Recap: David Archuleta ignites Stadium of Fiyah

I don't take great pictures but with this subject, it's tough to take a bad one. (I heard the Provo Fashion Police gave D. a commendation for this outfit.)

I have a feeling David Archuleta will write an amazing song someday called “Home” … or “Sort of Home.” 😉

Maybe he doesn’t need to. Maybe the look on his face and the sparkle in his eyes on stage at the Stadium of Fire extravaganza last night said it all.

He looked even more glowy than usual (if that’s even possible… if that’s even a word) and kissed by the Utah sun (which was BLAZing hot) and happy to be home – he even said so.

I mean, come on, can you believe these mountains?!?!?!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos of how great he sounded. But I doubt they capture the impact of the setting. I could barely take it all in myself. The stadium is enormous, holding 50,000 people and it looked full to me. It’s surrounded by a truly magnificent mountain range that the more you stare at it, you swear it’s moving closer.

The last time David sang there, he was 12 and to be back looking out at all those people and those mountains as an adult singing songs he wrote from albums he created, must have been such a powerful, emotional experience for him. (And when they started the anthem with Star Search David on the JumboTron then 2011 David walked out amid the choir it was a surreal experience for us, I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for him and his family.)

Parachutes & Airplanes: A bunch of these high-flyers zoomed across the sky and landed in the middle of the field ... very thrilling!

As only David can do, he took all those feelings and channelled them into a national anthem so powerful, my eyes welled with tears. Not because (as much as I love my neighbours to the south) I have any emotional attachment to the song. (Heck, I rarely get choked up at my own anthem.) But no matter what country you call home, when David gets to “and the rockets red glaaaaare,” you can’t help but feel the pride and love and loyalty David pours into that song well up in your own heart.

I’m sorry to say the rest of the show is a bit of a blur. It’s just so amazing to be sitting there listening to that Voice live and seeing David up on that stage that I can hardly believe it’s really happening. I do remember flashes of amazingness though:

  • The young woman sitting beside me (a die-hard Brad Paisley fan) exclaiming after ALTNOY, “His voice is IN-CRED-IBLE!!!” then leaping to her feet for the next song.
  • During TOSOD, thinking, “WOW, his voice is IN-CRED-IBLE!!!” and hoping the wild “one foot in front of the other” kicks he was doing wouldn’t send a shoe flying through the crowd.
  • Selfishly wishing they’d scrap the speeches, talent contest and anything else non-David so he’d have time for a few more songs.

I just want to steal this moment right away from time: I so wish I'd gotten a shot of the whole stage filled with dancers surrounding David. E.p.i.c.

  • Rubbing my eyes in disbelief when a troupe of Lycra-clad young ladies clutching roses (who Karin/@zerogravity1 dubbed “David and the Modest-is-Hottest Dancers”) twirled and high-kicked across the stage on either side of David for STR. I seriously thought I was seeing things and then practically passed out from how sublimely bizarre it all was. Best. Number. Ever.

David and the Hunker-Downcers.

As much as David’s set felt oh-so-short at five songs, I felt incredibly proud to be his fan when he devoted his last song, not to plugging his album, but to singing a special patriotic medley he’d prepared for the troops. (The headliner didn’t even do that … just sayin’.) And what’s even more amazing is that I don’t think that surprised a single one of David’s fans … as we all know, that’s just David.

Beyond the amazingness of hearing David live in that spectacular setting, along with some of the most stunning fireworks I’ve ever seen, I think my highlight of this weekend was getting to meet a young medical student from Taiwan who flew in to hear David sing live for the first time.

And more than that, to see how the David fan community came together to welcome him with open arms. About a month ago, when the lovely Gengen tweeted that her friend (a huge David fan) was flying into Utah for the show and requested we look out for him…  I don’t think even she could have predicted what would happen upon his arrival.

Fans spontaneously volunteered to pick him up from the airport, show him the SLC sights, then introduced him to as many other fans as possible, took him to the show, introduced him to a couple of the band members and took a picture I’m sure he’ll treasure, offered him a place to stay and a ride to the airport today to fly to Paris to meet his dad.

I’ll never forget the smile on his face as he left the fan gathering after the show, his arms filled with gifts and a straw cowboy hat on his head (a gift from a complete stranger sitting near him at the show) as he waved goodbye to us all, saying, “I love you guys!!!”

ditto … thank you, David!

Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate it!!!!

p.s. Download mp3 of entire SOF concert HERE. (Thank you, Starrynites (Monica)!!!!)

p.p.s. My one lame attempt at a video … sorry for the shakiness but I must admit, the sound isn’t too shabby. Enjoy!

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81 Responses to Recap: David Archuleta ignites Stadium of Fiyah

  1. TOfan says:

    Brought over from the end of the last thread, from Sweetonda:

    Deb, it was wonderful to see you and Nancy again. I’m lolling at you taking pics of the mountains, but I was so glad to see them myself, and that they still had snow on their peaks. David is right when he says they are beautiful. I also love the Utah mountains.

    Loved the concert but I know what you mean when you say, “the incredible SOF fireworks have blinded me & fried my brain.” I’ve never seen a display like that. It was fantastic!

    Even so, there was another lttle firecracker that brightened up the night and made the trip so worthwhile. He never ceases to amaze me! We are in big trouble come the Asian tour!!!

  2. Patty-Ann says:

    I really enjoyed reading your recap! What a wonderful opportunity to be there and for the fan from Taiwan to feel the love from David’s fans.

  3. TOfan says:

    Yay TOfan!!! (miss you) Great recap> what an experience! David performing at home is epic! And the Modest is Hottest dancers were icing! Never seen dancers in turtle necks before, lol.

    It is craziness how quickly a David performance goes by, I am so thankful that we can relive in video. The blur thing seems to happen to alot of us! Seems like every note he sings is so precious> a gift for us all. I am bushed from hiking mountains, but very happy 🙂

  4. RArchiefan says:

    Your beautiful words along with listening to David sing the medley again, made me cry. Thank you for your recap for those of us who had to sit this one out. God Bless, so very very happy you got to go.

  5. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    “The young woman sitting beside me (a die-hard Brad Paisley fan) exclaiming after ALTNOY, “His voice is IN-CRED-IBLE!!!” then leaping to her feet for the next song”.

    What a great recap, Deb! It just makes me smile when I hear that one-by-one, people who hear/watch David perform LIVE for the first time, walk away using the word IN-CRED-IBLE to describe what they just experienced! He truly IS in every way. ❤

  6. bleubird19 says:

    Oh, Deb, that’s a beautiful recap. How lovely that even though the “Star Spangled Banner” isn’t your national anthem you connect with the emotion with which David imbues songs. I loved they started with the young David and I actually had thought about that before Stadium of Fire (maybe I should get a consulting job). “My Country ’tis of Thee” is not my favorite patriotic song, though “America the Beautiful” I really like. We sang “My Country ’tis of Thee” a lot in elementary school. If I had had a great looking, incredibly voiced guy like David singing in my elementary school, I imagine I’d have LOVED it. He made it beautiful for me like he does every song he sings. The patriotic medley was so nuanced with sweetness and had those wonderful key changes. Songs that I might not really notice much become favorites with David’s interpretation of them.

    I loved hearing the stories about the “young woman” sitting next to you and hearing about the young man from Taiwan and how David’s fans are so caring and welcoming. We know when David goes to foreign countries, the fans there will be caring, welcoming and respectful of him, too. Your writing so wonderfully enables those of us who couldn’t go, to have a sense of the sights, sounds and emotions at Stadium of Fire. Thank you and the video was awesome.

  7. peppertara says:

    Thanks for a very wonderful descriptive, heartfelt recap TOfan. Yes, for the many of us who were not there it gives a real sense of feeling and magnificence of the entire event. David most definitely ignited Stadium of Fire! Have to say his patriotic performances are pure beauty and expressions of love.
    During the patriotic medley when he gets in to the second part of My Country Tis Of Thee…such incredible sensitivity and emotion poured out from his heart through that extraordinary voice, so beautiful and entirely mesmerizing, my goodness.
    No it doesn’t make any difference that I am not an American either, you are just enveloped with the beauty and feeling of the song and the voice. Same with the SSB, loved it all. Loved all the videos.
    Just love the story of the fan from Taiwan too…….pretty awesome!
    Even more wonderful for you and Refnaf and other fans who were there. David with dancers! Now that’s a first, love it! What a special event, glad you got to be there and witness it all and especially witness David set that stage on fire!
    I do love this too: “During TOSOD, thinking, “WOW, his voice is IN-CRED-IBLE!!!” and hoping the wild “one foot in front of the other” kicks he was doing wouldn’t send a shoe flying through the crowd.”
    Lol…..I’ve had that thought before, haha. Thanks for a great recap and a great video.

