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Pic: The Voice

The DVD is in the player… hot tea in our mugs, cozy blankets around us and my heart is a flutter. The time has come for me to share David with my cousins — two women of my age who have traveled from Holland to visit. Though they live far away and we only see each other every few years, it always seems we can start right where we left off … sharing all our ups and downs. Such is the joy of family! I have had to catch them up on all my recent travels and life experiences, of which David has become a huge part. I really want them to “get” how special David is and why I am a fan, why I would go to the lengths I do to hear him sing.

Pic: MoTab Newsletter

We had done the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, a trip north for the October colours, the Cranberry Festival and lots of shopping. I suggested we should set aside one evening to celebrate Christmas together, since we never have the opportunity. My little plan was coming together, bwahaha. What better way could there be to celebrate Christmas than David Archuleta singing Christmas truth with his sparkly eyes and lovely tux??? What better showcase for rationalizing fandom than the Glad Christmas Tidings DVD??? Then they would understand my desire (need) to see him again and again. The voice would be heard and all would be well.

Problem is, doing this seriously turns my stomach into a fluttering mess. I am certain that many of you can relate to the intense feeling of protection we feel for David and his gift. Sharing it with anyone who has the potential to react indifferently to the magic tones of perfection is truly gut wrenching. I want so badly for them to hear what I hear, to connect to the spiritual through David’s voice, to be caught up and whisked away into fandom. I can hardly stand the anticipation…. I warn them not to talk during his performance, which gets serious looks with a few giggles mixed in…. My sister is here as well, and she knows (and understands but does not share) my dedication to this young man. My palms are sweaty as the music begins… and I get shaky just thinking about it…

Pic: David Archuleta Vietnam

They LOVE the choir, but say little when David performs (they heeded my warning, haha, no one interrupts The Archuleta)…. I want them to cry, cheer, give a Standing O and be mesmerized the way I was the first time he hit me across the head by singing “Imagine” all those years ago…. But this was not to be.

They said they enjoyed it very much, …the choir was awesome, the venue was huge, the dancers were nice… his voice was good, that he seemed so young, that he really was cute…. Blah blah

I decided to go a bit further and played David’s behind the scenes interview, after which they responded with “He really seems to have a warm heart” and I said

Made me realize what a great thing I have and am experiencing… even if the only ones who really get it are those reading this!!!!!

((((hugs))) to all of you!


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  1. janey says:

    Refnaf, I remember my first thought almost a year ago, after watching the Thursday night dress rehearsal; If that voice, in that tux, with those songs doesn’t catapult him into super stardom, nothing will. I’m curious to see what the overall response will be once this airs on PBS.

  2. Harold Weinstein says:

    I too,have been following David since star search and his amazing idol season. But it was at Sayreville NJ that the light got turned on. To see him live with all the electricity in the
    Room and to hear the voice live was a moment I will never forget . It was the jumping of the people in the room to Zero Gravity thst blew me away. Ever since that night I wanted to see and hear more of David . There is not a day since then that I have not checked in on him In one way or another. Motab was a defining moment in David’s life that we as fans celebrate and respect. He is spiritually connected to us in many ways. His music affects us because it touches our hearts. We have seen him grow up before our eyes! If you have not been on his journey the way you and I have they will never understand. But you can have comfort in the fact that there are other that feel just as you do, every time I heard David sing it gives me chills. Thank you for sharing your story I hope that this note is helpful.

    • refnaf says:

      Cool Harold!!! We were at that epic Sayreville concert too…. AMAZING show. So true that peeps not understanding is par for this course, but I keep trying. I remember finding the on-line David community and being so relieved… to be able to share the journey.

    • refnaf says:

      ps > that link does not go anywhere for me ? 😦

  3. tawna21 says:

    refnaf— “Made me realize what a great thing I have and am experiencing… even if the only ones who really get it are those reading this!!!!!”

