To Sir David, With Love

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I’m sitting here trying to list all the things I’ve learned from David Archuleta … now why is my screen suddenly so blurry?

Not sure why thinking about this chokes me up…. Because the list is so long? Because he’s still only 19 but could out-Yoda Yoda? Because love fills my heart when I think of how grateful I am for his music, his message, the beautiful people he’s brought into my life?

But, as David always says, keep moving forward, put one foot in front of the other, so here goes.

Professor of Archieology (photo:

I’ve learned that winning isn’t everything. And not just winning American Idol. Don’t get me wrong, I was crushed, crushed when he didn’t win. I made those little girls in that video seem mellow the way I carried on when Ryan read out Cook’s name. And I admit I held a huge grudge against Mr. Cook for a long time after. But it was the way our David was clearly thrilled with being runner up, and the way he gave full credit to Cook for deserving to win that brought me around. Made me see the Light … On. (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Beyond Idol, I’ve learned that winning the radio-spin game isn’t everything either. If David had believed that and listened to those early songwriting partners who kept telling him “it’s not catchy enough, not hooky enough, needs to repeat more,” we wouldn’t have the amazing TOSOD album we have today. And it is amazing.

I’ve learned to disco with the flow. When I first heard David talk — and sing — about how attitude makes all the difference and to welcome the surprising twists and turns life can bring you, I admit I thought he was being a little naive. But if I’ve picked up nothing else on this David trip, I’ve noticed that the most amazing people, experiences and joy can come along if I stop trying to control every moment and sit back and enjoy the ride.


I’ve learned age is just a number. David spouts the wisdom of a 102-year-old sage while he turns 88-year-old fans into squeeing teenagers. You’re as young as the music you listen to. That’s my new motto.

I’ve learned to mosh, blog, text, tweet and knock back wheatgrass shots – all thanks to David. Next, I’ll be jogging in hotel hallways.

I’ve learned “to thine own self be true” – yes, I know those are Will Shakespeare’s words – but David lives them every day in an industry where “truth” and “self” don’t always go hand-in-hand. How he has the courage to remain so true to his adorkable self, embrace his goofballness, and be so comfortable in his own skin — at 19 flippin’ years old!!! — inspires me every day.

I’ve learned to focus more on what I can give rather than what I can get. If those “today’s task” tweets of D.’s about calling grandparents, visiting neighbours and writing letters were from anyone else, I’d find them incredibly annoying. But I know David actually does those things so they make me want to try and do them too.

I’ve learned to hope again. To believe that good things do happen to good people. And that prayer and love can work miracles – can move mountains. David’s music fills me with that hope – throws open every window and lets the sun stream in.

Most of all, I’ve learned to be grateful. Not only for this music, this voice, this amazing person and all the dear David friends I’ve made, but because I’m here. Now. Every day I’m thankful for so many things. I’m flying to SLC this morning for MoTab and I keep pinching myself. I feel beyond blessed to have been given this gift. I want to treasure it carefully and honour it and find a way to give something back.

I learned that from David too.


p.s. How about you guys? What have you learned in the classroom of Professor David Archuleta?

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  1. emmegirl says:

    Gosh Tofan, what a beautiful inspiring post. You have said it all and I would just like to echo every single word. If I tried reposting my favorite parts I would post the whole article so I’ll just say thank you to you for expressing so perfectly and poetically what I feel.

    And to you and all of those going to MoTab, your blessing blesses us at this wonderful time of year.

  2. MunkFOD says:

    TOFan, What an awesome post! Man, I am on David overload this week! and that is a good thing. So full of all kinds of emotions! Your post said what is in my heart and what I have learned, exactly! So excited for today! Can’t imagine what David is feeling, what is in his heart….His music and his example are such a blessing….OK…getting a little sappy but can’t help it! I can’t be in UT but I am living it all thru others eyes and hearts! Going to need a box of tissues…I can just feel those tears starting to spill out! thanks again TOFan for the awesome article. I think I will have to read it a ton of times ….it is sooo goood!

