I just don’t get it ….

As you know, David Archuleta will be performing two songs as part of NBC’s Skate for the Heart telecast this Sunday night (4-6 p.m. ET) — one of them (MKOP) while Olympic bronze-medal skater Joannie Rochette skates.

Since Joannie is practically more beloved in this country than Tim Hortons, I posted the MKOP sneak peek video on Facebook. Shortly afterward, a friend commented, “He must be reeeeeeeally short, Deb.”

Seriously? That’s what she noticed? Not the incredibly beautiful song? The gorgeous skating, even? That VOICE??? I don’t get it.

Yes, David is a smallish guy, he looks young, he is young. Can we not move on?

You know what else I don’t get?

Someone tweeted a link to Josh Grobin singing “Voce Existe Em Mim” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. No offense to Josh but it was just awright for me (to quote Randy). I didn’t think it held a candle to Contigo en la distancia or The Cat and Mouse Carol – and yet it garnered more than 75,000 views in just 10 days… wait, actually I do get that. Josh is a huge star, lol, so nvm.

Son, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes. (Photo: spacequarterly.com)

Okay, another head-scratcher? Kari Sellards, who works with WEG Management as David’s tour manager tweeted this yesterday, “Hey all you Archies out there. I know a lot of you will go anywhere to see David but I am doing a survey to see where you all live. Just tweet me back with you name, city and state!”

Trouble is, she only had about 525 followers at the time. Not exactly a representative sampling. Some fans have double that. If that’s the scientific testing being used to determine where to tour, we’re in trouble. How about looking at the response to previous tour stops? Or getting David or his official Facebook to send out the call to action? (… of course, if she was just looking to boost followers (cynical, I know) it was genius! She now has over 700.)

One thing Kari and her colleages don’t seem to get is that there are so many fans who voted for David on Idol and then lost track of what happened to him (thanks to zero promo) — in fact, I’ve met many of them at shows. On the solo tour, quite a few didn’t even know that he had an album out. And again, this fall, a bunch were unaware he’d released anything post-Crush.

I truly believe that as long as a concert gets enough publicity, these fans will come out of the woodwork to see David. Why does no one on David’s team — including the man himself — seem to get that?

Tickets for this CHUM-FM event sold out in a record 15 minutes. *hints* (Photo: JustJaredJr.)

David seemed baffled at the crowds that came out to his COS book signings, flummoxed that he hadn’t been forgotten. This seems to be a recurring theme. In fact, I came across the blog David posted after the CHUM Christmas Wish event in Toronto, and could hardly believe what I was reading:

“On Monday we went to Toronto, Canada! It was great going back to Toronto, and we ate at a Southern Italian restaurant there. I’ve never had *Southern* Italian food, but it was delicious. I then did a performance Tuesday for CHUM FM of Crush where I accompanied myself on piano. It was actually the first time I had ever done that for an audience haha, so it was exciting. And thanks everyone for coming to the shows! It’s so great to see the signs and familiar faces. I wasn’t sure how the performance in Canada would go, but it was just awesome to see the turn out.”

Kinda broke my heart. David, David, David — please accept that your fans LOVE you and — even the ones who don’t necessarily have full-blown ODD — they just need to see and hear you or at least find out that a concert is happening and they will flock back to you like swallows at Capistrano.

Something I do get, strangely enough, is this line in a blog I came across from a Vancouver university student writing about the music she’s listening to right now:

“Falling Stars, Something About Love, Who I Am all by David Archuleta – i don’t care if he is like a male grandma, or that he is more for teenagers, I like his songs!!! still better than Justin Bieber right?! Oh please I hope so..”

That, I totally get…. 🙂

… how about you guys? What have you been scratching your head over lately?

p.s. Top photo credit: Tumblr (wishupontomorrow).

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  1. kikokiko2233 says:

    yeahh, i dont get a lot of things right now too. like why isn’t david more famous than bieber? or why hasn’t he even sold 100,000 tosod albums yet, since i think tosod is wayyy much better than his first album :/ why hasn’t he had a tosod tour yet? and what had happened to all the millions crazy archie fans? yeahh.

    • zami says:

      The major explanation for me is the lack of promotion. Only 2 performances on national tv, no radio airplay, no music video on VH1, etc … TOSOD can still be successfull, we’ll see what his new management has for him !

  2. zami says:

    What have I been scratching my head over lately?
    All the comparisons with JB !
    These comparisons belittle David’s talent. He’s, at this young age, already above a lot of other singers. So I really think that it’s insulting him and his artistry to be constantly link to JB. David is not a typical mainstream star, he’s way more than that. I hope people will be able to see who he is and give him the respect he deserves, but he needs to be seen and heard for that.
    (I have nothing personal against Beiber and the only things I know about him are what I’ve read online. I just think that the lazy journalists who put David and JB in the same “bag” are in part responsible for the misconception some persons have about David).

