California Dreamin’ Part 1: Meeting David for the first time

All Santa Rosa smiles. (Photos:

Before this tour, the only time I’d seen David Archuleta perform live was in Salt Lake City in March – the final concert of his first solo tour. But I’d never met him in person … until Santa Rosa. At the VIP.

Why was it important for me to meet David in person? I just really felt the need to tell him how deeply he has affected me and influenced my life. To thank him for that.

As others have reported, the time you get to actually speak with David is very short.  What a blur. On the whole, I managed to remain quite calm somehow. On the advice of a very wise and sage person, I had – in advance – memorized what I wanted to say.  I am unashamedly admitting here my almost desperately driven need to have him know how intensely I felt.

Because I sat and watched most everyone else have their moment with David, I quickly realized I needed to figure out how to summarize my 30-second explanation down to a single sentence.  I initially wanted to introduce myself and my husband, and tell David we were from Western Canada and go on from there.

But I could see there’d be no time for such pleasantries, so I just walked right up to David (after indicating to Kristen that I did not want a picture taken), stood right in front of him (not too close though) and, making sure to look him directly in the eye, said “I just wanted to tell you how profoundly you have touched my life both emotionally and spiritually.”

I figured that I would forever remember the look in his eyes and the expression on his face as I spoke these words to him, but alas it was not to be.  Bizarrely, it seemed that my eyes just glazed over.  I cannot recall even seeing his eyes or a complete facial expression just vaguely saw him smile and heard him say, “Aww, thank you,” in a most heartfelt way – to which I immediately replied “No, thank you.”  Why did this happen?

I was so glad that my husband was there to tell me afterward that David’s eyes opened wide in acknowledgment of my words and that he was sincere in his thanks.  I think at that point I said that we were from Canada, he said something about Vancouver, and I responded we were from Calgary.

Mr. Awestruck asked David if he would be coming to tour in Canada. He said that he would love to.  And then it was over.  I don’t think I ever told him my name.  I do remember the palpable relief I felt knowing I had accomplished my goal and that I sat down grinning from ear to ear.  How is it that at my age I should take such great and wondrous pleasure in my being able to express such sentiments to my teenage idol?  David’s ability to connect with people in a most intensely profound way transcends any age barrier.  It is a magical thing indeed.


"Yo, S.R., I said, SING IT!!!"

Santa Rosa: The concert begins

At last winter’s SLC show, I thought David displayed a new level of confidence, of heartfelt ownership on stage.  More assured somehow, freer in his delivery.  I noticed even more of this confidence and self-assuredness watching him in Santa Rosa.  Was it accomplished through a greater sense of self-belief on his part?

David even allowed himself the luxury of accepting the audiences’ ecstatic reaction at the end with three lingering bows (both sides and centre stage) before exiting with a smile, a wave and a bounce in his step.

In terms of performance, The Riddle surprised and impressed me. David’s expanded piano playing was more than merely competent (actual playing versus simple chord progressions). He was confident enough to tackle instrumental sections of just piano, and his playing was much more connected with and to the vocals than I’d noticed before.  Oh, these leaps of growth slay me and I eagerly anticipate the day he accomplishes such a performance playing his own compositions.

Other highlights:

  • Fields of Gold with the shimmering gold curtain behind him; he took me to those fields with his lovely flowing vocals
  • Prayer of the Children – He introduced this with a preamble about how this song has begun to mean more to him because of his involvement with causes involving children and went on to thank the fans for their much appreciated support of these causes.  Well-thought-out segue to the Christmas set.
  • HYAMLC was an exceptional interpretation, jazzy-bluesy feel with exquisite vocal nuances.
  • Pat-a-Pan – you can obviously see how much he enjoys singing this song and the last three words – Pat a Pan – with the last Pan going down to that spine chilling LOW note.  Oh my.
  • Riu Riu Chiu – lovely extended ending.


