NASCAR: David Archuleta starts all engines!

More info:
At the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana right now! Wanted to let you guys see the track while the racers get ready for the Royal Purple 300 as well as the Sprint Cup tomorrow. Had such an AMAZING time riding the Goodyear Blimp! Thanks so much to Goodyear for the experience.

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Wow, I am on NASCAR overload right now. That vlog? His face at 2:22 when he searches the sky for his beloved Goodyear blimp?? That anthem??? The buzz???? … oh, wait, apparently there’s some sort of car race that goes on too … anyway, scroll below for just a sampling of the twitter frenzy that erupted after David sang the Star Spangled Banner. I can’t believe I get chills right up to my earlobes and my eyes start to well with tears for another country’s anthem … that’s the Power of the Archuleta!

Source: ACSupdates

Let the buzz begin……

@_Miriaamm: Oh My David Archuleta, Is Here! 😀

@kathryngx14: Omg. I gotta record the beginning of David Archuleta’s anthem. The girls that screamed when they announce his name…I laughed so hard.

@brian_fletcher: From those 14 year old girls shrieking, I couldn’t tell if David Archuletta was singing the national anthem or listing puppies.

@killercoreyy: LOL I’M WATCHING THE RACE. just for david archuleta.

@nascarchick_3: David Archuleta! 😀

@chelsearaehall: @99_AflacRacing did you hear the screaming for David archuleta? I didn’t know that many 12 yr olds went to NASCAR races

@sammikns:…Meanwhile, I’m twenty, a Nascar fan, and would scream for David Archuleta as well. So what 12 year olds? @chelsearaehall

@RichBohr: Did you hear all the girls scream when they said David Archuletta’s name! lol #NASCAR

@njnauman: David Archuleta is singing the national anthem at the race today…I loved him on Idol!! #pumped

@raquelnavarro77: Just met david archuleta omg omg omg hes soo cute

@CassandraMcKown: oh good lord you could hear the girls screaming when they announced that david archuleta is singing the national anthem for the race.

@RichBohr: @jjyeley1 My ears are ringing after the high pitch scream of the girls that sreamed for David Archuletta. lol

Rumour has it: David's starting his own Goodyear blimp fansite (called the Snarky Blimpies).

@MuseicalEP: @DavidArchie Excellent job with the National Anthem today! Are you available every weekend? Enjoy the race! 🙂 #NASCAR

@Nascarfan_21420: @DavidArchie Wish I was there, but watching it at home. U did a great job singing the National Anthem. Have a great time. 🙂

@MelissaM88: IDK who David Archuleta but, he did a helluva job on the National Anthem. #nascar

@sopapilla: Just heard @DavidArchie sing the national anthem. #beautiful

@ElisseMayo: @DavidArchie you sang the national anthem so incredibly amazing..

@dtallmon: ….David archuletta is awesome #NASCAR

@kithymanningfau: David Archuletta is the Bomb!!Awesome National Anthem 4 Nationwide Nascar! YES!!

@nascarchick_3: i think @davidarchie should sing the national anthem again this year! 😀

@ShannonGilhooly: @DavidArchie I skipped going out just to watch 55 seconds of you on the television. You’ve got a dedicated fan on your hands sir =)

@josieatwood23: Wow @DavidArchie you sounded fantastic singing the National Anthem for NASCAR! You looked good too!!

@betseybydesign: i loved david archuletta’s anthem–he did a lot better than i thought he was gonna’ do!!:)

@blakebraceface: i have a man crush on david archuleta

@Nascarfan_21420: He is so cute. Love David Archuleta. 🙂

@dexterdame: @Buffythecat David someone-runner up a couple of yrs ago at AI. He did a good job-color me pleasantly suprised!

Source: @NASCAR

@SummerDreyer: I’d never heard this guy sing before…. He’s pretty good actually. #NASCAR … I’m gonna try not to butcher his name here … I think David Archuleta?

@sammikns uhm: @jeffgordonweb, please convince @nascar to bring David Archuleta back to sing the Anthem at a Cup race someday? :).

@matt_castillo: @DavidArchie You sang so beautifully :]

@Angie_Rua: David Archuleta performed a beautiful version of the National Anthem today in Fullerton CA at the NASCAR Royal Purple 300 car race.

