A place where doing what’s right is so wrong

I probably shouldn’t be posting anything when I’m in a crummy mood (which is weird ‘cuz it’s Friday, which usually takes me to my happy place), so I apologize in advance.

I know people mean well when they give David kudos for producing “good, clean music” or having “good, clean morals” but, to be honest, I don’t really care about any of that when it comes to music.

I love David’s music because it ranks with the best I’ve heard EVER. It does what the best music always does… makes me feel the meaning behind the melody, the lyrics… makes me feel like I’m not alone…. makes me feel, period.

It’s icing on the cake that David is such a good person and, okay, nothing needs to be bleeped from any of his songs. But would I stop listening if it did? No.

Some of my favourite artists are not nice people. But they make beautiful art that makes me feel alive so I separate what they do in their private lives from the divinely inspired (yes, I believe that of all great art) creations they offer to the world.

For all I know, Bernini littered fig seeds all over the Piazza Navona before sculpting his fountains, or Shakespeare yelled at his mom after finishing Hamlet. And I’d bet a million dollars Van Gogh did NOT clean that ear he lopped off. But would I love their work any less if any of that were true? No.

BEGIN. Photo Contest winners chosen! Click pic 4 details.

So even though David Archuleta isn’t likely to do any of those things (at least not for two years 😦 ) that isn’t why I buy his albums, listen to it on repeat, and go to as many of his concerts as I possibly can. I do those things because his music is THAT good. It’s BETTER than good. It’s remarkable.

And what makes me sad sometimes is that David’s squeaky clean character can blind media/critics/the public to how amazing his talent is … even those who applaud said character. Because he’s G-rated, they toss him into a vanilla-wafer box full of mediocre talents I wouldn’t listen to if you paid me.

Do they find it hard to take him seriously as an artist because he doesn’t look or act like their idea of one? Human nature, I suppose.

What I find painfully ironic, is that many of the same people who dismiss him probably love to admonish others for “judging a book by its cover” … when most of the “cover” images worn by pop stars today are all they have … carefully crafted and constructed facades that become as important, or override, the music itself.

The music itself. Isn’t that what matters most? And with David, it is always real, always rings true, always life-affirming…  his music makes your heart beat faster… just before he rips it out. Nothing good, clean or fun about that.

p.s. So how do you guys feel when David gets kudos for being “nice” and “wholesome” … but nothing else?

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49 Responses to A place where doing what’s right is so wrong

  1. detarepsaxe says:

    “p.s. So how do you guys feel when David gets kudos for being “nice” and “wholesome” … but nothing else?”

    tbh? I wanna slap them left and right with a 10-pound, cold piece of raw meat.

  2. betsy says:

    “Being disliked for the very reasons people fell in love with him to start with.”
    Didn’t we read that somewhere?
    The other day, after I read a review that was very like you are talking about, I spent all night writing a scathing response to it. In my head.
    They can’t have listened to any of the music. They just can’t have.
    I thought by now, four years down the road, the prejudice would be gone, people would really get it, really listen. It is so sad that they don’t. Maybe it will never happen.
    (ughh, sorry, I am in a crappy mood)
    “his music makes your heart beat faster… just before he rips it out. Nothing good, clean or fun about that.” – THIS. They aren’t listening.