(Edit. by you-know-who: Apparently, black Sperry Topsiders completed this Deep Purple outfit.)

  • Ave Maria – my heart expanded with this one, a total ‘at peace’ moment in time, despite the fact that one of the notes slipped on him. Standing ovation.
  • Silent Night – what a powerful end to the concert, soothing, uplifting, reverent.  Tears glistened in his eyes at the end. Again, everyone on their feet.
  • Encore:  O Holy Night – David feels this song so deeply when he sings it, stunning to witness live.  He closed his eyes at the end, going to that private place that he goes to, for a brief time – the audience quiet, followed by an eruption of reaction voicing their approval and thanks as David re-joined us and smiled that tender smile of his.  Breathtaking. Tear inducing. STUNNING.
  • David sang with emotional intensity though out the night.  The reverence in his voice particularly when singing Ave Maria, Silent Night and O Holy Night was humbling to experience.

    Ninaf said it best; “…one of those performances that transformed me …it touched me in a very spiritual and personal way.  I can only describe it as that feeling I get every once in awhile, of total contentment and happiness.  Where I feel so blessed that I literally can’t move.”

    It was a truly special night.

    P.S. A shout out to all the David fans I had a chance to speak with – those fans I re-connected with, as well as those whom I met for the first time. You are such a diverse, creative and compassionate group that made my two day concert experience so much richer – thank you.

    Stay tuned for California Dream’ Part 2: San Francisco

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60 Responses to California Dreamin’ Part 1: Meeting David for the first time

  1. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, thank you for sharing such a personal and special experience. Sooo glad you finally got to meet David in person.

    I’ll never forget how “crushed” I felt when he didn’t come out before the Toronto A.I. show. I still don’t know why I felt so compelled to see that he was “real” lol. Travelling many the miles to do so.

    Like you, one reason was to thank him … which I continue to want to do … seems as though I can’t thank him enough. Ever.

    [Off topic: David talks about BillboardLive performance:

  2. djafan says:

    Hi Happy missed your post!

    This just hits the gut so strong. I watched this video first thing the morning it was posted and the tears just flowed. Thank you Happy for this!

    Thank you, David Archuleta, for being a great kid; for loving humanity; for sharing your gifts with both young and old; for allowing yourself to see the precious gift that is life and spirit in all of God’s people even those who seem no longer relevant. And may you always retain the humble belief that you are one soul in a great sea of souls, attempting to witness to Love in a world in great need of Love; no more and no less, for that humility is in itself a great gift to you and to us. Peace.

    Thank you!

  3. djafan says:

    awestruck….love your recap, waiting for part two.

    Why was it important for me to meet David in person? I just really felt the need to tell him how deeply he has affected me and influenced my life. To thank him for that.

    This has been a difficult one to explain to my family, especially when I want to do it again and again…lol

    The graciousness and gratefulness he shares with all his fans is so genuine. I walk away from him not only with a smile on my face but a feeling of lightness from within…

  4. yjfanofdavid says:

    TOfan, Thanks for the Billboard link. Finally, a professionally produced promo!! Woot!

    Awestruck, Great recap!! “Bizarrely, it seemed that my eyes just glazed over. I cannot recall even seeing his eyes or a complete facial expression just vaguely saw him smile and heard him say, “Aww, thank you,” in a most heartfelt way – to which I immediately replied “No, thank you.” Why did this happen?” It happened because you are awestruck! 🙂 It happened to me too and I can totally relate. Glad you were able to tell him how much he meant to you!

  5. refnaf says:

    hey awestruck!!! great recap…. the meeting part, gah, I can relate . Makes me just go blank….I get so lost. Your descriptions of the different songs, thank you , for helping to relive my experience as well. The non Christmas song covers, Riddle and FOG, havebecome very special to me, over and over I play them…. can’t wait for part @2!

  6. TOfan says:

    Off-topic, Larry King twitpic’d David!

