You’re a rambler and a gambler and a sweet talkin’ ladies man

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Put down that coffee, turn off your phone,do NOT under any circumstances answer the door. You MUST watch this interview. THIS THIS THIS is how David Archuleta should always be interviewed. With the time, space and thoughtful, relevant questions that give him a chance to teach us all the meaning of life.

I don’t know if it was brilliance or simple ArchuStupor at work, but they let him ramble about happiness, success, music, what his new songs will be about, his relationship with his fans and the possibility of an audio book???????

I wish I could jump through that video screen and hug each one of those @somethingpitchy interviewers. I want to buy stock in AOL. I want to own a groovy white swivel chair and twirl to Zero Gravity.

But most of all I just want to watch this over and over again. I laughed, I cried, I HOWLED for Ms. Beebee when they talked about Hush Cats. I stopped caring about the so-called “haters” long ago, but I truly challenge anyone to watch this interview and not fall truly, madly deeply in love with one Mr. David Archuleta.

And if that weren’t enough wonderfulness, here’s a smidge more. (Thanks Monica/starrynites!)

And then there was THIS!!! (thanks, rianovenario!)

Aaaaaand the epic vids just keep on coming … check out this Fox & Friends Soundcheck Chitchatting with Fans vid from songbook5. (Warning: the soulful “Ohhhhh” may cause knee buckling and the “Wha????” at 6:25ish may cause coffee spitting.)

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  1. peppertara says:

    TOfan I agree 100 percent, that interview with AOL should go down in history as the best interview with the best interviewers! Maybe it was because they are young and willing to listen to David? Don’t know but that was a treat beyond treats! I have watched it a few times now (yes, without interruption)…a must! Just letting David think and talk on his own time, oh my….loved, loved that! The hush cats talk, haha, funny as heck!
    “I stopped caring about the so-called “haters” long ago, but I truly challenge anyone to watch this interview and not fall truly, madly deeply in love with one Mr. David Archuleta.”
    Me too and it is beyond my understanding how anyone could not!
    David singing Lean On Me….A Capella, wow! One of my old all time favorite songs, oh how I would have loved to have been there. Very fortunate fans who got to experience that!

  2. awestruck says:

    Oh Yeah TOfan – epic interview and Lean on Me, man I love it when he changes up the notes 2:03-2:38.

    Here is a comment from MJ’s blog re David’s book signing in Borders NYC yesterday (and yes she did post a YT link to Lean On Me):

    06/03/2010 at 6:01 am
    another great night for david on the book tour – i’d insert a happy face, but i’m ashamed that once i got started, it would be hard to stop, hehehe… there was another large turnout of fans last night in nyc to see him, and purchase his book, lots of happy, excited tweets going back and forth by fans, lots of press, along with reps from jive and the publisher – a/r guy jeff fenster was also there in attendance… and we have 3 of the s9 idols there to say hi, and get in some face time with the man of the hour – what an awesome freaking day yep, the tour is off to a great start, turnout has been awesome, sales have been awesome, and word is spreading about the signings and the book…. am also getting a big kick seeing the crowds – the teens, tweens and adults have been showing up and out for him, for a non music related venture. it’s a very encouraging sign as the date gets closer for the single/cd release. there is talk/rumor of adding addit’l dates, and if so, i hope they come south so those of us down heah can get to see him too. yep, the fans and a whole heap of other folks are liking this book, i’m sure, and coming out to show their support. on to the next one today!”

    The ‘lots of press’ tweet from someone who attended the signing had me curious as to why, so this part of the above comment made it clear –

    “lots of press, along with reps from jive and the publisher – a/r guy jeff fenster was also there in attendance… “

  3. djxox says:

    Good morning SnowAngelz!

    Looks like I am seeing David later tonight!! On line for my wristband and I am number 10… Woot Woot…Lots of people waiting!!!

    signing djxox1

    signing djxox2

  4. TOfan says:

    {{{♥dj♥}}}}} Woooooot!!!! Please keep us posted!!! (Just added the photos you sent me to your comment, thanks!!!)