  3. awestruck says:

    (((TOfan))) –after the title you got me at “now why is my screen suddenly so blurry?” Wonderful TOfan, just wonderful. Everything you said fits, but dicoing with the flow has made a big impact on my life.

    An emotinal overload, oh yeah. I too have been truly blessed to be able to go to SLC to hear David “complement all those other voices and instruments,” and to avoid being “self-indulgent.” Gah, this young man has taught me to try to put others first!

    David looks much older in the pic above – the shadows on his face maybe… he looks so, so…… content?

  4. Tawna21 says:

    TOfan, my biggest lesson has been learning to ‘disco with the flow’ and ‘put one foot in front of the other’. I really, truly have found that to be my mantra the last couple of years. Thanks, David.

    I certainly hope to see you in SLC. Our snowy landscape is adding to the beauty of what is coming over the next few days.


  5. jackryan4DA says:

    This is just a fly-by as am baking blueberry cheesecake for our office’ Christmas party tomorrow. Will come back to comment on TOfan’s article


    DAVID is the hottest ticket in town!


    And the accompanying article of the video can be found here:

  6. jackryan4DA says:

    mea culpa – i forgot to take out the “v” in the code – I just copied it after posting at TDC. So sorry

  7. archiesfan4life says:

    I just had to stop by one last time before I head out to begin my trip to Utah! I will bring back every single detail from this momentous event!

    Until next week…..

    Love }}}}}


  8. TOfan says:

    Big huge *waves* to everyone from SLC!!! I still can’t quite believe I’m here and will try to update you guys!

    Just heard that David’s singing in Italian tonight… I won’t get to hear that till tomorrow… gives me time to calm down…. hahaha, as if. 😆

  9. peppertara says:

    TOfan, what an incredibly beautiful post. So happy that you and others are in SLC where true magic is happening. Truly wish I was there but I can certainly feel the anticipation, the glowing hearts (really glowing) from so many who are there.
    Yes I read from someone’s tweet that David will be singing in Italian….another glorious song and another language to add to his portfolio.
    Don’t know what I can add to your lovely post, it all rings true for me too. I can honestly say that David changed my life for the better and you are right, age is just a number, in fact I completely forget my age most of the time when I am listening to David, any barriers completely disappear! No matter what your age…..something so incredibly wonderful is meant to be shared with anyone and everyone who has ears to listen and open hearts.
    Have a fabulous time, thrilled for all of David’s fans who are in Utah right now and I am very thrilled for David! ❤

  10. jackryan4DA says:

    David Archuleta-Motab- Los Pastores a Belen thanks to pattiecake —

  11. jackryan4DA says:

    OK, I found this comment from SLTribune — take heed those attending tomorrow’s event:

    My son had tickets to this concert tonight, something he was looking forward to for months. He received parking passes with the tickets and arrived at the designated parking lot an hour before the concert. The lot was full. He and his wife drove around SLC for a half an hour before they parked up near the capitol and walked down to the Conference Center. They got in a long line (designated for ticket holders) and after 15 minutes in line they announced “sorry, the Conference Center is full.” They were not able to attend the concert.

    If you have tickets for the Friday or Saturday concerts make sure you arrive in SLC at least two hours in advance! That way you won’t waste $20 on gas and be disappointed.

  12. jackryan4DA says:

    Just keeping tabs of the slew of interviews

    DA w/ Showbiz Shelly – and the lovely banter continues! (16 Dec 2010)

  13. jackryan4DA says:

    RE my post above, here is cutter’s suggestion for PEEPS WHO MAY HAVE PROBLEMS PARKING AT MOTAB EVENT

    That’s too bad about those people who didn’t get to go. Here’s a suggestion for parking. Park at the Triad Center on 300 west and North Temple Which is two blocks away and an easy walk to the Conference Center. There is an open lot on the east side of the street that will fill up fast, but on the west side its covered parking that everyone seems to ignore. Parking is free for both.