    Is it just me or does “My Country Tis Of Thee” have the same melody as “God Save The Queen”?
    Never noticed that before. 🙂

    • SandyBeaches says:

      I found this and it is interesting…”Before the music of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” made its way to the United States it was played in many countries. By the 1790s the melody had become that of the Danish national anthem. ” Eventually it also became the national anthem of at least six other places, including Prussia (“Heil dir am Siegerkranz” or “Hail Thee in Victor’s Wreath”), Britain (“God Save the Queen”) and others…


      • SandyBeaches says:

        …and we sing it and we have sung it since we started school a long time ago!!! It is sung when the Queen enters any room…Sorry that I got the history going so early, must be the after effects of the weekend with Will and Kate as our guests…

  8. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan I was so tired this morning but had to make my way to my pc to hopefully read a review from you so, thank you for being there and having it here! I have enjoyed reading it so much because you appreciate him to the fullest as the musician he is and hey, you were there…

    Please tell us how the overall audience responded to David. At this point in his career and after his astounding performances during the Christmas concerts, they know him well. Is it just the home grown boy in their presence that made them cheer or do they appreciate him now finally as a wonderful, accomplished singer? I wonder this because of the following review…”Archeleta, a Utah native and American Idol runner-up, was greeted warmly by his home crowd, but the real volume came when headliner Brad Paisley took to the stage, greeted by screams and a storm of camera flashes from the crowd.”…

    I am certain that it was more robust than “warmly” …and he will be singing to the troops this morning (pre recorded) if I am remembering correctly. I hope that we will hear how they enjoyed the concert.


    • TOfan says:

      SB, Brad got a big warm welcome when his set actually started, but when both of them were mentioned several times near the beginning of the show, David definitely got louder cheers than Brad, which surprised me because he was the headliner. That reviewer might have shown up late. 🙂

      And here are some non-fan tweets I saw posted:
      AaronSzy Brad Paisley is ok but he should have opened for @DavidArchie.

      tysonsnow @DavidArchie just brought the house down with “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” Tears all over the place. Very, very touching.

      makinUVbetter Even though I am in a field across from the Stadium of Fire, I can feel the power of Archuleta. Like a burning in the bosom

      lisakbriggs If I were a few years younger David Archuleta’s face would SO be plastered all over my bedroom wall. He’s adorable! Amazing voice too.

      • SandyBeaches says:

        Thanks TOfan, I am pleased to see that and some are so funny, but then they have become fans of David!


  9. Kizzi says:

    Hip-hip Hurray!
    Rah-Rah Cis-Boom-Bah!
    Three cheers for TOfan!

    Wonderful recap, great pictures, great video (closeups are so difficult!)….thank you so much!

    So here is a pic from a link at TheVoice from a spanish fan site, …*fingers crossed*

    • Kizzi says:

      Nope – didn’t work. But if you click on it, it’s a great close up with the drummer! What fun and energy!!! 😀

  10. joymus says:

    Hi TOfan!!

    Wonderful recap!
    As was mentioned before, thank you for providing the little details on behalf of fans who could not be there in person. David looked and sounded wonderful. For me, as much as I enjoyed his album material, the patriotic combo of the NA and MCTOT/GBA medley, stole the show and my heart. I also wish he had continued singing in the first outfit as seemingly none of the fans got enough of it – LOL!

    While I did not grow up singing God Save The Queen, my parents always spoke of it being sung whenever the Queen or her representative would visit our country – Trinidad, as it was once a british colony before obtaining its Independence from Gt.Britain in 1962.

    • TOfan says:

      Joymus, how did I not know of your Trinidad connection?? 😯 I’ve never been but know many peeps in the big Trinidadian community here in T.O.!!

      And SB, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t notice that MCTOT has the same tune as God Save the Queen?? (Maybe because I was usually late for school, running in just as everyone was finished singing it before O Canada, lol.)

      Here’s a pic posted by Mark Nilan Jr. on his FB page of “the SOF crew after the show”:
      SOF crew

      and “David and I before the show”:
      SOF backstage

  11. joymus says:

    Have you ever attended the Caribana Parade or Festival? I never have but it reflects the Trini’ culture at its best with the Mas (masquerade) bands, steelbands and calypso music.