    Here’s a twitvid from Snarky Janey of David warming up for Fox & Friends:

  5. refnaf says:

    I am a little too overwhelmed… this interview, the signings, and now David singing LOM and WFM!!!! It’s like being drenched after the long drought!!
    I am hoping someone makes a mp3 or mp4 of this interview. David having time to ramble in an interview really gives insight into how his mind works, and I love it!!!
    Djxox (!!!!) Have fun!! Will you be making some of your most excellent vids???!!! (no pressure, lol)
    eeeep so excited for you!

  6. bluebar says:

    Great news, djxox!
    “Hi,” and have a wonderrrrful time!

    Just watched David on Fox & Friends!
    My heart is bursting (again) with so much pride and happiness for him…
    David looked terrific and sounded great!
    Stripes FTW! Even Toby coordinated her outfit to his!
    David really is enjoying these past couple days – being with his fans for the book signings – doing all the interviews and getting to perform “live.”
    His smiles tell us all we need to know!

  7. djxox says:

    {{Waves to all}}

    TOfan you have mail!

    Will have pics and vids hopefully and may attempt a… twitvid?? I am challenged in Twitterland but will have camera on hand!

    Now going to find coffee and get some sleep….

  8. refnaf says:

    Here is the whole F&F thing on Youtube. Warning the first minute of his rehearsal warm up is totally ADDICTING… NEED a mgr PRONTO!!! ABRRA!!♥

  9. refnaf says:

    Apparently he also sang “Maybe I’m Amazed” and a twitterer has vids which they will be posting later…. eeeeep ***spaaazzz, flail!!!

  10. Abanana77 says:

    Ahhh no idea when I will watch this. But it looks amazing!!!

  11. TOfan says:

    Some of @gabydunn’s Tweets about the AOL/@somethingpitchy interview she did with David:

    Have kind of convinced myself that the 90s song @davidarchie couldn’t think of during our interview was this:

    @nellie1983 Haha, yeaaaah. I almost can’t watch it back because I can see how much blushing I’m doing.

    @snarkyarchies What could happen?? The “Hush Cats” anniversary celebration? I’d be so down.

    @Jst_Klo Go watch it!! It’s 43 minutes long so basically an episode of ‘Inside the Archie’s Studio.’

    @Maureen_abms He didn’t! He did shake everyone’s hand very professionally at the end before coming over & giving me a hug so I forgive him.

    @Joy528_FOD He is quite a talker, haha.

    @PaulaFOD He never did say ‘hush cats!’ I wanted it for a ring tone.

    @Jana_Oregon He was singing in the hallway the whole time anyway! Anytime he wasn’t talking, he was singing under his breath.

    @davidarchie Thank you for putting up with me today and for the great interview w/ @somethingpitchy! You were a great sport.

    Update, COS contest!
    @gabydunn Check back here very soon for the ‘Chords of Strength’ contest rules:

  12. TOfan says:


    Download Fox & Friends WFM mp3 HERE.

    (Thanks @FSteven & @reellygood!)

  13. awestruck says:

    Thank you FSteven! I bow down to you

    Thank you TOfan

  14. refnaf says:

    After show vids…. David and his fans!!!

  15. refnaf says:

    Thanks for the mp3 !!!

  16. lisa says:

    HI everybody….have not watched the AOL interview yet but i’m loving the Fox and friends one and that WFM>>>>that is a fave of mine thanks for the mp3 of it tofan!

    and awestruck love GG’s comments..all the excitement…sweet, the archudrought is OVER!!!

    • awestruck says:

      lisa – you should check out the vid that refnaf posted the link for (couple comments up) David after the Fox and Friends WFM… the lady tells him she knew he was hot, but didn’t realize how beautiful his eyes are LOL. David’s reaction is cute.

  17. TOfan says:

    AOL Contest!

    The SomethingPitchy crew is still reeling from yesterday’s David Archuleta visit, but we’re pulling ourselves together enough to bring you an awesome opportunity.

    After Archuleta stopped by our podcast for an epic 43-minute interview, the ‘Idol’ season 7 runner-up signed a copy of his new memoir, ‘Chords of Strength.’

    Now, we’re giving one lucky fan the chance to win that signed copy!

    Enter HERE! (Contest open to Canadians in all provinces but Quebec!)