    @kingsthings: It’s @DavidArchie ! He sang for our holiday music show airing 12/23

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

  7. ninaf says:

    Hi Awestruck – loved your recap, it’s getting me so excited for my VIP, which is this Sunday in Montclair!!! YAY!! I better start thinking about what to say in the 15 seconds that I will have. It’s actually my first VIP – I did get to go to a “meet and greet” during the Idol tour but I don’t really count that because it was very unorganized and crazy.

    BTW – thanks for the shout-out!!

  8. SandyBeaches says:

    awestruck…Thanks for taking us there with you. We are not David deprived when someone tells us all about it!

    “•Encore: O Holy Night – David feels this song so deeply when he sings it, stunning to witness live. He closed his eyes at the end, going to that private place that he goes to, for a brief time – the audience quiet, followed by an eruption of reaction voicing their approval and thanks as David re-joined us and smiled that tender smile of his. Breathtaking. Tear inducing. STUNNING.”

    If anyone is going to witness “O Holy Night”, then be prepared for a spiritual happening!!

    I look forward to reading more awestruck and sharing the experience with you…


  9. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, another amazing vid from your fellow Calgarian, Gengen … FOG, wow, just wow.

  10. emmiegirl says:

    awestruck, great recap. LOL!! You did your homework, had a fail-proof plan……and then the face-to-face…the direct eye contact…..poof!
    It all vaporized in a nano-second. I feel your pain.
    Can’t wait for part deux.

    TOfan, your dogged quest to view David’s videos (at the in-laws, at work, lord only knows where else) under the Archucloak of secrecy is cracking my up….

    “my boss sits directly behind me so I have to wait for her to go make a photocopy or get a coffee then ZAP, I whip on the earphones and push play at lightning speed. Then, AACK, she’s back. MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE!!!”

    Challenge for anyone brave enough to take it on….

    screencap gengen’s Beaver Creek FOG!

  11. emmiegirl says:

    OMGosh TOfan!!!

    New challenge……screencap any FOG! (and live to tell about it)

  12. TOfan says:

    LOL, emmie … are YOU brave enough for that challenge??

    May the FOG be with you! 😆

  13. TOfan says:

    I hope dear Gengen has recovered from this one … wipes tears away, oh my

    Edit update: Download mp3 here (thanks to JennyFOD & Justin)

  14. emmiegirl says:

    up to screencap #27……and am barely hanging on!

  15. awestruck says:

    I have family staying the night so just a quick Thank You everyone for your comments!

    I am living up to my name – awestruck – am still in a blanket of FOG, spiritually touched and want to do it over and over to feel that lightness of heart again and again.

    ninaf – you are welcome, I really felt you summed it up wonderfully and good luck with your VIP.

    back tomorrow…

  16. TOfan says:

    hang on, emmie, emmie hang ooooonnnn!!!

    I hate to admit this, but I never really liked PFTC until I heard David sing it … always thought it tried too hard, if that makes sense *ducks snowballs*

    But his version is so simple, so spare … breaks your heart.

    ninaf, have fun in Montclair with Happy & kizzi … oh, and David! 😆

  17. quiteblanc says:

    Hi All Snow Angelz,
    Hi Awestruck, Your beautiful Santa Rosa recap de-lurked me! I just re-lived the concert when I read your recap. It was so nice to meet you and Mr. Awestruck (I do remember his name though!) before SF concert.

    “He closed his eyes at the end, going to that private place that he goes to, for a brief time – the audience quiet, followed by an eruption of reaction voicing their approval and thanks as David re-joined us and smiled that tender smile of his.” is so true. I’ll always remember his expression of those few minutes. The concert also changed how I listen to Christmas songs. David really taught me how to “feel” the spirit of Christmas music instead of just “hear“ the songs. I was raised in a family with a mixture of predominant Buddhism and a little Christian, but my father’s love of music allowed us to appreciate Christmas music. I think I finally know how to truly enjoy Christmas songs like OHN, Ava Maria, WCIT, etc.