    • TOfan says:

      Absolutely! LOVE Caribana! It’s HUGE here, gets bigger every year and people fly in from all over, you should def. come … maybe David can schedule a show at the same time so you can do both! LOL

  12. silverfox says:


    Thank you for your great recap! I’m thrilled you were there because I knew if anyone could paint us a true picture of the experience, it would be you. Each time I read about the birth of a new fan and their reaction to David, as if they’ve been asleep & are awakened to a “What Just Happened?” sensation! I just want to say to them, and he made thousands of new fans at SOF I’m sure, “Welcome to our world. You will love it here!”

    This was one trip I could not make unfortunately, so you can imagine, like all his fans here & in Canada, how much I am looking forward to a tour announcement when he gets back from Asia. Hopefully this Asian Tour will make the tour promoters/sponsors here take notice! David’s SOF appearance, even with his short set, was absolutely brilliant so I’m feeling confident he must have a tour in the works already. He just needs to tell us when & where and we will be there!

    HE did it again! Just blew me away with his vocals after watching all the videos this morning after, let me see…I’ve lost count! He looked great, his stage presence was real & just David, yet so mature & self assured. His ability to bring us down to our knees is the magic of his emotional interpretation of the music he sings. Whether a high energy pop song like STR, or a deeply heartrending patriotic song like his awesome patriotic medley…he is a First Class Master Magician! You can’t go to school for what David does. You either have it or you don’t & Mr. David Archuleta has IT in spades!

    And now today, on this “Freedom Day”, he will launch his new OS!! Coincidence? I think we’ve learned he doesn’t do “coincidence” much. When it comes to his career, I believe David is always in control now. He contemplates, prays and then does what he feels is the best course to keep going forward. Freedom sure looks GOOD on him!

    Thanks again, TOfan!

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{♥SF♥}}}} The only thing that could have made SOF more perfect was if you & your sis were sitting beside Ref & I doing the wave *solo tour flashbacks* 🙂 I think you’re absolutely right about that “no coincidence” thing!

    • emmegirl says:

      ♥ your entire post!!
      “You can’t go to school for what David does.”

      • SandyBeaches says:

        You have it emmegirl you just can’t learn what he does as a singer and as a person. It has to be a gift given to him and he works and studies with what he has been given. Hey and how lucky are we for all of that?


  13. heidijoy says:

    Tofan, Was so looking forward to your recap and was so happy it was here. Thank you. So happy that you and Refnaf were able to go. Loved hearing about fan and former non-fan reactions. David fans are the best and welcoming the young man from

    • heidijoy says:

      OOPs………… cont
      Taiwan. Your descriptions made me feel like I was there. I keep listening to the Patriotic songs over and over. I really enjoyed the dancers to Stomping the Roses. Loved the video of miltary while David sang that heartfelt medley.
      I heard Brad uses a lot of videos behind him when he sings. Hope David incorporates that more too! If he chooses of course.

      Thanks Kizzi for keeping us updated with videos etc. while Tofan was gone. Another picture I saw of David singing the medley showed the guitar player with a big smile on his face in the background.

      • TOfan says:

        Yes, a HUGE thank you to Kizzi!!!! ♥
        Heidijoy, to be completely honest with you, I didn’t even notice there was a video playing while David was singing the medley, lol, and yet when Brad was singing, I think all I did focus on were his videos … go figure! 😆

  14. TOfan says:

    Fasten your seatbelts, peeps, this video has the best full-stage view of the STR dancers *dies again*:

  15. silverfox says:


    Using videos during a performance by David would be wasted. At least IMO, because our focus is always on David & his voice. The only time I have ever looked at the big screens at his concerts is when they show a close-up of him, and of course at the MOTAB concerts. ***sigh***

    Using the video of David as a young boy was brilliant, but knowing what we know about David and how modest and unassuming he is, not to mention he doesn’t like his own voice, it pobably was NOT his idea to use the video. But I loved it & even he must admit it was a great opening to his NA.

    And the dancers! NO WAY were they HIS idea! Again, a good move on the part of the SOF people. Way to go, Kendra! In fact, this may be the first & last time we see dancers of any kind on stage in concert with David. Although on tv, like an appearance on DWTS, SYTYCD or even on Glee, for example, it could happen again. 😉 😀

    • TOfan says:

      Totally agree, SF. And yes, no way were the dancers his idea, which made it all that much more hiLARious. 😆 Would love to see him perform on DWTS or watch SYTYCD (or SYTYCD Canada 🙂 ) dancers perform choreography set to one of his songs.