    • TOfan says:

      kiko, I am actually surprised TOSOD sold as many copies as it did, considering no one outside David’s core fanbase even knows it’s out there! Just imagine what could happen with a couple of commercials, print ads, TV spots etc. I certainly hope lots of peeps here in Canada will tune in to see Joannie tonight! 🙂

      & zami, I totally agree … lazy media keep making the Bieb/David comparisons (before that, it was the jonas bros!) … it shows how they (& the labels) want to assign each artist to a narrow box and can’t deal with those (like David) who can’t easily be categorized … true originals never can!

  3. silverfox says:

    TOfan!!!!! Have I told you lately how much I luv you?

    I scratch my head so often when it comes to David and why more people don’t (or can’t) see & hear what we do.

    As for his “tour manager”…I thought the exact same thing about what a clever way to get followers. (heh) Cause really…thinking they can get a good determination of where David should tour based on tweets to her…like you said, we may be in trouble. But at least it did let us know they are “working on a tour”.

    I was thinking back to the AI Tour when David showed us glimpses of his brilliance & magic as a performer & what we would be in for when he toured on his own. Before I knew I was not the only “older fan”, I remember thinking “This kid is going to be HUGE in a couple of years, another Elvis in terms of popularity but with a vocal talent the likes of no one.” I had no doubts & I was actually a little sad about it because I thought I would never be able to see him up close in concert again. I mean, how would I, a white-haired grandmother, explain being at a concert with thousands of screaming teens, which is what I saw in David’s future back then. I thought there was no stopping him. I worried how he would handle the enormous fame & fortune which would surely come within a year after AI. This was before I “knew” the David we all know now and that he could & would handle whatever came with gratitude & grace. When I found there were thousands of other older fans of David and I was not alone, what a relief that was! To be able to share with others who really “get” David was a Godsend.

    I’m still waiting for my prediction to come true. Maybe not so much that he will rise
    up through the stratosphere as a huge superstar the likes of Elvis or the Beatles, but he has everything it takes to make it happen. He certainly has the talent, THE VOICE. He CAN SING. I remember thinking every time I saw him in concert, “This man/child has a gift like no one I can think of. No one!” I thought it would just be a matter of time before a producer/manager would see & know how to market David and we would lose the accessibility we had come to love & look forward to at his concerts. When it would not be possible or safe for David. I would be OK with it, if it means David will continue making music. That is why he’s in this cutthroat business, isn’t it? Not to gain enormous fame & fortune that we all want for him and think he deserves, but to sing for us. To make us feel the music. To change lives through music. This is his purpose, what he was born to do.

    It is sad that your friend looked at David & forgot what she just heard, but maybe she was in effect wondering how it was possible such a BIG & WONDERFUL sound came from him . 🙂

    At this point, all I want is for his mgmt to do right by David. Keep David’s name out there. Invest in David the way his fans have. Do and SPEND whatever it takes to get & keep David’s name out there. After today, what is on the agenda? What is David doing in the next month?

    Oh, David, “If this world were mine, I would place at your feet all that I own, you’ve been so good to me. If this world were mine, I’d give you anything.” (as the song by Luther goes), if it would insure you will continue singing for the rest of MY life.

    Zami, you are right. But I’m also sick & tired of the so called comparisons or even putting David’s name in the same sentence as JB. There is no comparison as David himself said, he is in a different category than JB. David would NEVER belittle or insult JB for his success . When is everyone going to realize they are as different as any two singers can be in talent & vocal abilities, but JB has a fortune & an established artist backing him. And a manager who will do & say whatever it takes & has mentored JB to do the same. It’s working as we have seen. But for how long is yet to be determined.

    • TOfan says:

      Most astute, as always! I get the feeling Jive (& Idol & the media) also thought that post-Idol David would take off as fast and as huge as Bieber ended up doing (I mean we did too, based on how amazing he is … little did we realize that’s not the determining factor).

      I, too, remember thinking he was going to vault immediately to doing huge arena shows and become completely inaccessible to fans (again, like Biebs has). I find it really interesting to watch what’s happened to JB’s career … it’s the path we (and maybe even David, although he’s not about that) thought was inevitable. Although I want his fantastic album to be heard and enjoyed and, yes, bought, by more people… becoming a huge phenomenon based on being a teen idol is not what David has ever said he wants… and maybe these days if you refuse to let yourself be molded into that persona, the industry passes you by.

      As you point out, SF, one thing JB does have that David could really use is a mentor… not one interested only in making $$$ off of him but someone of influence and relevance to today’s music industry who “gets” David and wants to nurture his artistry and share his gifts and message with the world.

      Yikes, ranting again, sorry guys! 😆

      • silverfox says:

        TOfan, {{hugs}} your words are so true and this brought a vision to my mine & gave me chills…

        “I find it really interesting to watch what’s happened to JB’s career … it’s the path we (and maybe even David, although he’s not about that) thought was inevitable”.

