Beach Blanket Archuleta!

David is baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!! (Both pics: @Rhiminee)


Sorry for the flimsy post, guys, I’m still in a dazed and confused state from hearing that David sang “Blackbird” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” … two of my favourite songs ever! Here are some tweets from last night along with Jonerz & emilyluvsarchie’s aMAZing videos, in set list order. GO!!!!!

@Jonerz: I have seen A LOT of @DavidArchie concerts. He BLEW ME AWAY tonight!! The professionalism of he and his band was OFF THE CHARTS!!

We complimented Steven R. (the drummer) after the show and he said that they have fantastic chemistry with one another! :))) It shows!!!

@TV33South Asked David A. about a US tour. Said he was trying to get it done but was tough to do at the moment. Will post the interview tomorrow.

@zerogravity1 ROFL!! A lil girl jus dropped her glasses in front of D & he picked em up & gave em back to her during My Hands!

… The band intro’s were so fun! You cud tell D is really proud of them. *squishes*. On one of the songs Brian did this lil’ solo & D looked at the audience, pointed at Brian as if to say “check this guy out”. So cute!! David is always funny explaining MKOP. That audience “gasp” when they find out he’s never had a girlfriend is funny! D was like “it’s ok… I’m jus taking my time”. 

… David stayed for a good while after the show & signed stuff for people on both sides of the stage that waited. So sweet! I loved his shirt 2

… When D was signing stuff after the show a guy asked for a hug… ROFL. D looked up w/ a look only D cud give & said “how’bout a high five?”

@emily4archie I realized that I have a special place in my heart for David. Not as in, ‘I want to marry him’ but a deep respect for who he is & what he does

Stomping the Roses (jonerzz)

The Other Side of Down HD (jonerzz)

ALTNOY (emilyluvsarchie)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (jonerzz)

Somethin’ About Love (jonerzz)

Touch My Hand (emilyluvsarchie)

My Kind of Perfect HD (jonerzz)

A Thousand Miles (emilyluvsarchie)

Gotta Get Through This (w/band intro) (jonerzz)

My Hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jonerzz)

Blackbird (emilyluvsarchie)

Falling Stars (emilyluvsarchie)

Works for Me HD (jonerzz)

Complain (emilyluvsarchie)

Elevator (emilyluvsarchie)


So what do you guys think of David 2.0?

p.s. Download mp3s of all Myrtle Beach songs HERE.

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39 Responses to Beach Blanket Archuleta!

  1. emmegirl says:

    Well, I think I have run out of words. Just soaking it in. Processing it. Sorting through every incredible moment. Quantum leap…moving away from Jive’s vision toward his own. I love this more innate sound and performance style, of a more mature nature. One that is more reflective of a life’s experiences.

    I am having difficulty getting to the vids beyond the covers because they show us where he is headed, and it is soooo freaking good, “..welcome to your life…”

    Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    Welcome to your life
    There’s no turning back
    Even while we sleep
    We will find you acting on your best behavior
    Turn your back on Mother Nature
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    It’s my own design
    It’s my own remorse
    Help me to decide
    Help me make the most
    Of freedom and of pleasure
    Nothing ever lasts forever
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    There’s a room where the light won’t find you
    Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
    When they do I’ll be right behind you
    So glad we’ve almost made it
    So sad they had to fade it
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    I can’t stand this indecision
    Married with a lack of vision
    Everybody wants to rule the world
    Say that you’ll never never never never need it
    One headline why believe it?
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    All for freedom and for pleasure
    Nothing ever lasts forever
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    • awestruck says:

      oh yeah emmie – moving towards his own sound – away from Jive – and I am lovin’ it. A more mature sound to be sure. Some great comments over at MJ’s Blog –

      “I am having difficulty getting to the vids beyond the covers because they show us where he is headed, and it is soooo freaking good, “..welcome to your life…” YES me too.

      Thanks for those lyrics, so very David. Blackbird is one of my all time favorites and I think he truly felt that song when singing it. Beatiful understated version from D.

    • betsy says:

      Emme, I love this song so much. One of my all time faves. It was probably the last thing I would have ever guessed that he would cover.
      But did you notice what happened at around 1:18? The music starts in behind him and he looks to his right, then left and it’s like everything he loves about music is there. He just looks so happy, so filled up with it, so loving the music. Starts grooving along. He was soooo digging his band, it is so evident.

      • emmegirl says:

        “He just looks so happy, so filled up with it”
        Betsy, loved that. He was like, “yeaaaahhhh.”

        I had never heard EWTRTW before. That was when my son was young and he and his Dad had control over the radio…they liked country..’nuff said.

      • TOfan says:

        “so filled up with it” betsy, love that!! Must be so great for him to get to rehearse and try out new things with the band and “get a groove going” … boy is he ever.

        emmegirl, you’ve never heard that Tears for Fears song before??? you MUST youTube the original. LOOOOVE David’s cover but the original is like an anthem, hearing the first few notes I used to literally fly out of my chair onto the dancefloor, whether I had a partner or not! 😆 But like you, Betsy, never dreamed in a million years David would cover it, makes you wonder what other gems he’s got up his sleeve. 😉

      • emmegirl says:

        Tofan, checked out TfF video. What a great song, it really is of the anthem ilk.