  16. ray says:

    tofan,i love you.for all you do for david,vidios behind davd,not good nobody would watch can,t keep eyes off david as it is,the stage could be on fire and nobody would notice lol i am a canuck lol

  17. heidijoy says:

    I’m sure the military and their families appreciated the background videos while David sang the Medley much as many of us did when Rascal gave the background to Somebody Out There but like you Tofan and SF my focus was on David.
    Was just speaking off the top of my head. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    • TOfan says:

      Sorry, heidijoy, didn’t mean to imply there was anything wrong with the videos, I bet the military folks watching and their families felt honoured by them. I honestly just didn’t see them … but will watch the medley again just to catch them. 🙂

      • heidijoy says:

        No need to be sorry. Appreciate all you do here. Have watched the Medley numerous times myself. Especially like the one by 8throwCenter which includes David’s little speech before he sings. Having worked for the Army, I have a special spot in my heart for the Military and their families. ……….and of course I have a special spot in my heart for David and dedicated fans like you.

    • silverfox says:

      Heidijoy…No, no! You did not offend in the least. I was just pointing out that although other artists use videos as gimmicks to make their concerts more entertaining I guess,. And truthfully, I’m a bit surprised Brad uses videos in his concerts. David doesn’t need anything more than his band, his awesome self & his incredible voice. That’s all.
      However for the SOF, the use of the videos was brilliant and very inspiring. 🙂

      • SandyBeaches says:

        …And that is when people must have had the biggest tears when the dads and moms met their children. That scene together with David singing was awesome.


      • heidijoy says:

        Gotcha! SF. Thanks for clarifying. I’m with you on the no gimmicks!…but maybe some dancers for fun. ha! ha!

      • heidijoy says:

        Yes SB Tears for sure!!

  18. djafan says:

    Hey Tofan,

    So happy you were there! I love hearing the experiences of those who see David live. Those mountains are a sight to behold, every time David mentions them brings me back memories of my time in Utah and I get what he means.

    “As much as David’s set felt oh-so-short at five songs, I felt incredibly proud to be his fan when he devoted his last song, not to plugging his album, but to singing a special patriotic medley he’d prepared for the troops. (The headliner didn’t even do that … just sayin’.) And what’s even more amazing is that I don’t think that surprised a single one of David’s fans … as we all know, that’s just David.”

    This brings it all home to, just David. Thank you.

  19. emmegirl says:

    Loved the article tofan, from the comments of nonfans (love hearing that stuff), to the sublimely bizarre STR, lol, to the wonderful story of the fan from Taiwan. Watched the NA from a couple of recent SOF’s. He does it like no other, such conviction and pride, and there’s always the voice.

  20. peppertara says:

    SandyBeaches…Thanks for the interesting history behind MCTOT and yes, I grew up singing God Save The Queen!
    The video of David and the dancers, well….simply too cute and one for the David history books! Loved the way they stomped their feet a few times when David sang “Stomping The Roses” haha,

    I love the comments from non fans too and there are a lot of good comments out there.
    So it seems David’s new site was unfortunately compromised and they are working to get it up as fast as possible. In the meantime they leave us with another lovely picture of David:

    A very happy Independence Day to all our American friends!

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, I saw that message about the OS being compromised … at the bottom it says that is not affiliated with the OS, but for a while there when you used the URL it was redirecting to the .info site …hmmm, curiouser and curiouser…

    • SandyBeaches says:

      peppertara…now I am confused when TOfan said that they sang “O Canada” but I am certain that I remember seeing the picture of the Queen at the front of the room and singing “God Save the Queen”…haha, I will have to google that as well!!


      • TOfan says:

        SB, back in the day we used to sing both, first God Save the Queen (which I’d be late for, lol), then O Canada (English & French verses at our school).

  21. peppertara says:

    TOfan, from what I can gather, there is a ‘leaked’ site out there and I am assuming that the site is not legit? Not quite sure what’s going on though but will wait and see I guess. Some great photos out of it though, ha. Doesn’t surprise me really, guess there could be a ‘fake site” just like their are fake twitter Davids out there (or have been). Yes, very curious…guess we will know soon.

    In the meantime I am enjoying the wonderful videos from SOF. Have the day off so loving the free time. Thanks again TOfan for your amazing recap! Have a feeling one day David will be headlining a show like that and similar shows. When he has his soon to be Asian tour he will be doing his very own shows again, very excited about that!