        Because had David wanted it, he could have had it. He was on his way. All he had to do was agree to be what “they wanted him to be”. I wonder how many times David had to say “No” when big opportunities came his way. He went along with certain things which would not betray who he is inside, but how many other things has he refused to do which would have catapulted his career to the heights we imagined.

        So David is not a huge Superstar, the caliber of Groban. Not Yet. But he sure can sing rings around Groban, IMO.

  4. SandyBeaches says:

    Thank you TOfan for your wonderful, timely articles. I am so pleased to see this one in particular. Thank you to SF for your comments as they are needeed and appreciated.

    This is more than my dream for David, this is how I feel it is going to play itself out…Someone is going to come along and do it right for David. There is no way to try to explain anymore to the people in the decision making places who David is, how fortunate the world of music is to have his magnificent voice. He is in a category of his own and not tailored to fit todays fans, but to be the first of young male singers who are phenominal musicians . Both TOfan and SF are hugely insightful and have put it all out there for us to seriously think about. If he is not understood now, then someone new has to come into the picture and that everyone can understand.


  5. SandyBeaches says:

    Oh and SF, he will be rising up through the stratosphere to a great thunderous applause…I have heard the thunderous applauses already, I have seen the men go ..whoot, whoot! I have seen the tears of passion, at the same time joy coming from everywhere.

    I also have seen every body move in time to his singing as he travels from one side of the stage to the other. I have seen encore after encore and actually I have never been to a concert that didn’t have one.

    How many city blocks held the line up of people waiting for David to sign something, anything, on December 17th? I know we were shoppers and moved ahead just a bit!

    I have the answer alright but no way to do anything about it. I will keep trying though!


  6. peppertara says:

    Tofan, I have been scratching my head for years now, lol. I think all of David’s true fans are doing the same. Some really great comments here from everyone.
    It seems to be true that many fans from his Idol days or since his first single have lost track of David and what he is doing and has accomplished. Guess we do have to attribute that to the promo and exposure (or a serious lack thereof). It’s very frustrating, makes you want to pull your hair out at times.
    I so agree with you about concerts!!….they need to get going and get David out there performing live and doing concerts, he will do the rest! I have no doubt that a lot of people would go to see him perform even if they don’t know what he is doing currently. Get him on the road, let him perform all over the place, let him work his genius on stage, advertise the heck out of his tours, book him in whatever size venues they feel they need to! Tickets will sell, people will love him, the media will promote him, word will spread, he will pick up new fans and we will all be happier.
    (guess that was my little vent).
    TOfan, good point: “How about looking at the response to previous tour stops? Or getting David or his official Facebook to send out the call to action?”
    Yes, would certainly make more sense…and doesn’t David have over a million followers on Facebook?
    I think dear David just doesn’t take anything for granted, he appreciates what he has been given and is experiencing with each moment. He does promote himself a little more though (when he can) love that he does.
    With Josh, he actually used to be my favorite young singer….until David came along.
    I still love Josh’s singing but David just blew everyone else out of the water for me.
    Perhaps we should all be tweeting links to David’s performances to some of these TV shows. 🙂
    Well, one day more people will realize that it’s all about the voice and the young man who delivers it and has absolutely nothing to do with how tall he is, how young he looks, his age, or anything else..first and foremost it will be his music and phenomenal artistry. Not just for teens or grandmas either but for anyone and everyone who can feel something move them, deeply….they will realize it all in this tremendously gifted young man, a first class artist in his own right.
    Yes, maybe the future will bring people into David’s life who will realize what they have in him and do right by him in the music industry. We all know he needs to be seen and heard, it would be an absolute crime to toss away such a diamond in a rough world. I’m keeping the faith and somehow I think that things will unfold the way that they should for David. Thank goodness for his steadfast, true fans….a really lovely bunch by the way. ❤
    Gee, It's easy to go on about this subject. Pray for tour, pray for promo and pray that we can all stop scratching our heads one day. 🙂
    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, so interesting that Josh was your favourite singer pre-David … I’ve kinda wondered why fans who buy Josh’s CDs (or Susan Boyle’s or Andrea Boccelli or other “traditional” voices) don’t gravitate toward David’s CDs (esp. CFTH) … I’ll add that to other things I don’t get, lol.

      THIS! >> “maybe the future will bring people into David’s life who will realize what they have in him and do right by him in the music industry” … I truly believe that will happen for him!

  7. KathyH says:

    My list of head-scratching thoughts relative to David and his career is the same as yours, I think.

    Why hasn’t some industry person stepped up to mentor David? We all know the story of how Bieber had two people fighting for that right. In my opinion he is much less talented vocally than David, and the only thing I can figure is that he’s willing to do things that David isn’t. (Things, for the large part, that I’m glad David doesn’t do. I sort of wished the ole crotch grab would die out after MJ died, but alas …) Still, David is young, super talented and good looking. Where is his mentor? (Unless, of course, the offers have been made and refused by a young guy who wants to forge his own path.)