    The Riddle was one of my favorite songs because the lyric and the simple tune when it first came out even though it wasn’t a big hit at all. I was so thrilled that David decided to cover it. He didn’t change the song much but somehow he showed his sincerity, sensitivity, and curiosity.

    Looking forward to reading your part 2.

  18. awestruck says:

    quiteblanc – hello!!! (and thank you for the Eva Cassidy CD) so great to meet you in San Fran, I didn’t realize you had also been to Santa Barbra. It speaks to ninaf’s last post that David reaches everyone of every religion. The love and appreciation of music is truly a universal healer.

    As for the riddle – “… but somehow he showed his sincerity, sensitivity, and curiosity.” I believe that this is what David does best and is what makes the connection with those listening.

    emmiegirl – missed this last night! “You did your homework, had a fail-proof plan……and then the face-to-face…the direct eye contact…..poof!
    It all vaporized in a nano-second. I feel your pain”

    I sat down the morning after this concert and wrote David a letter (delivered at the San Fran VIP) further explaining… There is sooo much more to my one liner that I needed to express to him. Really fortunate to have been able to attend both VIP’s and so glad that I did.

  19. refnaf says:

    morning angelz, hello quiteblanc!

    awestruck, I debate on writing David another thankyou, I have given him one during AI tour and the one that the snowangelz were
    able to give him, but I tend to feel like I want to thank him more!!! I want him to understand how thankful I am for what he is able to convey with his music…but then I realize that if I can hardly explain it to myself , my family, my friends, how can I explain to him?? I think he knows what a gift he has, because he uses it so repectfuly and with such compassion, singing for the elderly etc.

    I have a VIP coming up in Cleveland and already wondering if I can be a bit more focussed… gah, All the things that David has done, and the fact that we all have been going on about him in all these blogs and fansites, all the things I’ve felt and thought and figured out, I want to let him know in that 10 second meeting…. I know this is impossibe, so I will just thank him again…and he will say “aaawww, your welcome” and it will be worth it….

  20. awestruck says:

    refnaf – Oh yes to “I want him to understand how thankful I am for what he is able to convey with his music…but then I realize that if I can hardly explain it to myself , my family, my friends, how can I explain to him?? I think he knows what a gift he has, because he uses it so repectfuly and with such compassion, singing for the elderly etc.”

    Very difficult to go into detail at a VIP let alone be ‘focused’! lol It was so worth to me to be able to convey a tiny bit of what he has done for me and hear his response.

  21. yjfanofdavid says:

    Excerpt from a review in Rexburg Standard Journal. Excerpt:

    “As expected, the crowd consisted mostly of women, including many preteens and college students. But surprisingly, the women a few decades older were out in hoards. The first few rows were filled with middle-aged women so excited to see David that they had purchased all-access passes and spent the day hanging out with him. They were decked out in their fan-crazed attire, which included T-shirts with his face plastered on them, big lanyards attached to their passes and cameras strung around their necks. They were snapping photos left and right and eagerly grinning from ear to ear. But probably the most surprising scene of the evening was watching the men who found it difficult to hide their excitement as they also sang along and knew ALL the words to David’s most acclaimed song to date, Crush. They sang and danced with the best of them. It was great.”


    Read the rest:

  22. TOfan says:

    welcome, quiteblanc!! (cool screen name, btw)

    Thanks for the review, I liked this bit: “I would dare say he sounded better live than he does on the radio. His voice was powerful, flawless and impressive.”

    but “fan-crazed attire”??? puh-leese … only for special occasions! 😆

    I LOL’d at “spent the day hanging out with him” … was that sloppy fact-checking, or wishful thinking? 🙂

  23. TOfan says:

    Podcast of David’s interview with “The Christophers”:

    EDIT update: Download mp3 here (thanks to JennyFOD).

