Archugeezer reviews @DavidArchie’s ‘Forevermore’ album

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Was I last?  The end of the line?  The final fan to get David Archuleta’s Forevermore CD?   As it turns out, I was not, but it sure felt like it for a while.

The minute David’s OPM album was available for ordering, I ordered.  The minute it was released, I started checking the mailbox twice a day.  Each new day was “the day” my CD would arrive.  No.  No.  No…

After 14 no-show days, I miraculously resisted the persistent urge to write a threatening email. After 20 days, a mysterious CD neurosis surfaced and I began to speak of conspiracies. Two days later I was having fantasies about humanitarian airdrops over an open potato field.

Well, none of that matters now; I have the CD in my hands. The music is on my computer, in my car, on my iPod and coming through the house speakers. I am listening as I write this, so pardon me if I stop occasionally to smile, or sigh, or swoon.  Sorry if I pause to shed a tear, or hum along while I try to form an objective opinion.

In the years B.D. (Before David), you could have taken one look at my CD collection and said, “I see dead people.” My musical chums were folks like Chopin, Mozart and Brahms, classic friendships to be sure, but no lively conversations. How lucky was I to happen upon the likes of David Archuleta. He arrived with an endless array of superb vocal surprises he wanted to share, and a loving, energetic fan base for good measure.

Forevermore is one more delightful surprise, not because David did it for fans, or because he did it in stellar fashion; but because he managed to do it at all in such a short space of time. It speaks to both his generous heart and his musical genius.

I am not qualified to offer a critique of Forevermore here, or anywhere else for that matter. I do read music reviews, but only for entertainment. Too many are crafted by pseudo-musician journalists who are paid to stir up readership by stirring up trouble, and they know full well that snarky innuendo will trump witty credibility every time. The fact is, truly qualified music critics are scarce indeed; but then, we need so few of them.

In the end, I am left to my own opinion about new music, which always proves to be the most useful to me anyway. The best thing about a personal opinion system is that everyone can participate and no one is ever wrong. I like the latitude in that concept, so I use an instinctive music grading scale. It seems rather reflexive, but it is still reliable. If I were to set it down in writing, it would look a little like this:

Source: peacelovedavid/Tumblr

A — Now we’re talkin’ real music.

B — OK, I kind of like that one.

C — Gets a medium to large meh.

D — Erm… I don’t think so.

F — Are you kidding me? Click.

David Archuleta fans will not be shocked to learn that David tends to mess with the convenience of my dandy grading method; and that little stinker has done it again.  My never-wrong opinion tells me that, as a whole, Forevermore is off the chart, more like an A+.  Or, in other words, “Holy Repeat Button, Batman!”

I am not sure what I was expecting, not much really; but my initial reaction to the CD was a grateful “thank you, thank you.” Thank you to the OPM composers and original artists for their beautiful lyrics and music. Thank you to David’s Filipino fans (We love you!) whose unconditional support helped to spark the idea for this album. And thank you to David for his extensive thank you list. He says it all, and I have no doubt the caterers deserved that mention.

Even after repeated plays of Forevermore, it is impossible for me to list the songs in any kind of favorite order.  I attempted, but that list is fantastically fluid and tends to vary from one listening session to the next.  I will mention but a few of many favorable impressions:

  • Forevermore – I hate borrowing from American Idol’s “Dawg,” but David really does know how to caress certain words and phrases. This song was my official reassurance while I waited for the CD to arrive. I was frequently fixed in front of the “Forevermore” video, also known around these parts as The Man Hand Musical.
  • Rainbow – Just enough touch-of-jazz quirkiness to demand one replay after another.   Obviously David chose this song for the lyrics as well as the interesting melody/word rhythms. His philosophy of life is here in spades:  “…and I’ll make you see how beautiful life is for you and me.”
  • You Are My Song – How does one even get past the incredibly romantic title without experiencing a serious rush of ballad anticipation? This ballad soars. Get ready, because the impeccable soaring source is David Archuleta, and you are headed to GAHville.
  • Hold On–Don’t bother trying to guess how many times I have listened to David sing “Hey Beh-by” because I will deny everything. “It’s a burning desire comin’ right down the wire” and right to the end of the song.
  • Tell Me–Brokenhearted pain set to music. Achingly poignant. I feel it. I believe it. I hear it in the haunting melodic intervals. Chopin would love this melody, and so do I.
  • Reaching Out–I really appreciate the vocal embellishments David uses in this one, and I am a total sucker for any song that has an ascending key change in the middle.  The sing-along chorus should probably carry an ear worm warning.