    I also wonder why people resist becoming his fan — like the woman who noticed only that he must be short. I mean, Bieber is shorter and younger looking physically than his chronological age, but my older daughter (17) has friends crush on JB. It seems to me as if so many people really have to be told that ‘this guy is good.’ By Oprah or Usher or their personal friends or radio people or whomever. They buy what they are sold.

    I think I realized that David’s music career wasn’t going to be a fast and easy rise around the end of his Idol season, though. Things went wonky. He’s a great person who doesn’t fit well in the cynical entertainment world, however, and I remind myself that I’m lucky for the opportunities I have had to see him perform live and to buy his music. I pray that doors keep opening that allow him to continue with his music career. That’s all I can do, I guess. Support and pray.

    • TOfan says:

      KathyH, “They buy what they are sold” … sadly, I think that’s it. What’s pretty cool is that David’s current fans (and we are many) support him not because, as you say, we’ve been “told ‘this guy is good'” but because we’ve seen (& heard) for ourselves that he really IS that good. 🙂

      • zami says:

        You know, if I wasn’t a fan, I would have thought that David’s performances of MKOP and SBL for Skate for the Heart were lip-synched. They were perfect. I know he really is that good but I can’t help to be amazed every time by his singing ability.
        This guy is a genius, most of them are misunderstood. But I have no doubt that his talent will be recognized sooner than later, just read all the tweets by non fans after watching him perform on TV !

      • TOfan says:

        zami & Refnaf,
        I was thinking the same thing … so perfect, peeps probably think it’s lip-synched!

        And it was cool to see the tweets by non-fans after the show! (Many were happy to learn he had a new album out! 🙂 )

  8. awestruck says:

    Promo from a least unexpected source…

    Greyson Chance’s single Waiting Outside the Lines – 36+ million views!!! PLUS look at the very bottom where it says ‘Listeners Also Bought’ – DA’s SBL and TOSOD! (Greyson is a YouTube sensation and I believe Ellen D. ‘discovered’ him)


    Customer Reviews
    Quite impressive , says professional musician
    by Michael Anderson
    “Two items up top: 1. Too many people are criticizing this for being auto-tuned. It is not. (I have a feeling that they are only listening to the preview, and are mistaking arrayed vocals (i will explain later) for auto-tuning.
    2. Many are saying this kid is just a Justin Bieber rehash. Other than the fact that they are both teenage boys, they are nothing alike in song structure or vocal style. Saying so demonstrates a lack of understanding of music theory (doesn’t mean speculation, it is the study of how music works.)”

    go to the link above to read the rest. This reviewer is talking about Greyson but interesting on a ‘musical’ knowledge level. I would love for him to review a DA song!

  9. SandyBeaches says:

    Kathy H. …You have it, you guessed it, a MENTOR…the magic word. Someone who is a musician, an outstanding musician, who puts the talents of the artist first, who understands the directions for one of the finest musicians ever. I just can’t find his phone number or his email address…the mentor’s that is.


    • Tawna21 says:

      SB– http://www.davidfoster.com/ ……I don’t know if you can reap what you need from this or not…it doesn’t seem to be kept really up-to-date, but with your resourcefulness, there may be something there that you can find. You have such a great musical knowledge, that you know what you’re doing when it comes to connecting with this type of person, whereas someone like me is just dabbling in the unknown. *hopes for good things*


  10. poof says:

    Great article, I really enjoyed it, thank you.
    For me, it’s not so much, “I don’t get it” as “I don’t like it”. I have always been surprised that many people thought he would be another “Michael Jackson” in popularity. Not that I don’t think he is THAT talented, but there are just too many factors going into huge financial success.
    Why I am not surprised by the pace of his success: He isn’t edgy, he is talented in so many areas, there isn’t a style focus, AI stigma, Mormon stigma, disorganized management, not enough management or fanancial investment, lack of mentors, the economy, changes in the record business, Beiber’s arrival, David’s desire to do things His way.
    Do I think all is lost? NOT at ALL. I believe with all my Heart, that David, with his huge talent, charisma and spirit, will be majorly successful for a Very Long Time. He just has to pay a lot more dues than the Beibers of the world. I am truly not sad, or worried. I just revel in each wonderful performance, adorable vlog and the chance to watch him Win the day, his way.

    • awestruck says:

      I agree poof!

    • TOfan says:

      Beautifully put, poof! … for myself, I didn’t exactly think he’d be as big as Michael Jackson right away but I naively thought he’d at least have a few more radio hits after the huge success of Crush … I still don’t really get why he hasn’t, but I do think you’re right, he will someday after paying more dues. I’m not sad or worried (much, lol), I know he’ll prevail and “win the day, his way” … love that!

  11. SandyBeaches says:

    Poof…did you go to SLC? Have you seen the videos?


  12. poof says:

    Hi SandyB
    Nope, I haven’t yet seen David in concert. But, you bet, I have seen the videos. I am hoping, my turn will come. I am also hoping they will make David a regular at the MO TAB Christmas special. I will get there!