    “Several contestants and a vocal coach from Fox’s popular talent competition American Idol have joined Christopher Closeup to discuss their experiences, their faith and how they use their talents to make a difference in the world. We’ve collected those interviews here.”

  24. quiteblanc says:

    Thank you for all the welcomes!

    At Santa Rosa VIP, I only gave him a Christmas card with 10 reasons to thank him. I knew that I would never be composed enough to thank him in person! The SR VIP was a complete blur as I expected.

    Awestruck – I was the lucky one to ask him to sing “Be Still My Soul” at SR VIP. I wish I knew you were there too. We could have more time to hang out together. I read ninaf’s post several times and totally understand that we come from different religions, ethnicities, etc, but we are connected by the love of music and by all the attributes David has.

    Yesterday I was very surprised to see what he wore for the Larry King show. I gave him the pink shirt (with tiny plaid pattern) at San Jose VIP in the summer. I put a Post-It note inside the shirt – “No need to press this shirt. It is supposed to have the wrinkle look :)”. I just repeated what my son often told me – “Mom, this is supposed to look like this!” Look how wrinkle the pink shirt is in the picture.

    Tofan – quiteblanc is half English and half French translated from my Chinese nickname. I had since nD days. Kinda Canadian..

  25. TOfan says:

    that is so cool that David’s wearing the shirt you gave him on Larry King!!! (in case anyone missed it, just scroll up this thread) … “no pressing needed” lol How thoughtful of you!

    … and a French/English/Chinese name could not be more Canadian! 🙂

  26. TOfan says:

    Tweets from tammy_m (in case anyone was wondering why her vids at the seniors’ assisted living home were taken down):

    “I decided not to post the other asst. living vids of David – here’s why. I wanted to share what was, for me & others, a special experience >

    …A little insight into a good deed performed by someone who could easily have skipped it. But this was also something that David wanted to >

    …do without drawing a lot of attention, and I want to respect that, too. Props to him for being so very nice, and I’m going to leave it be.

    …Just took down the video I posted, as it was not allowed. I apologize wholeheartedly to DA’s people for posting it in the first place

    …so sorry, guys, his agent called the home, who called me and said it had to be taken down.”

  27. awestruck says:

    quiteblanc – he wore the no muss, no fuss, no iron shirt you gave him – very cool. To see him on Larry King Dec. 23 and on the Billboard Live Dec. 17 woohoo for great promotion.

    Thanks TOfan for the info on Tammy’s seniors’ assisted living vids.

  28. awestruck says:

    Just listened to POTC from Grand Junction – I swear I could hear the drums in the background adding a haunting rythmic backbeat to David’s emotion filled performance. w o w

  29. TOfan says:

    St. Paul, MN, show cancelled:

    “The David Archuleta event on Wednesday December 9th has been canceled. If you have purchased tickets you may return them to their original point of purchase for a refund.”


  30. refnaf says:

    hey…. sad for peeps planning to go to St. Paul’s , but I guess the weather can be frightful…

    quiteblanc, cool to see David in a shirt you gifted… nice

    need to go listen to the interview… back later

    SF hope you are safe (((hug)))

  31. emmiegirl says:

    Per GailFOD’s tweets, sounds like another amazing concert.

    Second half accompaniment 8 strings!

  32. bebereader says:

    Been MIA, showing David some love at The Voice so please forgive my late, albeit heartfelt comments to the last three posts:

    Nina: Your article was simply beautiful! I met you the brunch in Atlantic City and was immediately drawn to you, having no idea at the time that we shared the same religion until we spoke about how David’s music transcends religion. I, too, am so drawn to CFTH, even though the religious songs don’t relate to me personally. Not being David’s religion doesn’t take away from the passion and reverence I can feel in David’s voice which speaks volumes about the love and respect he feels for his religion. In fact, after hearing these songs performed live on youtube, I am more addicted to his light than ever before! Looking forward to seeing you in Montclair. (Hope that’s the show you’re going to!)

