Geek chic: The other side of David Archuleta merchandise

A company called Impressive Displays (they created this banner for David Archuleta back in December… no idea why) tweeted this concept sketch yesterday, along with these tweets:
“@ImprssvDisplays launches marketing package case study for @DavidArchie -follow the four phases of action here:
The @davidarchie marketing tour package project is underway. Next-theme and concept!
In the coming weeks we’ll build @davidarchie‘s graphics for the mkting tools here:

This is the T-shirt I bought at The Rocket Summer show. 🙂

Of course when I read the word “tour,” I flipped … along with probably the 550 other fans who viewed that twitpic).

Then I took a deep breath. My dad, before he retired, owned a similar type of company, so I know that a lot of these concepts are created to pitch for work, not necessarily because the contract is a certainty.

Still … tour … even as a speculative concept … yessssssssssssssssss.

So that got me thinking … again. Last fall, I attended The Rocket Summer show in Toronto with the lovely Pastel and Roberta and we all went wild for the cool merchandise that was selling like hotcakes during and after the show (including all the Rocket Summer CDs and EPs … imagine that). We turned to each other and said the same thing: “Why doesn’t David sell stuff like this at his shows?”

Imagine a whole line of “geek chic” merchandise that celebrates David’s dork-cool vibe and quirky sense of humour. Squiggly pigs here and “hush cats” there … with some of the great pictures from his album shoot used on posters instead of the dark super-serious ones that are there now.

"David Archuleta No Sleep 'til Bedtime"

Here are some random ideas (take with at least one grain of salt):

1) CDs, with a special price if you buy all 3, and Chords of Strength (hardcover, paperback and audio book* 🙂 )

2) Squiggly pig everything (to come in kids and adult sizes, since we know David’s fans range from Build-A-Bear age to 90something Dorothy and beyond), T-shirts, mugs, backpacks, flannel pj bottoms, walkers.

3) “No Sleep Til Bedtime” T-shirts … or PJs.

4) Yard accessories … and seedlings:








5) TweetWear:






6) Stationery:

7) Special VIP Meet & Greet location … and beverages:

Source: Tumblr








8 ) Thai food locator app … with bonus TweetWear:


Source: CappingDavid/Tumblr






9) Sundries … hey, Biebster has nailpolish, so why not?

So, what do you guys think? Is David’s selection of  merchandise okay as is? What would you like to see (either at a show or from …oh, and do you currently use any item emblazoned with the likeness of Mr. David Archuleta? 🙂 … just curious….


*The reason I mention audiobook… sorry, again… is because I just read that Anne Murray has just released an audiobook version of her autobiography that “as a special bonus, includes never before released live concert recordings, plus stories not found in the printed version!” 🙂

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49 Responses to Geek chic: The other side of David Archuleta merchandise

  1. Pastel says:

    YES YES YES!!! You hit the nail on the head Deb. I couldn’t care less what the poster-boards or banners look like, I want the wearable merch. You do not have to go any farther than David’s tweets.

    I want every red-headed fan to have the opportunity to wear a T-shirt that says: “Ginger. So tasty”.

    Let’s get this idea to go viral!

  2. --bianca says:


    I do NOT think David’s merch is okay as is. He needs a selection of geek stuff (some of these are PERFECT), a couple with his gorgeous visage (they try but they can do even better), and some more graphic approaches, possibly fan-designed.

    Many stars finance their tours on merch. So far his has impressed me as very generic, like the standard design tees at my local zoo. They could have any name on them.

  3. HPfanRinnie says:

    Amazing ideas! I especially love the squiggly pig think. I personally think he should copyright it and use it as his logo. I’d rather have that on my t-shirt than pictures of him that don’t represent him well. Plus, I sort of have a problem with wearing people’s faces on my shirts in general xD Love the ideas!

  4. jana says:

    Love these ideas..especially the tweet-T’s. And I would definitely buy David Archuleta “No sleep til’ bedtime” jammies!! Very clever!

  5. Amy (in VA) says:

    I agree that David could use some people with creativity to design some cool stuff. He does have a diverse fanbase to appeal to, so it probably makes it hard for them, but he should be making big bucks on this stuff! You are so awesomely creative I think they should hire you guys to help out! 🙂 And duh, sell the cds and book at the shows! That’s a no-brainer! I’m going to be optimistic that they’re on the right track this time. **crosses fingers**

  6. peacesignpam says:

    I actually love the “tweet shirts” !
    and would probably wear one of those 🙂
    And this is also an idea….
    Why not special order a shirt with one of David’s tweets to yourself! haha
    cool huh?