  22. Angelica says:


    Thanks for the awesome recap! Wish I could have been there with you and Refnaf and all the other wonderful fans. It must have been incredibly emotional in person, as you describe. Love the new fans comments and hearing about the long-time fans generosity to the young man from Taiwan. I’m not surprised though, and as you say, no David fan was surprised that he devoted so much time and love to arrange and sing a special medley for the troops. I dubbed the dancers in the STR video The Archuletts. lol. Very bizarre in a “I can’t believe what I’m looking at but I can’t look away” sort of way. haha.

  23. silverfox says:

    I received an email with this attached…Looks legit to me!

  24. silverfox says:

    I already registered for David’s newsletter on his Official Website!

  25. peppertara says:

    I registered for David’s newsletter too, why wait, haha. Yep, the new site definitely seems up and running now and it looks great!!

  26. TOfan says:

    thanks, SF! me too, peppertara! Officially LOVE the official site! “David gets a Costco card”??? *dies* I had zero expectations after the last 2 sites so I’m thrilled mostly at the David humour all over the place (be sure to check out the FAQs!). And LOVE that when you sign up for the newsletter they ask for your birthday but not the year! hahahahaha

    LOL at the thought bubble:

    And LOOOOVE seeing this under Tours & Events/Schedule & Ticketing:
    “Note: Info on David’s 2011 Winter Christmas Tour is coming soon. There will be a chance to request for David to come to your area!!”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Kizzi says:

      I, too, like the request to have David ” come to your area” option. Dreams and hope spring eternal for a Canada concert…my bet is on Toronto. 😀

      Actually, I was good with the first two official sites….this one is more individualized, more in the vein of David wanting a relationship with his fans via his OS. It’s comfy, down home, and, at least for me, it appears to have David “touches” all over it. It underlines David’s comments in concert, vlogs, interviews that he is doing this for his “fans.”

      Also, I am quite enthused that he will benefit more(eventually) from sales of “discography” and “merchandise.” I like the look of “sole proprietorship” that is stamped all over his new site and his career since going solo. I am sure he has much support behind the scenes….and, it feels soooo good….David’s voice front and center in his music, David front and center in the making of his music, the ReAl David highlighted in his new OS. Yeah, all that.

      Life is about the journey, not the end point…hard lesson for me to learn as I keep wanting to win the ultimate prize, cross the finish line…blah, blah, blah…hahaha. So this fan journey will all of you keeps me smelling the roses along the way rather than stomping them down in fast pursuit of the elusive finish line.

      Enough arm chair philosophizing this AM. {{{ Love}}} to all at SAz! 😀

  27. peppertara says:

    Just checked out more info on the OS, love the humour too. David and a Costco card, so cute in that picture with the photographer! The FAQs are priceless! Whoa, that winter tour message is going to put the site on overdrive once people are able to request! Lol. Do love this site, great job from David and his ‘team’. 🙂

    Missed this article and interview with David from Malaysia. Talks about his decisions and who is managing him and he’s right up front, way to go David. I have to continually applaud David for having such courage and conviction to stand up for himself and to walk his own path. A good article if you haven’t seen it:

    • TOfan says:

      awesome interview, peppertara! I hadn’t read that one either. Love how forthright he is about doing things HIS way… he’s like the nicest sweetest freight train, lol, full steam ahead, leaving behind those who try to veer him off track. 🙂

  28. jackryan4DA says:

    TOfan – looooved your article. I suppose political affiliations just drop away when the actual the SOF show – music, fly-overs & fire works – begins.

    It was so nice to read of the warm welcome that young man from Taiwan got from the Archies & Utah peeps.

    Great day, great posts, great comments. This is a awesome time to be an Archie 🙂

    Thanks again for the sharing Deb.

  29. Kizzi says:

    OK, so the OS Admin says in “Comments” about the “Post your website questions here!” that:

    admin / July 5, 2011
    We are looking into ways to have an occasional chat with David. Watch the site for news.

    \o/ :O 😀 😀 😀

    • TOfan says:

      ikr! I’m loving how responsive (& funny!) these OS admins are! I posted a suggestion in the comments/questions thread last night (to post a “Welcome to the new site” message on the home page or in ‘News’ so we could all tweet or FB the link instantly) and they replied within 10 min. with a “Great idea, we’ll get right on it!” response. 😯 … And then when I saw they followed through & posted a Welcome message by this morning, I almost fell off my chair!