    And “Cuteness Overload” from @omygoshashley:

  18. abanana77 says:

    Hi guys – there’s not a youtube of the aol interview that anyone knows about is there???

    It’s on my list of stuff I NEED to watch. (I have kinda caught up – I did watch the showbiz shelly interview! Haha)

    Guys the droughts has ended and a tidal wave has dragged me out to sea to drown. LOL

  19. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – Ohmygosh that picture is the cutest thing ever. I love when he talks to kids. It makes my heart explode. <333333333333

  20. jackryan4DA says:

    Folks, if you are a subscriber to my YT account, sorry but it got suspended. Looooong story. Anw, I put up another account starting with David’s COS blitzkrieg:

    In case you haven’t seen the 7 COS interview under the fox affiliates I have them, just check my new channel (am still uploading the AOL in 5 parts, after show of Fox & Friends – which is already posted above – and 3 more of the fox-related interviews)

    Me knows you don’t want to miss any of his appearances 🙂

  21. TOfan says:

    yikes, JR, I hope you can get your archive back! 😯

    thanks so much for the link to your channel, there was a Fox vid that I’d missed!

    abanana77, check the link above to find youTubes of the AOL interview (in 5 parts … whole thing is 45 heavenly minutes long! 🙂 )

    Here are a couple more pics from djxox, waiting to go in!!!!
    signing table


    dj’s getting close:

    From djxox, getting closer! on Twitpic

  22. TOfan says:

    A fan’s-eye perspective of the Fox & Friends interview:

  23. TOfan says:

    And the lovely YouCanCallMeTina made a MGR of the WFM warmup … it had to be done. 🙂

  24. emmegirl says:

    Good stuff TOfan! Yep, that AOL was one of my all time favs. When talking about the audio version of the book, loved the “maybe I should have Cook do it” and too many other gems to mention.

    JR, thanks for all you do!

    Wish Gabby would have gotten her hushcats for a ringtone!

  25. Sunshine says:

    Love the title of the post TOfan – classic! This interview is truly epic. Love how often he refers to ‘my kids’. It’s a wonder he didn’t get whiplash from swinging that chair around – he sure had energy to burn. Also, loved how he talked about seeing some people for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even more times! haha {{guilty}}.

    However, this interview was bittersweet – me thinks that if album comes out in Fall, tour comes in Fall. What will we do until then???

  26. archiesfan4life says:

    Hi Snow Angelz – I want to let you know I did not forget about letting you all know how zoe and I survived our first face to face meeting with David. I am still in a daze:) and I haven’t heard from zoe since this morning.

    I will leave you with this:

  27. TOfan says:

    emme, yessss, David saying Hush Cats as a ringtone would be …. no words! lol

    {{{{{{Sunshine}}}}}} I loved how he “busted” Gaby on watching those Elevate vids & when he talked about making a simple difference each day, major waterworks.

    af4life!!!!! You survived!!!!!! Be prepared for the ArchuHangover! 😆

    More pics from djxox, vids to come in the a.m.!!!
    Another from djxox! on Twitpic

    and from NoSleeptillsummertime:
    ROTFLMBO bahahahahaha

  28. awestruck says:

    Oh. My. Heck. Table top Crush ftw

  29. TOfan says:

    Missed this earlier, “Maybe I’m Amazed” … no maybe about, David! 😆

  30. emmegirl says:

    lol – in the Crush video how he takes the megaphone from the man so he doesn’t have to hold it! The guy shakes his head and David insists, so the guy just grins and gives it to him.

  31. Sunshine says:

    Maybe I’m Amazed!! Oh yeah! Love the voice over at the end about marijuana becoming legal in California. haha

    P.s. Toby Lighman is very cute and poised. hmmmm

  32. TOfan says:

    Thanks JR4DA for this one, missed it too! eek

    Love his reaction when she asks him to turn around & look at his picture! 😆

  33. TOfan says:

    Just added (another!) must-see vid to the end of the post (soundcheck & chatting with fans at Fox & Friends) … it comes with two warnings! 😆

    & speaking of “Maybe I’m Amazed,” thrilled to hear Paul McCartney added Toronto & Montreal dates to his summer tour schedule! … can David be far behind?????