    Happy: You expressed so well what each of us feels in our hearts but find it difficult to convey. David is a man of his word; he has the courage of his convictions to live as he believes. Thank you for a very inspiring post.

    Awestruck: Your encounter with David really hit home for me. I have an upcoming VIP for Westbury and your VIP is the way I want my VIP to go.

    “I am unashamedly admitting here my almost desperately driven need to have him know how intensely I felt.”

    I just hope I can pull it together well enough to speak coherently to him. After coming down from the high of my first VIP in AC I realize now that I safely spoke business to David (about the “One” letters) which very conveniently let me off the hook about saying what was more difficult to express, what was really on my mind; how he’s changed my life and inspired me in so many wonderful ways. Don’t laugh but I think that I immediately got into picture-taking position and spoke to his left arm the entire time. Okay….you can all laugh now because that’s what I’m doing while typing this. hahaha I’m determiend that my upcoming VIP will be less comical. LOL

  33. TOfan says:

    Bebe, no laughing here, at least you got the words out, even if it was to his left arm!! 🙂

    Nice review from the Manila Bulletin.

    And Gengen does it again, her Feliz Navidad vid from last night’s show … work that crowd, David! 😆

  34. TOfan says:

    Sorry for spamming, but I just realized I forgot to tell you guys about the highlight of my week!

    I ran into the lunch snack bar next door to grab a sandwich (planning to just rush back and eat it at my desk), but for some reason I sat down at a table. Now I’ve never even noticed any music playing at this place but something made me start listening.

    I thought I was hearing things, then my radar for David’s voice must have kicked in. It was faintly in the background cause this is a big, bustling place, but it was unmistakable ….HYAMLC!!! On the radio!!!

    No one could tell me which station it was so I checked online back at my desk and it was CHFI Toronto … they’d played it a couple of times in the morning. Next stop, PAT-A-PAN!!! 😆

  35. awestruck says:

    WooHoo TOfan for CHFI in Toronto

    Bebe – I send positive vibs your way re your upcoming VIP! You can do it.

  36. awestruck says:

    OK – link please for The Voice???

  37. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, you can find the link in our Blogroll to the left, to the left 😆

  38. TOfan says:

    oops, to the right, to the right … *blushes*

    Interview with the Daily Herald HERE.

    Fave parts:

    Q. You’re considered a teen idol, you know.
    A. (Laughs) Actually, a mix of people like my music. Older people like it, too.

    And deft handling of the Adam Lambert question:

    Q. What do you think of Adam Lambert?
    A. I don’t watch TV very much. This year has been crazy. I think he and Kris (Allen) and Allison (Iraheta) … they’re all really talented people. They have great voices.

    Q. What about Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards?
    A. I didn’t see it, so I guess I don’t have an opinion about it.

  39. awestruck says:

    TOfan LOL when my friend and I used to go shopping at the mall, she would always let me exit the store were in first… I finally asked her why and she responded because you always go the wrong way, so I know which way we need to go.

    Besides – there is no song ‘to the right, to the right”

  40. awestruck says:

    David is learning to form his answers isn’t he

  41. TOfan says:

    hahaha, awestruck, then we must never go to the mall together!! 🙂

    He is developing those interview skills… I finally got a chance to listen to The Christopher site interview (scroll up thread for link & mp3) and his ramble at the end about the link between gratitude and happiness blew me away. He is 18, right?

  42. refnaf says:

    hey bebe, thanks for stopping by!! VIP is one of the most nerve wracking, yet fun things to experience, the best part is to just stand back and watch him interact with peeps….the actual trying to convey what you want him to know, gosh … stress… I have one coming up in cleveland … and am sure I will go blank again..

    TOfan., CHFI!!! what an awesome story, the Voice is getting out there!! I think we need to start requesting, for Pat-a-pan…

    And there is a poll…. Do you Like David’s HYAMLC!!!
    go vote, lol

    Good answers in the interview,

  43. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Ref!!!

