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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noёl, @DavidArchie friends!

I just read this comment on David’s last FB post: Thank you David, for coming to visit my daughter… You blessed her home with your love. Apparently, David sang to the young girl struggling with cancer in her home the … Continue reading

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You know @DavidArchie would hate this, but hey, it’s reality….

  And you just KNOW a ton of those sales are from Tim Allen. :) p.s. p.p.s. TXNancy shared this on the last thread… check out the intro!

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A different kind of glorious

Maybe you’ve seen this video, which has gone viral. I just saw it now and it moved me to tears. An old, battered piano was set up in downtown Edmonton, for anyone to play, and when this man — Ryan … Continue reading

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It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

No, not just that David actually has enough hair now to blow in the wind, but this…. THIS!!!!!! @DavidArchie performing 3 shows at Capital Theater, SLC along w/Kevin Olusola of @PTXofficial & @1VoiceChildrens. >>> — Kari Sellards (@kariontour) October … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie boot appreciation post

That is all. P.S. @TheSnowAngelz ooh boot. i thought i saw a "y" lolol. ssshhh — omygoshashley (@ohmyJOSHashley) October 25, 2014 P.P.S. @MeetTheMormons Would you mind letting @DavidArchie know that I’ll be planting a tree. thx 😁👍 — cathy (@CathyK__) … Continue reading

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What will the @DavidArchie #Glorious surprise be?

RT if you are excited for tomorrow's @DavidArchie "Glorious" surprise! #MeetTheMormons #LDS #ldsconf — Meet the Mormons (@MeetTheMormons) October 23, 2014 So what do you think it’s going to be, folks? p.s. just ‘cuz

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Meet the Movie Premiere Guy

"…Your twenties: the decade of decision." Amen — David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) October 7, 2014 Clearly this was about who to bring to the premiere. :) Nice he decided to bring his mom. Meet the Mormons premiere with the best date … Continue reading

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Glorious vs Son of Man smackdown: When David Archuleta sings agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

“May we be faithful followers of Christ, examples of righteousness, thus becoming lights to the world." #ldsconf — David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) October 5, 2014 Confession: The first word that popped into my head when I saw this was “fanboy” … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes with @DavidArchie in Costa Rica (not really)

More pics here. (Thanks, Patty-Ann for the heads-up tweet!) PLUSSSSS….. …also: Lexi Walker will be singing in private concert w/ @DavidArchie next month. Improving Life in the Leprosy colonies. — Janel Woodbury (@Nellie1983) September 24, 2014 …and Be sure … Continue reading

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My random playlist

Well, not much going on right now David-wise so I thought I’d share music I’ve been listening to lately … I’ve been spamming Twitter with this Swedish-sister duo called First-Aid Kit… I’ve heard their music described as “Fleetwood Mac meets … Continue reading

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