  14. jackryan4DA says:

    in case not yet posted – LP33tv interview

  15. KathyH says:

    Why did it take me so long to find this article!!!??? TOFan, I love it. I laughed and nodded all the way through it. Thank you!

  16. jackryan4DA says:

    Thanks to pattycake4 — DA singing CAT & MOUSE — yipee!!

  17. jackryan4DA says:

    DA @ MoTab Dress Rehearsal – NO AUDIO – thanks to lindsayjean514

  18. jackryan4DA says:

    LYRICS: The Cat & the Mouse Carol aka Cat Christmas Carol (Ted Hutchinson)

    Said the cat to the mouse, in their dark little house,
    In that stable so long ago,
    “I am wondering why that bright star in the sky
    Is shining upon us down below.”

    CHORUS: And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
    When Love came down to the earth;
    And the night skies rang, as the angels sang,
    When the Baby King had his birth.

    Said the mouse to the cat, as in wonder they sat,
    And they saw Mary’s face filled with joy,
    “Perhaps that star we can see is to tell you and me,
    Of the coming of this precious little boy.”

    Sleepy shepherds they saw as they crept through the door
    And they brought little gifts to the child.
    As they gazed with love on the child from above,
    Mary turned to the shepherds and smiled.

    So they happily sat, little mouse, little cat,
    As they heard Mary singing to her son,
    As she cradles with care, little Jesus so fair,
    This baby, the Lord’s chosen one.

  19. jackryan4DA says:

    LYRICS: Los Pasteros a Belen (Eager Shepherds on their Way)

    Los pastores a belén corren presurosos
    (Eager shepherds on their way to the Betlehem stable)
    Llevan de tanto correr los zapatos rotos
    (Running onward wth great haste o the infant’s cradle)

    Hay hay hay que alegres van
    (Ay, ay, ay, with joy they run)
    Hay hay hay si volverán
    (Ay, ay, ay, back home they’ll come)

    Con la pan pan pan, con la pan
    (With a tap, tap, tap, with the tap)
    Con la pandereta y las castañuelas
    (With the tambourine tap & the castanet snap!)

    Un pastor se tropezó a media vereda
    (A pastor stumbled in the middle of the path)
    Y un borreguito grito:¡este aquí se queda!
    (And a little lamb cry: This is it, it’s here!)

    Hay hay hay que alegres van
    (Ay, ay, ay, with joy they run)
    Hay hay hay si volverán
    (Ay, ay, ay, back home they’ll come)

    Con la pan pan pan, con la pan
    (With a tap, tap, tap, with the tap)
    Con la pandereta y las castañuelas
    (With the tambourine tap & the castanet snap!)

  20. jackryan4DA says:

    Care to check out the PressCon vids YT version?



    PressCon Q&A still uploading 🙂

    Also, more perf vids are up – weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  21. jackryan4DA says:

    Q&A of MoTab PressCon in 2 parts

    PART 1

    PART 2

    Hope the links work 🙂

  22. peppertara says:

    jackrayan4DA……..thank you so much for all the great videos! What a treat getting to hear David sing a couple of songs with the choir, just wonderful! Both songs new to me and loving them, David puts his heart and spirit into the songs….a big thank you to the fans who provided them! Very exciting to have David’s songs, interviews for all of us waiting and hoping for them. David looks incredible and I just feel so very proud of him.

    If you haven’t seen the conference interviews with David and Michael York, you can view them on KSL, wonderful to watch:

    Kizzi…love the program for the concert, oh I would love to have one of those!

  23. jackryan4DA says:

    2 more vids – am on a roll tee-hee

    DA & Michael York Join w/ MoTab Choir for 2010 Christmas Concert

    DA @ Fox13News – CHRISTMAS CONCERT THIS WKEND w MOTAB (17 Dec 2010)

  24. jackryan4DA says:

    Am being anal again with the vids am posting but would you believe we have 3 sets (2 vids/set) of PRESSCON VIDS?