  13. abanana77 says:

    I really don’t get people who don’t “get” David. I can watch the exact same video as someone where I am completely blown away but the talent and artistry he puts into it, and they come off thinking “It’s just a kid singing” or “I guess he’s pretty good”. I seriously don’t understand that. I don’t know if people aren’t tuned into the performance enough or something…? I don’t know. It makes no sense.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve shown videos to my friends/family and the only thing they have to say is “Anna, he looks like he’s 12”. Soooo annoying. I’m like “I don’t care what he looks like! Listen to him!” They just don’t get it, lol.

    Honestly I’ve had more success getting them to love David’s fun/goofy/awkward/wacky side. The few of my friends that have twitter are following him and they think his tweets are hilarious. And one of my friends likes to watch “funny David moments” videos where he says hilarious things in interviews and such. It’s a start, lol. If he ever comes nearby, I will bring her to a David concert and she will fall in love with the singer David as well. Hahaha.

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, that’s really interesting that your friends respond to adorkable David more than singing David … give it time and they will fall in line… 😆

      “I might have a *few* pictures of David on my walls” lolololol … it is nice she recognized him!!

  14. abanana77 says:

    Also today our landlord brought people by to show them our house (other University students) and I might have a *few* pictures of David on my walls, and one of the girls was like “… you like David Archuleta?” and I was like “yeah…”. Hahaha a little awkward but I was quite happy she knew who he was 😀 He’s not gone from everyone’s mind apparently!

  15. refnaf says:

    Scratching my head along with all of you…..Tofan, I’m right with you> I don’t get it. I can’t think of any thing to add to all your comments… you guys pretty much nailed it for me. If I think about it too much I feel like my head will fall off! Kaboom!

    Skate for the Heart was good, nice to see David on tv…. even Mr. refnaf thought he was lip syncing, rrrrrr, I set him straight!

  16. lani says:

    hi everyone! i lurk here everyday because this is a great david fan site. great articles, witty, sensible, intellectual people here. this is my first time to comment…cant help it with this article and sorry in advance if this will sound harsh but i think IMO many people dont get david because he is just too nice, too “right”, too NOT about “sex and partying”, too conservative, too true to his faith… he is just about too good to be true… really makes me feel sad. but what’s really great is that we, the very dedicated fans for 3yrs now, love David because of his voice AND what he is … and I think THAT will make his star shine for a very very long time (even if his is not the brightest star)

    • TOfan says:

      lani, not harsh at all, I’ve thought the same thing, that David’s “goodness” (both his talent and his beliefs & lifestyle) make him an outsider in the pop world … some may even feel threatened by what he represents: authenticity and honesty… but you’re right I think, not for long! As Munk said, he will do great things — his way!!!

  17. MunkFOD says:

    K. I haven’t seen anyone as talented as David in the industry in years. David is paying his dues. The timing of everything has been crazy…things changing with Jive, AI management, David’s management, illegal downloading, the kind of music on the radio, David’s determination to be true to himself (applauding that one!) There are so many factors. But I know that David and his great gift have a purpose, that he isn’t going anywhere. It is puzzling that he has so much respect from professionals in the industry and no radio play to show it. But I know it is an uphill climb and he’s going to be in the industry for a very long time, doing things the way he feels is best and making a difference.

    JB made it big on the coat tails of Usher. Financed and promo’d and songs together. That’s all. David is doing it alone, his way, and he will do great things. I am sure of it.

  18. Tawna21 says:

    Oh TOfan you’ve struck a tender spot!! *sigh* I have for such a long time wondered why David doesn’t get radio play here in Utah (Crush once in awhile)!! My gosh, it’s Utah, his home state! The state where he had some big radio promos this last summer and the DJ’s loved him, the state where he went to high school, the state where his family lives, the state where his orthodontist lives, the state that benefited from his Eagle Scout project, the state where he sang at the governor’s inauguration, the state that fans from around the world travel to to see him and hear him sing, and, on and on. Oh, and let me say it again, his home state! I just don’t get it!


  19. TOfan says:

    Tawna, it must be even more of a head-scratcher for Utah fans that David doesn’t get radio play there … I would love for someone to come out with an expose of how Top 40 radio works these days … 60 Minutes or Frontline … I totally don’t get what’s going on there at all.

    This I do get & I love!!!! From @_annie2 on Twitter:

    Some sales numbers on Amazon and iTunes following Skate for the Heart:

    TOSOD: Amazon: 534 (9:30 pm EST); 1942 (4:00 pm)
    TOSOD (reg edition): iTunes 185 (9:30 pm, pop); 283 (4:00 pm, pop)
    TOSOD (deluxe edition): iTunes 365 (9:30 pm pop); 951 (4:00 pm, pop)
    SBL: iTunes 634 (9:30 pm, pop); outside top 1000 (4:00 pm, pop)
    David Archuleta (Deluxe): iTunes 559 (7:30 pm, pop); 740 (4:00 pm, pop)

    Forget radio, prime-time TV is where it’s at for David, imo. 🙂

  20. abanana77 says:

    Love the album sales after Skate for the Heart! I completely agree, bring on the prime time TV!