  34. refnaf says:

    Lots to see everyday…. so many goodies so little time!
    Crazy how a snippet of a song like “Maybe I’m Amazed” can put my desire for him to sing EVERY song ever written into overdrive. What he can do with a few lines just off the cuff, is a gift that I really adore. The preshow WFM… fantastic, when he adlibs!!!That’s why going to multiple concerts on one tour is a no brainer, lol.

    (((AF4L))) eagerly waiting your recap!!!

    JR thanks for the vids… I had missed that one too^^

    ♥sunshine, tour does seem a long way away, but I am hopeful for a concert this summer, somewhere!

  35. refnaf says:

    hi TOfan… perfectly timed!

  36. djxox says:

    Not sure where my last post went. ???
    Hopefully this one shows up.

    David greeting fans on Long Isalnd, singing a bit of Crush with his new toy..a MEGAPHONE!! LOL… He is just too much..

  37. djxox says:

    David making fans VERY happy on Long Island 🙂

  38. refnaf says:

    (((djx))) YOU make us happy!!! Thanks for the vids. David, the megaphone and the table!!! So full of WIN, who else but David would do such a thing for his fans??? So good to see him happy~!and the happy peeps…
    I checked the spam and can’t see a missing post, djx, not sure what happened!

  39. TOfan says:

    I think Table-top Crush is now my all-time fave Crush! 😆 😆 😆 CLASSIC Archulantics!

    So how was it? Details, girl, details!!!!


  40. djxox says:

    my shortest vid Hopefully those polkadots are replaced by now…



  41. djxox says:

    let’s try again…

  42. TOfan says:

    Awesome, dj!!!!

    Check out her whole fantasmagorical channel here:

    And another dj Lakegrove pic! (click pic to enlarge):

    "Hey!" (another Lakegrove pic from @djbell) on Twitpic

  43. TOfan says:

    Here’s the Showcase Minnesota interview from this morning … “Cool … dork … cool … dork” bahahaha:

    (Please be advised that embedding this video is prohibited by reason of extreme lameness.)

  44. TOfan says:

    Here’s a Maybe I’m Amazed MGR from rhiminee (audio only). He’s gotta do the whole song someday! *hopes*

  45. TOfan says:

    Lean on Me mp3! (Trimmed with as much screaming cut out as possible. Thanks Muldur & jenleighbarry!)

    Download HERE.

  46. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – sorry for my stupidity today but could you tell me exactly where the link to the youtubes of the aol interview are?? Sorry, my brain/eyes are obviously not working right and I don’t know where you meant.

    Also I believe David must have found a 3 for 1 sale on stripe shirts somewhere…

    refnaf – “Crazy how a snippet of a song like “Maybe I’m Amazed” can put my desire for him to sing EVERY song ever written into overdrive.” I hear you. That is exactly how I feel.

  47. abanana77 says:

    Also I’m really liking this “must see” sidebar. Hahaha very useful when you are constantly trying to catchup!

  48. abanana77 says:

    Also Piano Crush = LOVE

  49. refnaf says:

    So I confess to being very ninja…. my bags are packed and I am off to UTAH!!!
    Just like David… I am not sure why I am doing this but I feel I have to do this for some reason, lol! Not sure what I will say to him, but I am really hoping for a good experience this time, one that I can actually remember!!!
    (((HUGS))) I will talk to you all from “the road!”

  50. TOfan says:

    Remember to breathe & say hello to everyone for me … esp. David! 😆

    Here’s the link to the Twin Cities Interview & Crush:

    & download Piano Crush mp3 HERE.
    (thanks rhiminee!)

  51. awestruck says:

    Oh Man – Piano Man Crush. That first verse, seemed… his voice seemed… stronger, richer…

    Great interview too.

    Safe trip refnaf!

  52. Abanana77 says:

    Refnaf!<33333 you are such a ninja! Wowo!

    Have funnnnnn! 🙂

  53. awestruck says:

    ok, so I’m a little sad… still have not received my COS from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Maybe I’m meant to be able to go a purchase it in an actual store!?!

  54. Abrra says:

    I know you will survive the beauty and the hair of David, just be sure to take lots of pictures?


  55. Zoe says:

    Hi Tofan!

