Dear @DavidArchie

Dear David,

I want to write to you to tell you how amazing BEGIN. is and to thank you for all your hard work in getting it finished before you left. But to be honest, I feel weird writing to you about something you worked on months ago and is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now.

I know what it’s like even just going on vacation to a foreign country … new faces, new places, new experiences … they take over and consume your every waking moment until everything left behind is a distant memory. Not that you forget about the people and things that were important to you, but they fade into the background. So for you, it must be even more transforming … a completely new environment, focus, even language. 

So writing to you about mundane fan things feels very strange right now. Even watching your video for Everybody Hurts feels a little odd because we’re watching it here, now, but it captures moments in time from months ago.

It’s like this bizarre time warp where we’re here experiencing something from your past while you’re completely oblivious to all that and maybe don’t even want to hear about it right now. I have no idea. It’s like the David we know has been tucked into some kind of time capsule that will be cracked open in 2014 and this other person will come out.

k, my head hurts now … I think I need to just focus on listening to BEGIN. and let you do your thing and we’ll do ours. So what do I write you about?

Good luck on your mission. God bless.



The Crush Kids’ Cancer team continues to pour its heart out through donations in this last fundraising campaign.  To encourage us to continue this generous spirit tonight, Team Archuleta has generously offered to everyone who donates from  7 pm EDT to end of team competition tonight, August 29th 11:59 pm EST, the following:

Every $25 contribution to Crush Kids’ Cancer will be eligible to win a special package:  Two (2) Special Meet and Greet Passes and two (2) tickets for the performance concert of your choice upon David Archuleta’s return!  No accommodation or airfare is included in this gift package.    This gift applies to international performances as well.  

 So, if you donate $25  tonight,  you get one chance at the gift.  If you donate $250 , you get 10 chances.  This gift applies to donations to Crush Kids’ Cancer made from 7 pm to end of team competition only.   Although previous donations are not included in this particular gift opportunity, all donors are eligible for David Archuleta gifts outlined previously.    The winner will announced the week of Sept. 3rd.


Send your donation to the following Paypal email: with the following Subject Line:  Donation for Crush Kids Cancer.  We will deposit it directly to the SU2C team.  Please do so before 11:30 pm EST Wednesday, August 29th to allow time for us to process.

So what are you waiting for?  Team Archuleta has given us even more encouragement to rise to the challenge!  Donation sites have been known to get clogged in the final hours so donate NOW.  And donate here!

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24 Responses to Dear @DavidArchie

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  2. annie318 says:

    TOfan~pretty much every thing you write makes me laugh. Once in a while you make me cry but for the most part it is fun. Keep up the good work. I hope David reads what you write. Oh yes, I love David Archuleta too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aw!! Tofan 🙂 Here’s a {{{{Hug}}}}

  4. Maureen says:

    Pass the tissues please. *sniff*

  5. Archugeezer says:

    Exactly. This.

    (And exactly why we love you, TOfan)

  6. Nan says:

    Exactly! Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts. Your words are so appropriate.

  7. You know, sometimes I think that David being gone is just as much a part of the David experience as when he’s here. It has all the emotion (maybe even more) of everything we experienced the first 4 years and we’re still all here, experiencing this together.

    And in an odd way, David taking a break for himself makes everything he’s done in the last few years so much more poignant. It’s like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence; it adds meaning and conviction to everything he’s done and said.

    Idk, now my head hurts.

  8. JONERZ says:

    It’s amazing how fast the last five years months have gone.

  9. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Oh Deb…lol!! I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this…how is it that you always know exactly how to put into words what everyone is feeling…oh yeah…. we’re all one in this together!! LOVE THIS!!! Group hug <<<>>

  10. TOfan says:

    What a relief that you guys have been feeling the same way… tbh, was kind of embarrassed to post this spontaneous sort of “dear diary” entry, lol …
    ((((group hug))) for sure!

  11. betsy says:


  12. refnaf says:

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((group hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Miss being here, but now I am BACK

    Gosh TOfan, this post is every kind of wonderful…..
    Adore this line (could not get the cross out lines to show up)
    “k, my head hurts now … I think I need to just focus on listening to BEGIN. and let you do your thing and we’ll do ours”

  13. abanana77 says:

    TOfan love this! I have been thinking these exact same things for a while now. But you put them into words so beautifully.

  14. peppertara says:

    Aww….TOfan, love this! Sweet, honest, heartfelt and so much more!
    “It’s like the David we know has been tucked into some kind of time capsule that will be cracked open in 2014 and this other person will come out.” It does doesn’t it….and we know David is looking forward to that ‘other person’ when he does emerge from his ‘time capsule’ and so are we.
    In the meantime, like the rest I will listen to BEGIN. and I will probably send another postcard of simple gratitude and good wishes, short and sweet (but oh I love your letter so much more) and I love this post. ❤
    {{hug for David}} {{hug for all}}.

  15. emmegirl14 says:

    Everyone has already said it so well.

    The letter was perfect – his part and ours. ♥

  16. TOfan says:

    Love this review on from yesterday 🙂 :
    “I only ran into David a few weeks ago when I was watching some videos of Selena Quintanilla Perez on you*tube and he sang one of her most famous songs as a tribute to her at the TMA two years ago. I’m telling you, I’ve heard many people sing that particular song several times since her passing in 1995 but NOBODY has gotten as close to the way she sung it, as David did. It was like hearing her but only in a masculine voice; same emotion, intensity and passion. Since that moment, I was hooked and then later I found out that he only has use of one vocal cord, the other is paralyzed. How amazing that a young man that only has use of one vocal cord can sing so powerful and with such passion. I’m definitely buying “BEGIN”, Forevermore, and Christmas From The Heart. He has a God-given gift. I hope these next two years go quick and then we’ll see what God has planned for him and us.

    P.s. I will be commenting again once I get the CD’s but I’m positive it will not be anything negative.”

  17. peppertara says:

    An awesome, wonderful gesture from Team Archuleta to inspire folks to give or to give again to this important cause. Really good to see the words “Two (2) Special Meet and Greet Passes and two (2) tickets for the performance concert of your choice upon David Archuleta’s return! That is definitely inspiring! As is this cause. ❤

    What a wonderful comment from Amazon, just love that!

  18. refnaf says:

    “Two (2) Special Meet and Greet Passes and two (2) tickets for the performance concert of your choice upon David Archuleta’s return!”
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep my bad, I quickly made my donation so i could focus on that line…..

  19. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!

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