BEGIN. promo vid and photo contest

BEGIN. Photo Contest:

To celebrate the launch of David’s new album BEGIN., we invite you to submit a photograph to a special contest to win prizes! You can send in any photo that represents the theme or idea of BEGIN. to you so long as it meets the rules below. Example photos might include newborn babies, seedlings, kittens, first day of school, etc. Three “Staff Favorite” photos will earn their owners VIP t-shirts and bags from the “My Kind of Christmas” tour, and the sender of the top photo will also receive a photograph autographed by David! All accepted photos will be displayed in a gallery on, with credit given to the owners.

Contest Rules: Each person may submit only one photo. Each entered photo must be owned by the person who submits it. We will check to ensure that photos are original; participants who submit photos that are not their original work will be disqualified. Photos must NOT contain the image of David Archuleta or his name in them.  Photos must be a minimum size of 400 by 600 pixels.

Send your photos to by August 14, 2012 with your name and location, as well as a title or short description of your photo. Winners will be chosen and and notified via email shortly after that date. Photos will be added to the gallery as they are accepted so get yours in early for the most views! retains the right to reject any photo submission that is deemed inappropriate.

How ’bout this entry?

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17 Responses to BEGIN. promo vid and photo contest

  1. Ha! Ha! Tofan!! Yes Enter it………….

  2. peppertara says:

    Aw, just love the sweet, lovely, sincere video of David talking about the album. Such a nice treat, one gift after another it seems, wow. Photo contest sounds intriguing…..gotta say I do love your picture TOfan, LOL. Reminds me of this:
    “Ill neeever let you see, the way my broken heart is hurtin’ me. I’ve got my pride (In The Name of Love) and I know how to hide all my sorrow and pain, I’ll do my cryin’ in the rain.”
    You probably have to be old like me to know the song. 🙂

  3. refnaf says:

    LOL TOfan, that looks more like a pic for END. rather than BEGIN. Actually that will be you when you hear this music
    Awesome to see his face and hear his voice!! Is it just me or does he ramble without really giving much info??? So David…..

  4. TOfan says:

    LOL’d at this tweet:
    @janinachos He called them ‘easy listening’? Sure, if easy listening means making fans cry/spasm on the floor, we’ll call it that 🙂


  5. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Send it in!!! My fave pic evurrrrr!! Rotfl every single time you post it 🙂

  6. abanana77 says:

    Oh my goshhhh the cutest “just cuz” ever! Where did that come from? I have never seen that before! <3333

  7. betsy says:

    Love that “just cuz”! Wasn’t that at a radio station? He was acting like he didn’t trust the woman to hold the baby properly without dropping it. 🙂

  8. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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