    SET A – Q&A vids courtesy of KSLNews – over 16 minutes
    [already posted above – see Vids 25-23a & 25-23b in my YT channel]

    SET B – Longer unedited vid cr LDSOrg Newsroom – over 24 minutes
    [still uploading – see Vids 25-29a & 25-29b in my YT channel]

    SET C – RAW footage by Fox13NOW – about 30 minutes

    Vid 25-30a – Part 1

    Vid 25-30b – Part 2


  25. awestruck says:

    What an honor to have attendeded the performance last night.

    We found out that we had to line up no later than 5:30 to make sure we got in – even though we had tickets – so we were there at 5. Hubby talked to someone that worked at the event Thurs night and they said that many who had tickets ended up no getting in. Also heard that it was a big news item on local stations not having been this way in the past. There was also worry that because so many were there to see David, there would be screaming and yelling going on during the performance. The audience was absouluety respectful.

    David looked so at home on that magnifcant stage…

    • Zoe says:

      Thanks for your report, Awesome and to JR for the great vids! Can’t wait to hear more from those who are so dang lucky to be witness to these breathtaking performances by David and the Motab!

      But is it true we have to wait til December ’11 to watch this on t.v. ?? That’s cruel and unusual punishment!! JR, see what you can do about that!

    • emmegirl says:

      This thread really is fitting, it is pretty amazing to see what he has accomplished and to think it is just the very, very beginning for him.

      Wow, some who bought tickets didn’t get in, that would be rough. So happy for you and your husband, truly a memory of a lifetime.

      Magnificent indeed.

  26. peppertara says:

    awestruck……how wonderful for you and your husband to attend this spectacular event! So happy that you and others were able to be there, can only imagine the magnificence of it all. David looks incredible, very professional, confident and amazing. His glorious voice in that huge conf center must have been absolutely heavenly.
    Very sad for those who had tickets but couldn’t get in, I hope that none of them travelled across the country or overseas to attend the event, yikes.
    Well, apparently the DVD will be available around September next year…something I will be looking forward to for sure in 2011. Gives those of us who couldn’t be there something to anticipate.
    awestruck, what a very special time it must have been. Something very wonderful added to your life experience!

  27. Zoe says:

    What an inspiring post, TOfan! Shaking my head in agreement with all the things you’ve learned from David.

    Yes indeedy, so much to be grateful for: “…for this music, this voice, this amazing person and all the dear David friends I’ve made, but because I’m here. Now. Every day I’m thankful for so many things. I feel beyond blessed to have been given this gift. I want to treasure it carefully and honour it and find a way to give something back.”

    You have DEFINITELY found a way to give something back…with this loving SA website, of course!! 🙂

    And I’m with ya here – “You’re as young as the music you listen to.” Yep, that’s my new motto, too. David and his music … my fountain of youth!!!

  28. awestruck says:

    According to an insert in the program the CD and DVD will be available in Sept. 2011.

    We had one extra ticket for last night. My hubby did some scouting on his own yesterday and met someone from Australia who was visiting friends in SLC, but was disheartened because she didn’t win tickets. Blair told her we had an extra one and that we would leave it at the front desk of our hotel. We checked back today and when we asked was told that yes she did pick it up… Hope she enjoyed it. Amazing how things work out like that.

    More when I get home…

  29. jackryan4DA says:

    Not MOTAB-related but still David 🙂

    Also, please don’t fail to watch the RAW FOOTAGE of the MoTab PRESSCON that I posted above – you will find some interesting info, esp in the 2nd vid 🙂

  30. jackryan4DA says:

    Re my post I don’t want anyone confused cos I re-numbered the videos in my YT channel when I updated my playlist so for

    SET A – Vids 25-26 a & b (KSLNews ver – about 16mins)

    SET B – Vids 25-27 a & b (LDSOrgNews w/ enhanced audio – ’bout 24mins)

    Set C – Vids 25-28 a & b (Fox13NOW Raw Footage – approx 30mins)

