@DavidArchie VidPalooza: Full SG Acoustic Set, Live Chat, Interviews & More!

(thank you, JR, for posting on youTube! <3)

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” ~ Winston Churchill

When @CathK_ tweeted this quote the other day, I burst into tears for obvious reasons … “the end of the beginning” … that’s exactly how this all feels to me.

I know David’s doing what he needs to do and I support him 100% and I also know that his mission represents a new beginning for him… but it will mark the end of this incredibly sweet beginning … one that I wouldn’t trade one moment for.

And then he takes the time to thank us? …. there aren’t enough words in the universe to ever thank him enough …….

and now on a cheerier note! 🙂


Part 2:

Quick SG VLOG! (squint & it looks like he’s taking the ferry to Toronto Island! 🙂 )

More info:
In Singapore for a few days. Sorry the sound isn’t very good and it’s a little blurry and short. I just wanted to get a video by the water and show you guys that we were here haha.

Best. Tags. Ever.!!!!!
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Awesome interview vid from xinmsn story below (thx. Hanne58!)

SG acoustic showcase vids! (thx. pinkamech!)

Acoustic Wait!


Picking up Pikachu & gifts from stage:

MY HANDS (partial) A CAPPELLAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good Place/Let It Be!

The Other Side of Down!


My Kind of Perfect!

Text&Photos: Joyce J. Chansingh/Video: Teng Siew Eng
David Archuleta may only be 21-years-old but there is no question the young star is wise beyond his years.

In just a couple of months, he will vacate the limelight to go on a two-year Mormon mission in an undisclosed country – an undertaking he was motivated to pursue after seeing how lives have changed for his friends who embarked on it.

“Reading some of the news of my friends who have been on missions, they’ve really matured in their spirituality. And their understanding for life changed, just by giving everything up to help other people. I really admired them and I want to make that same sacrifice for a good cause,” David, who is currently in town to perform at a private showcase tonight, told xinmsn in an interview yesterday.

As determined as he seems, the decision didn’t come easy for David. He said, “It’s hard…thinking if it’s worth it to give up everything that I’ve worked so hard for in my music and having to leave my family.”

It has only been three-and-a-half years since the Utah native, who shot to fame after coming in second place on the seventh season of American Idol, started his thriving music career, but he maintains that he is not bidding farewell to fans nor is he quitting singing for good. In fact, the considerate singer even made plans to continue the connection with his fans in absentia.

“I’m not giving up [on music],” he said. “Before I leave, I’m going to try to record as much as I can so that even though I’m gone, I’m going to be releasing songs for my fans. I don’t want to leave them with nothing…I’m going to miss them.”

So isn’t he worried that the hiatus will affect his career?

“I think it will affect my career but it will affect it in a good way,” he said. “I’ll be able to grow in my own way and gain new experiences, and it will inspire me emotionally in my [future] music.”

Decked in blue T-shirt, grey pants and a red cardigan, one can’t help but notice the hint of weariness in his eyes and tone as he spoke with xinmsn. Somehow, the chipper demeanour that we saw back in 2010 when David was in Singapore to promote his album, The Other Side of Down, was distinctly missing.

“Oh, I’m just a little behind of my sleep but I’m still fine. It’s the lack of sleep from filming, promotions and performances in the last weeks before I came here,” he assured good-naturedly.

Aside from preparing for his call to become a full-time missionary, the singer had also recently taken a stab at acting and just wrapped up three weeks of filming for a television mini-series in the Philippines. Prior to this, the singer-songwriter has had two cameos playing himself in US TV shows like Hannah Montana andiCarly.

The Pinoy TV drama Nandito Akosees the baby-faced star taking on the lead role of “Josh Bradley”, a Caucasian-Filipino, who got separated from his mother at a young age in a fire, then grows up to be a successful singer and falls in love with two girls.

Speaking on his first acting gig in a drama series, David who is of Hispanic descent – which he candidly attributes to for landing the Pinoy role – is evidently excited amid the initial apprehension.

“At first I was very hesitant coz I’m not an actor. I don’t know if it’ll be weird doing a Filipino soap opera but it turned out really great, it was a fun experience,” he said.

