I’ll have a blue Christmas without you….

oh sweet peaches… if you ever thought it wasn’t possible to smile and cry at the same time, watch this…


After the lovely Archugeezer’s comment on the last thread about this upcoming non-DavidArchie Christmas, it really struck me how spoiled we’ve been for the last four holiday seasons.

In December 2008, the Jingle Ball/Jam thingies decked our halls (along with the last time David was in Canada btw, but who’s counting 🙂 ), in 2009 CFTH was released followed by a full Christmas tour, then in 2010 the incredible MoTab extravaganza.

In fact, sitting there listening to David sing The Cat and Mouse Carol … “As she cradles with care, little Jesus sooo fair, this baby, the Lord’s chosen ooone” … tears streaming down my face, I remember feeling the true meaning of Christmas right through to my corpuscles.

And then last year, we got to relive it all with the MoTab CD/DVD and then another aMAZing Christmas tour. (ok, yes, David basically cancelled Christmas itself for me last year after his big news, but leading up to that, I was pretty dang holly jolly, lol.)

And in between all that, we had all those skating specials, Orla Fallon Christmas, the FOX New Year’s live performance (which he RAWKED, did he not?!), miscellaneous tree lightings, Charice duets, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few more.


So no live stuff this year but we sure have a treasure trove of holiday memories to keep us going, right? RIGHT???

Help me out here, guys, how will you cope This Christmas?


Would this not make an amazing album cover?

Or perhaps this?

both pics: peacelovedavid/tumblr

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6 Responses to I’ll have a blue Christmas without you….

  1. peppertara says:

    Aw, a Blue Christmas. Well, thankfully we do have many gorgeous Christmas videos to immerse ourselves in and of course the beautiful Christmas From The Heart and MoTab. Knowing how much David loves Christmas (my fave Holiday too) I am so glad that at least he will get to sing where he is, yes absolutely….he must sing. As for us we will enjoy the next best thing, heavenly CD, DVD music and endless sensational videos. We’ll find it, we’ll hold it, we’ll feel it’s grace. I plan to do just that.
    That LDB video is just wonderful. A Christmas gift, unique and beautiful. One of my fave songs he did on that tour. Love the photos you posted TOfan and yes, they absolutely would make amazing album covers!
    Who knows, this Christmas there just may be a little surprise planned too. Don’t know what but I tend to think something Holiday…ish is lurking.
    Oh and yes….we have definitely been spoiled. 🙂

  2. refnaf says:


  3. TOfan says:

    how did I miss this incredible a cappella Angels???

  4. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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