@missbianca: National Anthem is trending…

@FKayeNASCAR: I don’t think I’ve ever heard fangirls screaming before an anthem. #nascar

@FKayeNASCAR: @davidarchie landed that anthem. Nice pick, @ACSupdates.

@TheVoiceDA: Text from djafan (she’s at NASCAR) “…he’s watching now. He rode the first lap with grey cars” / from ITTO88: He rode on the back of one of the convertibles during driver introductions.

@striegle: Great anthem today by @DavidArchie & always enjoy a flyover! Especially for Nationwide. Probably the best anthem for the series I remember

@ZontarLives: @DavidArchie GREAT JOB DOING THE ANTHEM!!! SO NICE TO SEE YOU TODAY! Thx for the great performance. Love ya Bro!

@mandm731: @davidarchie beautiful job with the anthem David!! Your voice is untouchable 🙂

@11and20lover: David Archuleta was amazing♥

@MsTorisMommy09: @DavidArchie aww ur so freakin cute and ur eyes are beautiful im so glad u had fun!! I wanted to go see u sooo bad today but i couldn’t = (

@celticsfaninNH: @DavidArchie Awesome job with the Nat’l Anthem David! Ya done good 😉

@NShoutNfans: Wow I just saw @DavidArchie sing on ESPN that was amazing!

@Brooke_Smith9: Wow! Best anthem of the year from @DavidArchie. I wish he sang the National Anthem before every race!

@paolaure: Omg @DavidArchie was sooooo goood and he looked nice and his voice was amazing:)

@ikisstheground: Beautiful job on the national anthem at the NASCAR Nationwide race, @DavidArchie!

@YoSwanny @Jas5809: @DavidArchie Archie should be our designated national anthem singer.

@Mrkennyschafer: David Archuleta did so good on the national anthem 🙂 def. a great voice. NOW LETS GO RACING!

@jeff_gluck: David Archuleta doesn’t know any of the drivers, nor does he have a favorite. “I’m just impressed by whoever shows their skills,” he says.

@tracyg619: Doing homework at home while my uncles watching Nascar. suddenly i hear @DavidArchie singing the National Anthem. my day has been made! =D

@IndySkye: Christina Aguilera and others should listen to how @DavidArchie sang the national anthem today. That’s how you make magic.

@RockOnFrank: @DavidArchie #FOLLOWED

@NorCal_: Forgot to mention David Archuleta sang the National Antthem today. Didn’t think I’d say it, but he was great. Perfect job.

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54 Responses to NASCAR: David Archuleta starts all engines!

  1. pastelpastel says:

    Wow Deb. You did an amazing job collecting all the tweets. First of all, I love the fact that NASCAR fans tweet! Second of all, I love that they still have enough hearing to appreciate David’s wonderful rendition (that was a JOKE Nascar fans….you KNOW we love ya!)

    Buzz is beautiful.

    BTW…I also took a vid and tried to zoom up on David’s face (“tried” is the operative word). You can find it on youtube under my channel “pastelpastelpastel”.

    Thanks a ton DEB!

  2. Marylee says:

    “I get chills right up to my earlobes and my eyes start to well with tears for another country’s anthem … that’s the Power of the Archuleta!” <– so touching Deb! ♥

    I just love reading all the "buzz"! It doesn't take long..just one glance..just one listen & people everywhere appreciate a talented/dedicated artist doing what he does best & he did just THAT today. ❤

  3. Patty-Ann says:

    Wow! You did a great job with all those tweets!! I really enjoyed reading them!
    David was amazing and no one sings the NA better!

  4. maxie2go says:

    Palm to Heart

    Thanks my neighborss to the north. Wasn’t he something Nascar fans. Didn’t Simon lie. You’ll know when you know David as we do. This man is so genuine, so humble, so true to his music. David is not one of those, strippers in the background, singers; he’s the real deal and his voice doesn’t need flash and mirrors to support his music. This man can siiiiiiiing!

    By the way, I’ll bet you dollar for dollar, not all those screams were from teenagers. David Archuleta has the most far ranging fan club around, from 2 – 92 for sure. Too bad the Fighters came in on his crescendo. Man!