    IMPT reminder from JOSIE over at FOD re KALEIDOSCOPE – “let folks know that tomorrow’s Kaleidoscope skating show is called “The Rock & Roll Skating Championships”? They’re looking on TV listings under “Kaleidoscope”, and can’t find it…”

  31. jackryan4DA says:

    GESU BAMBINO, finally thanks to 15263457689

    Check out the rest of her/his vids – she got the complete set of Dec 18 concert

    Meanwhile am so happy that this was captured. I was wondering if someone could still capture the REPRISE of the the FINALE number, done after the Choir gifts their guest artists w/ flowers. Thanks to margonui75, we can preview it (Sept is too much, too long!)

    Aside from Gesu Bambino, I have been waiting for someone to upload this final segment – when the guest performers are gifted w/ flowers and a plaque of appreciation, then the segue to reprising the finale number — see him belting that glory note, with the flowers! G.A.H.

    I do hope someone would post the number after this — the choir sing their farewell thank you number to the guest performer — “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”

  32. kizzi says:

    At Music and the Spoken Word at the convention center. David to sing. Links to photos of program and pic last nite at Temple Square after David & MoTab. Special txs to ref for this am tix.

    Hope u can see the pics

    With TOfan, ref’ and Val.

    Happy holidays!

  33. jackryan4DA says:

    MP4s & MP3s (320 kpbs) of 18Dec NOTAB Concert


  34. jackryan4DA says:

    DA @ Music&theSpokenWord 01 JOY TO THE WORLD (19 Dec 2010)

    DA @ Music&theSpokenWord 02 ANGELS FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY (19 Dec 2010

  35. jackryan4DA says:

    I have put the 2nd vid in my previous post to private as to some mysterious reason, the audio level in that vid is too high. It is mysterious since JTTW and AFTROG came from 1 master file which has an even level of audio.

    Anw, please refer to this link instead for 19Dec ANGELS, FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY

  36. jackryan4DA says:

    2010 KALEIDOSCOPE ON ICE (listed as Rock&Roll Skating Championship for this airing)

    IBHFC (HD)


    FUN CLOSING CAST to the tune of LET IT SNOW…

    All 3 vids have been added to TDC’s Kaleidoscope Page 🙂

  37. mamasaun says:

    Hi, it’s archiesfan4life – I’m still in Utah – well, actually I’m still not back on earth after this weekend:). I promise I will have a full report as soon as I get home later this week.



    • Zoe says:

      Hey AF4L! Been wondering where in the universe you’ve been floating since your breathless call to me just prior to the concert’s start! Can’t wait to get reports from you, TOfan and other attendees!!!

      Safe travels to all who are headed home soon.

  38. TOfan says:

    My apologies, guys, for being AWOL. Blame Mr. David Archuleta. How is a person supposed to experience the most glorious concert known to man and still be expected to function? (NOT a rhetorical question, btw)

    I’m heading home in the a.m. with a spinning head and heart from all the amazingness. I mean, I knew it would be special, but as you’ve probably seen from some vids, David surpassed himself … again…he was simply magnificent… more details to come, I promise!

    And JR, you ROCK, btw!!!!!!!

  39. emmegirl says:

    We are in our comfortable chair with our hot beverage waiting for the Christmas tales 🙂

  40. Kizzi says:

    Hi Everyone – I’m back from SLC. Spent a wonderful weekend with the SnowAngelz and other fans.

    Went to the “Music and the Spoken Word” yesterday which was televised. After the broadcast there was a mini MoTab & David concert. Icing on an wonderful 3 days.

    We cyber fans all talk about that something special that David emanates when we hear/see him sing and how meaningful it is to us.

    I have not been to a live performance in over a year. And having been away from the “live” arena yet following his performances electronically, it was astounding to actually see live, David’s level of performance.