    Yep, we get it and we love that we get it!! Love your post! 🙂


  4. Heidijoy says:

    Tofan, I can so identify with you and your experience. I have shared David’s music with so many friends, family, beautician ,children’s hospitals etc. and like you I always wish they felt what I feel but have always felt a little disappointment that they don’t. When I share with fans,it is an entirely different story. I go to the fan sites that appreciate David and feel the spiritual connection and like any gift want to share it. I met a fan from Iowa at a fan luncheon last year and we will be traveling to David’s concert in Salt Lake and Beaver Creek. I could tell immediately that she has as much of a connection as I do and it is so nice to share that, much as you do on your site. I practically have one GCT DVD and CD worn out from reliving that Motab experience. I think your gathering and get togethers sound so neat and meaningful. I have felt this connection with David from Day one and am grateful for it. I listen to Christmas music all year!

  5. TOfan says:

    Love your post! I’m planning to watch GCT with my family before the holidays and am also gettin’ shaky just thinking about it, lol. I find it fascinating that we were hit by the ArchuLightning Bolt when we first heard David sing and it’s like we were powerless to resist it… couldn’t not be his fan whereas others, like your cousins, may appreciate his talent but that’s about it. So I think the same thing will happen when GCT airs on PBS as happened during Idol. He’ll hypnotize & mesmerize a new lucky bunch while others will change the channel. 🙂

    • refnaf says:

      You are right…. some will and some won’t…..
      So thankful that you are one of the very first fan comnnections I made ❤

  6. peppertara says:

    Ah Refnaf, good for you for sharing David’s music with your relatives. I know it can be a gutsy experience at times! Even if others don’t ‘get’ David, at least the exposure to him becomes a part of their life experience, haha.
    I completely understand, I have shared and gifted David’s music with relatives, friends and only seem to get a “he has a nice voice”. I know it’s a little mind boggling to his fans that others don’t see, hear and feel him the way we do. Like TOfan said David will hypnotize & mesmerize a new lucky bunch of people. I imagine that he will never captivate everyone for whatever reasons but will definitely captivate more and more people as they experience him through various media sources and especially live….if they are so fortunate.
    Don’t know if I will ever understand why I became instantly captivated with David when I first saw him sing and my friends who watched the same thing just didn’t seem to connect in the same way. I rack it up to one of life’s mysteries, lol. All I know is David was meant to have devoted supporters and we are blessed to be some of those fans. I remember well the feeling of relief when I discovered that there were others like me (meaning older fans) who felt the same way!
    Thanks for your lovely post. 🙂

    • refnaf says:

      “I imagine that he will never captivate everyone for whatever reasons but will definitely captivate more and more people as they experience him through various media sources and especially live….if they are so fortunate.”
      Well said Pepper> and one of life’s mysteries is a good description, and we will just go with it>

  7. abanana77 says:

    {{{Refnaf}}} Giant hugs to you, too!

    Loved reading this, sounds like you had a really great time with your cousins! Made me want to go see the CN Tower & Niagara Falls (again) haha 🙂

    I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, I get the biggest butterflies when showing people a David clip for the first time, I want them to see what I see SO bad! They never do really though. That will always be one of the biggest mysteries for me. How can the rest of the world not see what we see? And hear what we hear? And feel what we feel???

    I ordered the GCT Blu-ray and it came while I was at home a couple weeks ago. So I watched parts of it with my mom & my dad too. My mom has recently joined a bell choir so I think she might’ve been more excited about the giant bells than anything, lol. Neither of them have become hardcore fans or anything but they seemed to enjoy it 🙂 Trying to propel my mom from semi-fan into real fan with a MKOC Tour concert. We shall see…

    (also if anyone doesn’t have the blu-ray and plans on ever owning a blu-ray player, I suggest buying it. Quality is amazing.)

    • Heidijoy says:

      I agree. I have Blu Ray! When I gift though, I’m reluctant to give Blu Ray if I don’t know whether the giftee has a Blu Ray TV.

    • refnaf says:

      hahaha Going to the tourist sites with a real tourist is a blast…. sometimes we forget what is right in our backyard!!!
      I figure that our finding David and then in turn finding others who are “like minded” was meant to be …. AMEN!!!
      About the blu-ray > silly me has a blu-ray player but did not order the GCT blu-ray. should I get one???? Does it really make a diff??