  3. Kathleen Crowe says:

    What a great write up….thanks! So many times I have felt this way too. David often does not get the credit he deserves. I have teenagers and they don’t seem to care about talent, just what the ‘media machine’ churns out. Which in my opinion, most of the time is just plain awful. But I know that when I hear David sing, like you …I hear pure, natural talent . Beautiful music, plain and simple! I don’t really understand why it is this way. I have a strong suspicion money (pay to play) has a lot to do with it. I mean, I can’t even call a local radio station anymore to make a request….it is all aoutomated now, so they play the same songs over and over and over! And, don’t even get me started on how difficult it has been for me to get a copy of ‘Begin.’ at any of the stores in my area, they are not carrying it. I can order it if I like, but that is all. So there are no copies of David’s CD on store shelves in my area ( I live in Connecticut). My point is , no matter how talented we know David is, if he is not being given the chance to have his music streamed on radio stations and his CD’s aren’t easily available for display in some areas, so everyone has a chance (not just the die hard fans) to see/hear what David is currently up to. This just makes it easier for people to dismiss him. I try and promote him as much as possible, but I hear alot of people say “Wow, I didn’t know about that! He has new music?” So, when we fans read reviews we think are unfair to David and his talent, that just make it all the more frustrating! And like many of you, I get down about it. But one thing I always think about is David…he never seems down about anything, he just keeps doing what makes him happy. I don’t think David cares about what the critics say or think, because he is able to do what he loves the way he wants to do it and he loves making music! That’s all good for us, because we love hearing his music! So I will keep plugging along. Introducing David’s new ventures to as many people as I can and supporting him, because I know that there is no one out there like him. I think he has the most talent of any one currently out there, not to mention the heart and soul. As long as I can listen to his music, I will be happy!

  4. dangitdavid says:

    “The music itself. Isn’t that what matters most? And with David, it is always real, always rings true, always life-affirming… his music makes your heart beat faster… just before he rips it out.” – Amen Deb!!! I take these reviews with a grain of salt…most of these so-called “reviewers” have not followed David’s career as those of us with ODD have for the last 4 years and have not noticed the tremendous growth he has had personally and musically and I would even question as to whether they actually even listen carefully to the songs they are “reviewing”. And unfortunately, many still see him as the shy young boy on American Idol (which was phenomenal, in my opinion….why else am I still here today!!). I live it everyday with my family (not my husband and kids…they don’t have a choice – they know everything he’s done in the last 4 years 🙂 ) but my sisters especially….they didn’t like him when he was on Idol and I have to listen to them constantly put him down but they have no idea what he’s been doing and how he’s matured and are really not interested in knowing so I just continue ignoring them 😦 This young man takes me away to some unknown place every single time he opens his mouth….I don’t care how he looks, I don’t care what he sings, I don’t care what he wears and I don’t agree with everything he does but I will listen to his music until the day I die!! And even then, my kids has been given their orders on what David songs to play at my funeral….which they find naturally disturbing that I would even give them a list but hey, that’s what ODD does to you 😉

    • Kathleen Crowe says:

      This sounds so familiar, I truly undertand all that you have written here. I have had similiar feelings….. and I too have given my kids orders about which song of David’s I want played at my funeral! 😉

      • dangitdavid says:

        Kathleen….rotfl….you don’t know how comforting it is to know that someone else has given a “funeral playlist”!! Sometimes I scare even myself with the severity of my ODD….I question myself almost daily 😉 lol

  5. dangitdavid says:

    BTW….that lead picture should be on every billboard in every city in every state/province across North America and abroad and then there would be no question as to who he is and where has he disappeared to because every female with a heartbeat would stand up and take notice!! My favorite picture of him everrrrrrr ❤

  6. Kizzi says:

    Oh Deb, I don’t know if I’ve seen you in a crummy mood before…and then you write something so right! I like your brand of crummy. 😀

    As you know I’ve stopped looking at reviews and critics. I did a bit of a rant on Archu-Gzzz post a while back about the whole thing.

    As we have all surmised, David is not about mega success in the music world. From what I’ve seen he makes decisions that are primarily spiritual based. In many ways he practices one of the credo’s of asceticism, called aparigraha, which means taking what is truly necessary and no more.

    He has a comfort zone that he is expanding and what that ends up being has and will continue to be a treat to watch unfold. As much as he will make music as that is his primary purpose on this earth after all, he also doesn’t want to be much in the limelight.

    He may just be an acquired taste at this point. Only certain palates can appreciate the beauty of his art; or, perhaps, he is honing his art and down the road his music will serve a higher purpose that we are yet to understand…actually that’s probably happening now.

