David Archuleta: Putting one foot in front of the other

More info: Letting you guys know about the band auditions and meetings that have been going on aside from the NASCAR and blimp rides while in LA haha. Been keeping busy with that but really looking forward to how it’s going to come about. Can’t wait to get everything set up and to start performing again! Also came up with a little idea on the piano during the blog but I guess I’m a little too self-conscious in front of people and can’t multi task when it comes to writing and blogs… both things I am self-conscious about lol. Apologize if this blog doesn’t make a lot of sense but hope you enjoy it still.


This is probably the most random post ever so bear with me. David Archuleta tweeted last night about missing an SLC performance of Foster the People, an LA-based indie band. I admit I’d never heard of them so imagine my surprise when I found out they were performing here in Toronto this weekend. And their show is sold out.

As far as I know, they’re not getting any radio play here, I haven’t seen their music (which consists of one EP so far, their album comes out in May) topping any Canadian charts and yet they have enough support to sell out a venue here that holds about 600 people.

How did the band get noticed? By playing at some industry-watched music festivals (like South by Southwest, above) and getting buzz on The Hype Machine, a site that picks up recommendations from high-profile music bloggers (btw, the only songs David has on THM are Crush, In this Moment, Imagine and DLTSGDOM).

Here’s what NPR.org had to say about Foster the People:

“Don’t go looking for Foster The People on Myspace, check out Facebook instead. The unsigned band is committed to staying connected to its growing audience by crowd-sourcing its Facebook friends for tour locations, tweeting with updates, and offering free downloads via its official website.”

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. (Source: Tumblr)

I guess my point is, it’s a whole new world out there for both unsigned and established artists.

Remember the Australian band Men at Work? After huge 1980s hits “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now” (and winning the best-new-artist Grammy), they eventually went their separate ways and one of the founders, Colin Hay, attempted a solo career but ended up being dropped by his major label.

Here’s part of Hay’s email to Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter music-industry blog, stressing the importance of establishing a core fanbase and “building a foundation” … sound familiar? 🙂

“You are correct when you stress the importance of establishing a core audience, before you go in search of radio success.  My old band had massive radio success and MTV exposure to the max, and when that went away, so did most of the audience. It’s like building a house with no foundations, you can’t….

“When I got dropped by a major label, my live audience was all I had, apart from my self-belief, to let me know I was on the correct path. They also, for the most part, let me be myself. And isn’t that what we all want at any given moment, to be who we are, and not who someone else wants us to be?

“The most exciting thing about being on that label was being dropped by them. The relief I felt was palpable. I felt like I was floating, like I’d gotten my life back. Turns out I had. Now I make my own albums and work with Compass Records, an independent label out of Nashville. Feels good.”

So, what do you guys think? Encouraging words? A little scary? Or a bit of both? Does it sound as though David’s doing exactly the right thing for him right now? Putting one foot in front of the other? What do you think of his latest music mention? Are these like way too many questions? 🙂

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43 Responses to David Archuleta: Putting one foot in front of the other

  1. Kizzi says:

    Great random (or not–lol) thoughts TOfan.

    Being a David fan definitely involves getting an education about today’s music industry, sales, etc. Like all industries, it isn’t static and where the money is, the true art is, changes over time.

    Whatever the “foundation” David mentioned he’s building for his music career if it’s like what “Foster the People” is doing, sounds like a great path to explore and trod.

    Such a mystery. Doesn’t look like David plans to lay out much detail until it is actually happening. I’ll wait to see if he picks up activity in Facebook announcing tours, tweets appearances and updates, and releases free music, EP downloads, etc. I did notice he tweeted his vlog twice and his appearance in NASCAR, but NASCAR wasn’t announced much in advance.

    One thing for sure, it does look very positive that having a label and a manager isn’t THE path to success in music. More choices, or perhaps that’s “Decisions, decisions, decisions.”

    And, fact is having a label and manager means the artist has to make a boatload of money to pay for them; other routes appear to be a whole lot less costly with perhaps the same rewards. And radio play appears to be on the wane. Frankly, I’m wondering how many people actually listen to radio versus CDs, homegrown music lists, etc. The waning of radio play to be a known artist is obviously a factor. Looks like lots of things in the music industry are at a crossroad and many alternatives to explore.