      • abanana77 says:

        I would 🙂 I only had the DVD at first and only ordered the blu-ray like a couple weeks ago. Def worth it, it’s so clear!

    • refnaf says:

      kkkkk A….. I am going to get it!!!! Thanks!

  8. Kizzi says:

    Ref – Thank you for sharing your exquisite experience! I am glad I have gotten to share it with you and all the SAz.

    With David I see a different kind of artist, a young one, a growing one and his music coupled with his growing artistry and potential is part and parcel of the mystery that I enjoy unwinding with all his fans.

  9. betsy says:

    Refnaf, I remember that first year, sending videos to my sisters, talking about David and his music to them. Now I never do. (Well, except for one, lol) But just when you think someone has got it, you realize that they don’t. Last summer I sent the vid of David in Utah at Stadium of Fire to my closest sister. She called me later, crying at how beautiful it was and saying that she was going to the very next concert of his with me. That she HAD to go.
    But I haven’t heard anything about it since. Maybe once she sees him live it will be a different story. If he ever comes back to my state.

    • refnaf says:

      “if he ever comes back to my state” awww
      My sis als said that when (if) David comes to Toronto she will come see him…. hope your sis comes around too…..

  10. bluebar says:

    Refnaf –
    I can soooooooo relate to this, as well. I’m the only one in my family whose heart gets all a flutter – at every ” David” moment.
    While on vacation in September, I took the Glad Christmas Tidings DVD with me and the CD to play in the car during the drive. David’s performance along with the choir is glorious and breathtaking no matter how many times I watch and listen!

    I did play the DVD for family – introducing it as “a program of beautiful music.” Even though they are not David fans, I was still disappointed with their reaction. Perhaps it was too soon for them to think about the Christmas season? We had just come home from a country store buying pumpkins!
    Anyhow, one person did say David had a nice voice; one compared him to the oldest Jonas Brother (which made me cringe, although I’ve never listened to the Jonas Brothers); another fell asleep midway through the program, one commented that they had never heard of some of the songs David was singing; and finally – with a little glimmer of approval, I did see one person clap briefly at the end and saying: “Awwwww, they gave him flowers!” No other remarks. Oh, one person went to the computer to look up Michael York to see what movies he had starred in!!!
    They were certainly not mesmerized as I had hoped.

    Well, us fans just do what we do. I certainly join in with you and others here – who are extremely happy “knowing” David!!

  11. canarchaudry says:

    Thanks for a lovely post, Refnaf:)….I can totally relate to everything you said. I have been researching on my own how is it that some people don’t see what we see, don’t hear what we hear, don’t feel what we feel when it comes to David’s music. From what I understand, sounds are
    vibrations. perhaps that is what it is! David’s voice has a unique vibration, what we call a gift, and
    it vibrates in a certain frequency that only certain people has the ability to hear and feel. it is sort of like magic that put us under the spell, mersmerized ,hypnotized or whatever you may call it.haha…I would like to think David is Godsend with a purpose to bring love, peace and hope through his music. I would like to add, if I may, that his amzing talent is limitless…I must admit, his pop music are awesome and wish will get the proper exposure in North America just like in Asia.
    but that is another story because I am getting out of topic now and if you let me ramble more, I could go on and on like…….k,stop already, Audry lol.

    Anyway, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and hope your cousins had a great time visiting and enjoyed listening to David’s music!:) hope to see you and the rest of David’s Canadian fans in NY! most specially, thanks to Snowangelz (Deb) for providing a wonderful community for David Archuleta fans from Canada and around the world for everyone to lurk on, share and get info on:)

    • TOfan says:

      canarchaudry, ramble any old time you like! 🙂 … speaking of Verona, this made me happy … a billboard spotted in New York! (tweeted by the lovely @AnnieDAFG)
      Verona Billboard

      …and the OS posted 3 new vids of the HK FOX mini-show:

      ….aaaaand great interview with the Arizona Republic HERE.