    Palm to Heart_ always a David lover.

  5. Abanana77 says:

    Wow awesome list, TOfan! Wow so awesome to read all the comments, especially from all the non fans. For once love to see the double “t”s because you know they’re not fans, haha

  6. Marylee says:

    AMAZON <- if any of those fantastic NASCAR tweeters come by to browse, here's a link where you can purchase David Archuleta's new CD "The Other Side of Down". You'll love his music..I promise you. 🙂 ~also can be purchased at Target & WalMart too.

  7. --bianca says:

    It’s really true, NOBODY sings the National Anthem better than David does. It’s a difficult song and to be able to put so much pride in the country in it without showboating at all is just pure TALENT.

    Oh, and I laughed at “Snarkie Blimpies” but I don’t think David has a drop of snark in him. In fact, I think it just puzzles him.

  8. archiesfan4life says:

    {{{{{TOfan}}}}} loved this – “I can’t believe I get chills right up to my earlobes and my eyes start to well with tears for another country’s anthem … that’s the Power of the Archuleta!”

  9. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks Tofan for all the tweets ,videos etc. Love hearing from everyboday and see the anthem trending because of David. So cute that he took in the whole experience and so proudly shared it all with us. Oh and the Blimp was there too!

  10. bebereader says:

    David surely picked up some new fans today. Building the tower slowly, one brick at a time. Today’s performance shows that he needs to get out there to be seen and heard. Hope each newbie buys a copy of TOSOD.

    Thanks TOfan, for the good read!

  11. breanne says:

    Thanks TOfan! Not only did David sing The National Anthem fantastically he also looked great!! Love him!!

  12. Nan says:

    Great post Deb. It is so fun to see tweets from “new” fans. Perceptions, acceptance, awareness and appreciation of David can be changed one tweet at a time! haha.

  13. Angelica says:


    Thanks for compiling all these tweets for us here. Love the love people are showing him. He is a national treasure and no one sings our anthem better. So proud of David.

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  15. joymus says:

    TOFAN – What a terrific Post!
    As somesone stated earlier – all you need is one listen or one glance and something profound just seems to happen to people when David is present. I don’t know if it’s the newfound freedom or what but today in both the vlog and on tv, the stunning eyes, the great haircut and confident singing bowled everyone over. It was a great day in Archuland and I’m proud I give my fullest support to this one of a kind artist.

    • emmegirl says:

      Tofan, thanks so much for sharing all the terrific tweets. Unsolicited terrific tweets. 🙂

      And joymus, I wholeheartedly agree.

  16. peppertara says:

    David starts all engines is right! Great post TOfan and thanks for gathering all those wonderful tweets together! David was fabulous…of course and I felt very proud of him too. I knew the response would be great and just from reading all those tweets, it makes me smile. His performance was beautiful and his vlog was a treat. Loved his joy and enthusiasm and it was soooo good to hear him sing again. I think he owns that NA and he certainly makes it real easy to be a fan, oh ya. 🙂

  17. SweetonDA says:

    TOfan, you did good! Thanks for collecting the tweets. We are all so hungry to hear and see David anywhere, that this was a real treat. He was amazing as always and he looked so fine. Loved the vlog too. It’s wonderful to see the excitement after David performs. Now, if those peeps would just go buy his album and share it with others. Yeah, that would make be doubly happy. 🙂

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  19. Trish says:

    Deb !!!! <333 I missed most everything yesterday so special thanks for capturing and posting all the AWESOME buzzzzzzz and spazzzzzingggg! It was so fun to read <3333 New fans wooohooo! Another wonderful National Anthem performance .. and the vlog! Loved Loved Loved seeing him stoked LOL and having FUN! Yayyy!!!

    • awestruck says:

      trish – didn’t he seem so geinuinely relaxed and happy in the vlog and then singing!!!

      • Trish says:

        awestruck – I know that’s what I thought too .. happy and relaxed and it was wonderful to see :))) and then reading djafan’s recap sounds like it was spot-on! Sounds like he was embraced by fans and NEW fans! So glad he had a blast! Yay!

  20. Amb4dja says:

    “David Archuleta has the most far ranging fan club around, from 2 – 92 for sure.”
    for shorrre. 🙂 n’ I love that about him.