    What’s next? IDK, but I’m hoping for a tour announcement on Facebook or twitter? *fingers crossed*

  2. awestruck says:

    After reading this TOfan (and the link to The Lefsetz Letter from last post), I even more strongly believe that by David truly doing what David wants and needs to he WILL have success. I am a tad surprised that he didn’t make a move to Nashville though… maybe in the future.

  3. Amb4dja says:

    Oh TOfan…get random any ole time and way ya feel…good stuff.
    N’ speaking of random…this has to be another “drive-by” comment from me…who’s supposed to be accomplishing other things but said I’d just “peek” at what the blogs were saying…I can so get sucked in…

    Gotta comment first on that pic and caption…it just made me smile. 🙂 Big.
    So cute, and the caption, so what I’m believin’ in for David, no matter all the unknown variables now.

    I’m like many of us I think…one minute worried, one minute encouraged and always, all ways~ optimistic in my belief in David. I’m intrigued by his tweet today about the “exciting meetings” and the band auditions…man, when he just tweets that I smell a tour and feel my withdrawal more intensely… recalling what concerts felt like.

    But I digress…
    what I love…This:
    “When I got dropped by a major label, my live audience was all I had, apart from my self-belief, to let me know I was on the correct path. They also, for the most part, let me be myself. And isn’t that what we all want at any given moment, to be who we are, and not who someone else wants us to be?” Yes!
    ~ I will be in that audience for David. No doubts here from me on that…no rush David, no demands from me…you show up in your time, in whatever way you can make it work…you open your mouth to sing at any given point in your life, and I will come rushing back to listen.

    and This:
    “The most exciting thing about being on that label was being dropped by them. The relief I felt was palpable. I felt like I was floating, like I’d gotten my life back. Turns out I had. Now I make my own albums and work with Compass Records, an independent label out of Nashville. Feels good.”

    Been meaning to post this somewhere, about what I’m feeling from David….is like what
    Hay says there…he’s had a lightness of being in his vlogs and tweets and comments on what he’s up to. Like he’s getting to “live life” in between planning his next moves musically. And after about 3 years of being AI’s/Jive’s diligent work-horse…he’s earned it. He did tell us in COS that while music is his passion, it’s not his whole life….I’m happy he seems to be enjoying just living in between the career stuff…and seemingly more on his terms.

    ps. Nashville also a great fit for David…I mean, not that I can say that for him…just that he seems to have expressed it himself.

    Ok! blah blah blah from me! Will come back to see what others are saying later!

    • TOfan says:

      Amb4dja, “he’s had a lightness of being in his vlogs and tweets and comments on what he’s up to. Like he’s getting to “live life” in between planning his next moves musically. And after about 3 years of being AI’s/Jive’s diligent work-horse…he’s earned it” YES!!!!! I totally see that lightness of being and it’s a joy to see.

      Awestruck, I agree about Nashville, maybe someday!

  4. Amb4dja says:

    oh and on another totally random note…just for some retro fun, just happened across:

    (David Archuleta’s Cutest Interview moments on YouTube)
    2:34 “I sleep talk…and sleep sing” I love it. I’m sure he does.

    annnnd u can see I’m really getting lots done this evening.


  5. TOfan says:

    Wow, just watched David’s vlog (& bumped it to the top of the post) … did he really just drift off and start tinkering with a new song there???? *dies*

    Sounds as though this might be more of a semi-permanent band that he can jam with and develop a whole show with. Each time he said “shows” I was jumping out of my seat trying not to scream “Where???????” and “When?????????” 😆

    Looked almost like the same place he recorded that first 1000 Miles vid from way back, hmmm.

    • abanana77 says:

      I noticed that about the 1000 miles vid! Haha it’s times like this when I notice these things where I think I might be a *little* too obsessed. lol

    • jackryan4DA says:

      “Looked almost like the same place he recorded that first 1000 Miles vid from way back, hmmm.”

      THAT’s what I thought, too! Is it bad that we actually notice such things? LOL

  6. abanana77 says:

    Love love love the vlog! Wow I never thought he’d actually do a vlog from the piano where he’s playing with some song ideas! Amazing! He almost looks like he’s forgetting he’s mid-blog and gets lost in his soon-to-be-song.