    Hahahaha a group of boys came to look at our house today and one of them commented about my pictures of David! He was like “You’re a huge David Archuleta fan, aren’t you?” LOL. Aaaaaand I happened to be listening to P&A when they walked in and after he commented on the pictures he was like “AND YOU’RE LISTENING TO HIM RIGHT NOW!” Hahahahahaha sooooo funny. I was SUPER impressed he recognized not only the pictures but the song too! (this is my indirect promotion of David btw, lol)

    • awestruck says:

      keep it up abanana! great to see others recognize David heh!?!

    • awestruck says:

      keep it up abanana! great to see others recognizing David heh – especially the guys!

    • TOfan says:

      haha, LOVE your “house tour” David promo, abanana!

      Keep us posted! 🙂 …and as a side note, I’ve been “rediscovering” P&A lately… such a great song on so many levels! (no pun intended, hahaha)

  21. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – your rants are so very rant-fab-u-lous-a-ful. 😀

    Spent past few days with grandchildren at the “happiest place on earth” and we had a super fan-tas-tic time. Which when I read your “rant” a few minutes ago got me to thinking about the past few days where goodness, happiness, smiling, having fun, connecting, families, friends, good times, cheerfulness, kindness, etc. etc. etc. were in full bloom and the order of the day.

    There is a place for David’s music in this world. I know it isn’t “Disney” but that isn’t a four letter word, ya’ know?!? I think his music is slowly finding its own niche, own place, own time. And whenever that happens “I’ll be there.”

    Poof, I believe nailed the who, what, when, where and why of it. David is doing it “his way.” He has his priorities and they are what they are. His music is what he will make and his reasons have been definitively delineated in Chords of Strength.

    Which also leads me to believe if someone can come from thinking he will never sing again to the challenges he is facing now with getting his music out to the world…well, that someone knows what it is to face what appears to be insurmountable odds and succeed.

  22. poof says:

    Thanks for the “Uh huh’s” everyone. I’m so glad I am not alone in my feelings of anticipation yet peace, that “give it time and things will fall in line…….” 🙂

    • awestruck says:

      poof, I love it when you and others point out from David’s own words how to take our cue in all of this!

  23. awestruck says:

    So, is this the calm before the storm – by storm I mean an announcement of an amazing tour/promotional events frenzy?

  24. TOfan says:

    kizzi & poof, I’ve never doubted that if we “give it time things, will fall in line,” but being the analytical nerd I am, when things puzzle me, I like to try and figure them out. This doesn’t mean I don’t 100% believe David’s talent, heart, soul and sheer work ethic and focus will get him exactly where he wants & needs to be … I do believe it, and am behind him every step of the way (I think most of us here, would say the same).

    That said, speaking of Disney, I would love to know why Radio Disney played the heck out of his first album & had him “take over the airwaves” in-studio a couple of times but hasn’t played TOSOD at all (& have removed his 1st CD songs from their playlist). Very strange. Maybe they wanted him to open for another Disney artist, but after having done that with the Demi tour, he said no? Just a wild guess, but another thing to add to the list of things I don’t get. 🙂

    (p.s. & I still think the “Good Place” line “I don’t want to waste another summer” was written about that tour! lol )

  25. refnaf says:

    You guys are awesome!!! Love the convo….. 🙂

  26. TOfan says:

    off-topic but, bahahaha, love this!

  27. SandyBeaches says:

    Tawna21…You remember what I write from time to time and that’s a great guess at the mentor!! Thank you for the address and I will dig a little deeper to find the information that I need. I will let you know how I make out!


  28. betsy says:

    Tofan, I understand you exactly! A year ago, I posted Ave Maria on my FB page, live from I think SLC. It was – well you all know what it was. Gut wrenchingly beautiful. One of my lovely, sweet sisters had this to say about it. “He’s such a cutie. Growing up.”
    Kind of not what I had in mind. Some people just don’t see/hear what we do. I always think – “What is wrong with everyone else?” But you know what? There is nothing wrong with my sister. I adore her. She’s just not lucky like I am. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      *high-five* Betsy! lol We are pretty lucky, you are so right. 🙂 One thing I was happy about after my friend’s FB comment was that to know how Joannie’s & David’s heights matched up she must have watched till the very very end! 😆

  29. kizzi says:

    There is alot we could speculate on TOfan with what happened (or more in the vein of what didn’t happen) last year starting with release of SBL and then the album. Something happened or more probable multiple somethings happened from the business side. What those were will most likely not be put out publically for fan consumption. If it was negative then the media and haters would have a hey day with it. Would probably do more harm than good from a PR perspective. Contracts have provisions and consequences. Power games proliferate and there are winners and losers. Money talks. Risks are analyzed and decisions made. Contracts also expire and have dates for renewals or walking away. Then there are ethics, personal preferences, visions and goals and all that has been stated and speculated upon.