    I’m with Maxie here:
    “Too bad the Fighters came in on his crescendo. Man!”
    …I was like “Noooooo… jets on the Glory Notes?!! …on David Archuleta, period?!! Noooooo….NEVA’!! Let us have some respect for “The Voice”, peeps!
    Haha….but that said….it is always great to see him anywhere…and in this case doing one (of the many) things he does best….those patriotic tributes. Class act, my man. …Waitin’ on whatever is next, David. 🙂

  21. awestruck says:

    TOfan what a treat to read your article and to see all those tweets! Makes my heart float up high like the Goodyear Blimp.

  22. peacesignpam says:

    Great post Deb!! It was fun reading all the cool tweets!

  23. TOfan says:

    Thanks guys, it was sheer pleasure to gather up those tweets, made my heart swell with pride!

    Saw this recap in the comments on mjs from djafan (who was at the event!) & just had to share (hope you don’t mind dja!):

    “David did meet Molly and Howie, wasn’t televised but I saw it, I was there!!!!
    David was beyond amazing and the response was tremendous.I was at the bottom set of bleachers and watched while they introduced him, Ringwald, Mandel, and all the race car drivers. The car drivers shook hands with David and the rest.When David stepped of the stage while they did more introductions and was immediately surrounded by people on the ground surrounding the stage including the drivers asking David for a picture. David took pictures and signed autographs until he was led back to the stage for the NA.

    “Off the stage he went again and once again he was surrounded and was then escorted to the center of the race track where the pictures and autographs continued. Some gray cars pulled up behind him and all the others and was I surprised to see him get in the front passenger seat of one of them while Molly and Howie got in the others. They took off around the track, pretty fast and waved as they passed the stands, the race cars followed behind. David jumped out the car looking mighty excited. He stood there while people continued to take pictures.

    “When the race started he clapped and jumped watching the cars go round the track. And then after watching a few laps they led him off to the buildings where there were indoor viewing areas, probably where he did the vlog from.

    “I’m so proud of David and by the response there he sure draws a loving crowd.”

  24. Trish says:

    Ditto Yay!

    “He showcases his pure talent when singing this song. He doesn’t do anything fancy or try too hard, he just lets his voice soar and the outcome is always remarkable. When David sings this song, it brings truth to the statement” <–Nicely said 🙂

  25. betsy says:

    Awww Deb, thanks for this. I worked late, and then again, early this morning and missed so much.
    Loved every tweet. Loved the omg’s. The mancrushes. The Idk who he is, but he did one helluva jobs. The beautiful jobs.
    This is so very poorly written that I must apologize, but I am in spazz mode, one day late. 🙂

  26. TOfan says:

    I will ask @abanana77 to check my math, but by my calculations, David hit 600,000 Twitter followers on Wed., March 23rd … yesterday (Sat.) I checked at about 7 p.m. and he was up to 602,291 … now he’s up to 603,055! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And this may be old news but I just saw this on TotallyDavid … David’s squiggly pig has been copyrighted! (shrewd move, Mr. David Archuleta, sir! You will go far!)

    Squiggly Pig

    • abanana77 says:

      Haha, awesome about the increase in twitter followers! Pastel posted a graph on twitter last week that showed David was gaining about 19,000 followers a month. So I would say 3000 in 4 days is pretty good 🙂

      Hilarious he copyrighted the squiggly pig! LOL. Hopefully I will be able to buy Squiggly-pig wear in the future 😛

    • betsy says:

      Love that!
      Title: Squiggly Pig
      Alternate Title: Pig

      Can’t take it anymore. ♥

  27. emmegirl says:

    Betsy, love how your comments are always so heartfelt but so simple. ♥

    • betsy says:

      Thanks. I think I always end up keeping everything under 140 characters. 🙂 And I love everything you write.

  28. River says:

    Wow.. this was great! Loved the tweet collection and TOFan’s observations. We are so hungry for DA news that this was balm to the anxious heart. Toss in the vlog and the amazing performance and I’m happy… for a while. Thanks to all!

    • emmegirl says:

      River, “balm to the anxious heart”, yes.