    Expertly professional and genuine, achingly beautiful artistry swirled with an effortlessly gorgeous delivery, the beauty and purity of his voice pleated with the awe and humility he radiated during his time on stage with the “honor” he felt bestowed on him, was truly riveting. I felt like I watched him for the first time, and, yet, he was so familiar too, after 34 months of being a fan. Seeing David stage center in his faith, his home, his community, his friends and his family, was truly priceless. It gave me another dimension to understand this amazing young man, his roots, his elemental nature, his motivations, his art.

    Charming? Beyond belief. Charismatic? To infinity and beyond. Talented? He oozes it seemingly effortlessly. Add in that Gigawatt smile and the happiness and joy that he generated, if bottled, would cure depression the world round for generations.

    Thanks to those who were so generous to give me the opportunity to attend this weekend.

    Can’t wait to hear TOfan’s, Ref’s, and Awestruck’s reviews. I can only talk in what sounds like over-the-top hyperbole and even choosing all those words that sound like ridiculous over exaggeration, well, mere words really aren’t sufficient enough to describe it all. Nope, not even close to it. I await the master story tellers to find the definitive images, metaphors, allegories, similes and the like. 😀

    • Zoe says:

      WOW, Kizzi!! Just WOW!!!!

      Your awesome words in loving, lavish praise of David’s performance gave me chills! 🙂

      THIS: “Charming? Beyond belief. Charismatic? To infinity and beyond. Talented? He oozes it seemingly effortlessly. Add in that Gigawatt smile and the happiness and joy that he generated, if bottled, would cure depression the world round for generations.” Sigh…

  41. abanana77 says:

    Home now safe and sound. Bit of an adventure on the way back, haha. Still processing the whole weekend – still can’t believe it actually happened. He was amazing. Can’t wait for the DVD.

    That is as coherent as I can be right now. Hope everyone else made it home safe too!

  42. TOfan says:

    Glad to hear everyone made it home safely!!! Got this text from Sunshine, who had to change planes in Toronto tonight on her way home from SLC (I somehow don’t think she’d mind me sharing it 🙂 ):

    “Running to change terminals… and I hear David! ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ blaring through Terminal 1! Epic!!” 🙂

    Here’s a picture of David with a lovely lady I met this weekend who flew 14+ hours from Japan to attend the MoTab concert … hope she’s telling him that! lol

    David and Keiko

    (More book signing pics on Deseret Books FB page HERE)

    More to come… honest… landing gear almost down….

  43. TOfan says:

    I had never heard this song before this weekend and now I can’t get it out of my head … when I heard the title, I thought it was going to be cute and playful so I was blown away by how tender and moving it was … you can tell exactly where I was sitting because I didn’t know my camera had a zoom *blond moment* … this is my first-ever vid taken at any event anywhere so I apologize in advance for technical lameness.

    • Kizzi says:

      I was reading a comment over at AFS on the Pamela Pike article by Mormon Soprano….here is the link —->

      Poster’s screen name is “Mormon Soprano” (she appears to be affiliated with MoTab, I think?) So here is her comment:

      “Nice post! David’s songs for the concert were arranged especially for him by Dr. Mack Wilberg, conductor of the Choir, except for “Joy To The World” which was arranged especially for David & Choir by Sam Cardon. The “Cat and Mouse Carol” was written with David’s voice & personality in mind, making it such a perfect fit. My personal favorite was his rendition of “Silent Night” which brought a deserved standing ovation at Sunday’s concert. He is a sweet young man – what you see on stage and in his interviews is the real deal – there’s no pretense – something that wins hearts of all ages. He is also a very humble and shy guy when you meet him in person, so it becomes this lovely surprise when he gets on stage singing with so much power and poise. I stood in line on Friday night for his CD / Book signing after he had been performing all night and all week long, and I was so impressed with how he was still smiling and genuine with every single person [hundreds] he greeted. I know personally how exhausted he must have been, but he never let it show. He may be young, but he’s a true pro. I’m looking forward to watching him grow up and see the path his life and career take him. As long as he remains true to himself and to his faith, the sky’s the limit! “

      I googled “The Cat and Mouse Carol” and found the lyrics (‘Cat Christmas Carol’ by Ted Hutchinson) Apparently Mac Wilberg (Music Director of MoTab) wrote the arrangement of this song for David for MoTab.