      Fave bit:
      “It’s been a very interesting process because with that album, I didn’t have management. And it was quite the battle for me trying to understand how to deal with a label on your own (laughs). They have their different ideas and I really wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything that was just for the sake of selling out.”

    • refnaf says:

      Canarchaudry> I think you are right…. the tone of his voice KILLS me….
      “I would like to think David is Godsend with a purpose to bring love, peace and hope through his music. I would like to add, if I may, that his amzing talent is limitless”
      I think so too!!!
      I also think you are right in thanking TOfan…. she is a “snow angel” Can’t wait to meet you in NY!!!!

  12. refnaf says:

    Love this from the interview> “I definitely want to do music for the rest of my life. I just want to make sure that I’m doing music in the way that I feel is the way I need to.”
    Soooooo, that means another 60 years at least in the business…….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. djafan says:

    refnaf “Made me realize what a great thing I have and am experiencing… even if the only ones who really get it are those reading this!!!!!”

    And get it we do!!!!!

    I’ll be having a similar get together GCT viewing party at my husbands request, this shocked me. He wants to narrate to the children and grandchildren since he experienced it for himself. Wondering how it’s going to turn out lol.

  14. REFNAF – just had to smile about your anticipation in sharing David w/ your family. Yeah, why do we have that compelling urge to “show him off”, yet dread what they might say? If that set of emotional roller-coaster does not capture what it is to have ODD, I don’t know what is! LOL.

    Am confident that in due time, he will be recognized for the huge & serious talent that he is by more than his loyal Archies & Arch Angels. This, beyond the trappings – fortunately and unfortunately – associated w/ AI.

    Real talent cannot be denied.

  15. Oh and I forgot to say, I will have the GCT viewing w/ my family come our Christmas reunion 🙂 Big screen and blu-ray, yay!. Am sure my nieces will shriek in delight 😉

    • refnaf says:

      “real talent can not be denied” >> bingo!!!
      Have a great time at your Christmas celebration….
      **bows** to Vid Queen, lol.

  16. refnaf says:

    Bad news for the Singapore fans 😦 According to the OS the concert on Nov. 19 has been “postponed”, hard for all the peeps travelling to see him. Wonder if it was his tight schedule?? Or the dolphin controversy I read about?? Alot of fans were opposed to him performing at the resort

    • TOfan says:

      That is so sad for the Singapore fans. I was reading a lot of comments on the event’s FB page about the venue’s questionable treatment of dolphins and asking David to change the concert location… no idea if this is the reason but I wouldn’t be surprised. … and his schedule is getting pretty packed these days. 🙂

      This made me LOL in that Arizona Republic interview:

      D: … I’m 20 now.
      Q: That’s pretty young. It might seem like you’re older to you.


  17. SandyBeaches says:

    Oh dear Refnaf…thank you for writing this article. I have bought DVDs for family members for Christmas and I have thought to write up a preview that would be an introduction before watching it. A little explanation might help them to understand possibly. But I have also planned a get together with a neighbor to watch the one that I promised her. No one should watch it alone the first time viewing it. Then I wondered if I should show her the backstage segment first and the wonderings continue.

    I am afraid that I will be over the top with excitement and she will smile and enjoy and look at me a bit strangely over my excitement. I will be prepared for that to happen. She did ask me the other day when this is going to happen but I thought that there needs to be a little more Christmas in the air to help in the excitment. I don’t know I will give it a try but not come away disappointed.

    I will read this all again including the comments to be better prepared. I am bringing my daughter to Westbury and I am hoping that she will join in the excitement but then again, who knows! I would love someone here at home to join in the love of the music and fun.


    • refnaf says:

      ((((SB)))) Good to be be prepared> Hope your daughter is not too blown away by David and his “fans” We can be a little intense, lol. Can’t wait to meet her!!!

