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40 Days of Awwwsome: DA-VID! DA-VID! DA-VID!

Just practicing. :)

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40 Days of Awwwsome: David and Van the Man

Here’s David in front of a poster of one of my all-time musical heroes, Van Morrison. I’d love to know what D. thinks of his music. I’ve only gotten to see Van once in concert and I was about as … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Nandito Ako @DavidArchie script leaks!

Every great story needs a subplot ….. …. later that day … . . Josh’s mean, creepily Cook-like uncle’s request triggers post-traumatic-hat-stress flashbacks from years gone by …. . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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From Mission to Music Career: Interview with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds

I think every David Archuleta fan knows that Imagine Dragons’ lead singer Dan Reynolds (a friend of David’s, btw) served a mission before the band was formed. Here’s an awesome interview with Reynolds. If anyone’s wondered how David will fare … Continue reading

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O Ven will it end??

Still listening to this… … and this… …even this (even though the end is cut off, ’cause the audio’s aMAZing) You?

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A David Archuleta fan to the Finnish revisited

Remember our lovely Embe from Finland who wrote the post below??? She’s on Finland’s The Voice!!! And she sang Crazy David-style!!! (thx. Refnaf for the heads up!) Watch here:http://www.iltasanomat.fi/videot/viihde/vid-1288638894082.html *******Standing O!!!!!****** Will keep you posted on how to vote, in … Continue reading

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The wackety wack mood swings of a @DavidArchie fan

Ground zero… Announcement night. . … But oh he’s not going right away! . … He’s doing a soap in the Philippines?????? . … But it’s actually awesome! . But then it’s over… . SURPRISE! He’s recording an album over … Continue reading

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‘Ann Arbor: My first David Archuleta concert’ revisited

I can’t believe it’s been four years since the amazing Ann Arbor concert. To celebrate — and to wish all our American cousins a Happy Thanksgiving! — I’m reposting stenocruiser’s lovely account of her very first David Archuleta concert (hope … Continue reading

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Underrated @DavidArchie Christmas songs

I haven’t listened to CFTH yet this year. Instead, I’ve been listening to these for some reason. Here, he mostly sings harmony, but oh what gorgeous harmony it is. (I’m sorry Ms. Lopez, I’m sure you’re a lovely person but … Continue reading

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David Archuleta vlogs are love

I stumbled across this old post and it made me wistful and hopeful and in a good place … I think you guys know what I mean… what’s your favourite David vlog? ************* I’m on vacation but HAD to check … Continue reading

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