  7. Heidijoy says:

    Love these creative ideas !!!!

  8. bigarchiefan says:

    I love this, so funny!! I think my favorite is the ‘Tweet wear’ . Thanks for giving me a smile today!! 😉

  9. Tropical Angel says:

    TOfan: You are incredibly funny and smart.You guys should imail or tweet this whole post including comments to Melinda and Kari.I would if i knew how. First time delurking but regular visitor to your great site.

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks for de-lurking, Tropical Angel (what a great screen name, btw)!

      Interesting to hear what you guys would actually like to see!

  10. bluebar says:

    Especially for TOfan’s Tee, today!!
    Quote from C.S. Lewis
    “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

    Happy Birthday, Deb!

    • TOfan says:

      Not my b-day, but happy birthday to you, bluebar & Kizzi & Happy!!! 🙂

      • bluebar says:

        Oops, TOfan. My “old” age is showing.
        But, you can never have too many good wishes – no matter what the occasion!
        Thank you for the birthday greeting, as well. I’m in good company with Kizzi and Happy!

  11. betsy says:

    I love this! “Shampoo – iconic hair not guaranteed”
    I can’t stop laughing. (Just saw the final task in the log book)
    The tweet wear is brilliant. One of my favorite things of all time was a post it pad given to me in Ohio with this on it. “Hello giant bowl of guacamole. I think I love you.”
    Nobody in my house is allowed to touch it. I used one at work and people were insane for it. People who don’t even know him.
    I love this David family so much. 🙂
    (Fans just sounds weird at this point. It’s so much more than that)
    p.s. I would buy a purse with the right tweet on it.

  12. peppertara says:

    Love all your clever, funny and wonderful ideas TOfan! I have always thought there should be a lot more interesting merch at DA concerts and VIPs, etc. Love the tweet wear too and the squirrel feeder, lol….love it all! Could put Almonde on a Tshirt too. Squiggly pig merch….perfect. Would wear one of those Tees.
    And how about some awesome, current 8 x 10 glossies with David’s beautiful poses or even a fabulous program. You see them at other artists shows, am sure some with D’s face on them would sell well. All comes down to cost I suppose but well worth it.
    Have quite a bit of David merchandise but the only thing I use regularly that is emblazoned with David’s face is a mug that a friend of mine made me, for my Birthday (very sweet). Have a couple of David Tees that I wear at home though. 🙂
    Great post and it gets me thinking (and hoping)…..tour.
    Oh….the Audiobook idea, would be fantastic! Would love to listen while I sip my DavidArchie Latte while watching the Canada tour Blimp advertisement float by. 🙂

  13. emmegirl says:

    tofan, looooove your idea! Yep, especially the “tweet-shirts”!

    And the pj’s, I would buy multiple pairs!

    He has such creative fans I know you guys will come up with alot of really clever ideas.
    (Gonna put my thinking cap on.)

  14. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – AMAZING amazing post. Wow you are ridiculously funny! “Final task: Fold each page into a peac**k” Bahahahahaha I actually laughed out loud!

    Seriously, though, I would love for him to have awesome merchandise. Like cool graphic tees that wouldn’t be weird if I wore in public, haha. He’s young and fun and should have merchandise to represent that!

    LOVE the idea of the tweetwear! Hahaha wow, I would have like 15 different shirts/shoes/everything with my fav tweets on them. Haha, that might be a little weird but I feel like I’d get addicted to them. Hard to pick your favourite tweet, right? 😛

    Also I would def wear squiggly pig flannel pj pants!

  15. vermeer/penciltopaper says:

    TOfan, tweet shirts are brilliant!!! Leave it to you to churn out so many fun stuff! Love the Task for the Day Log Book! Peac**k LOL.

    And Pastel’s “Ginger. So tasty.” copy! So funny and fun. Great clever, fun, quirky copy can be key to really cool merchandising, whether it’s on a T-shirt or a mug.

    The fact that his merch so far has been basically generic or standard looking as Bianca points out has (IMO) to do with design not being valued typically. That is just how it is in general, not just with the merchandising issue. That part gets skipped because it is not considered difficult to marry type with an image. Anyone can do it, easily. But badly. LOL.