    I understand your angst. But I don’t believe there is any official factual info out there to answer our “what happened” wonderings.

    We do all care about the same thing. 😀

  30. bigarchiefan says:

    This is my first time ever commenting here. Loved everyone’s thoughts. I too have many of the same thoughts and feelings as to why David is not being promoted enough/ getting radio play. I must say, the comment about him not even getting radio play in Utah really surprised me. I am convinced it all has to do with money and who “pays for play”! I have tried so many times to request David’s songs on my local radio stations ( I live in CT). No luck, they never have his songs listed. Also, the DJ’s no longer seem to answer phones and take requests… most stations have a pre-recorded playlist with the same artists being ‘overplayed’ all day long! I have typed in my requests for David when that option is possible, but never hear David’s songs. Makes me so frustrated!! 😦 Even Ryan Seacrest IMO…. does a poor job of playing his ‘friends’ music! You would think Ryan should be able to play the songs he chooses on his show. Just can’t figure it out, so I go back to the “pay for play” theory!

    On a more poitive note, David doing it his way and the fact that he is so truly happy with his music…well that is what I want for him. He doesn’t seem upset by it all. On the contrary, he has told us he loves everything he is able to do and seems truly grateful for all of it. I think we can count on David being around for a long time….because he wants to be! That should be good for all of us fans, right.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see the info on sales of TOSD after ‘Skate From the Heart’ aired on Sunday….very interesting! It just confirms what we know, when most people are given the chance to see/hear David, they are sold on him and his tremendous talent!

    Well, there’s my two cents for what it is worth. Thanks for doing such a great job on this site, I truly enjoy it.

    Take care all,

    • TOfan says:

      Welcome, Katie! Is that two cents Canadian? … sorry, couldn’t resist! lol

      Totally agree with your comment about Ryan. I distinctly remember at the end of Ryan’s COS interview with David, he invited him back when his single came out. I know a lot of false promises are handed out in show biz but since David had performed at that hospital charity event of Ryan’s after Idol, I was surprised he didn’t at least play SBL a couple of times. sheesh

      But as you say, “I think we can count on David being around for a long time….because he wants to be!” Yes!!!!

      • SandyBeaches says:

        TOfan…The Canadian dollar is stronger right now!! Whoo hoo…to that!! I just read your comment to my husband as I was laughing and he read me the latest asbout the loonie, for the moment anyway…


  31. kizzi says:

    Well I am sitting in a Bonefish Grill in Baltimore MD right now and they r playing SBL. WOO HOO!

    • TOfan says:

      Woo to the hooooo!!!! That is so cool!

      • Kizzi says:

        And Bonefish is part of the Outback, Carrabba’s chain so maybe it will be played in all 3 – that’s alot of restaurants in the USA.

        It was fun to sip Pinot Noir, nibble on ahi tuna and listen to SBL.

        The group I was with saw my ears perk up so they listened along and enjoyed the song. They are new acquaintances and knew nothing about my long term fan-cination so I was ecstatic to get their positive remarks. I played it tres cool not saying much just that I hadn’t heard this on the radio before; and, that I got to hear David sing at MoTab when “a friend” invited me to attend by giving me a ticket and that his new album was out. 😀

        P.S. I got a text from one of the guys (in his 30’s) who said he downloaded TOSOD this AM from itunes and he really likes STR. I replied I liked LA and FS and agreed STR was great. Then I asked him about One Republic’s “Secret” which he said he has and he asked me about a couple of other songs by other artists which I am now listening to so I can reply (hahaha). Stealth grassroots marketing FTW!

      • TOfan says:

        *squeeeee* Your stealth-marketing story just made my day, Ms. Kiz, love that!!!! ♥

  32. MunkFOD says:

    Hi Katie! (bigarchiefan) I really enjoyed your comments! I agree wholeheartedly. I just would like David to have enough success to be able to keep writing and performing for as long as he would like to. And I hope that is for a very long time. So happy you commented! 😀

  33. TOfan says:

    *spoiler alert*

    @Y_J_fan is reading Richard Rushfield’s new book “American Idol: The Untold Story” and shared these David references on Twitter:

    “Raised singing since he could walk, David was like an Olympic athlete whose entire development had been funneled into his performance”

    “The moment of Kelly Clarkson hugging young David [in a video] prefigures a torch of destiny being passed to the young boy who would someday rule the Idol stage”

    “talking with him offstage, you rarely found him totally relaxed or unguarded. But when a strand of music would float through the air from a neighboring room down a hallway, he would latch on to it like a lifeline, reciting the lyrics quietly to himself, moving his head with the rhythm.” — Richard Rushfield.

    … and this full-page photo:

  34. omgDavid says:

    Hello everyone, it’s so wonderful to come home & be part of this loving place. I love all the comments posted as always. They are stress free compared to other sites. hugs to all.