      Tons of great ideas from fans in that thread and pretty much every one got a reply. LOVE that!

      • abanana77 says:

        That is soo awesome that the admin are responding and actually listening! And I bet this OS is gonna be updated in good time like his Facebook now is. Whoever is running them I am giving them major props! They rock! Haha

  30. Kizzi says:

    Another Admin message: What!??!!! A fan club??!!! 😀

    admin / July 5, 2011
    We are working on a secure and approved way to listen to David’s music here, as well as a fan mail address.
    If we started a Fan Club, what would you like to see it offer?

  31. abanana77 says:

    Love this writeup TOfan! I am super behind the times, have been befriending royals and such (not actually lol). I still haven’t watched all the SOF vids. Haha I did watch the NA and patriotic medley though. Sooo good! Probably my new favorite NA version to date! Especially with the 12yo David. Sooo adorbs!

    Loving what I’ve seen if the OSso far!!! I really haven’t gotten a chance to explore it yet though. But David gets a Costco card?!?!?!?! Hahaha just the perfect amount of randomness, it is so David!!

    • TOfan says:

      Please post your Royals pics!!!! Loved your PEI liveblog on Twitter btw! 🙂

      • abanana77 says:

        Patience! Hahaha 😀 I’ve had a crazy couple of days visiting family and friends (and you know, royals), I’ll try to upload pictures tomorrow 🙂

      • abanana77 says:

        On this site on a computer instead of my ipod for the first time in a really long time (I had to get on a computer to fully appreciate the new OS) and just saw my liveblog link in the sidebar 🙂 You are awesome hahaha

      • refnaf says:

        Saw your pics!!! To cute, especially the royal cows T-shirts. so glad your friend was able to go with you 🙂

  32. TOfan says:

    LOLOL, just catching up on the Utah interviews I missed while actually in Utah 😆 and when I got to the end of the FOX 13 interview, the sound stopped but the camera was still on the two hosts posing for a pic with David and guess who just HAD to squeeze past him for the pic? Toooo funny.

    Fox 13a



  33. refnaf says:

    Hey!!!! All I can say is that the new site has exceeded my expectatons!!!! Go Team David!!!
    Abanana> looking forward to Royal pics!!

  34. Kizzi says:

    Mr. JWipe’s videos are up in HD and fantastic audio. His user name on YouTube is “jwipe” to listen to others from last Saturday.

    Patriotic Medley

  35. Kizzi says:

    MoTab cover

    Preview from FOD – go there to get the full story.

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Kizzi! eeeek, release date September 6!!!! (CD US$18.98 / DVD US$24.98) … is it selfish to want a David-only version (no offence, Mr. York & choir/orchestra 🙂 )

  36. peppertara says:

    Cannot wait to order the Motab DVD, CD! Yes, I would love a David only version too TOfan, haha but will take what they are offering, pretty wonderful!
    Love, love the video that Kizzi posted from jwipe. Fantastic audio…yes, sooo good! I keep getting stuck on that patriotic medley, the beautiful tone in David’s voice, wow. Couldn’t be more heartfelt.
    Love that you can see people at the end of the song standing on their feet, applauding and cheering too.
    Have to say I’m loving the new OS too, think it’s pretty terrific.
    Gee, David doing a full set (or so it’s stated) with his band at a special event in Arizona in Sept and 2 dollars to get in? Wish Arizona was just across the border!

  37. cas says:

    Thank you so much for this entertaining and informative post. For those of us who sat at home (and wished we were somewhere else), it is delightful having a fellow fan carry us to the event we missed.
    I love this fan site – such spirited writing.

  38. refnaf says:

    Need to say again how thankful I am for Tofan’s gift of writing. I have been trying to recap SOF, but can only come up with> wow, awesome, amazing, inspiring, overwhelming, beautiful> the adjectives that come to mind whenever I get the thrill of hearing him live. I am thankful for David, the joy he brings to my life and the wonderful peeps that get together wherever he is. His sincerity in his love for his country was crystal clear at SOF. > I truly could feel the message. In the one Fox 13 interview he said he wanted to “give people a moment” at SOF. He is able to do that> for me every time he sings, treasured moments of pure beauty. Not much more I can say. HE IS THE BEST as are his fans.

  39. refnaf says:

    Happy David on the MOtab DVD!!! eeeeep want to hear and see it so badly> Christmas comes early this year.

  40. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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