      • emmegirl says:

        No wonder no one had heard of it! Love the song, it does so suit him. Thanks for bringing us this great little tidbit of info.

  44. peppertara says:

    So wonderful to hear recaps and bits and pieces of the the glorious event some of you attended. Loving it all and can’t wait to hear more!
    TOfan…no technical lameness in your video. Love that song and the tenderness David gives it more than I can say. So endearing, sweet and pure loveliness at it’s best.
    Really is very moving that people travelled from half way around the world too, just to experience this incredible event. I am truly thrilled for everyone who had this very special experience. Sir David was masterful…..can only imagine what the experience must have been like to actually be there to witness it in person.

    awestruck….love how the lady from Australia was the recipient of a ticket to the concert. Great thing to do for her!

    So grateful to everyone for the videos, pics, info from the event. A little piece of heaven for those of us who couldn’t be there. Many thanks! Still listening, watching videos, etc……heavenly. Very happy for David and proud of him.
    Also just listened to the phone in interview from the “Baub” show. Love that radio interviewer, he let David speak from his heart… thoughtful sincere intelligent questions (some from the fans of course) and David, my goodness…..he just shines with wisdom and love. What a lovely radio interview, one of the best. ❤

  45. emmegirl says:

    Welcome back to all the concert goers, nice to see everyone and glad everyone is making it home safely this time of year.

    Tofan, thanks for the video. Through CFTH and this concert he has introduced us to several new Christmas songs that quickly became favorites. Anxious to hear recaps, but we all understand how busy everyone is right now, and we can wait until after the holiday if need be. 🙂

    kizzi, your comments, as Zoe said so perfectly… “gave me chills!” I don’t even know what to say, except how grateful I am for you and all the other gifted, talented people that follow David and what a blessing it is for us to be the benefactors of such magnificent, beautiful expression. You all really do him justice. I think that is why it means so much, because he’s earned it, and he deserves it.

  46. jackryan4DA says:

    Hi guys! I hope all those who went to MOTAB got home safe and sound and hopefully, sane? Tee-hee

    For those who missed The Baub Show –

    Part 1/5

    Part 2/5

    Will post the rest of the links in my next post. Man, this was a looooooooooooong interview. Gotta admire David’s patience…

    ps: did you hear that guys? Planning on more international tours for 2011. Truly hope he hits Canada, Japan & EU. Time to expand his reach when the industry climate at home is not that much conducive…

  47. jackryan4DA says:

    Part 3/5

    Part 4/5

    Part 5/5

    BTW, I snipped out all of TOSOD trax played during the interview.

  48. jackryan4DA says:

    Dear admins,

    I have posted links to the loooooooooooooooooooongest interview ever from The Baub Show (props to David for his patience!) but both postings and I think a couple more for this week are awaiting moderatin, ok?

    Welcome back all lucky MOTAB-initiated archies 🙂

  49. Kizzi says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Holidays!

    Wanted to share a funny story. When I was at MoTab Saturday evening I noticed teleprompters (2 HUGE screens at the back of the floor section of the convention center and smaller ones at floor level in front of the stage) where what was said and sung was scrolled for the presenters and performers.

    The funny story is that when David spoke he didn’t follow the script. (Everyone else did, verbatim.) At one point I glanced at the huge teleprompter while David was speaking where someone was scrolling up and down because what David was saying (obviously spontaneous and from his heart) wasn’t what was scripted. 😀 Finally they just scrolled to the beginning words of “Silent Night” and sat there until he finished and began to sing. Bahahahahaha. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Vintage David, eh?!!

    • awestruck says:

      Ah Kizzi, at some point I always try to ‘look around, look around’ to see the audience reaction, but was riveted in my seat and didn’t manage to even think to do so. Such a David Moment!