    I hope that as David progresses in his career, he will involve himself a little more in areas that are not directly related to music but that are important to the business side of it. He needs to be the one to approve how his image gets used or produced in the way he was more involved with the TOSOD CD photoshoot. Look how great that turned out and he is happy too!

    • TOfan says:

      vermeer, you are so right about design not being valued these days … it seems technology has fooled many into thinking it can replace designers, writers, photographers … even musicians and singers! I’m really hoping the pendulum will swing back the other way soon!

  16. Kizzi says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes TOfan and the slice of cake! 😀 And happy BD to Happy and Bluebar, my fellow Aquarians.

    Brilliant ideas as always TOfan. Your creativity is a never-ending wellspring.

    It would be fun to see merch such as “Hush Cats” slippers, Page-A-Day Calendar cube with his tweets or a Page-a-Day with his tasks for the day, and, oh, let’s see…a microfiber or organic cotton throw blanket with themes like tweets or squiggly pigs.

  17. refnaf says:

    TOfan, you out did yourself!!! This is amazing! ROTFLMAO 🙂
    Mr. Squiggly pig should def be David’s logo>>>The only thing I actually wear is my piggy pin (((((Bianca))))). And my vip shirt as jammy’s only when “on tour”
    Tweet wear…. what a great idea and it would SELL, imagine that! Quirky and fun with a little dork thrown in…perfect.
    These are seriously great ideas…..if only TPTB could catch on. David needs to make good money on merch, so that he can tour forever.
    Happy Birthday hugs to Kizzi, Happy and Bluebar 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  18. refnaf says:

    Forgot to say…… yes please to the audio book, with extra stories and LIVE CONCERT recordings>>>Ay carumba, that would make me happy, if our singing snowbird can do it …. David can toooo.

  19. awestruck says:

    TOfan such fun! Tweet shirts YES …

  20. SandyBeaches says:


    You have followed in your father’s footsteps that is certain. Those footsteps have led you to make this creative site and you defintaely are giving something to David every day. I try dang hard to do the same in an article once in awhile, but you have the creativity going on all of the time.

    You know, there are David admirers (a more classy word for fans) who have such terrific talent that they could send anyone’s career to the moon and back. I know that you (and your David friends) could create fantastic merchandise for David and I also know that if someone sees this merchandise they may copy you but then whatever it takes!

    There are so many creative artists, photographers, writers and designers in his fanship that I know they will all play a part in his wonderful career. That’s just me dreaming saying that.

    Happy Birthday to Kizzi, Happy and Bluebar and everyone else who has a birthday!… A birthday cake sounds wonderful on a winter’s day!


  21. canarchaudry says:

    Lol!! this is super funny Deb!!:) I am a lurker only but I can’t resist to de-lurk myself haha…what a great idea! loved the T’s, squiggly etc…I also love the DA cross canada tour blimp!!! just thinking..hmm…I wonder what would it feel like to have a meet and greet session w/ David up there…have all the merchandise and the Thai restaurant up there..I think it would be a BLAST!!:)
    You have an amzing creative mind Deb:) Oh, I see someone’s Bday..Happy bday to Kizzi!

    • TOfan says:

      thanks for delurking, fellow Canuck, canarchaudry! David has been responsible for so many “firsts” for a lot of us … next stop, blimp-ing! (if that’s even a word, lol)

  22. fa3ryg1rl says:

    What a great post! I think if there were t-shirts or bags with David’s epic tweets on them, they would SELL OUT!

    • TOfan says:

      thanks, fa3ryg1rl! … and off-topic but apparently JLo told Rachael Ray on her show that the best perf. on television EVER was David’s Imagine! (Maybe “I ♥ JLo” buttons can be added to the merch list! 🙂 )

  23. TOfan says:

    …aaaaaaand we may have a winner for a new poster shot (new pic from Matt Clayton from HERE):

    new Matt Clayton pic

  24. Angelica says:

    LOL! Love this post TOfan. I want me some tweetwear sneakers NOW! This idea is briiiillllaaaannntt!!