    He has greatness in him. That is what most fail to see in his art; yeah, it is quite annoying.

    Nice guys DO finish first because they are nice. The question is what do nice guys want to finish FIRST at. In David’s case it obviously isn’t fame nor fortune. Helping others through his music (and mission for now) appears to be “first” with David. For some that may be a turn off, maybe for many.

    • grammyj says:

      I love this post and agree with you, Kizzi. I’m not sure where David will end up but he isn’t about fame and fortune. I just don’t know what path he will pursue in music when he gets back.. I believe he will stay an independent artist and will for sure do music but the path he takes in music is anyone’s guess. I will be waiting for whatever music he puts out, but the super stardom that some fans want may never happen. That no longer matters to me. I just want him to record music that I can hear.

  7. Harold Weinstein says:

    I could have not said it better myself . Your words are right in my mind . He touches place in my being I never knew I had. Have voice and his emotive gives me goosebumps and cuts right through me. No artist has done this to me currently. When I was young Judy garland had a special place in my heart. But I think David has replaced her! Thank you for your kind words and your humor over the pas months you make 2014 easier.


  8. abanana77 says:

    Great post, Deb!! Really got me thinking…

    I totally agree, I don’t like when people judge him for being goody-goody and automatically throw his music in the bubble-gum-pop category and refuse to re-evaluate their opinions. That really drives me nuts. I hate when people won’t give him a chance.

    And I agree about what you said about separating an artist’s personal life from their art. Like you don’t need to like the person to appreciate the works they’ve created. I definitely agree with that.

    But I don’t think I’d be a crazed fan like I am, if David was not the way he was. I would maybe appreciate and buy his music and listen to it, but not everyday on repeat watching the videos over and over. Maybe I would (this is where you got me thinking, haha) because in his videos it’s all about his singing, not about him as a person. But they’re somehow related. And definitely David’s sense of self and his strong faith are some of the big reasons I’m a die-hard fan. I don’t think I would be if he was a jerk. And honestly, I don’t think he could make the music he makes if he was a jerk. There’s some relation there between him and his music which I can’t quite figure out, but they’re definitely related. Not for everyone, not saying all great musicians aren’t jerks or anything, just there’s something different about him and his music. I just can’t quite figure it out.

    Anyways sorry for rambling. You really got me thinking. <333

  9. peppertara says:

    TOfan it’s okay to be in a crummy mood once in a while and obviously you are still writing great posts when you are, haha. Agree with everyone’s interesting comments.
    I do understand the frustration when it comes to some of the reviewers, critics out there and David’s artistry. When I read some of the reviews I can only think….okay, well it seems you have once again put your mental ear plugs in and missed the whole point. Instead you have only focused on your pre-conceived opinions and ideas about the man personally and used that as the focus of your review. A big Ughhhh. Of course there are some reviews out there that have been more intelligent and focused more so on David’s remarkable voice and talent. I give kudos to those people (they are awake and alert)!
    Who knows, perhaps in the future, more and more people will stop, listen and recognize that spectacular voice, laden with emotion, soul and goodness and embrace it for what it is, something so real, so beautiful and so rare in the music industry today. David will be a new man when he returns too, the future up ahead is wide open.
    I’m sure that David wouldn’t change anything though and doesn’t pay attention to what’s written.
    As he has said…it’s for those that are willing to listen. He is a rather wise young man. 🙂

  10. peppertara says:

    abanana…..you make some good points. I agree that David would probably not sing as beautifully as he does if he did not feel everything so deeply and did not have the depth of heart, compassion and love in his nature. Perhaps that is why he has the gift he has and is able to express it so profoundly…the two seem to go hand in hand when it comes to David.
    Great post TOfan, got us all thinking! Sorry I’m rambling a bit today too, guess because I’m home nursing a muscle injury and soothing my pain, this was a good distraction. 🙂