  18. TOfan says:

    Looks like caught up with David backstage after The Fantasticks show last night, story HERE:
    David Archuleta The Fantasticks

    …and twitpic’d by @MPRMarilyn (click 2 enlarge):
    Aaron Carter with David Archuleta opening night for The Fanta... on Twitpic

  19. dangitdavid says:

    You put exactly into words how I feel!!! And I do get it!! I’m always a little leery sharing David CD’s/DVD’s/Videos, etc. because I feel so strongly about them that if I don’t get a positive reaction, I kind of take it personally… hurts my heart 😦 And I just don’t understand how not everyone feels the same way. THAT VOICE, THAT FACE, THE EMOTION, THE PASSION!!! The way I see it is that David is definitely unique, therefore his die-hard fans are also a unique bunch and it makes us who we are……and I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂

    • refnaf says:

      It does hurt doesn’t it???
      This!!! >>>”The way I see it is that David is definitely unique, therefore his die-hard fans are also a unique bunch and it makes us who we are……and I wouldn’t want it any other way”

  20. TOfan says:

    dangitdavid, yes, yes & yes!

    Here’s David “hanging at Ronald McDonald house” 🙂 (click 2 enlarge)
    Hanging at the Ronald McDonald house on Twitpic

    …and @Y_J_fan was kind enough to translate this article for us via Twitter:

    “Wait is about sometimes not knowing what’s reality and what’s dream.Sometimes you feel lonely even in the crowd”
    “When he feels lonely he goes to the mountains, to escape from the world and to get inspiration for writing”
    “This is his first time visiting Hong Kong.He loves its cleanses, it’s blue sky and its mountains. He had Peiking Duck and Pork Buns”
    “You discover yourself sometimes when you are lonely”
    “In US he goes to the mountains by himself often, to feel Nature and to ‘calm his soul’”
    “He writes down everything he feels in the mountains,not just about lonliness.Sometimes,looking back,he would forget what he’s writing about
    “Waiting MV director is Hong Kong director Chuan Shao-Rong
    “Wait is about sometimes not knowing what’s reality and what’s dream.Sometimes you feel lonely even in the crowd.”
    “He would not foreclose the possibility of more acting in the future, but he felt he needs to improve his acting skills first”
    “About his vocal paralysis, it turned out 2 b blessing in disguise, because it made his voice sexier” [Now there is no way D said]
    “At Idol,there’s tension in his relationship with his dad because of all the allegations about his dad, but now they are in good terms”
    “He has not appeared at stage with dad.He may write something in the future incorporating trumpet so they can perform together.” WHAT?

  21. TOfan says:

    Apparently David sang ATM, Angels & Crush at the benefit tonight … here’s a picture from @kariontour:
    David keyboard

    …and love this tweet from the event:
    @MVZaGoGo David Archuleta singing Angels beautifully and it’s hard to keep it together watching the kids sitting in front of the stage. *sniff*

    …and these from @RanaNYC:
    Goosebumps Archie. Damn
    Just witnessed cute Davids moment. Cook telling Archie how good he was. I then chatted up archie
    …Chatted with Archie on video
    …Cook to Archie: so good. I quit. Lol

    And this pic melted my cold, cold heart (click 2 enlarge):
    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

  22. emmegirl says:

    Refnaf, great article. Knowing other members of my family follow “artists” (and I use that term loosely) that I totally do not get provides me some solace (although, what he has to offer just seems so freaking obvious it still amazes me how some can be so oblivious.)

    dja, jr – love the family viewings!!

    canarchaudry, ref – yes, that tone – that amazingly mesmerizing tone!

  23. Things are getting giddy in Manila, as the GCT launch approaches 🙂 In connection with this fun-filled event, I wonder if you have seen this?

    Want to see the rest? Go leave Doc Naree aka jtmlm1234 to convince her to release it hehe

  24. refnaf says:

    Been thinking more about “getting” David and sometimes in my mind I compare it to “Close Encounters of the Third kind” . Something about David’s voice has drawn us in> I remember being compelled to go see him the first time, something totally out of character for me. I even left our family vacation to do it!!! Many of us “had” to go see him, and then formed immediate bonds with the peeps we have met… So interesting and strange BUT IT MAKES ME HAPPY!!

  25. TOfan says:

    Nice “Day in the Life” story from David’s university student “media escort” while he was in AZ (*cough*dreamjob*cough*):

    … and more pics on the Ronald McDonald House FB page.

  26. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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