  35. TOfan says:

    *hugs* to you omgdavid!!!

    Spanish alert! about 10 min. in! ay carumba!
    Here’s David’s interview from yesterday (with Samara Riviera):

    • TOfan says:

      Translation of what David said in Spanish (in the interview posted above), courtesy of the amazing @Zully_FOD (who’s from Honduras) on Twitter!

      ok David says… “I speak a little bit, but not too much, I am learning, I practice with my Abuelita because she doesn’t speak too much English

      and my grandfather doesn’t know English, only Spanish, so when I am with them , I speak Spanish. I am learning! I like to practice with people who work in restaurants like pupuserias, Catrachos restaurants (Honduran ♥♥♥) and with my mom’s family … I don’t know (giggles) ….


  36. peppertara says:

    Just listened to the interview, very sweet! Love David and his Spanish!….kind of think David under rates himself when it comes to Spanish. Speaks more than a little I would say and we know that Spanish album is a goal of his (and ours) and I’m sure it will happen.
    Would love to hear David’s new songs played, somewhere, anywhere here. Still hearing Crush played (even in my doctor’s examination room, lol). Always good to hear it but let’s have some new music…haven’t given up on that though.
    Hmm….just may have to get a copy of Mr. Rushfield’s new book. Always loved his commentaries on David and have always been a fan of his!
    Have a great day everyone and thanks for some great comments here and interesting reading. 🙂

  37. Mark S, Ross says:

    It amazes me that his MGMT. Co. is so lame that they can’t figure out how to create a tour for him. I’m an MAJOR Fan of David and have many autographed collectibles from him. I live in Atlanta, GA and have not seen him in concert when he opened for Demi Lovato. His Management Team just keep him in the NE, MidWest, Asia, Canada. What about his southern fans. After David opened for Demi, I was not surprised at all of the flock of people who left the arena, because they saw THE STAR we all came to see. I want David in ATLANTA this tour and not only in Atlanta, but the HEADLINER! Let someone else open for him for a change. Let’s keep him out of the malls, etc. He is an amazing artist with a voice of an ANGEL! You can take that to the bank!!

    • MunkFOD says:

      You’ve got that right! We are all scratching our heads ……. watching for great things to come.

    • TOfan says:

      Hope David gets to Atlanta, Mark, but just for the record he hasn’t come to Canada to do a concert since the Idol tour. 😯

      Peppertara, I think you’re right about David underrating his Spanish skills … although what do I know, my Spanish knowledge is limited to Ricky Ricardo, lol.

      Don’t plan on watching A.I. this year but one good thing about the show… so many of the articles about the new judges & format inevitably mention David, gotta love that! 🙂

      … and since I’m not watching Idol, I got bored & checked out the tags on the Riviera interview… looks like she covered all the bases 😆 :

      american idol david archuleta exlusive interview the other side of down music falling stars video runner up cute guy sexy boy sexi latino white season young brunette light eyes pretty samara riviera vivalarivieracom january 2011 jennifer lopez steven tyler randy jackson judges honduras hondureno tamales de pollo teen archie fans spanish espanol actor acting hanna montana icarly guest spot

  38. emmegirl says:

    tofan, those tags, lol!

    I cannot get enough of this boring-warm-up-the-chords-check-the-sound-system-dry-run soundcheck. Kiiilllls me. Starts with that beautiful melodic voice, and then he decides to taunt the crowd – belts it out at 2:00, drops in an amazing little jazzy slide at 2:15 with a couple of lip licks, follows up with a groovin’ “ya da da-da da da” AND a mischievous grin, and then cause he can, ends with an simply simple and amazing “oh yeah” … and all with that mole hanging on his left jawline.

    • MunkFOD says:

      Emmegirl, one of my all time favorites! It is so effortless and he throws in a “happy birthday”… geesh….love it…

    • TOfan says:

      wowza, emme, maybe Ms. Riviera watched that vid before she wrote the tags! lol I love that casual “Happy B-day” aside too, Munk! too much

      This just made my day, from a TV station in the Philippines:

  39. peppertara says:

    TOfan, my Spanish knowledge is on a par with yours I think…except along with Ricky Ricardo I could add Topo Gigio to that, lol. (have a feeling David would have liked Topo). 🙂
    emmegirl…..love your delightful play by play of David’s warm up of STR! Yes, even his sound checks are captivating……he gets the award for best warm up, sound check performer and all around entertaining guy every time!

  40. MunkFOD says:

    OH my gosh you guys! You have to see this! highlights of David in the group performances from idol! Great to see his progress thru idol….geez ! He is soooo goood!

  41. Shelia Golden says:

    I think this is a very good write up. David is just not been promoted. I don’t know if its jive or Melinda. Just because he don’t get votes or tweets on the computer don’t mean he fans would not go to a concert. No every one has computer access. Please Please jive schedule him so concerts.

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