    Please check your emails at SAzcanada!


  56. Zoe says:

    Hi SnowAngelz!

    As promised, here’s my recap of the events of June 1st at David’s booksigning in NJ which Archiesfan4life and I attended together:

    The onset of our trip felt like a mad comic caper as I had several issues with my GPS not working and our printed maps not entirely easy to read. Neither of us are great navigators on the road, and the NJ road systems are not the easiest to understand. After several stops to ask for directions we finally arrived safe and sound at the bookstore at about noon, where there were already over fifty people sitting in a line of chairs outside the front entrance. We bought our copies of COS, checked out the location where David would be signing, had some lunch, then headed to our hotel to check in.

    When we came back about 5pm the line was now down the block, around the corner, and for several blocks beyond. Guess there were several hundred fans lined up by that time. Mostly teens and twenty-somethings, but certainly a fair share of middleagers like us. 🙂

    We had to first find a place to park and after driving around the town, took a peek at the parking lot in the back of the bookstore, and were lucky enough to find a space not too far from the back door entrance. That was a huge deal for us, and we quickly gathered our chairs, books, food, and, since the sky looked a bit unsettled, our umbrellas. As soon as we started to make our way to the lineup, the skies opened up, so we ran back to the car, threw everything inside, (heaven forbid if our books got wet!!) and stayed put till the storm passed.

    As we waited, there were a few fans hanging out in the lot, and they informed us that David would be coming into the store around 6pm through the back entrance. We were so excited at the prospect of seeing his car pull into the lot, that we decided to wait till he got there. And since Bebereader from The Voice and her sweet hubby were parked by the front of the store, we decided to all gather in my car and wait for David to arrive!

    When he finally got there, none of us were able to get a good look at him as he scooted through the back door (love that Ninja David!) The three of us then walked around to the front of the store and to make a long story short, because of AF4L’s kindness to a woman who was not feeling well and a crafty plan of Mr. Bebereader’s, we were able to get into the store relatively quickly.

    As we headed downstairs there was suddenly a sense of electricity in the air, a buzz of excitement that was like a shot of adrenaline to my body. Lots of chatter, cameras everywhere, fans laughing and singing as they stood in line…and towards the back, somewhat elevated and standing behind a table was our darling David! We couldn’t take our eyes off him as we moved through the line, he was lit up like a firecracker, all smiles, laughing, grinning, chatting with each fan as he signed his or her book. I’ve already commented about his stunning good looks and won’t belabor that point, as I believe I am sounding a bit too fangirly about that aspect of our dear David James.

    When it was my turn to step forward, I suddenly forgot most of what I had practiced for so long!! DANG IT!!

    “Hi David, so great to finally meet you, I’m a big fan!” was probably something like how it started.

    “Aw thanks!” His typical reply…

    “Can’t wait to read your book – what a great turnout this is!”

    “Yeah, it’s been awesome!”

    “Is your hand getting tired yet?” (GOOD GRIEF, where did that come from? It was never in my plan to say! Must be that mothering instinct taking over!)

    “Oh no, I’m fine” he smiled.

    By that time the book was signed and as I turned to go I said something like…”Your music has enriched my life. Thank you, David!”

    And that was it.

    And I still haven’t completely settled down from the experience.

    I’m so grateful that I could share it all with AF4L and Bebereader, and Mr. Bebereader too! Who knew that among the many blessings that David has brought to my life, I would be meeting and becoming dear friends with the loveliest people!

    Refnaf, so excited to learn you are on your way and will soon be seeing David in Utah! Lucky, lucky you!! Safe travels, and looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return! 🙂

  57. Zoe says:

    Since Archiesfan4life is in the midst of a crazy busy weekend, I’m forwarding her comments to you here:

    Archiesfan4life says:

    I have been to four of David’s concerts and have spent countless hours these past two years indulging my ODD, yet I was totally unprepared for meeting him face to face. It was a moment I will never forget and when I recall times in my life that have touched me deeply, this will be one of those memories. It was an extremely emotional moment for me because of all that has changed in my life these past two years, and I will write that story soon I promise.

    I had three books to be signed so I had a few precious extra seconds to stand in front of David. I always remember something I read once and I am not sure I have the wording exact, but it went something like: “People may forget what you said, but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel.”