    I also like the idea of the band members who can “speak more than one language” 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      I know!!! And that he mentioned vlogging from a jam session!!! (& if he mentions something he usually follows through) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. emmegirl says:

    Tofan, I love the idea of a more permanent band too, if that’s what he is doing. And this “multicultural” band is going to allow him to develop his own unique sound.

    abanana, yeah, I looooved that too, how the other musicians he played with “were great at doing pop stuff” and “in a music sense spoke English and Spanish”, but he wants to learn more languages and have a band that speaks 5 or 6 different languages… AAAAAHHHHH! He is taking his music and artistry to the next level and in the direction he wants it to go.

  8. refnaf says:

    Watching David at work is pure joy! LOL TOfan, I think alll your questions have been answered!! He is totally doing what he should be doing… and he realizes that he is still figuring out who he is as an artist and I am OVERJOYED by this vlog…… watching his face as he plays at his piano (and I recognized the 1000 miles spot too, ha) seeing his brain working, hearing him talk about how great it is to be more involved in the decision making >>> makes me want to squeeeee!

    The fact that he wants a more culturally diverse band, another thing to squee about, and he said SHOWS!!!!

    kkk I am overwhelmed with happiness for him and for what is in store…. for us!!!

  9. refnaf says:

    Amb4dja I thought Nashville would be a good music base for him too, and was kinda surprised that the band is all from LA, so sounds like that is where David is going to “work” from???

  10. peppertara says:

    Fantastic video blog from David! New band, new languages, tinkering at the piano, working a new song….sharing it all with us, loved it! I get nothing but exciting visions of David and his new music, his creative flow, his independent thought processes, his band, his shows (upcoming)…he seems to be doing exactly what he needs to do and love that he is sharing it all along the way. Would love to see a jam session in a future blog, whoa, would be wonderful. I have a feeling that we are going to see some pretty incredible results from David’s writing, learning and creative expression.
    I hope he sings more next time too!
    TOfan, good post and very interesting. Yes it sounds like David is on the right path for himself for sure. He does exactly that….puts one foot in front of the other and keeps moving and learning along the way. Whatever is up ahead I am so looking forward to it! He’s one terrific guy, keeps us updated weekly, love it. I wait patiently…..for a little more info each week. 🙂

  11. emmegirl says:

    I may be off kilter, but I interpreted the vlog as that he isn’t talking about a multicultural band in the literal sense (not that it might not be multicultural too) but in the sense of each band members diversity, each member speaks 5 or 6 languages musically. That they are not just really good pop musicians but diverse in their musical interests and talents. Said this will “allow him to broaden his horizons as a musician and learn more of those “languages” or different sides of music; to feel inspired by the people he is playing with on stage and learn more as an artist and musician so he can try more things and try different things.” He knows what direction he wants to go, “make sure this person will work best for what I’m trying to do now and do next.”

    He is doing now what he would have been doing had he not been on Idol – writing, experimenting, working on his musicianship, defining his sound, who he is as an artist. Ok, I am pumped!

    Tofan, yeah, I don’t think he would mention that if he wasn’t seriously considering it.
    And just thinking about that really gets the blood a pumping.

    (Wish we could have heard those half dozen words to that song :))

    • betsy says:

      Emme that is what I got from him as well. (if that makes sense, lol)

    • TOfan says:

      emme & betsy, I thought he was being all metaphorical too … and we know music is his language, so it makes perfect sense he’d use that analogy. How cool that he wants to explore beyond pop and see where that takes him.

      You’re right emme, it is exactly what he’d be doing now if he hadn’t been on Idol… but we wouldn’t get to watch it all unfold, how lucky are we?

      Hope he breaks out into a new song on his next vlog … remember this? 🙂

      • refnaf says:

        I am hoping for the language of
        “Soul”, “R&B”, “Gospel”, “Jazz”, so glad he wants to venture beyond pop>>> my hope is that he does not start speaking “Country”, but that is just me , lol.
        I really look forward to the vlog jam sessions…. how fun would that be??? I was mesmerized by the few minutes of seeing his brain at work….eep. He is billiant IMO

  12. awestruck says:

    I’m sure glad David didn’t hold to his ‘4 minute limit’ on the vlog, lol

  13. emmegirl says:

    Tofan, I am excited to think he may be trying new things. I have never much listened to pop Top 40 stuff before in my life, till him that is. 🙂

    It is going to take some time for all of this to come together – new band, maybe new sound, possibly newly penned songs, covers, and as he said trying new and different things. Pretty exciting stuff. Seems he must have something set up for the future, maybe just not immediate future, late summer possibly. Who knows. But we do have the appearances he mentioned to give us a glimpse as to what lies ahead.