  11. lani says:

    Great post TOfan… one of your bests!! Thank you for making “DA2014” wait easier and bearable with all your humorous and insightful posts.

    dangitdavid & Kathleen… LOLol… Told my son the same, he replied, well I think Mom you should go to a rehab first you have an addiction…LOL… well he is not aware of David’s fans’ ODD

    • dangitdavid says:

      Rotfl lani….that was hilarious!! I think all of our families probably think exactly like your son 😉

  12. happpydance says:

    For me, it’s the icing on the cake that I love just as much! His pure goodness IS part of why I buy his albums. In music or any kind of art, who the artist is, does matter to me. And the fact that David places more value on his principles than what people think of him impresses the hell out of me!

  13. TOfan says:

    Wow, love hearing all your points of view… it’s made me stop and think more too, tbh … I tried to remember back to what was the trigger for me becoming more than just a casual fan … I mean, he had me at Shop Around, lol, but when I think hard about it, I’m pretty sure it was that interview where he started out all adorkable but then said some of the most profound things I’d ever heard from a musician on the effect music can have on people and how it can change their lives. So abanana, I think you’re right, there is a blend of reasons for still being here 4 years later, lol.

    Maybe you’ve seen this already but it was a cool review from 103.7 Lite FM (a Dallas, TX, CBS affiliate 🙂 ) of the EH video that also talked about the original REM song, how it’s received acclaim for the prevention of teen suicides, and how they license the song out for free to charity. I can totally see David doing this with “Broken” or other songs in the future. The whole review is HERE.

  14. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan, I like your lead picture. Many people like it. I would re-e-e-ally like to know from the cave of secrets, what it is going to be used for. It is exceptional, so it is a cover pic for what?? How about the cover of some exclusive well known magazine? Maybe used in some capacity for the single Broken??


  15. Kathleen C says:

    TOfan and the rest,
    So glad I have places like this where I can share my admiration for David and his talent. It is comforting and reassuring to have other fans who understand how I feel about him and his music. So, this is the place I turn to when I am feeling frustrated or unhappy because there is no one in my immediate space that gets it! Thanks everyone, it is so nice to feel at home here with all of you, who truly get why I think David is such a special young man as well as an amazingly talented musician! We are not crazy or obsessed( OK I have ODD!) We just know a good thing when we see and hear it! 😉

  16. comolaflor says:

    TOFan, love your article! I have always felt his voice is what keeps me here even it’s pretty much only in lurkdom except for buying his music, commenting on certain articles, voting and running up those youtube views. lol David’s character is something I admire. If he wasn’t AS sqeaky clean as he is I would still listen to his music because of his voice because it is SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!

    But that said, it takes all of us; those who love his voice or who love his goodness or who love his religiosity to keep his name out there and continue to support so he can continue making music.

  17. comolaflor says:

    Btw, squeaky not sqeaky. Sheesh. And thank you for showcasing the top pic for your article. 🙂

  18. emmegirl14 says:

    Brava TOfan! “Because he’s G-rated, they toss him into a vanilla-wafer box full of mediocre talents I wouldn’t listen to if you paid me.” and “most of the “cover” images worn by pop stars today are all they have … carefully crafted and constructed facades that become as important, or override, the music itself.”…..yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

    How does it make me feel? Honestly, two words. One starts with P and the other O.
    As for critics and/or reviewers, seems to me there are politics in everything nowadays…rarely can you take anything at face value. (I have been referred to by family members as DebbieDowner.)

    Thank you TOfan for your voice, and for your contributions to this fanbase.

  19. betsy says:

    I also have to say this: It’s not the reviewers who don’t like his music that bother me. At least they listened. (although I don’t get it) It’s also not that I want him to be some huge gigantic star. I really don’t think he’s that guy. (personally I think he’s so much more, but whatevs) When I see a reviewer pan his music and tell OTHERS to pass it over because really, it’s just covers, and if you wanted to hear those songs you may as well listen to the original versions, that really pisses me off. Some people LISTEN to that. And DO that. And it’s just not fair. It’s not like I feel psycho about it, lol, but I really dislike petty mean spiritedness and injustice. I guess I’ll just have to feel like this till I don’t anymore. And that’s okay with me.