Acting lessons were set up for the first time actor and David takes comfort that the character “is very similar to the kind of person I am” and that he is not required to speak much Tagalog for the series.

“Most of my lines are in English so it wasn’t a problem. And I’m just playing myself so that was easy,” he shared. “There are definitely certain scenes where I have to be someone else that I wasn’t used to but it was a good challenge for me.”

It seems like the singer-songwriter has caught the acting bug as he went on waxing lyrical about the joy he felt while filming.

“I’d really love to do it again! I felt like I was really able to open up and that’s what I love about acting. It’s very emotional very expressive. It can be really real if you let it be real.



….and there’s more!!!!

Two great interviews!
Poparazzi interview HERE!
Fave bits:
“I will record before I leave, and when I leave I’ll release that stuff so the fans have something.” He added: “I’ll miss all you guys! Even though it’ll be for two years and it seems like a long time, the last two years flew by really fast for me. Two more years I know it will be new experiences I’ll gain, new things I’ll learn and I can’t wait to share with all of you guys.
“Thanks for the support you’ve been showing and I can’t wait to see you guys when I get back.”

… and this one in the Manila Standard:
Fave bits:
Another project is a new record, “an EP most likely.”
     “I will be focusing on recording after this mini-series so I can release songs while I am gone, also to keep my connection with my fans because I feel like at this point, after years of doing this as a career, it’s only fair to leave something for them since they have been very supportive,” he gladly stated.
     According to the singer, a lot of his friends who have been on a mission are coming back now, “You know, those teenage guys who were dumb when they were in high school are coming back now, and you will really see how the mission changed them.”

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10 Responses to @DavidArchie VidPalooza: Full SG Acoustic Set, Live Chat, Interviews & More!

  1. abanana77 says:

    I saw that quote on twitter too, and thought it also hit me hard. The end of the beginning. That is exactly what it is. But that’s way better than the beginning of the end. 🙂

  2. peppertara says:

    Ah, it doesn’t get much better than this. He is one remarkable young man. You are right TOfan, there aren’t enough words in the universe to ever thank him enough. There are also not enough hugs we could give him to thank him enough (which is what I wanted to do after seeing his blog).
    A good way to look at it really, just the end of an old beginning and a new one will commence for David. Another chapter in his wonderful life. There will be many more chapters that his fans will be a part of. There is a loving bond there that is much too strong to break from either side.
    Thanks for posting TOfan, I tried to watch this but had trouble tuning in on Facebook and yes… thank you so much to JR for putting on Youtube!

  3. emmegirl says:

    He has this unyielding strangehold on your heart.
    Aren’t we lucky.

    (peppertara, love your words, “There is a loving bond there that is much too strong to break from either side.”)

  4. emmegirl says:

    that’s suppose to be “stranglehold” …

    …and yes it is a strangehold too.
    A strange stranglehold.

    Whatever it is, I’m stuck with it. ♥

  5. TOfan says:

    or a strangle strangehold, lol … either way, describes it perfectly 🙂

    …couldn’t get into the chat tonight but he sang some of Good Place, gahhhhh

  6. refnaf says:

    Seriously behind in all things David….thanks for putting this all together TOfan….
    He is too good to be true…. the thank you did me in….

  7. TOfan says:

    haha, ref, I’m behind too… I’ve been posting the vids with no time to watch most of them! LOL

    Just now saw TOSOD, wowza!!! and MH & Elevator??? *flails* … I don’t know what’s involved in recording an acoustic live EP, but I can’t help but think if they’d figured out a way to record this amazing SG set to release later, it could’ve saved him a lot of time when he gets home, hahahaha.

    David answers fan questions for TODAY … When he gets back from his mission he might be more “daring”???

  8. TOfan says:

    Awesome 4-part RAZORTV interview:

    Part 1:
    [video src="http://www.point-star.net/projects/st/popup.php?v=http://video.razor.tv/vods/ns/20120206_RazorPop_DavidArchuleta11328529555304_high.mp4" /]

    Part 2-4:

  9. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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