Dear @DavidArchie, thanks for taking some time off and giving us a break from your overwhelming amazingness…

… THIS, for example:

Source: @Viocharlie (click pic to download more)

…oh, and this swaggerific soundcheck LDH:

…not to mention inspiring words in interviews like this:

“Don’t let a task overwhelm you and just make you give up before you even try. If it’s something that you think good can come out of it, especially good for other people. It’s always worth going for”

… memorable moments like these:

Source: Hilton Kuala Lumpur FB (click pic 4 more)

Source: @Viocharlie

… and amazing YouTube fan comments like these:

[on David’s vlogs]

if you’re ever in the mood to paint something, you can always paint a pinecone. Thanks David, I think I know what I want to do with my life now. lol. ❤


I’m from Texas, USA. I actually became a fan of his recently. I was at a fun center / bar ( I don’t drink, I was with friends). One of the songs that was playing was Something Bout Love. I didn’t know who he or the song was, so I had to wikipedia him. Once I figured who he was, I started listening to his songs and well, here I am…. Look up “Requiem for a Soldier” Being in the US Army, I think that song really touches me. I would love to hear him sing it.

[on Invisible Children, Nashville, GGTT]

forgot about david archuleta,this is gooooood<333


David is a Master at switching from his soft smoky voice to Powerful Strong Wammer-Jammer notes… and then he’ll mellow out just to Bust It again… and with every song too. He does it beautifully with POTC. Mad Skills!!

[on Myrtle Beach “Blackbird”]

I have viewed this video many times. I love it more each time. There is something about David Archuleta that I can’t quite explain, but it is special and beautiful.

p.s. anything you guys would like to add? 🙂 🙂 🙂

p.p.s. Fave. Twitter convo. Ever.



… it’s your move, D.! 😆

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15 Responses to Dear @DavidArchie, thanks for taking some time off and giving us a break from your overwhelming amazingness…

  1. janey says:

    LOVE this line from this blog…
    “David’s voice was so fine, like jaw-dropping fine.”

  2. Kizzi says:

    Dear TOfan: You are love. And how is your heart?

  3. refnaf says:

    Bah>>> forgot about the Toro suit!!! Poor David 🙂

    Love this post TOfan, I am still savouring all the moments and vids from the Asian tour.One of the times he showed his awesomeamazingness was at the book signing when he came from behind the table to hug an elderly fan. So spontaneous and real.

    I am hoping that David is enjoying a break. I was happy to see his hiking tweet. I wish he would forget about twitter for a bit too, and just totally get a rest from the demands of keeping his fans happy.

  4. emmegirl says:

    Hafta agree with kizzi…tofan, you are love.

    ref, me too. Do what your heart desires David, whatever that is, wherever it takes you.

  5. peppertara says:

    Love this post too TOfan and love the title! While David is taking a well deserved break we can enjoy all the magnificent vids, etc. at our leisure. Loved that little twitter party too, so sweet. So many great moments from that tour, so many great interviews, stories and photos and of course the incomparable performances. I was in the grocery store today and they were selling beautiful boxes of moon cakes. Made me think of David and how he was taking them all in with his senses, haha. I hope too that David is doing what his heart desires right now, going for a hike is a good thing for him I’m sure. I can just see him…humming along those trails and breathing in the beauty and munching on some healthy snacks…. sounds like some good R&R for David!

    Came across another good (and humorous) blog from AAM. A commentary on the vast age range of David’s fans. Some of the comments are hilarious and some very wise. Really appreciated this, especially being an old….er fan myself. It hits home and boy do we need that humour sometimes!

    • TOfan says:

      {{{peppertara}}}} Thanks so much for linking to that ArchuletaAveMalaysia blog, made my day!!!!!

      Especially loved this comment (although all of them are amazing!):
      “I may not a hardcore fan of david archuleta like many of you guys. I first saw him on the american idol and I thought this man is funny and most of the song he sang in the idol are my favorites and yes he is talented. Three years later I got my (quite important) exam result and it wasn’t as good as I hope for, even though it wasn’t that bad result I felt so bad about it for some reason(I don’t usually do).

