere, and heartfelt…..if that is even possible.

    I always enjoy your posts, TOfan, and appreciate all that you and the staff do to provide this great David site. I don’t comment often, but I stop by almost every day.

    • TOfan says:

      aww, thanks, Spirit! thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot! Never really know for sure if anyone’s remotely interested unless there is a comment, lol.

      Totally agree about the vip performances, something special on that day… in the Q&A, he also asks “Donde?” (which I think means “where?”) when someone has a question, guess he was already working on his Spanish, lol.

  6. silverfox says:

    Hi TOfan,

    ***sigh*** Yes, a year since his announcement that made the earth shake under my feet. It just could not be! Could it? Yes, it could & it did. It took a while for it to sink in & accept. There was no other choice because he was as much an integral part of our lives as the air we breath. A year since his announcement which I can’t bare to watch again, but only 9 months since he left. Not going fast enough! Actually, like so many fans who aren’t as visible but still here, “real life” took over with a vengeance this past year. David is missed terribly.

    But life did & will continue to go on although not quite as it had for the four years we watched as David blossomed from a young 17 year old boy to a young man of 21 right before our eyes. He certainly changed my life TWICE. Now just waiting for him to come back & change it again.

    Wishing you & yours the Happiest of Holidays & a fabulous 2013!

    • TOfan says:

      So awesome to “see” you!!! “just waiting for him to come back & change it again” … sounds like what we’re all doing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Feliz Navidad to you, mon amie!

  7. peppertara says:

    Another lovely post TOfan. Not sure if I have seen all of those vids either, loved watching them and I agree with Spirit, his songs are breathtaking. David has a way to easily take your breath away. For me the last year has gone by really quickly. Thankfully David has left us with so much to listen to and to immerse ourselves in (along with all the incredible fans). Truly does help to ease the time away for the fans. Bless them!
    The next year should be interesting too and I’m sure will pass by quickly… who knows what little surprises are up ahead.
    Ditto….Happiest of Holidays & a fabulous 2013! to silverfox and to everyone.

  8. angelofdja says:

    Due to a situation beyond my control I was not able to use the 2 tickets I had to the Stroudsburg MKOC Tour, (the only tour I have missed dang-it!) Thanks to Angelica a couple of deserving fans were able to attend David’s concert on me! Missing what turned out to be Davids last tour for over 2 years, I was really shocked and reacted rather selfishly when David made his announcement. I guess I was a glutton-for-punishment as I watched the “announcement” video as soon as it was posted. All I could do is mope and pout around the house. I cried for hours and even some more than that when no-one was looking. I can’t even say at what point or what triggered my mood but, I began to realize that this was definately “not about me”! I now find myself so thankful for all that David has given. It boggles my mind on how much he fit-in before leaving to follow his heart. I couldn’t be more proud to be one of his #1 fans and no longer feel any selfishness or resentment. How could I?
    I’ve never had an attachment to someone I don’t even know. I gave-up a very long time ago trying to figure it all out. I just know I am a better person since David and his music came into my life! 😉

    • TOfan says:

      I hear ya angelofdja, today is the anniversary of the day I had to call in sick to work so I could basically curl up in the fetal position and wail without interruption, lol … as mlpb3 said up top, how far we’ve come, eh? 🙂

  9. angelofdja says:

    Gee whiz, that was long, and I didn’t even thank TOfan for the great post! Thanks for keeping SnowAngelz up and running!
    My Dad was Canadian. Loved smelt dipping on the banks of the St. Clair River in Port Huron, MI. We could wave to all the folks on the other side knowing that was a whole different Country we’re waving to!

  10. djafan says:

    Tofan! Yes to it all 🙂 I’m with Betsy…love me some chatty. It’s been a year and what a year. Many unexpected surprises and hoping for more in 2013 because this young human man lol never ceases to amaze me nonetheless ♥

  11. refnaf says:

    TOfan… thanks so much for this post. I am so glad to be in a “good place” finally about David’s announcement AND the way he did it. I felt it was kinda cruel too, and looking at the vids unbearable for a long while….. Im glad that a year has passed and that he has done so much before he left to keep us going> Every tidbit seems like a blessing!!!
    This is so important for me as well> “a good reminder for me that we fans are part of his business life alone” So true.

  12. refnaf says:

    ***waves** and (((hugs))) to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Haroldcpim says:

    Deb loved your chatty blog and how you have changed your mind about David’s mission. Love to read everything you write . Which is a gift from God! Merry christmas one down and one to go. Really miss him to death !

  14. TOfan says:

    Thanks so much, Harold!

    FYI, for anyone on Facebook, you can share this link for peeps to download a free mp3 of David & MoTab singing Joy to the World:

  15. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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