    Great article at HERE that finally captures the diversity of David’s fan base.

    Fave bit:

    Todd Pennington, 44, owner and editor of, predicted the young singer’s success early on. Archuleta was 13 when his parents asked Pennington to inject new life into their son’s fan site. Later, Pennington invited Archuleta to perform at a Boys & Girls Club where he was social recreation director.

    “I was impressed with the way he put the kids first. He wouldn’t eat until the children ate. He insisted on serving them and helped us clean up afterwards,” Pennington says.

  44. refnaf says:

    This comment at the end of the Parade interview “music doesn’t have boundaries. I wouldn’t want my music to be enjoyed only by one group” Yay David…

  45. TOfan says:

    Wow, Jive actually tweeted about David! 😉

    @Jivemusic Don’t miss @DavidArchie Christmas Album & Tour interview segment on Entertainment Tonight this evening on CBS 7:30 ET!!

    Aaaaand, interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer HERE

    (…part of me wants to wait to read these interviews until after Dec.20th … to help ward off the post-tour-how-on-earth-will-we-survive-until-the-next-one blues….)

  46. refnaf says:

    Whoa… this vid from YouCanCallMeTina…. WCIT

    David on ET!!! (and tweeted by Jive) cool

  47. TOfan says:

    My boss finally went home so I was able to watch the vids above … yay!!!

    Love the way David exudes the joy of the season in FN (the looks on the faces of those girls he walks up to in the audience are priceless) … and then the reverence (in WCIT)… beautiful.

  48. Angelica says:


    Thanks for the great recap. You did better than me at my VIP. I was so awestruck it never even OCCURRED to me to tell him how I felt about him and what he has done for me. I talked about how terribly I photograph, retorted nastily, “Oh please!” when he said, “me too,” insisted he eat one cookie after another while ignoring his protests that he shouldn’t, poked him with my finger, and teased him about wearing plaid. Would that I had gone into an archustupor or coma instead of an archufrenzy. He tweeted about the cookies later and the sugar high it gave him. Hey..I bet that’s what happened to me. No one else ate before he got to the VIP, just sat waiting for him, too tense to eat. I wolfed down 3 chocolate cookies and a chocolate sundae with hot fudge and whip cream while I waited for him. haha.

    Don’t let this happen to you.

  49. emmiegirl says:

    Appears Mr Archuleta was taking no prisoners again in KC!

    Sounds like he will be entertaining at halftime of the Sun Bowl, Dec 31, great exposure!
    Kaleidescope, Univision, live online concert, Larry King, Today show (or is it GMA, can’t remember) and Sun Bowl…not a bad 6 weeks! …not to mention Christmas Tour! Did I forget anything?

    Interesting mention at FOD, David’s xmas album will sell more than Jordan’s 2nd pop album released earlier this summer.

  50. TOfan says:

    Wow, how did I miss your amazing VIP story? Cookies? Plaid teasing? Finger poking?? You’re practically BFFs!! 😆

    emmiegirl, that is interesting about those sales! Woot! (and, dumb question, but where exactly is the Sun Bowl? … somewhere warm I’m guessing:) )

    In case anyone missed it (like moi):

  51. refnaf says:

    So, I am getting very nervous about my VIP. I have done 3, all of which are a blur…. I am hoping for this one to just be relaxed, in the moment, AND THAT I CAN REMEMBER IT, lol.
    Angelica I think this is a good idea “wolfed down 3 chocolate cookies and a chocolate sundae with hot fudge and whip cream while I waited for him. haha.”
    Not to keen on the M&M interview… David does fine …. but WTH? Interview by candy? A little too sweet for me, just sayin’.