    Matt Clayton is pretty brilliant too. 😉

  25. peppertara says:

    TOfan, I’m still in awe of your clever, funny, brilliant post here.
    That Matt Clayton photo would most definitely make a great poster shot. Love Matt Clayton photos, this one is no exception! No one can say that David looks 12 yrs old in that picture.
    Love what JLo said about David, she’s a lady who knows what she is talking about. :

    Some interesting tweets from Impressive Displays, this one caught my eye:
    ImprssvDisplays Impressive Displays
    please take a look @davidarchie – if you’re not following this guy you are missing something pretty special … he may be the next “Elvis”.

    • TOfan says:

      wow, peppertara, I started following them but totally missed that tweet … LOVE that they get David, whoever they are, lol. (And when I started following them, they sent me this message, “Thanks for the follow! We tweet to teach about the display goods business and to inspire our fellow humans. Please be kind to someone today” … How Davidish is that?!? (to steal smanda’s word! :lol)

  26. abanana77 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Matt Clayton pic! 😀

    Also, off topic, but my friend just randomly texted me “Guess what I’m doing? Studying? No! Watching a video on just jared of David learning an instrument from an old asian man on the street! Haha” Hahahaha amazing! I am getting closer to converting her! She’s already told me that if David comes to Toronto (wishful thinking, I know) she’d go with me 😀

    • TOfan says:

      lol, too funny, abanana … if she’s watching that random video, I’d say she’s already a goner! 🙂 Now, if we can only get him over the border!!!!

  27. Archugeezer says:

    Working my way through insomnia tonight, giving me plenty of time to comment on these brilliant ideas. Heck, I drop in every day and I am still remiss in not saying “thank you” for the beautiful articles on India by both you and refnaf. Enjoyed more than once.

    Geek Chic: There is all kinds of cleverness going on here, further proof that David has fans who are teeming with talent. The tweet merch is genius and unique to David, to say nothing of the fact that there is a virtual library of quirky quotes already available for a variety of useable, wearable products. I would buy them, I would gift them; and it is probably taken for granted that I would talk endlessly about them.

    I have made my own one-of-a-kind stuff, and I have received similar gifts from family and friends. I do use them, primarily to help placate my ODD. However, most of it falls into the DDB category vermeer mentioned (design done badly), with the exception of missbianca’s expertly crafted squiggly pig pin, which I cherish.

    I can see cool people everywhere embracing dorkiness. Now, how do we push the “geek chic” concept to the right parties?

    P.S. Dang it! I just noticed that I missed saying “Happy Birthday” to Kizzi. (Happy Belated Birthday!) Sorry. When one is old and slow… Well, one is old and slow.

    • TOfan says:

      {{{Archugeezer}}} better late than never, thank you! (btw, your screen name & avi never fail to crack me up… I think I’d buy a “potato head” T-shirt too! lol

      “I can see cool people everywhere embracing dorkiness. Now, how do we push the “geek chic” concept to the right parties?” Excellent question! I’m hoping for a pendulum swing back to what’s quirky & real being embraced over what’s slick and fake *fingers & toes crossed*

  28. TOfan says:

    off-topic, you can read more about David’s visit to India in the RSO newsletter, HERE:

    Love these pics:
    Pathway of Hope1

    David and Lupe1

    David and Lupe2

  29. TOfan says:

    New vloooooooooooooog!!!!

    More info:
    “Teach your children well.” (good song) Just wanted to talk about kids and the fun spirits that they are. Wanted to just make it a little fun today haha. Let me know if you guys have any funny stories about kids. Also got to go to a wrestling match to see one of my friends which was cool. Hope I am getting better with keeping up with blogs so far.
    David Archuleta kids children buzz lightyear wrestling So Cal LA

  30. Kizzi says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL – embrace your inner “kid” FTW!!!! The YouTube comments are fun to read….

    Highest rated: “DAVID, I’m actually a Corp Member for a non-profit organization call JUMPSTART in where college students tutor low income headstart students from ages 2-5. Kids at this age don’t know about discriminination, races, differences, their hearts are pure and is amazing working with kids at this age and know that you can make a difference in their lifes because it is at a young age when they start learning about life. JUMPSTART FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT DAVID. LOVE YOU.”

    Lots of comments about his eyes. Good stuff!!! Big smiles!!!!

    And, now my friends it’s time for some seriously rockin’…. ZERO GRAVITY….

    Can we put this on a tee?? or a cup?? or a shoe?? Like entertainment wear? 😀

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