      I keep thinking about all the terrific tweets and how he touches people wherever he goes.

      “…I didn’t know that many 12 yr olds went to NASCAR races”…there aren’t.

  29. skydancer1x says:

    Thank you Tofan, for gathering all the tweets! just love reading the ones from those people discovering the Voice for the first time! woo hoo!
    So proud of David, as always.♥

  30. refnaf says:

    What betsy said> “I must apologize, but I am in spazz mode, one day late. ”
    except I am two days late!!! Tofan this is awesome that you put these tweets together! Love the new fans getting all twitterpated!
    There really is no one who can sing the American anthem as he does. simple yet stunning. Back in ’08 at the TO Idol tour he did one line of “Oh Canada” and it was perfect !

    It has been a very exciting weekend for me as well…. I have launched my website and living my dream!!! TOfan has put a link in the sidebar ((((hugs))), so check it out!!!
    EEEEp… thanks for all your encouragement peeps!!!

  31. TOfan says:

    skydancer1x, me too!!! ♥

    emme, “there aren’t” … LOLOL *spills coffee*

    I had no idea until now what a huge, loyal fanbase NASCAR has! It’s like two worlds colliding, lol … not too surprising, I guess, since both appreciate drive, talent, excitement, excellence and grace under pressure! 🙂

  32. utahmom says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks for gathering all those tweets. I love hearing positive comments from nonfans.
    And now I have a craving for In n Out Burgers…wonder why?

    • kizzi says:

      I love In n Out Burgers. The lettuce wrap burger is fantastic. 😀

      • TOfan says:

        I LOL’d at that In & Out Burger tweet, then it occurred to me that it’s only natural that all these meetings and foundation-laying efforts would be exciting for David but, as with any brand new adventure, likely fraught with trepidation at the same time.

        He auditioned for Idol never believing he’d make it very far, but he did it anyway. Just one of the many things we admire about him.

        Fascinating to me that he chose to share the dream with us. Just so … David. And the way he values his core fans ties in well with this article (thanks to @Jonerz, I now subscribe to this guy, very interesting point of view):

  33. kizzi says:

    Nice post TOfan.

    NASCAR fans are intense and r famous for their loyalty and longevity. Had a chance once to go to Daytona 500 and the most fun was watching the diehard fans. :D. I enjoy listening to NASCAR fans. Met Mike Martin once when he was driving the Viagra car.

    So glad David got to sing to such a loyal crowd. Looks like he gained a “few” fans.

  34. Katheryn says:


    Please vote for “Crush” at Musiqtone’s Video of the Week poll: 50 votes every 12 hours. Voting ends 11:59 p.m. ET on April 10, 2011.


  35. archiesfan4life says:

    Watching Jay Leno and he has Howie Mandel on and he was talking about the NASCAR race and he mentioned David Archuleta TWICE!!! He said, “and David Archuleta was there” and “David Archuleta sang the NA”!!!!!!!

  36. peppertara says:

    Happy Wednesday everyone, catching up a bit here. Saw Leno too and Howie’s mention of David was nice!! Forgot Howie is from Toronto, funny guy. Good to see so much buzz still about Nascar, so very buzzworthy!
    Still smiling over David’s Squiggly Pig copyright. Good for David, perhaps there will be a Squiggly Pig accessories line in the future….backpacks, scarves, fingerless gloves. 🙂
    TOfan, that article you posted about the music critique was very interesting. The base of ‘core fans’ that David has, makes all the difference. He is well established in that way and the rest he carries with him always, the voice, the artistry, the creativity, the persona…it’s all there.
    It’s exciting to think about what lies up ahead for David. Whether he goes with a big label or independent, even “Squiggly Pig” Records, haha…..all will be good.
    Loving the rapid increase in David’s Twitter followers too!

  37. peppertara says:

    David’s rendition of the SSB is so gorgeous. Somehow I missed this particular video of David singing the song at about 13 yrs old. I could be the only one who hadn’t seen it, lol, but gosh it is so, so sweet. Probably around the time he was battling his vocal chord problems too. Hats off to David’s SSB…at any age.

  38. TOfan says:

    aww, Peppertara, so cool to hear his 13-yr-old version!

    New post/thread!


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