  52. Kizzi says:

    Evenin’ Angelz – Just got a second to check in. Lots happening and my universe is spinning so fast in other directions. 🙂

    I did get to the Kansas City concert last night. The venue was gorgeous, the acoustics were fabulous. The Christmas album songs were sumptuous and the stage and band members and little orchestra was scrumptious to see and hear – a feast for the senses. Kendra’s brother led the mini-orchestra and her sister played the pan flute in Pat-A-Pan.

    You can see the top of my head in Gengen’s Feliz Navidad video when David went into the audience. He was a foot in front of me and the girls he came down to sing to were beyond excited…trembling, smiling, crying, shaking, and screaming – up close & it was the highlight of my night – David singing and fans reacting at the upper most limits of their senses.

    I really enjoyed the live performance, the band is high energy and electric, the staging is all about a visual show to enhance the singing (love that!!) and I especially enjoyed watching people enjoy the concert. The rapt look on peoples’ faces of all ages (lots of boys and men there) was quite illuminating.

    Anyway, just wanted to check in. Hugs to all. Nice to see some “new” familiar names here…I’ve missed ya’all! 🙂

  53. TOfan says:

    Kizzziiiiii!!!! {{{hugs}}}
    Missed you back! So glad you got to the KC show, sounds like it was a special one. That theatre looks like an antique jewel box!

    I’ll have to watch the FN video again to spot you (tough job that …. 🙂 ).

    Here’s a snippet from Kelsey’s KC VIP recap at Snarkies:

    “Then it was Q&A time. The first question was
    “If you could only have on song on your iPod, what would it be?” He had a hard time coming up with that because he loves so many songs,
    but he decided that it would be Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. That made me spaz a little bit because I’ve always really liked that hymn. He even sang a couple of lines, and it was so pretty! 🙂

    “The second question was “How do you like writing your own music?” and he kind of just gave the usual answer about being happy he gets to share
    what is in his brain even though “it’s really weird.” He said he didn’t just want his songs to be generic songs for teenage girls that say “Ohhh baby!” or “Heyyyy sweetie!” haha. It was so funny the way he said it.

    “And the third question was “If you could cover a Disney song, what would it be?” He couldn’t think of any Disney songs except for A Whole New World, so he decided it would be that one and that it would make a fun duet. I hope he does it in the future. lol”

    Read rest of recap HERE.

  54. awestruck says:

    Angelica – archufrenzy LOLOL Do ypu think David has any idea why we spazz out on him??? (my San Fran VIP was a little like that)

    refnaf – take a great big deep breath and keep practising…

    You guys, he really is so genuinely happy to meet his fans, just try to remember that.

    emmiegirl – sad for Jordan. I enjoyed her first album, but when I listened to some of her second I just wasn’t likin’ it enough to buy. Great for David though.

    TOfan we mustn’t mall shop together and perhaps this is a sign that we shouldn’t ever travel together – we might get lost! “(and, dumb question, but where exactly is the Sun Bowl? … somewhere warm I’m guessing:)”- I too do not know where the Sun Bowl is… OK Google tells me collage football – El Paso, Texas

    Kizzi – the venue in KC did look beautiful from the pic’s, but nice to hear that it lived up to it’s image. How cool that Kendra’s family was involved. Nice hair do BTW

  55. awestruck says:

    OMHeck – I just re-read my comment and I sound like a know it all. LIke I was cool and collected in San Fran (Not really) and would be at a future VIP. Who knows what will happen with me next time. It’s easier for me not to be too regretful about what more I wished I had said knowing that others have the same problem!

  56. munkmusic says:

    Here is another arrangement of Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing that David might be acquainted with.

  57. Abrra says:

    WOW awestruck, you had such an adventure seeing David! I guess the secret to recalling your moment may be having a buddy to “watch’ the event. I love this site. I am all woozy from scrolling down to post. Having to scroll past all the David vids and pics is truly a joy. nice job!

    I am back from a nasty computer virus ( tweetdeck DM link thing) and have the 24/7 video site back up to current status. All are welcome!


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