@DavidArchie rocks the CASBAA! Hong Kong acoustic amazingness

"Hanging out with David Archuleta. What a view and what a guy. Look out for the interview in Young Post." ~ Leon CK Lee (source: Young Post FB page, RT'd by @suttygal)

Entire perf. (about 28 min. long) (thx. TamyaYane!)

GGTT & David intro “David Archuleta and his band of merry men” 😆 (thx JR4DA!) … down GGTT mp3 & mp4 HERE (from the lovely @nareejo!)

EWTRTW (David comes on 2 min. in), incredible intro & ending! WOWZA!!!! (JR4DA)


WAIT (thx. westlifeshialabeouf!). Download mp3 HERE (thx @rotanrm)

Crazy (westlifeshialabeouf)

Crush “it’s kinda dear to my heart” (I love how he feels he needs to explain what a crush is *dies*) (westlifeshialabeouf)

Crush & SBM (likezerogravity)

P.S. Loved these twitter comments from Craig Leeson, a filmmaker who was at the event:

” … never heard of this bloke until today. Ridiculously talented. What a voice. … If my voice dies I want it to come back as david archuleta. Just want to flick his ears the young pup.”
… and from @misscaragrogan:
@DavidArchie Nice 2 meet u quickly today great performance. I’m sure our paths will cross again in this small world.”

Photo: @misscaragrogan

Hong Kong photos:

aww, a David touristy twitpic... that is one big Buddha (in Tung Chung)

Getting ready for his closeup. (Pic: @ChannelVHD)

Lights, camera, David 🙂 (DA FB)

"Hold on to my haaaaaands, don't let gooooo! ... oops wrong video" (Pic: @channelIVHD)

"Finished shooting with @DavidArchie for his new music video. I got to say his the nicest guy in the industry I've met! " ~ @Cliff_Ho

Getting into character, man. (Pic: @channelIVHD)

Hmm, something familiar about this one:

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37 Responses to @DavidArchie rocks the CASBAA! Hong Kong acoustic amazingness

  1. TOfan says:

    Bringing this over from end of last thread, from djafan:

    This is a group card for Hooked who unexpectedly lost her husband. She is a great fan of David. I met her in San Diego for the Del Mar concert, she was at Motab, and more recently in Arizona. She’s also Silverfox sister.


  2. refnaf says:

    eeeeeee morning coffee and concert vids ! Acoustic FTW!!!!

  3. refnaf says:

    So sorrrry for Hooked’s loss 😦

  4. Heidijoy says:

    Loved the whole performance. A special occasion and honor for David to perform each song.
    Wait performance reminded me of Don’t Let Go, especially when he was so lost in the song his head flopped to the side. GGTT for Japan was special. EWTRTW is so meaningful for David and it shows. (with a little twinkle in his eye)
    ……..and of course we will stand by you David.
    Excited for the video for Wait. Wonder if the Peanuts gang showed up? ha!

  5. Heidijoy says:

    P.S. Thanks for keeping us updated Tofan.

    • TOfan says:

      aww, you’re very welcome, Heidijoy! And thanks for commenting ‘cuz I know peeps are reading but never quite know what you’re thinking! LOL

  6. TOfan says:

    Breaking news! … the two Davids together again (post on the OS):
    David Archuleta will “Make a Difference” for children battling cancer, as he joins fellow FOX’s American Idol alumni David Cook and Constantine Maroulis for a star-studded concert at Ronald McDonald House® New York on Tuesday, November 8th.

    Now in its third year, “Make a Difference” evening at Ronald McDonald House® New York, raises funds in support of children with cancer and their families.

    The evening will also honor retail veteran Tom Murry, president and CEO of Calvin Klein.

    Ronald McDonald House® New York is a “home away from home” that offers children with cancer and their families shelter and support while undergoing active treatment. It is the largest Ronald McDonald House with 84 rooms, and more than 25,000 children have stayed at the facility since it opened its doors on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

    Make a difference, too! Please, visit http://www.rmh-newyork.org for more information.

  7. Donna says:

    hee heehee I love TOfan’s headlines. Just nonchalantly throwing out the culture references there. Looking forward to seeing/hearing these performances. they are blocked for me at work. Refnaf, I hope you get through GGTT–eventually :).

  8. peppertara says:

    Ahhhhh…..videos from David’s wonderful performance (and acoustic yet)!
    A BIG, BIG ‘WAIT’ FAN HERE!! Just had to declare that. 🙂 Had to watch that video first, haven’t watched the others yet but definitely will. Acoustic WAIT was gorgeous…the emotion, the angst in his voice, beautiful!! So happy he did that song live, fantastic! Looking forward to his soon to be amazing video. Those of you who don’t care for the song….you can hide but we know where you are, LOL. It’s all okay though, everyone has their favorites. ‘WAIT’ has very special meaning for me, love it. Loved it the first time I heard it. Can’t ‘WAIT’ to watch the other videos, some of my fave covers!

    Just got back, been away for a bit so just caught up on your last post TOfan, hilarious! Your brilliance and quirky humour shine brightly! Loved it!

    Very sorry for the loss that Hooked has suffered, so difficult. Love, light and prayers to her. Have a good friend who’s husband is trying to hang on through a terrible illness. ❤ to both.