There are four additional songs on the album and a multitude of musical gems in all ten.  I rarely skip any song when listening to this CD. It is very easy to immerse myself in its entirety; and then I do it all over again. Just call it smoothly soothed.

No question that “Forevermore” will enjoy some prominence on my playlist, especially while David Archuleta is away.  At the same time, perhaps we should ponder this: How it is that David is the one leaving for two years and we are the ones who get all the going away gifts?


Killer photo. *sniff* (Credit: jaszlovesarchie/Tumblr)

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26 Responses to Archugeezer reviews @DavidArchie’s ‘Forevermore’ album

  1. pastelpastel says:

    So, worth the wait, Geez? Rhetorical question, I know! A phenomenal surprise indeed. No idea why I expected to be underwhelmed…perhaps due to the timeframe in which it was put together? But I feel the same way as you. A gift. And You are my Song ~ “you are headed to GAHville”. The whole album is gaga-ville. Thanks for your review and thank heavens your potato fields can remain safe, for now. But who knows what will happen when the Nandito Ako DVD with English subtitles comes out tho 😉

  2. Thanks for the review Archugeezer!! Thank God your Album finally came!! An extra treat for us, although the tweets were fun too!! Loving the album. Have it in the car, in the bedroom etc. Sent some to my Iowa tour Pal and she in turn is gifting her daughter and sister.
    I appreciate David, Jay Durias and all for the project done in record time as a gift to fans. I’ll never forget the interview when they asked who he was thinking of as he sang the songs and he said “to be honest I was thinking of my fans” boo Hoo!! You Are My Song and Forevermore etc for the Win.
    Love your writing and your review!!

  3. jackryan4da says:

    Holy Repeat Reading & Retweeting Batman of a Review!

  4. says:

    Love your review!! Forevermore is such as gift to all of David’s fans and you can definitely feel his love throughout each song!

  5. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    I have listened to nothing else but this cd for days now….ask my family….they know every word whether they want to or not!!! I lost it at “…I see dead people…”. ROTFL!!! This cd stirs up emotions in me that I didn’t even know I had!!! I’ve listened to my faves, Forevermore and Hold On, on repeat so many times that they just automatically play on their own now (I’m not even sure I’m kidding!!) and i still get butterflies every single time!!! No kidding that you can feel his love through every song….thanks Mr. Archuleta, you’ve made me into a blubbering mushy mess…and I’m so grateful!!!! Standing O to everyone involved in creating this masterpiece <33333

  6. TOfan says:

    I was soooo looking forward to your review, AG, LOOOVE every word!!! And your grading system (“A — Now we’re talkin’ real music”) explains why D. always gets straight As! 🙂 … thanks for pointing out so many of the “musical gems” … perfect term … I think that’s my favourite thing about this album, all those little surprises that sparkle in each song, sometimes an unexpected twist on a note or a blissful sound we’ve never heard David make before (which really blows me away because I thought I’d catalogued

    … oh, and “The Man Hand Musical” rotflololol 😆 😆 😆

  7. rhoda says:

    An endless & heartfelt thank you to Mr. David Archuleta for singing our OPM songs! It opens a door to international listeners for appreciating our well-loved & classic OPMs. To be honest, he did not overpower the originals of the songs, instead he made versions that distinctively his, he made it sounded fresh & current, sang it passionately, as one can easily feel the message of each track as you listen to it. I grew up with these originals, the super hits of my generation, and I was totally ecstatic when David even made an album for these “songs of my life”. Hugs and lotsa love to all Archies around the world! You guys are one awesome, incredible & amazing fanbase. Thank you so much for your support. I’m a proud Archie, a proud Filipino!

  8. ncgirlmarylee says:

    “At the same time, perhaps we should ponder this: How it is that David is the one leaving for two years and we are the ones who get all the going away gifts?” <— omgsh…so true & aren't we the luckiest fans ever!

    Loved reading your article archugeezer..put a huge smile on my face 🙂

  9. abanana77 says:

    (((Archugeezer))) Love this! I am still processing all the wonders of Forevermore >> “In the years B.D. (Before David)”. I can honestly barely remember those days. Seems like a lifetime ago. (and I’m okay with that! 🙂 )

  10. jackryan4da says:


    WYA & TELL ME are now available for digital download! MyMusicStore is updating the album page as I type this but you can see the listing of the 2 singles from here

  11. Kizzi says:

    ArchuGeezer: Gah! You are my song in this review with descriptions as emotionally vibrant and all encompassing as viewing a sun-drenched rainbow. Thank you for taking the time reaching out to tell me to hold on forevermore! 😀 (lame I know. I’m just a geek freak!)