    David has the VERY rare quality – in a crowd of people, hundreds of cameras focused on him, young girls screaming their love for him, and his peeps trying to keep him on schedule –of being able to make you feel like you are the only person in that room. Yes, I may forget what he said to me or what I said to him, BUT I will NEVER forget how he made me feel!

    David redefines the word genuine IMHO. He is genuinely interested in what you say to him – even though he has heard it all a million times; he truly cares about people and it shows – maybe that is why he seems to glow – and he does!

    What makes this journey we are on all the more special is the bond we have – and continue to develop – with other fans. What can I say about sharing this unbelievable experience with Zoe, Bebe and Mr. Bebe and getting to say hi to fans I have met before from FOD and meeting new ones that day!!! I love all of you and I look forward to creating many more memories for a loooong time to come.

  58. TOfan says:

    {{{Zoe & Archiesfan4life}}}
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, almost like being there!

    LOVED this part esp., so very true:
    “David has the VERY rare quality – in a crowd of people, hundreds of cameras focused on him, young girls screaming their love for him, and his peeps trying to keep him on schedule –of being able to make you feel like you are the only person in that room. Yes, I may forget what he said to me or what I said to him, BUT I will NEVER forget how he made me feel!”

    And you’re right, all the wonderful people you meet along the way (like the two of you!) make this ArchuAdventure even more amazing.


  59. Abanana77 says:

    Awestruck – I haven’t got mine yet either. Have you tried tracking it on I did an found out my book is in the city like 1/2 hour away! So I am expecting mine either Monday or Tuesday!!! 🙂

  60. TOfan says:

    abanana, yay!!!! Awestruck, crossing fingers for you!

    *waves to Abrra*

    Here’s a fab MGR from Ms. Beebee and I think her tags & More Info are as awesome as David’s so I’m including those two (gotta find an mp3 of this!):

    More info: Ruh roh… he’s baaaaack…OMyHECK, it’s Mister Sassy HIMSELF! SHEESH, when he’s relaxed and confident and swimmin’ around in that soulful thang…ggguhgug$@$&^*^(&*(+%#$ … there oughta be a law is wut I’m tryin’ to say. CUT THAT OUT, DAVID. (Nice hair, buddy.) This was cobbled together using the faboo video taken and posted by songbook5 from rehearsal before David’s appearance on Fox NYC (June 3, 2010.) while promoting the release of his book “Chords of Strength”… Man O Man O Man O Man O Man when you got that Sass, you gotta flaunt it (apparently…lol) PHEW! Holy mother of sassafras tea.
    Category: Music
    David Archuleta Works For Me Chords of Strength Toby Lightman Mister Sassy Have Mercy June 3 2010 Show ’em how it’s done


  61. emmegirl says:

    Zoe, Archiefan4life, thanks for your wonderful recaps. Love how everyone who meets him seems to walk away with a radiating warmth.

    DJ, thanks for the signing videos. I could watch David just being David all day!

    These few seconds tickled me…. She catches his eye at 14sec, Rich is at the table with his book (trying to give Rich his full attention), just one more quick peek at her at 15sec and then back to Rich as he signs his book (just a little trouble focusing), she comes up, book in hand, he uses his deadly weapon… killer smile, signs, a brief remark, and then one last glance at 47sec after she walks away.

  62. awestruck says:

    Zoe, Archiefan4life – thanks for sharing.

    Zoe, those brief few seconds you had with David make ME smile and – yes – AF4life we do remember the things that make us feel, oh yeah we do!

    TOfan – Ms. beebee’s “PHEW! Holy mother of sassafras tea.” LOLOL

  63. TOfan says:

    emme, priceless! Had not noticed that! *runs to rewatch*

    And dj, was that quick shot of D’s shoes just for me? LOLOLOLOL … made my day, thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Reading the MofA tweets, you can feel the excitement building. These are my faves so far:

    @Mackenzy: “Sharpies are now placed on the table. I REPEAT- SHARPIES ARE PLACED ON THE TABLE.”
    @Mackenzy: Where is that fluffy head of wonderful?!