  14. jackryan4DA says:

    LOL, the mis-angled vlog is back! Why he cannot get a fix on the right placement of the camera really makes me laugh.

    Anw, seems like he is taking his time with getting people he will eventually surround himself with. Which is good (patiently greeting teeth here).

    JAM SESSIONS on vid, YAY! Can’t wait 🙂

    If he wants his peeps to be LA-centric, then he will be LA-based, too? I thought he was more inclined with Nashville…

    Is it just me? But I got giddy hearing him play some song-in-the-making. Watching him “think-out” the melody actually excited me!

    “Baby look… and…” He did say “baby” right? Tee-hee

    dear david,

    see how the little things you do make us giddy-licious?!

  15. peppertara says:

    JR, David may have said “baby” in his singing but the only words I could hear (with my headphones on) from his soft singing at the piano were “been looking” or at least it sounded that way to me. We need to hear more of David in song!
    Very excited for David, building his foundation will take time but he is on his way by the sound of things. Many artists go the independent route and are far happier for it (and make a living at it).
    Never heard of “Foster The People” until David mentioned them, they have a unique sound (of course David probably has just about every song, every artist or group in his very musical head, ha). I’ve read from those who know him well that David has a phenomenal memory.
    awestruck….I am very glad too that David didn’t stick to his “4 min limit”, hope it continues!

    • awestruck says:

      heh peppertara! don’t have much time for commenting these days, but do read and I enjoy your’s and other’s viewpoints!

  16. jackryan4DA says:


    • awestruck says:

      My isn’t he becoming more articulate? because of being more relaxec???

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, JR!!!! When I saw still photos of the press conference I was drumming my fingers hoping a video would come out soon… trust you to find it! LOL

      And no, you are not the only one who got excited watching those creative wheels turn in the vlog, I got chills … it was so cool to see him drift off into the melodies whirling around in that sound chamber head of his… much like he looks when he’s singing and gets lost in a song. wow… if we could only get a mic in there! 😆

      awestruck, yes, so articulate… loved his answer to the NASCAR favourite question. From anyone else that would sound like a cheesy politician’s answer but you know he really means it.

  17. jackryan4DA says:

    Yeah,I just finished uploading DA’s ANTHEM-related vids all in HQ/HD quality. There are some vids in my collection that had not been uploaded by anyone before – nothing grand. But since we are in the business of chronicling anythingDavid…. haha. I’ll just add stuff I find in my vid vault as I go along w/ my other uploads. Here’s the link:

    FOD also posted the vid below and according to them they have not seen before!? Which is weird cos I’ve had it for the longest of time. So to make sure you also don’t miss it:

    There are other vids that may interest you and am sure that they have not been posted @ YT. I’ll put them in my next comment, ok?

  18. jackryan4DA says:

    AP Coverage of Latino Inaug Ball – this one has a clip of him singing front & center 🙂

    DA interview w/ Big Buddha – FULL & AUDIO ENHANCED – only the 1st part of the vid was broadcasted (see vid # 10-16 in my channel as ref); But in other YT postings, the sound of the 2nd part is almost inaudible cos it was like that in the original footage – so I fixed it!

  19. jackryan4DA says:

    COMPLETE feature on the BRUT SUN BOWL FAN FIESTA DAY – most videos posted in YT only show the actual M&G

    BRUT SUN BOWL RECAP by ABC7 has a front & center shot of him singing the Anthem which as we discovered belatedly, wasn’t televised, right?

    • emmegirl says:

      thanks much JR.

      “No copyright infringement intended. Just helping promote my artist of choice.”
      LOL, love it!

  20. refnaf says:

    AAah Thanks JR!! I love revisiting the past interviews…. I could spend the entire day….

    Wanted to share a vid of my own. Watch my grandson’s moves to TOSOD once he finally gets the volume up!! He loves David, I play TOSOD whenever he comes over to my place (don’t tell his Dad) And excuse my phone at the end 🙂

  21. refnaf says:

    So I can not embed…..???/

  22. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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