iTunes trending, summer album, Bridge Over Troubled Water, oh my

Reported by: Chris Vanocur

Twitpic from the lovely @anagfeleo

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – David Archuleta made his television debut on Star Search in 2003 at age 12. From there, he performed on ABC 4’s “Good Things Utah” the following year. He then went on to compete on “American Idol” where he finished 2nd.

Now, ABC 4 has some big news for fans of the young singer.

Even though he’s begun his LDS mission, we’ve learned he’s cut a new album with a very well known musical producer.

The producer’s name is Kurt Bestor, another beloved Utah artist.

Bestor told ABC 4 that he’s been busy co-producing Archuleta’s newest album,

“We were frantic to get it all done before he went on his LDS mission.”

Archuleta is believed to have been assigned to a South American mission in Chile.

But Bestor says the two worked together right up until the night before Archuleta left,

“I have to say I was a little hesitant to do it, but now that I have had a chance to work with him for that intense three weeks, the kid’s amazing.

Bestor says the result will be an 11 song CD to be released in June or July.

Bestor, a Grammy nominated musician says it will contain amazing songs, ones that people will know and love,

“The kid is really kind of a phenom and I don’t think people really realize it.”

And while Bestor may not have meant to, he did let one the name of one Archuleta song slip out,

“I just did a version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water…Oops! That’s on the new album, David Archuleta. Nobody knows that.”

Now, to see our entire interview with Kurt Bestor – and the rest of his comments about David Archuleta – tune in to “On the Record.”

It airs Sunday morning at 7:30 right here on ABC 4.


Source & short video interview with Kurt Bestor HERE.

P.S. Crazy trending tonight, yay team!!!! (Worldwide & U.S. too!)

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11 Responses to iTunes trending, summer album, Bridge Over Troubled Water, oh my

  1. peppertara says:

    I missed the TT tonight. Way to go trenders! OMG….we have the gorgeous Forevermore music video, the amazing, beautiful CDs (finally got my copies today, yay for that), the songs on Itunes around the world and another album coming out in….the summer yet! Wonderful article with Kurt and if BOTW is one of the songs….holy moly!! David has outdone himself, we have to be the most blessed fans anywhere, honestly. This year is sounding pretty good to me, seems David has made sure his fans are well fed while he’s away. What a guy ❤ his heart is as big as his voice. Kurt is right….'“The kid is really kind of a phenom". Oh yes he is.
    Thanks for the wonderful updates TOfan. 🙂

  2. emmegirl14 says:

    Dang, missed out on my hug from the previous thread.

    Gosh, surprised and, what’s the word……ecstatic, that the next album is coming out so soon.

    Michael Orland and Jay Durias have, on record, referred to him as a genius, and Neil Diamond and Kurt Bestor, a phenom. They may be onto something. 😉

  3. refnaf says:

    BOTW!!! For real??? eeeeeeeeep ———————————

  4. emmegirl14 says:

    Just came to me from out of the blue, ND called David a prodigy as opposed to a phenom.

    I knew it was one of those p words. :p

  5. SandyBeaches says:

    I have David bracelets for anyone at SnowAngelz who woukd like one, so please drop me a line with your address to … You can check them out at The Voice.

    I am really looking forward to the new summer album especially knowing that Kurt was working with David on it..I wonder what the title will be?


  6. TOfan says:

    Thanks, SB!!!

  7. TOfan says:

    More of the interview with Kurt Bestor (thanks, @stidwell!):

    … and David finally mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine *sigh*
    Rolling Stone

  8. Paul says:

    Jonerz / If you read any current music inusdtry blogs it will tell you how important it is for an artist to maintain a good relationship with their fans. David has done that in spades. From day one he has gone out of his way to show his fans how important they are to him and I think that using a well done, unique and artsy fan-made video to promote one of his songs takes this relationship to another level. Well done David.

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