    & the lineup:
    The line! on Twitpic

  64. TOfan says:

    Apparently David just belted out a killer “I’ll Be” a cappella because he said “he felt like it.” *no words*

    Beautiful "I'll Be"!! Anybody who wasn't a fan before is now. on Twitpic

    And here’s the Twin Cities Live interview (thanks to AnnieDAFG for posting to YouTube!):

  65. TOfan says:


    I’ll Be vid (via Facebook/xMelliie/@AnnieDAFG):

    And on YouTube (& mp3) from the most lovely Abrra!

    Download mp3 HERE.

  66. awestruck says:

    Well, I’ll Be…He’s the little Energizer Bunny that KEEPS ON GIVING

  67. awestruck says:

    Ya know, I didn’t mean that to be dismissive in any way. This I’ll Be was a gift…

  68. TOfan says:

    Fan vid (triishaaa01) of I’ll BE with David’s intro:

  69. Abanana77 says:

    Hahaha has anyone else noticed all the middle aged men who stopped walking along the sidewalk to listen to David sing WFM on fox & friends?? Haha I know this is like 5days late but it’s kinda awesome.

    • emmegirl says:

      Noticed that right away. I’m always watching for other’s reactions
      to hearing that voice. He sure had them taking notice!

  70. awestruck says:

    No matter if it’s 5 days late… I go back many times and this will give me a reason/excuse to do so again, lol. Cool to see the men stopping to listen heh!

  71. TOfan says:

    oh man, so I’ve got to back and watch that vid again? sheesh


    Download an excellent audio of MOA I’ll Be HERE (thanks to Zammie255’s vid).

    & Refnaf’s in SLC!!!! … here’s a TwitPic from @Trish0400 outside the Deseret book store (Ref’s in the centre, Trish at the back by the wall, momjulee in red and @zerogravity1 (Karin) far right (the other two ladies are @mssisk & @NanDeeAy, but I don’t know which is which, lol):

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

  72. djxox says:


    Glad you all enjoyed the vids and pix from LI. That megaphone Crush was just too much….EPIC David I tell ya! Lots to catch up on still….What a week in. the Archuworld..

    Still tring to figure out my Twitter issues…grrr

    Safe travels Ref, and have a blast. 🙂

  73. djxox says:

    TOfan~ the foot shots are ALWAYS for you!! 😉

  74. Kizzi says:

    Hi SAz.

    Back from the sunny Caribbean. Lots to catch up on in the ArchuUniverse.

    Ref – Sounds like SLC is heavenly for David fans tonite! 😀 I know tomorrow will be fantastic. Can’t wait to hear your recap.

    djxox – loved your pics! Great to hear from you my friend. 😀

    From “The Wonder Years”…

    “Over the course of the average lifetime
    you meet a lot of people. Some of them
    stick with you through thick and thin.
    Some weave their way through your life
    and disappear forever. But once in a
    while someone comes along who earns a
    permanent place in your heart.”

  75. TOfan says:

    Kizzi!!! Welcome back! Have fun catching up… the “Must See” sidebar might help! Drink lots of fluids.

    Here’s an amazing HD MOA vid from Joner:

  76. happy says:

    dropping in to see what “the peeps” have been up to and what do I find?….. everyone going crazy! 🙂

    dj back to her ninja ways and loving it…. kizzi back from the caribbean (which we didn’t even know she went to, haha)….. TOfan, Refnaf etal. keeping us updated… and DA channeling his inner McCartney like nobody’s business! (maybe that short lived Beatles haircut was a good thing!)… luv to you all 🙂

    ….. oh and lots of people READING BOOKS…. 😉

  77. TOfan says:

    Perfect timing!!! Nothing goes better with a good book than a plate of brownies!


  78. embe says:


    Bookends emailed me and said COS will “be shipping by the end of this coming week”!!!!

    I’ve had to be extra careful reading all blogs and comments, ’cause people are quoting the book and talking about it so much, and I don’t want to spoil anything. I feel like the only one who hasn’t read it yet 😛

  79. Zoe says:

    To Refnaf and all the luckies who’ll be attending David’s lovefests today and tomorrow….

    SQUEEEEEEE!! Have a fabby time!!!!

  80. TOfan says:

    New post up from Sunshine!

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