  20. Kizzi says:

    So coincidental. I was at a restaurant today with a big group and someone began discussing popular music. People were saying this song was good, this one was bad. Then someone said, “popular music isn’t popular because it is good” and that listeners either follow the lead of promoters or pursue their personal taste. Another said it’s like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” tale and only some actually ‘see’ what is good v. bad music while others just believe what others tell them.

    • emmegirl14 says:

      Pop culture, powerful stuff.

      (and loved this, “He has greatness in him. That is what most fail to see in his art”)

  21. --bianca says:

    Very thought provoking, Deb. Leaving a hug here while I go process and I’ll be back with more of an opinion.

    You do such great work here! HUG!!!

  22. TOfan says:

    “popular music isn’t popular because it is good” … I know that’s true, but how sad is that? … Not sure if it’s because of some of the buzz BEGIN. has been getting, but I’ve been seeing more of these types of comments on Twitter: “I don’t care what anyone says, I still like David Archuleta” … I mean, it’s great that they’re willing to go on record as liking D’s music but disappointing that they have to include a disclaimer… guess it goes back to the “cool” factor (which I don’t think David or most of his fans care about but DJs and reviewers and a lot of the record-buying public seem to).

    On the other hand, it’s nice to see a bunch of comments like this on the EH youTube: “Well I’m not David’s fan but I really love this I mean everything in it. It’s Amazing” 🙂

    • Kizzi says:

      And this comment on EH youTube jumped out when I read them yesterday: Nice cover! I always do support singers who have a true spirit to create an honest piece of music. You are one of them, David. I hope this ‘BEGIN’ is a successful rebirth and an exit of ‘American Idol’ shadow. :O

  23. peppertara says:

    I’ve noticed several comments on the EH video from ‘non fans’ who seem to be fans now and love David’s cover….always a good thing! I actually just read that comment that Kizzi posted above from the video comments too and it is really one of my favorites because I wish the same for David, absolutely.
    He is a serious musician who deserves to be recognized for the incredible artist that he is, on his own merits, soooo….deserved. By the time 2014 rolls around perhaps enough time will have passed for people to ‘drop’ the AI runner-up shadow and let David be David, musician and artist extraordinaire! New BEGIN.nings. 🙂

  24. jackryan4DA says:

    Been asking the same questions TOfan. Except that I ask them of the US market.

    Why is David more understood or perhaps I should say “more relatable” or acceptable here in Asia. Is it the culture? Is it the general demeanor? Do we hear things differently?

    But we are also not that “nice” here in Asia. We have our own inanities and talents not deserving to be heard but are making good.

    So, it really is befuddling… and frustrating… and at some point worrying…

    • jackryan4da says:

      BTW, am not ref to fans in my previous comment but the infrastructure built around an artist – media, DJs, producers, labels, critics, etc…

      • TOfan says:

        You mean the infrastructure that actually makes his albums available in record stores LIKE THIS … with promo LIKE THIS? … You’re right, THAT’s the way it should be for him here in North America… I’m just so thankful you guys “get” him and that incredible voices/talent still matter somewhere in the world. ❤

        “more relatable” there, hmmm, that is an interesting thought…

      • SandyBeaches says:

        When you look at Kurt Bestor as a musician. when you look at the 1,500,000 who wanted tickets for the MOTABS and you also look at the standing ovations from the adults who attended these concerts then you have to agree that there is more here than meets the eye and more that we have not been able to figure out completely. The musicians he works with here are highly acclaimed worldwide themselves.