      That day, I happened to have David archuleta’s the other side of down CD and as I listened through the album I felt calm and peaceful. Right after I finished listening I went youtubing his other songs and interviews, I just thought how could this man be so true to himself and his passion after all these three years of fame. Anyway this and other amazing things about David, which I think you all know very well, just make me feel like to support him if I can, he is so underrated as an artist. I also have other few artists that I admire(one of them is John mayer) and each of them gives me unique feeling. As for David’s songs, I feel calm, peaceful and motivated. I feel lucky to be able to appreciate his music and to be able to see his progress in music career.

      I’m a man and only one year older than him I know this stage of life we have so much to decide about future and things. I guess that why I appreciate his attitude and maturity when it comes to music. I alway introduce my friends to David especially those who love this kind of music. I never rush my friends to listen to or watch david stuff but when they came to me and asked for some advice, I told david story sometimes they were just amazed (and gradually becoming his fan I guess haha).

      I and people around me so busy studying so my friends don’t really pay serious attention if someone like or love or crazy about an artist hahaha as scientists they may think it’s normal. I’m lucky for this I guess. I may not fully understand older fans as I just don’t have that experience at work and everything. But you are GREAT fans, be proud. Look at David he don’t really pay too much attention about what other people think and he is such a happy guy. Thanks you anyway for putting david stuff together, without you I wouldn’t able to make this good use of my little free time.”

  6. TOfan says:

    Here’s a link to JackRyan4DA’s post “The Other Side of Up” … JR, you’re one of the most generous and loyal David fans I know! Had no inkling of any of the goings on in your article but, as you point out in your title, for every “up” in David-world, there’s bound to be “downs.” {{{hugs}}} to you!

    • emmegirl says:

      tofan, no inkling here either. Haven’t a clue to any goings on, perceived or otherwise.
      I avoid confrontation at almost any cost. But, I strongly believe in accountability. Just sorry to think that there is even a possibility of any type of deception or malice amongst fans.

  7. Kizzi says:

    So quiet now. Time for fun, family, friends (including the canine and feline kind) and enjoying fellow fans.

    Just 5 weeks and 1 day to the Constitution Fair 2011 in Gilbert AZ….woo hoo!

    From their site:
    David Archuleta at the Constitution Fair
    David Archuleta’s new album, The Other Side of Down, is a reintroduction to the American Idol runner-up with the angelic voice who 30 million television viewers fell in love with during season 7—now older, wiser, with faith still on his side and an eternally optimistic wide-eyed outlook. Don’t miss David at the 2011 Constitution Fair! David has a great love for our nation and has been asked to sing the National Anthem and other patriotic tunes at numerous events across the country.

    hmmmmm….sounds like a fan wrote that! 😀

  8. peppertara says:

    Love that comment too TOfan from the Malaysian site….a wise young man, love that David’s album made him feel ‘calm and peaceful’.
    Read Jackryan4DA’s great post too, “The Other Side Of Up”. Yes, Jr is definitely one of the most sincere, generous and loyal fans of David.
    JR, sorry if you have had to deal with less than honorable fans out there if that is the case.
    How unfortunate that there are a few who do not follow David’s example but instead look for their own personal gain. Always seems to be the case…in any group of people. Have always greatly appreciated your generosity in sharing with other fans, a pretty wonderful thing. ❤

  9. TOfan says:

    Love this vid of David skype-chatting with Thai fans!

    …and these pics from Doc. Naree over at Archuleta Philippines are incredible, MUST SEE!

  10. TOfan says:

    Turns out we don’t get a break from David’s overwhelming amazingness after all … here’s the story of Marius, the “awesome cool kid” David tweeted about yesterday:

    Dasianu Marius Vasile is a 9-year-old Romanian boy who was severely burned in a November 2007 fire in his home that killed both of his parents. When he was admitted to the hospital, he had burns (many fourth-degree) covering 75 percent of his body, including his face. Since then, all of his fingers have been amputated because they were so badly damaged. He was treated in what is considered one of Romania’s most advanced hospitals; however, the treatment he received was minimal. …
    Read rest HERE and at:

  11. peppertara says:

    My gosh, that very touching story about Marius is such a tear jerker, my goodness and what a courageous little boy. I hope that he receives the very best of care and treatment. Thankfully he seems to be receiving a lot of love and David has added to that. Spending time with Marius is another example of David’s kind and compassionate heart. Yes, his amazingness continues……on and on and on. ❤

  12. TOfan says:

    Have been offline all weekend and came back to this quick interview with Malaysian TV … if you need to start your week smiling like a fool, watch this! 😆

  13. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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