        I wonder if he will do the same songs at Stadium Of Fire or what. I bet he has a few new tricks up his sleeve for the home crowd.

        “funkalicious” lol!

  2. awestruck says:

    flimsy post TOfan? Just fine with me, lol. I was soooo disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to watch/listen to the live stream (yes refnaf I am thanking my lucky stars that there are such WONDERFUL David fans), but those videos will be my salvation – if I can just get past the covers *deaaaaad and gone to heaven*

  3. TOfan says:

    emmegirl & awestruck, me too, still processing. The covers are hard to get past but when you do, fasten your seatbelts for MH (his voice on this has never sounded better, imo, so rich & chocolately), WFM (soulful to the MAX) and LOVE that he opened with the stomptastic STR and closed the show with Elevator & the audience participation! And if this arrangement of SBL had been used on the cd, I would never skip over it! lol *hides*

    While I was playing the vids, Mr. TO heard them from the next room and called out, “That doesn’t sound like Archie … more funkalicious!” bahahahahaha 😆

  4. desertrat says:

    Thanks for posting all the videos! I also prefer this revamped version of SBL. I like the album version but it sounds so much like Taio Cruz’ “Break Your Heart” and I’m a little tired Taio’s sound.

    • TOfan says:

      It does have that Taio sound… I had heard somewhere (can’t remember where) that David wasn’t involved in the production of SBL and I wonder if this raw take on the song was more what he originally had in mind for it. It certainly fits in more with the rest of the album.

  5. peppertara says:

    Yes!! Love everyone’s comments here. I ended up staying up to the wee hrs last night as all of these videos popped up. Started watching and had to watch them all. It’s like eating a good piece of chocolate and not being able to stop, of course David is better for your health and fewer calories! His covers of Blackbird, one of my faves ever too and loveliness at its best I might add and EWTRTW…, incredible and GGTT had me stuck for a while…..inducing gasps of delight and wonderment, honestly. Got stuck on “Complain” too, love it and that run he does near the end is a killer, unearthly.
    Every song has it’s own special flavor and magic that only David can produce, need to watch again and with the new band, the sound is just fantastic! The consummate artist on stage he is, a true artist in his own right. So many wonderful videos to take in and enjoy…. over and over and over again. A lot to soak in in one day, need time, lol.
    Once again I have to say thank you tenfold to these wonderful fans who supplied us with exceptional videos.
    And David……Good gracious gratitude golden greatness goldmine!! 🙂

  6. Kizzi says:


    Well this ole’ Archiebird just flew into the ‘light of the dark black night’, ‘broken wings’ and all, ‘learned to fly, waiting for this moment to arise, all my life, learned to see, to be free’….all in one song…hallelujah…what a gorgeously sung song and to take that journey as David sang, well, it’s always the unexpected moments that bring such beauty and richness.

    And “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” just incroyable – like Emme said, “welcome to your life.”

    And I just have to notice that “Blackbird” was released in 1968 and “EWTRTW” was released in 1985. Maybe pure coincidence but definitely I am diggin’ this as a “mature” fan. Music that crosses generations….yeah, love that.

    Yeah, a musical dynamo exploded on to the stage last night in Myrtle Beach. And it feels like winning Beach Blanket BINGO with Beach Blanket Archuleta. Cha-ching.

  7. TOfan says:


    You can download mp3s of all the Myrtle Beach songs HERE.


  8. jackryan4DA says:

    And just to update you –

    02 MP4s/Video files —

    are now all complete 🙂

    gotta run!

    (took out the mp3 link so it won’t get moderated & since TOFan posted a link already)

  9. jackryan4DA says:

    DA @ TV33South Interview

  10. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks for your reviews,mp3’s,videos etc. Enjoyed all the videos and of course Blackbird and Everyone Wants to Rule the World. I think David is relaying his messages very well. has reviewed Blackbird and EWTRTW and I love how she respects David’s artistry,technique,band etc.

  11. emmegirl says:

    Actually just read the tweets at top of thread.

    The girlfriend thing… to me it seems David’s definition of a girlfriend is someone whom he is in a serious relationship with, like a possible life partner, not someone he has gone on a handful of dates. I think he also does not want to hurt anyone and is very careful about how he approaches those situations. He doesn’t take such things lightly.

    After watching the interview, sounds like he is doing some writing in line with the style he is transitioning to. Maybe after the Asian tour, he has more time to work on that and we can get a tour closer to the end of the year. Another Christmas tour wouldn’t be so bad. 😉

  12. emmegirl says:

    And thanks JR for all your speedy, dy-no-mite work!

