Rainbow connection ….

32 measly seconds but already almost 16,000 views!

Am LOLing over the convo in the youTube comments over who has the best hair, David or the guy from 1D. 😆 😆 😆

More recent comments at right:

And great interview with “Rainbow” songwriter Jay Durias… I’m hoping maybe JR4DA is in the neighbourhood and can help out translating his quotes *si vous plait* 🙂 [EDIT: ooo, JR’s translation HERE.]

From Manila Bulletin: DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines – An apparently exciting addition to OPM’s catalogue will arrive in summer 2013 with the planned release of Jay Durias’ solo album.

The master musician himself revealed so to Bulletin Entertainment, and so far, the process has been nothing short of fun. He took full creative and production control for the album, Jay added, so as to achieve the kind of record he envisions.

With Jay’s track record as core member of South Border, many might expect that his upcoming album would be filled with huge chunks of the hit-making show band’s distinctively smooth and melodious R&B flair. Yet Jay revealed, “Ibang-iba talaga siya. Siguro [ang] familiar lang ‘yung voice ko.” [google translation: “How different he really was. Maybe [the] familiar only that those who voice it. ” … JR, is that close? 🙂 ]

If anything, the album would allow his listeners to learn of his ultimate musical inclinations.

aww, check out Jay’s twitter header!

“I’m not really from R&B. I came from progressive music—progressive rock, progressive jazz. Then R&B was there when I came into South Border’s life. [So the album is] a little bit of everything through the years,” he elaborated.

For Jay, it all comes down to the music. He’s not out to compete in such a cutthroat industry challenged by issues on quality, piracy, and foreign market rivalry. While some may debate on the “original” aspect of OPM, Jay’s principle leans on what he calls “Pinoy progressive music.”

“Pino-progress mo lang kung ano ‘yung nandiyan na,” said he. [“Fine, just what progress you ‘to those therein.”]

Prior to his solo project, Jay worked with “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta for the latter’s first OPM album. David picked two South Border songs to cover, namely the optimistic “Rainbow” and poignant “Wherever You Are.”

Jay recalled he and David clicking right away when they first met. “Hindi showbiz ‘yon. Totoong tao ‘yon eh, si David,” he pointed out. [“He is the real deal, not just an act. David is a genuine person.“]

He came into the picture as David and his management wanted to explore a different approach for his first OPM single, Ogie Alcasid’s “Nandito Ako.”

“Somebody from TV5 approached me, and asked, ‘Jay, can you try out doing a song with David live? Baka lang mag-work.’ Kasi ang hinahanap daw ni David no’n was live. When we first played together, nag-akapan na kami,” he recounted.
[“Jay can you try out doing a song with David live? It might work. It appeared that David was looking for a live arrangement. When we 1st played together, we embraced each other at once,” he recounted.]

Rest HERE.

P.S. JR’s aMAZing video of the live “Wherever You Are” … my fave version of all … “Mr. Jay Durias here!” 🙂

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6 Responses to Rainbow connection ….

  1. Hello! Just want to share that everyone who has worked with David while he was in the Philippines really loved working with him and misses him! (“,)
    BTW please help vote for Nandito Ako as Fave Television Drama and for David in the category Fave Breakthrough TV Performance in this online poll for Television awards. There are a lot of categories so just keep on scrolling until you see the categories. You can vote several times. It would be nice if we could also vote for TV 5 as favorite TV network. here is the link: http://www.theentertainmentlifestyle.com/2012/11/2nd-readers-choice-online-poll.html

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Tonette! Voted! (Nice to see David leading in his category!) … to go straight to David’s category to vote, click the pic at the top of the sidebar. 🙂

  2. peppertara says:

    That 32 measly seconds of the Rainbow vid is completely addictive.
    Good interview with Jay Durias. Quite the master musician it seems and what a great team, working with David. David had nothing but great things to say about him too. JR’s awesome video of WYA, my fave too, that was stellar!
    Gotta love all the “hair comments” from the Rainbow vid snippet. A lot of good comments, some of them quite funny. I think one of my faves too comes from Jonerzz:
    “david…David…DAVID!!!…You little BOPPIN’ “Don’t I look great in BLUE?” while I’m ROCKIN’ the hair and acting all SUAVE while pretending to point at butterflies and colors with that “I KNOW I have them in the PALM OF MY HAND” look on your face! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? AND THIS WAS ONLY 33 SECONDS!!! Sheesh.”

    Voting for NA on the poll too. 🙂

  3. Thanks TOfan for adding the poll to the side bar! BTW voting will last for 50 days according to their FB page (“,)

  4. Just noted this new rule with regards to voting which is stated after the statement Voting starts below:
    So that means we can vote for David, Jasmine, and Eula all at the same time! I have tried voting for the three of them and the votes have been counted. (“,)

  5. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Tonette!

    New post/thread!


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