  12. awestruck says:

    Well I have not yet received my numerous number of CD’s (I am a ‘bulk orderer’ lol)
    I have not yet listened to or watched the Forevermore Video…

    ArchuGeezer I bust out laughing at “In the years B.D. (Before David), you could have taken one look at my CD collection and said, “I see dead people.”

    This: “he managed to do it at all in such a short space of time. It speaks to both his generous heart and his musical genius.”

    And last but definitely not least: “How it is that David is the one leaving for two years and we are the ones who get all the going away gifts?”

    Thanks for this ArchuGeezer!

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  14. archugeezer says:

    Wow! Awestruck, I am impressed with your self-control. Wish I could be there to see when you finally get to open David’s gift to you.

    Thank you, EVERYONE, for your support and your fun comments. I love reading about your reactions to the “Forevermore” CD. It is such a “sweet surprise,” and it is so typical of David to set off a multi-fan Swoon Fest and then saunter off to serve others.

  15. peppertara says:

    archugeezer, I’m a little late but have to say just love your review and write up on Forevermore! Cannot say how much I love this album, rating it A+++++and then some. I actually have not received my CDs either, one of the fans waiting Forevermore….but so worth the wait! Do have the digital songs however (or most of them). Have been listening everyday, repeat, repeat, repeat. Every song really has my heart but lately cannot stop listening to Reaching Out, such incredible R&B vocals, so love that song and the way the master of song sings it. David definitely has left us with incredible gifts, I do hope he felt all the love from his fans, our gift to him. Think he did.

  16. Hi there! I’m Chennie Montero from 😀 I’m overwhelmed you used my photos and featured them here on your blog/website! Thank you so much! 😀 I’m a fan of David Archuleta too!

    • TOfan says:

      welcome, Chennie! Love the photo collage you made with your iPods, very cool!!! and the caption you wrote with it: “David Archuleta never fails to inspire me. Whenever I listen to his songs, I just immediately unintentionally shift to a happy or better yet a happier mood. He gives me hope in everything and make me find something positive in the midst of negativity. He can just literally change people to be better through his smile, voice and music.” 🙂

  17. emmegirl14 says:

    archugeezer, spot on review, loved every word!
    Coincidentally the songs you listed are my personal favorites, along with I’ll Never Go.
    Will wear the tread off of this album. How he put together such a beautiful, spur-of-the-moment-album, literally, I do not know. Not something just anyone could do. Huge thanks to OPM for making this happen!

    awestruck, oh my, I hope you get yours soon, your restraint is amazing!!

  18. jackryan4da says:

    FULL 10-TRACK FOREVERMORE DIGITAL ALBUM NOW COMPLETE for downloading from MyMusicStore for PHP300 or US$6.75 ONLY!


  19. refnaf says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep My Forevermore finally came!!!! (thanks TOfan)…. I guarantee it will be on repeat ALL DAY!!!
    Archugeeser, love your review and now I get to hear it….
    Tofan thanks also for the DA fit club info in the side bar…. after 3 weeks in Europe, yikes I need it!!!

  20. emmegirl14 says:

    Loving my Forevermore album soooo much, pretty much every song. If I had to pick just one as a favorite, would be Rainbow. Love the vibe, the words, and yes, even the scratchy beginning. But what I love most is how near the end (around the 4:50 mark) of this positive, upbeat song he transitions and acknowledges the pain, the sadness – not so much with the words, but brilliantly and poignantly through tempo and his voice – and most especially the sequence of notes he visits in that 10 sec “rain.” Gah!!!!! It really completes the song and makes it more emotionally satisfying…and I cannot get enough of it.. genius I say.

    “can yo-ou hea-er me, theere’s a raaaainbowalwaysafter the raa-a-a-a-a-aaaiii-yea-ain”

    (D, pleease work with Jay again when you get back)

    • TOfan says:

      wow, emmegirl, I loooooove Rainbow but never thought about the ending like that, you’re so right about “raaa-a-a-a-a-aaaiiin” … and is that Jay Durias singing background on that one? I hope they do get to work together again someday!

  21. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


  22. Golferguy says:

    well said, geezer. you asked how it is that David goes away and we get all the gifts? I have an answer that I swiped from a fan a couple years back: It’s simply David!

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