  13. peppertara says:

    Love the write ups on David and MC Lady is right on, always love her critiques.
    Very nice little interview from TV33South with the wonderfully wise Mr. Archuleta.
    A Spanish song would be pretty epic! Thanks to JR from me too and MP3s, so good to have. 🙂
    emmegirl….I think you are right about David and relationships. He doesn’t take these things lightly and a girlfriend to him may be a potential life partner. Nothing wrong with waiting for that. He has a lot going on in his young life!

    TOfan, just noticed your comment about David from your husband….funkalicious, haha. Could be the new term to describe David’s new sound and groove! 🙂

    The rumors are abound for David visiting Malaysia too on his Asian trip. Hope it’s true for the sake of Malaysian fans. Love that David gets to perform for his fans around the world. Canada must be on the list at some point, right? Right.
    This from Sony Music facebook. Sounds like a little cryptic message to me, ha.

    Sony Music Malaysia
    Elevator is going up , please keep Tuesday 26 July night free as we will have something special for everyone , please stay tuned !
    about an hour ago

  14. refnaf says:

    Hey!!! Missed the ustream of the concert, and only had a chance to see the covers>>>COULD NOT GET PASSED THEM! Every little wonderful thing said about his vocal ability is TRUE. EEEppppp again for him doing Blackbird and EBWTRTW!!!
    ….funkalicious<<<< Indeed!

    We are in Fredricton this morning and I am going to watch the rest of the vids while hubby goes for a workout….. and then we hit the road again! (So far rain rain and more rain)

  15. refnaf says:

    KKKK >>> The ending of Complain! Yes
    and 1000 miles for his mom???
    And TOfan, I agree, this version of SBL is not a skipper

    What kills me most I think is that when David does a cover the song finally comes to life for me. He breathes life into lyrics that I have heard forever, and that is one of the things that makes him the amazing artist that he is, I WILL LOVE HIM FOREVER

  16. TOfan says:

    refnaf, your eeeeeeeps are cracking me up!

    Love tweets like these:
    @Mike24137 saw @DavidArchie in concert @ Myrtle Beach this weekend. We were lucky to happen upon the show. Great show, David.

    @Shell_eeeyyy So people were saying there was some biker dudes watching @DavidArchie’s whole concert from a hotel balcony and getting into it:):):)

  17. abanana77 says:

    K finally watched all the vids and have recovered enough to comment, haha. 

    Wow. I don’t really have words. But it was amazing. The whole concert was amazing. No skipable videos in that set! He took songs he’d sung to death and made them sound new again. It was almost like he was covering his own songs. ALTNOY, WFM, My Hands, he took them and added his own style to them and made them seem even more “David” than they were before.

    And as for the actual covers, amazing. I’d never heard Everybody wants to Rule the world before (I am fairly oblivious to songs from before I was born, unless it’s like Blackbird, I knew that one haha) but it blew me away! And blackbird, his voice was especially rich and chocolaty on that one!  

    Ref – the 1000 mile. For his mom thing killed me! Oh my gosh that was one of the most adorable things he’s ever said I think. <3333

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, “it was almost like he was covering his own songs… made them seem even more ‘David’ than they were before” … yes!!!! I know exactly what you mean and that’s one of the reasons I’d love for David to take his new music on the road and “test-drive” it on us and live with it for a while before he records it. I know Mumford & Sons do that and I think it would result in his next record being even more “David” than ever! 🙂

  18. TOfan says:

    Awesome audio on this EWTRTW!!!! (thanks, luckynorris123)

  19. TOfan says:

    Some great shots of the MB event at HERE.

    Two of my faves:
    (Great crowd!)
    MB crowd

    “My Hands” 🙂
    My Hands MB

    TV33south (the local MB TV station) posted this video with amazing camera angles!!! … & love that they included this uploader comment: “Obviously the audio doesn’t do him justice.” 🙂

  20. Heidijoy says:

    Tofan, I love the idea of David test driving his music before recording it!!!!!!!!!! …….and LIVE recordings with his own band would be great too!!

  21. silverfox says:

    TOfan, refnaf, Kizzi,

    Only thing missing in MB was YOU!! Wish you had been there. It was another unforgettable performance and so special. Still can’t get over how he raises the bar each & every time I see him yet I go with no preconceived notions or expectations. I just want to hear him SING. Then he proceeds to blow me away! I just shake my head in awe & think THIS is why we are still and always will be here for him. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      {{{SF}}} You’re not the only one who wishes we’d been there! LOL But I’ve been under the weather since last Wed. night with a wicked stomach bug so even if I’d planned to go, I’d have had to cancel, which would have KILLED me. SOOOO glad you & SB got to be there though & loved reading your recap! I also go to David performances with no expectations and, you’re right, he comes up with new magic that you couldn’t have expected if you tried. 🙂

  22. Kizzi says:

    SF!!!! Read your review of the concert and your comments over at The Voice. Lucky you to be there in person. Just watching the videos was such a treat.

    Having not seen David perform live since MoTab, I was struck yet again (yes, with video) by his growth. The changes, imho, were dramatic.


  23. TOfan says:

    New post/thread… Joner’s MB recap!!!


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