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Finally a David sighting….

Saw an old man at the store today with shorts & hiked up black socks, getting free cheese samples. How does one say hi to their future self? — Jay (@theshamingofjay) July 1, 2015 . *hides*

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HOME AND NATIVE LAND!!!!! TIME TO CELEBRATE PEOPLE!!!! (and sorry, for the fireworks :) ) And if David ever acknowledges this day (never mind actually performing here), this will be me: Coming soon to a theatre… … Continue reading

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New music for Monday

If you don’t follow NPR on Facebook, you should. I have found so much amazing new music on their Tiny Desk Concert Series… in every genre you can imagine. I know David will do one of their sessions someday and … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie Fashion File

When we get anxious for music news, we fans focus on what’s really important … David’s socks. I’m so happy David goes for comfort over tan lines. In fact, I believe he’s such a rebel in that regard, he could … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie at mealtime (not really)

p.s. Or when a Legend of Zelda reference pops up. :) :) :) Went to the one-of-a-kind, fiddling and dancing @lindseystirling concert tonight in Nashville. I post this clip out of my own indulgence of the Legend of Zelda (pardon … Continue reading

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In praise of crumbs

Just sayin’. :) p.s. Well, well, well, in honour of our tribute to crumbs, David posted himself eating some! :) :) :) If you can't tell what the last word says, his shirt says "I'm always hungry" and I'm wondering … Continue reading

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Sad breaking news: Do You Hear What I Hear is an illegal release (really)

So, apparently the mp3 for sale for “Do You Hear What I Hear” (on both CDBaby and iTunes) was released without David’s permission. Here’s the story from Kari’s twitter timeline: @kariontour @HUNNZY it’s an illegal release and has been reported … Continue reading

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The full story behind @MyDearWriter’s @DavidArchie #tbt pic (not really)

The crack investigative team at SAz* brings you another scoop… a transcript of leaked audio from a behind-the-scenes shot recently tweeted by the lovely @MyDearWriter: Image source. *There is no such team. p.s. If you haven’t read @rhiminee’s epic tags … Continue reading

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Old MacDonald @DavidArchie: What it all really means (not really)

I don’t know how I feel about David spending so much time “outdoors”… does he not know the dangers that lurk around every corner? Trees that fall in the forest with no one there to hear them may not make … Continue reading

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Full details on the @DavidArchie OS maintenance situation (not really)

p.s. Refuelling station. Been spending a lot of time outdoors this week. Hung out with this little guy. First time feeding a calf, and they chug that stuff down in seconds. 🐄🌲 #theoutdoors A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) … Continue reading

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