5000 Days Project

A lovely friend sent me the link to this video on the BYU site and I’m so glad I found it on youTube so I could embed it here. Maybe you’ve seen it already. It’s over an hour long but well worth watching. It’s part of a documentary called the 5000 Days Project and it follows two brothers over several years as they grow closer and grow up. It also follows the eldest brother, Sam, on his LDS mission … to Chile. πŸ™‚

Please share your thoughts after watching it!

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11 Responses to 5000 Days Project

  1. Kizzi says:

    I didn’t watch the video. David’s music, his career, his essential goodness, grab my attention. I am happy he is following his dream, his inner voice, for the next 24 months minus 14 days. He doesn’t need to worry about me following him on his mission path (last vlog πŸ˜€ ).

    On an aside, my own value is that religion is deeply personal. I truly believe that the Divine exists in all religions. If any one religion speaks to one, then they should go for it. Personally, the Divine exists everywhere. Omnipresent.

    But in 716 days when he is back to music (and, of course, the music his ppl will premier in his absence), I am there. David Omnipresent on the music scene, yep, that would be my divine dream. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. peppertara says:

    Watched the ‘5000 Days Project”, what an inspiring story. Loved seeing the brothers relationship form such a close bond as they grew older. How inspiring to hear about the older brother’s mission in Chile. This young man seemed to go through quite a transformation and his experiences are very heart warming. A very challenging and emotionally charged time with a lot of personal growth and connecting with others. Can only imagine David at his new location and the experiences he will have. Certainly requires a lot of adaptation and personal strength, faith and purpose. I think David will do fine and will be a definite inspiration to others as well as being very inspired personally by the people he meets and the situations he encounters.
    I just hope he doesn’t have to eat next to a maggot farm! Yikes, I hear the bugs can be quite large in some of these countries too! Well, I guess one expects a completely different and rather humbling lifestyle at some of these locations, for sure.
    At least he will know the language quite well…will have that on his side and he has the beautiful gift of voice which I’m sure he will get to share with others. Can only imagine the number of people who will be very moved by David and his whole persona. A time of faith, growth, sharing, giving, inspiring, loving. Sounds so like David.
    Thanks for posting this TOfan, have been meaning to watch this. πŸ™‚

  3. That is quite a project!!! Filming the brothers over the years was quite interesting. Loved how the brothers were able to work out their relationship. Somehow felt closer to the youngest brother but admire them both for following their beliefs and being so willing to sacrifice for others. Have to admit being scared for David after seeing the earthquake and challenges in Chile. David knowing the Spanish language and being so strong in so many ways will help. I hope he gets the great big Missionary I saw near the top row in the MTC choir as his Companion. And these brothers not being able to see each other for 4 years except for a brief period when the younger one was entering MTC and the older one just getting back.

  4. peppertara says:

    I also like Kizzi’s comment… “On an aside, my own value is that religion is deeply personal. I truly believe that the Divine exists in all religions. If any one religion speaks to one, then they should go for it. Personally, the Divine exists everywhere. Omnipresent. ”
    I agree with that and it certainly speaks for me as well. Nicely said Kizzi.
    I did enjoy watching the video however, find it interesting to gain some insight in to others’ faiths and a glimpse of the missionary experience, particularly in S America. πŸ™‚

  5. TOfan says:

    “A time of faith, growth, sharing, giving, inspiring, loving. Sounds so like David”… you’re so right, pepp! And while I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the eldest brother’s experiences in Chile, it was also cool to watch the two brothers’ relationship grow and change over the years. The project reminded me of the British documentary “Up” series that picks up with its subjects every seven years (7 Up, 14 Up, 21 Up, etc.). Fascinating.

    Kizzi, totally agree, religion is deeply personal. But as peppertara said, I find it so interesting to gain insight into others’ beliefs and traditions… my favourite documentaries are those that help us walk in another person’s shoes for a bit, it helps me focus on the common threads that bind us all together rather than the differences that can keep us apart.

  6. Kizzi, I believe the same way you do. Even my own faith has changed over the years.

    I did enjoy the video of the two brothers. Somewhere, I read that there’s a follow up, and I think I’m going to seek it out. Guess I got a bit invested. LOL.

  7. betsy says:

    Thanks for posting this, TOfan. I love documentaries. Every year I attend a film festival and choose docs over almost all others. Whether a film about women in Israel/Palestinian women joining Weight Watchers together (A Slim Peace) or a a platoon of our soldiers deployed to
    Afghanistan, (Restrepo) (heartbreaking) or a short film about two brothers growing up together and apart, I always learn something new.
    It was so touching to hear the oldest brother at the start of his mission, so worried that he was failing. So honest. Funny to hear how one of his greatest fears was eating food prepared in unclean ways. (cat hair, lol)
    Glad I watched. I passed it up the first 3 times I saw it posted.

  8. JH says:

    KathyH – the follow-up can be found here http://byutv.org/watch/e7e14a5e-0a0c-4590-954a-9fd80c98a705/listen-two-worlds It might also be on youtube but I couldn’t find it there.

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