        The lack of well known management can perhaps account for some of the problems. Managements were watching David during the December tour but did not have a chance to work with him as his plans were already made. He found a niche in Asia with his pop music and with his soap series but getting out into the world of pop singers in North America is a
        challenge for anyone. We have young singers here who are transformed into performers by huge managements that have been able to do just about anything for anyone like magic. That was not for David. It seems to be in the timing because fans respect the talents of Celine Dion and Bryan Adams and the other singers whose songs he covered, so they know their music well.

        North America has a lengthy history of having some of the most talented and highly successful singers in the world so then what is it about David?

        Well David made the huge effort of recording an album before he left. This album would be the last recording that the world would hear from him for now and he wanted it to portray who he is as a singer and person. It was important to leave the final songs showing the direction he is headed and that is adult contemporary. It was to be his living legacy as I call it, for the next two years telling us where he is going. It was a must to leave with that album as his last. As he said every other album except his Christmas album has been fun. He is looking forward for people to see the person he will become. I am thinking at this time that his music will be listened to by fans perhaps starting at his age and on.

        In North America and particularly in the US, his religion has openly played a part in his career choices. So for the fans here, it has not been just the music in the last several months. For many NA fans, David has been gone since January because upon his delayed return from Asia, he was actively involved with recording. It has all been confusing for many fans and for the media, with so much activity and uncertainty.

        When he returns and sings the music he wants, then it will come together for his North American fans. It has not been the fault of the lack of fans who really get him, as that would just be too easy an assumption and far from the truth. It has been an accumulation of events and choices on David’s part that has taken us to where we are now. There will be greater years in music ahead  for N. American fans when he returns.


    • Kathleen C says:

      So very true, it is frustrating… I am still just trying to find the CD ‘Begin.’ in a store here in CT! When I see the way David is treated by the media there (Asia) it makes me so happy, but it also makes me upset that he doesn’t get that kind of treatment here in the US. As a fan I can only hope someday he will have launch parties like that in stores here. Very disappointing! 😦

  25. jackryan4da says:

    Want some pick-me-up? Then check-out our recap of the just concluded BEGIN. Album Launch in Manila (Astro-AP)


  26. TOfan says:

    off-topic but I’ve been looking for a new SAz background pattern that would sort of go with the colour of the BEGIN. album cover … after looking through TONS, I finally found one… and the name of it? … *drumroll* … Elder … 😯

    • jackryan4da says:

      I LOVE your new background big time! Like DA, green is my fave color. But the pattern of your background is quite interesting 🙂

  27. rarchiefan says:

    Calling All Archies!! Would you like to be involved in a small and fun service project for David? Here is the idea** Write a short letter to David** Begin the letter with just saying hello (don’t write anything else) ~then say you just want to ask him a few questions. Next make a short list of fun questions. (Nothing too personal) >Example: Are you getting use to it being cold during months it is warm in the US? Do they have some of your favorite foods there, like almonds? Are there lots of mountains around you? Do you see more dogs or cats? Lol (Anything “be creative” and it’s ok if we all ask the same ones that would be even more fun!) Then end the letter with this same question: Is there anything I (or we) can do for YOU? If you wish ask: Is there anything you or your fellow missionaries need? Finally say: Do you see a need amongst the people around you that I (or we) can help with?

    The idea being we let David know we care about him and his fellow companions as well as those he is serving, not that we are just thankful for his music. (He Knows we are!!) Please do not mention anything about music so these letters serve a different purpose. Plus the fun questions are sure to make him smile or laugh!! Who knows we might get a tweet to answer one or two if we are lucky.

    This is to reach out to mark his 6 months serving his mission. How great will be his joy at seeing all of us asking him some fun questions but ending with asking him if He or Others Need anything; asking if we can serve him not just thanking him or telling him things. That is the idea anyway, if you wish to participate write your letters and mail to his Florida PO Box ON September 28th. That way they are all post marked with the same 6th month date he left. ♥ Thank you all and pass this along!!

  28. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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