    • emmegirl says:

      lol. Don’t know why, but this is one of my fav David stories. Maybe because it exhibits his genuineness and desire to communicate what is in his heart.

  50. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – This is so true and why I am so proud of him “I think that is why it means so much, because he’s earned it, and he deserves it.”

  51. awestruck says:

    Christmas Lights and more – listen for David at thhe 3:00 mark

  52. refnaf says:

    OH MY HECK I am home safe and in achustupor (no surprise)> This was a spectacular experience in every way>> I can’t even….But I will process and be back…. (((hugs)))) to all!!

  53. TOfan says:

    Is this old news? Certainly good news. 🙂

    • Kizzi says:

      Great video and interview and performance TOfan. 😀

    • jackryan4DA says:

      Well I originally uploaded MKOP & Angels plus the interview separately but didn’t realize until after a day that I put them in private. While rechecking the source, I found the teaser so I figured it would be better to aggregate the vids into one complete clip. Of course the other reason is that I can’t resist seeing David framed in Christmas lights– they just go together, wouldn’t you agree?

  54. mamasaun says:

    It’s archiesfan4life – I am still in Utah – heading home tomorrow. I am not sure I need a plane though because I am still somewhere in the clouds. This whole experience has been so special. I will talk with all of you in a few days.



  55. abanana77 says:

    Those cambio videos are amazing 🙂 My 2 favourite songs he performs. And his little blurbs about the meanings behind the songs are adorbs!!

  56. MunkFOD says:

    Oh my gosh you guys! This is all too much! 😀 I didn’t have the opportunity to go to SLC..gave my tickets to my son and his wife. BUT I love love love all of the great stories and recaps! Thanks so much! David is just unbelievable! So happy for him and for everyone that had the opportunity to hear/see/meet him! YAY!

  57. abanana77 says:

    Just getting the chance to watch the press conference video now. TOfan – guess Michael York does have an eye problem (hence the sunglasses)… oops guess I should have given him the benefit of the doubt! Haha.

  58. MunkFOD says:

    abanana77 , HI! YES They loved it! New David fans! YAY! It was fun to hear them talk about how awesome David is. My daughter in law said that “Silent Night” brought her to tears and my son, who is a musician on the side, talked about David’s great voice and musicianship! It was great!

  59. TOfan says:

    AF4L (alias mamasaun), “I am not sure I need a plane though because I am still somewhere in the clouds,” haha, I know exactly how you feel!

    abanana, oops, and here I thought Andrew Lloyd Webber needed to have a talk with him!

    MunkFOD, that is so cool to hear! Both Silent Night & the Cat and the Mouse did that to me. In fact, there was a standing O after Silent Night on Saturday night … and not just David fans. A family sitting in front of us were relatives of one of the choir members and one of the guys leapt to his feet even before we did! 🙂

    Need to watch the press conf. vids, yikes how does David keep up with his own schedule?!?

  60. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan…Did you hear? “The Cat and The Mouse” has been declared David’s Carol for now and forever! Well, I declared that but I am putting it out there in the universe because I can’t get it out of my head and neither can most people! Absolutely wonderful to see in person and the DVD will show that. But yes, it is David’s live performance, signature Christmas Carol. Thank you for the video.


  61. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan…You know I said that we would all be together this Christmas for a fanvention in SLC and thanks to you and refnaf we had a wonderful International Breakfast and get-together followed by Marciami’s Christmas luncheon. From the luncheon we stopped next at the sport’s shop and I have a picture of some friends of mine browsing in the binoculars isle. I believe that there were three or four pairs bought and for a good cause!



  62. MunkFOD says:

    TOfan, This is all so awesome! I felt sad for a few days when everyone was in UT having such a great time, but that has been replaced with happiness, joy, pride, tears….excitement….just can’t believe how things just keep getting better. David is a gift and if I may say so…….we are so blessed! 😀

  63. SandyBeaches says:

    I am sorry, I don’t really love my screen name that much!

  64. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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