    Many upcoming events for David….together with Cook again I see. Sounds like a good time and for a good cause too.
    Well, can't WAIT any longer, need to watch the other videos. (Have I plugged the song enough)? 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Welcome back, peppertara! & Wait-unplugged is def. growing on me … esp. after reading comments like this on the youTube:
      “The emotions portrayed while he was singing this was spectacular. I felt like my boyfriend who I’m getting married to in a few days decided to leave me! But I don’t even have a boyfriend and I’m only a kid! hahah Archuleta, you did it again.”


      … and download all HK songs HERE (thx. to @HanhArchie!)

      …or FROM HERE (thx. to Abrra!)

  9. peppertara says:

    Thanks TOfan and yes, I think Wait may just grow on you, haha. Love the twitter comments. After watching all of the wonderful videos…..just wow, David really needs to do an Acoustic album in addition to all the others he will probably record eventually…..*longing and hoping*. An album of all his amazing covers would be pretty nice too. GGTT, EWTRTW, Crazy, SBM……always just as amazing (or even more so it seems) as the time before. All of his songs were just stellar, so were his ‘band of Merry Men”.
    Huge thank you to those who provided the MP3s! David’s fans are very blessed.

  10. peppertara says:

    Oh…and love that pic at the top of the page. What a view….and what a guy indeed.

  11. Just to complete the set:

    WAIT unplugged (w/ the swimming gesture, LOL)

  12. CRUSH + SBM + Start of M&G

  13. TOfan says:

    Thanks, JR!

    Here’s a vid of David signing copies of GCT (why the heck is the girl the one wearing the wrist brace???) … and you can order your autographed copy HERE!

  14. refnaf says:

    Love the sneak peak vid shoot pics!!! Kinda like David’s serious face…….
    Wait is growing on me…. (of course)
    Ordered my autographed copy…. eeeeeeeeeee
    So happy about all the things David is up to!!!

  15. A couple of Archies asked me about CRAZY which I thought I uploaded already. I kept on watching it since yesterday (haven’t seen it live – sigh!) which probably why I forgot, LOL

  16. Kizzi says:

    I always enjoy the acoustic David videos! And no screams…must have been a unique experience for him and the band. 😀

    Those pix….David and Buddha, David and Buddha, go together like soup and sandwich…the scarf is back, eh la, eh la…. hellooooo pectoralis majors and minors….lolz.

    P.S. An individual tix to the Ronald McDonald House-Calvin Klein fundraiser is $1000 and a table is $10k for 1 hour of David, David and Constantine….WOWZA!

  17. In case you want to re-live DAVID UNPLUGGED in HK in all its 7-song set of amazingness (33:13 mins)?

    It took a while, what with all the power interruption am having in my place, hehe. All the individual song cuts are available in my JRforDA2011 channel 🙂


  18. pandasmama says:

    Awww! David does it again. Live performances for the win!

    I agree with those of you that didn’t immediately fall in love with Wait. It seems that there has been a song or two on each of David’s albums that I have not instantly loved like My Hands and ALTNOY on the first, the duet with Charice to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (love the song, not Charice), and now Wait. David has always been able to change my mind about these songs after I hear the live version. I guess I need to “feel” the song, not just hear it, before I connect to it. I always feel David’s live performances. The same thing with Crazy. Don’t like the original, love David’s live version. So much power and passion packed into those live performances.

    Looking forward to the video for Wait. Can’t imagine what it might be like. David seems to surprise me a lot lately.

    • TOfan says:

      good point, pandasmama, I’m hoping the emo video will win me over, lol … I was listening to the amazing mp3s Abrra made on the way home and LOVED what he did with GGTT and EWTRTW in particular, subtle change ups, sooo good. I hate to be greedy (I mean, I was actually surprised there were any vids at all, didn’t know there’d be a livestream), but it seems strange that this was a MEDIA conference and they didn’t do a professional taping of his performance.

  19. betsy says:

    Deb is that Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari or Magnum? 🙂

  20. TOfan says:

    So David’s performing at FOX International Channels office in HK, acc. to this Twitpic from @channelVHD (click pic 2 enlarge):
    @davidarchie is performing at FOX International Channels offi... on Twitpic

    … and a bunch of new pics (like this one) taken after the video shoot are posted on the OS HERE:
    David Archuleta Wait video

  21. emmegirl says:

    Possibly his best EVER! He pretty much blew the doors off the place.

    Haven’t been the hugest fan of Wait, but this performance caught me a little off guard. Killer.
    Crazy, crazy. That soulfilled SBM.

    LOVE the GGTT, finally clawed my way out only to fall into the depths of EWTRTW.
    Absolutely looooooove the groove, the band was AMAZING! And the changes he made,
    BRILLIANT! Would LOVE to hear some originals by him with this same kind of sound!

    He still astounds me.

  22. emmegirl says:

    Hmm, apologize for the weird formatting. I guess those vids affected me more than I even realized.

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, emme … “BRILLIANT! Would LOVE to hear some originals by him with this same kind of sound!” yes, yes, YES!!!! 🙂

  23. TOfan says:

    New post/thread! New vids!!!!!

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